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tv   Check-in  Deutsche Welle  May 7, 2022 9:30am-10:00am CEST

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d w, they want to know what makes the germans we just did the john love and banning thing that the away from that. but i'm not even know how to work my own god and everyone with later holes in every day getting. are you ready to meet the german, then join me, rachel stuart on d. w. ah ah ah ah ah hello and welcome to a special edition of check in this time our travel reporters and youtube as take us to africa in kenya drew variety and his wife eulley. take us on safari and the mass i, mara, national reserve and climb aboard
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a hot air balloon in nigeria tire. i know, explores the viper metropolis of lake house, from the delights of the arts and crafts market to the emotional experience at the slight museum and in south africa adrian clay. she takes us along the most beautiful motorcycle routes around cape town. but we begin in eastern africa in kenya. ah, one of the most famous wildlife conservation results in the holy was located in kenya. this area is home to a large number of lions, elephant, t lepper jet up the rod, basically every big animal that you can imagine. welcome to messiah mata, but as the thing swahili got, he bu, kidney. ah,
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ah, the mara is a vast landscape of plains and bushes, and it's also the home of the messiah tripe. that's where the named mathematics come with . one of the most populous very activities here is spotting the famous big fight. it can decline, goes back to when supplies were all about hunting and killing the animals, the big fight elephant lion nap period, rhino and buffalo, where the most difficult animals to take down. so if you managed to do all 5, you would get a special tropi. nowadays, please, thankfully don't shoot the animals to the firearms, but without cameras,
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the messiah marries won't do all 5 of them and you're almost guaranteed to sport. 4 of them, we spotted all 4, but that i know the most rare and difficult to find. you might wonder if it's safe to be at on so many wild animals, or if africa is a safe continental visit for daughters. well, in this regard, i can thankfully say that the area of messiah matter is located in one of the safest regions of kenya. as it's such a popular place for tourists to visit the government and local camps have put a lot of measures to ensure that you're safe. there are experience strangers and so 40 guides to make sure that you enjoy your trip without having to worry about your safety. now, she's really close to us. it's like 2 to 3 me. ready ah,
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the animals are also quite used to the safari jeeps and don't see them as prey are a threat. most of the time, you will see the animals surprisingly unimpressed by your presence. during our stay in the morrow, we got to see the last of the largest animal migration in the well, the great well the beast migration. every year, more than $2000000.00 animals mostly, well the beast, but also accompanied by zebras and gazelles. migrate from the 0 getty and tanzania and the messiah, myra and kenya, following the seasonal rains in hopes of green grazing, land, and water. the best time to see this as a month's july to september. it is easily one of the most thrilling and spectacular displays of wildlife behavior. and the mara river crossing is considered the climax of the migration period. actually which we would have come even
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a bit sooner as we were already a little late putting the shears site of the animals running, stopping and hesitating before the crocodile, but the river. and finally, going ahead and rushing right through it, or stumbling or falling, makes you feel anxious, excited a means and in all, all at the same time. another very popular activity is taking a hot air balloon, right and then joined the mara from a bed perspective. keep in mind that the balloon rates at generally very early in the morning as soon as the sun rises. so you will have to get up at 430 or 5 am. going to be wrong before it starts. we have to be a really looks like astronauts preparing for a lot. ah,
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oh yeah, it almost straight or go away. i was wrong. we're already up. if you're lucky, you get to spot many animals from the top and even see across borders into neighboring countries like tons of mia alone lights, a super smooth and extremely well inc. step further. take off and landing right outside on the border of my side, my, the national reserve. we have the down of garlic behind. on the other side, there's a massive village called white will be visiting it soon to explore the culture of these messiah tribe. the messiah people are arguably the most well known tribal group in the whole of that regard, due to their distinct customs and brightly colored dresses. even today,
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they still retain many of their semi nomadic traditions, but they are also welcoming tourists and visitors. you can visit one of their villages and meet the people to learn about their culture, enjoy dancing and singing, and even see a typical messiah home from the in, say, be prepared to pay an entrance fee of around $20.00 per person, depending on the village to support their community. our messiah guide welcomed us at the gate with a big smile and led us inside, where the group performed a welcome dance for us. as you can see, i even participated in the tribes men signature jumping done. it's called, i do more and it's usually a part of the coming of a ceremony of a warrior. yes, our guy, chris was the son of the concrete and he was fluent in english. he showed us how they make fire using wouldn't tools and elephant like, you know, with joe,
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this is what is good for us with oh, wow. he also showed as the inside of one of their homes, which i typically built by the women and told us we were allowed to take photos, videos and ask as many questions as we liked. yeah. very dark, i owe them a head. now if you're interested in visiting them aside, martin kenya, here's how to best prepare for your trip. most airplanes don't allow big and hard suitcases. so if you come by plane, check with the lang beforehand to see the weight limit and what kind of bags are allowed. most companies or you have a washing so that you can use, keep in mind that the camps you'll be staying at here. i'm mostly 10. ah. so this
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is our 10. well, even if they're big and comfortable you won't be very close to nature. our fast chem wasn't even feminist. and right next to the river where we could hear and see if both all day and nigel. oh, are they running from me? as mentioned before, i take your best camera with you. if you want to take good pictures of all the animals on safari bring a good zoom lip. ah, in the 2nd part of our checking africa special we explored lagos, nigeria, laundry city. it was chosen by lonely planet as one of the top travel destinations of 2022 youtube tile. i know shows the tourist,
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highlights in and around lake homes. ah, legos is the most popular city nyja and in africa it has about 20000000 people for more than sorted out 50 ethnic groups. it is also the economic and financial hobble manager in the city field to the bible, cultural lifestyle. i mean, how many amazing locations they should definitely check out if you're traveling down here for the 1st time. first off, let's check out the layouts on craft market. we just talked to we in one corner of the leki, it's west suite. it is one of the biggest at our craft market in the area with a variety of professionally meet africa outs, walks cropped, paintings and wood walks together currently in the arts market, and i'm learning how to make it. this is true, right, alina, how to make a trip little paintings carving. you can also, we've bus gets there. somebody will loves us on crafts. this is where you should
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definitely come to check it out. to let you out. mike. it has a wide variety of african scrap of fashion, narcissus, and it is one of the most toys to places to experience your visits in legals for the 1st time. this is one of the art shows that you come by, artwork from lately are market because see a lot of paintings on the walls. this is moved from finger news. can you imagine telephone? i wouldn't know what in the home, cuz i said, i admit phone human finger knew this is a painting that replace cold, mach o'quinn legos. last houses are all stoops over a lagoon. it is our cow is. this was like a means of exchange was used before people money was invented. this was what people used to people who are services took out is fixed out for you guys is the so like a clue on i'll feel so. yeah. i guess when i was very, i think i need one me
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. i choose. next up is l. c. c, which stands for conservation center. this is the last reserve portion in the ever busy city of lagos. this land was established in 1090 to serve as a biodiversity conservation icons and moments our integration out into for guys i'm currently at lake conservation. since i'm on the walkway, this leads to kind of to ok. so much was i to be careful not to fall. let's go in and see what it is to offer. this is a 1000 area in case you're tad, i'm looking for a very long time. so guys, this is the beginning of the 1st kind of work on this set and we're going to be climbing on it is the longest kind of walk in africa lenses. 111215 and 7 sections on the bridge. before we get to the, in the bridge, talk with you the shake in the design to test drive in just who i just time
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the 2nd one, i'm see guys switching recording both a couple trees, but as to the highest points bit silly front. so let's keep going. the highest point. yes. ok. so that's clearly the highest point west and $2.00, that's the level of what is your vision on top. so when you look to organizations that blunt dealership. oh yeah. different in digital, especially this monkey her, her name was the western point. after you've done the whole of the long, that's kind of the walk for the cook out in this, mom was not for that. anyone yet because i'm scared. of course i thought of a long kind of walk, this is where you come to to this is the family, fuck a lot of people, cooking on making stuff. this is gonna serve as a picnic sports. if you bought your own food,
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you want to go to your family and friends. yes. thank you. so this is see, this is my job is made from said the other life left on our list is buggy, which is a smokeless natalie. look at that between legos and the border in the new published it has acquired by quite a distance from the sense of legal this town on the east side of legos was the point of no return for 9 jobs. were sold off to you. beyond doing the trans atlantic slave cheese, which lasted for over 400 years, it is now home to museums, historical artifacts about the nigerian slave trade. our 1st visit is to the slave was young, which has most of the means you're doing this live here. you can find some of the chains cannon's as leaf sales use for slave trading. right on the wall. this is a camp. honestly windy. all right. that if you can give you one umbrella,
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yes, you can then 40 human be asleep. one it's called called please. you use this with the photo to join, to sleep in by the president's mom, you know? yeah, and that was, you provided an installation, you might be 40, it will not be in your budget for 4 months before getting him on the inside here he, it might be the order heet. imagine, i mean, you might because they would have to do the chances with a year long term. okay. with wow, this is heavy means and this is what we on the, on the low true, yes, there will be the same with the globular 100 and guy. this is very heavy. he was really shocking to land. are many nigerians were made to live like this, against the a wheel. it's hard to imagine how you must have felt and it was a very emotional experience been here and hearing about their stories. this is one
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side of but again, this is the side where we saw the festa rebuilding. we also saw the bar code, which is where the slaves were kept. so now we're going to the point of no return, enforceable, or we have to cross over this law going here. i get to the other side as well. we see the point of no return point of no return is a point where once lives get to the can come back any more lose. the point of no return is the final spot westlake leave. the shores of lagos, nigeria never to return. this is the route of the walk for the same place. yeah. where we are walking while i am, the slaves gets here. this is where the board, the ships take them all the way to europe on orders that are countries that are being sold. the building at the point of no return was built in the secular ship to represent the return to africa. it's, it's all know, with multiple windows made to give a great view of the point where to slip ships with dr. abolition of slave trading. i just started in $1885.00 and will eventually finalize in 1950, taking a trip to bug you was
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a bit us with the experience better because walk in the same part of the slaves brought painful feelings to my trying to imagine the pain or suffering they would have gone through was very never ok. so it's because he was a privilege to travel through time and it's all like buggy and learn about the history of those that came before us. legacy is so diverse and it has so much history and a vibrant cojo. it is an amazing place. leave and explore is filled with so much energy and a lot of people from different walks of life. one of the most populous scenes, legal showers recite, is if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. ah, finally, we go to south africa, wine, water, and space. but he doesn't report an adrian cliche. the landscape around cape town is one thing about ho motorcyclists. paradise. welcome to cape town, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. today i will take you on the rights
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to show you my 3 most favorites routes in and around. cape town, we're starting right here in how it's bay in the harbor. great place to grab some fresh fish and energy before heading over there to chapman's peak rice with ah, the chapman stick. his name's afterwards on chapman captain's made of an english ship that failed into how to be in 16 o 7. he would center shore to find provision, not knowing it would one day be the location of one of the world's most famous route. in 1915 contraction started on the steep slopes 7 years later, the road was opened. what an amazing view. and you have so many different viewing points there where you can just stop and basically spend the whole day enjoying the view. and what's really cool, it's changing all the time where the weather change,
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the clouds and changing sun is coming out. sun is moving. it's just awesome. just make sure you take some snacks with your picnic walks. there are no restaurants and shopping along the way. chapman drive, also known as champions amongst the locals, is a 9 kilometer long drive along the coast. it also forms part of 2 big spots. even the 2 oceans marathon and the k sound cycle to come into to around 35000 bicycles passed by here. the road has 114 curves, right between the ocean and the cliffs. they have been some rough volt and landslides in the past, so keep your eyes on the street and drive. so this is where you arrive in the end of the dr. beautiful, not to beach right next to not. so if you can see it very long as beautiful, then normally you would see more. but as i told you earlier, the weather is changing all the time. you know, it's even drizzling a bit and all the clouds came up. so that's the reason why i will not jump into the water for refreshment. today is ice cold anyway, the water, some people though,
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are daring. they're in there in case you are planning to do it. go ahead, but be aware of the rip currents. you've got to be a good swimmer. if you're out in the water there, we are heading to our next destination now to another beautiful route. a little bit outside of cape. all right, let's get ready for a route number to bend. clue pass between the towns of wellington and sir it's round about one of the half hours from cape town by road. it was named. you guessed that after the guy who built it, andrew bane, but he obviously did not do most of the hard work. yes, he was the road engineer. it is a fine piece of road engineering, but most of the work, like i said, ma'am speak was done by convicts who were forced to do the hard labor. many of them died, the road was opened in 1854 last time i got here. it was a bit bumpy and narrow so you could feel it all. that's the looks like the summarize
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the most exciting part of this mountain passes about 800 kilometers long. it is quite a narrow road and landscape is amazing. no wonder it is labeled and national monument read close due to maintenance work, at least part of constructing road. yes. we will be able to see the 1st part of this one, and the entire part is scheduled to be reopened in june, but perhaps be smarter than me and check before you get here. it was supposed to have reopened a long time ago. well, this is fortunes, bridge and nice to have a break and enjoy the beautiful scenery and the stream that is passing through here it is also the place where the lineage back hiking trail is passing through. it's a 2 to 3 day hike through the limits, back nature reserve and i, it's a beautiful hike with rock pools along the way, as well as a nice camping spot where you can stay overnight. as i said, i just heard about it and it's still on my to do list. i still have to come back to
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do that. i actually in winter the high mountain peaks are sometimes kept with snow and in summer it gets extremely hot and dry. after the mist earlier, the sun, this burning highlight of this tour is along the way to the river that flows down here. so you just stop and make sure you're jumping into the crystal clear water. find one of the re a parking spots along here. make sure you park properly because the road is very narrow and then it's just like 2 minutes i found where you can refresh yourself, which is obviously amazing on a hot day like today. ah, my best idea today were certainly to bring along my swimming get more than 30 degrees on the bike. it can get really out with all the protective here. but now if you come down here, you forget about all of that. look at this wonderful views, the wonderful water. just wait for me to jump
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on. i was one of the construction workers out there to sit down. you know what? i start wrapping up my band school pass writes on the way back. you can stop at one of the wine estates along the way, which i also open for visiting. i am heading to my favorite route friendship. it starts at the the what is give them the largest lake in the region, provide water for half of cape town. soon afterward, the long, deep and dramatic scenery. stout's it was south africa's food properly engineered roads. who's if you can try to come here during the week though,
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it gets quite busy on weekend. ah, if you are lucky, you will come across some of the woods along your way. 20 years ago, the cape and inside the boon population was heading to extinction. but luckily that has changed though, enjoy the time, watch them observe them, but remember they are wild animals, so be careful. they can be dangerous. sometimes they are snatching food, even bags and cameras to be very careful and please don't feed them. you can see that even installed special dustbins along the way, way you can throw your stuff and they have a boon protector here so they can just open it. ah, if you chance with a magnificent pass, you will reach another highlight. ah, from here you have this fantastic view on friendship. i could spend hours see less
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than 20000 people live down there, but it's still one of the most popular tourist destination. in south africa, friendship means french corner and a free concert. this is exactly how it feels like down there. you have a little bit of friends. ah, i enjoyed the right down from the mountains to the friendship valley home to some amazing restaurants. and ah, so we spent much more time than actually planned on the past because it's just so beautiful and it's so much fun to drive through these curvy roads. we got to town right on time for sundown, which we're having here right now at a small restaurant in the city center. that's actually the major challenge when you get to friendship to decide where you want to go. there are so many wind farms and
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restaurants. it makes it very difficult to decide. so i had a really great time on these 3 different scenic routes. i hope you enjoyed it as well until next time jesus ah ah, ah ah, ah, with
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ah ah, this is dw news lie from berlin, the long wait on ukraine's front line as russia's war stalls in the south and east to d. w. visits ukrainian forces as they faced down russian troops. also coming up the victory parade with no victory. russia prepared to stage its annual may the 9th celebrations in moscow as its war if its faults in ukraine will have lived coverage .