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tv   In Good Shape  Deutsche Welle  May 7, 2022 11:30am-12:00pm CEST

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d, w ah, we've got some hot tips for your bucket list with magic corner tread hotspot with some great cultural memorials to boot w. travel off we go. walking is the bread or breaking form of movement. if we take an average of $7500.00 steps per day, the recommended amount for the stride length of about 0.8 meters, then we end up walking 6 kilometers every day. at the end of an 80 year, life will have walked around 175000 kilometers vance. if everything runs smoothly which it often doesn't, aches and pains are common, such as in the knee joints or the achilles tendon. the human body is vulnerable.
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even just walking. so what can be done about it that's coming up on in good shape d w health. so with walking is the result of evolution. the fact that we walk upright is thanks to an anatomical detail. this study shows how the human foot can be stead, allowing us to efficiently push off when we walk or run. this was a crucial stage in the evolution of bypass. ah, and this is what allows us for to be rigid, the arched shape of the mid foot. other primates have completely flat feet from head to toe. our body is moved thanks to new as bones, muscles,
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and joints plus tendons. and those of what we're going to have a closer look at noun. oh, in the mythological trojan war, the greek army was led by the warrior acc. yes, he was supposedly impervious to enemy weapons and attacks. achilles mother, the goddess thetis, was said to have dipped him in the river styx as an infant which bestowed on him the invulnerability of the gods. only is heal remains dry. achilles was struck by a poison arrow on exactly that spot, killing the demi god on the battlefield. it's no coincidence that in mythology, the heel was achilles. weak point. it's the location of the bodies thickest and strongest tendon, and is still referred to as the achilles tendon. it transmits power from the calf muscles to the heel bone and with stands a tremendous burning each day. whether we're walking, running or jumping,
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the achilles tendon helps propel the body forward. it functions a bit like a coil spring, storing, and then releasing energy. when we bend our foot, the tendon is stretched and then retracts for the next step. with targeting training, we can increase it to last a city, which in turn increases our ability to jump everywhere in our body where joints are moved by muscles. tendons play a role even when we grasp with our fingers or to some food. the structure of our tendons is what makes them so stable and flexible, college ins and a last and make up fibers and bundles of those make up fibers. some of our tendons are protected by tendon, she's, but the achilles tendon only has a layer of skin as protection where tendency joints. there are small fluid
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filled sax called bursey, to reduce friction and inflammation. but just like achilles heel tendons can become a weak point if they get injured. unlike other tissues, tendons have a low blood supply. that means they need more time to heal. o soccer fans may remember this moment from the european championship. italy's leonardo spin at sola ruptured his achilles tendon, he was carried off the pitch on a stretcher. the tournament was over for him. but you don't have to be a professional athlete to develop problems with your achilles tendon. popping about running or walking, or achilles tendons do serious hard labor partly surprising they sometimes season
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say these 3 experts the heat is in the achilles tendon can become very painful, especially when we demand too much of it or in combination with other risk factors like weight age and mal position of the foot, whose future in the when, when does for in the end, it can really alter the structure of the tension. and then the real problems begin . mon smith's on hand really painful, and patients everyday lives become highly constrained shirt. something amin hadn't found out. he's apple attic, but during an exercise on the leg press something went wrong. his achilles tendon was soon swollen and hurt when he was walking. shabazz the tendon was so swollen, it felt like i was carrying an extra burden. sto hint that he's not the 1st to experienced that but where does the pain come from in it's healthy state.
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the achilles tendon consists of college and fibers running in parallel, which are both 10 south and elastic at the same time. but if they become strained, it can lead to small tears in the tendon. the body response with a provisional repair with new fibers growing haphazardly, new blood vessels sprout to improve tendon nourishment. but these new blood vessels, deformed the and. ready become swollen and sensitive. mm hm. it loses its flexibility and becomes even more prone to new tears. because the achilles tendon metabolism is so slow, it can take months before the tissue has regenerated and returns to normal. there should balance order for the pain should be seen as a warning sign. it's a sign of the alterations and the achilles tendon that something there is changing that was in shot, an entity. and when there's damage, it's madness to keep you rotating it off because that only worse is the damage and
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causes more pain that mel amin had. and it wasn't aware that he should listen to his tendon. he carried on training for an important run. and suddenly it seized up, his orthopedist immediately stopped him from any running and perscribed physiotherapy to support the healing process is physiotherapist began with a special treatment called a cross friction massage. pushed in, putting the excess input into the tissue, hinders the pain signals, which means you lowered the pink sensitivity somewhat don't offer incremental load increases shouldn't be attempted before the stage though, it is important that the angle moves pure rest is no help at all. michelle wagner shows his patients certain stretching and strengthening exercises to do at home. this type of training supports the healing process for home,
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thus is immune 50 to us. it's very important to do this twice a day. but because these exercises stabilize and above all structurally attended hope, doyle was your therapy can only help amin hadn't. if he repeats the exercises regularly at home for months, he needs to be patient for over half a year before he'll be able to run again. in some cases, the of the problem is excess strain. for others, the problems start with bad posture. as with your honest mula, in injury to his right length led him to put in excess weight on his left leg for weeks on end. after 2 months, his left foot suddenly began to hunt. when he got home and i was limping and by i could only put stress on the balls of my feet, so i couldn't walk properly. honda orthopedist kind would help sees immediately that the steady access burden on the left. what was too much for the achilles
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tendon. he checks the attendance tissues using ultrasound and he can see structural changes in the tendon along with counts of occasion. the f one, all we also want to differentiate shaddon is that a small tear and china this visit perhaps, and inflammation for is actually a degeneration with calcifications or mechanical. we can highlight that with the ultrasound and base our choice of treatment on the results itself. and never dare bohannon's matured. but since cross friction and stretching alone haven't done much for your hundreds. mueller, he and his orthopedist take another approach and try to promote the healing process . shockwave therapy. the shock waves are posted at varying intensity deep into the tissue. it can boost attendance metabolism while breaking up badly patched tissue. with that, as your mando,
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she shows the shock waves dissolve. adhesions promote tissue healing and also destroy calcium clusters on the school. on cake. on salmone, it's the treatment that has generally produced good results so far. not the espn bottleneck, mahogany for after the 1st session. if you don't notice anything before after the 2nd, i felt it was less pain. i noticed something was changes. after the 4th session. i was already pain free 5. it was already able to move my foot and tension the way i used to use those from for a wound fall, no kind old half dozen. just check a patient's achilles tendons. he looks at the whole body because if anything is out of kilter, it constrained the tendency is johan as miller's feet lean slightly inwards to compensate for that. he's prescribed orthopedic insults, which ease the pool on his attendance, combined with daily stretching exercises that should see him recover. well,
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the achilles as our strongest tendon, but it's very sensitive and doesn't always get better by itself. from the strongest tendon to the largest joint in our body. the ne, it's also the most complex joint informations that the knee cap bursa, capsule or pencil attendant can be extremely painful. a cruciate ligament tear with their anterior o post area omen. this cause damage is often caused by too much strain. for example, during sports, nicholas hers was playing soccer for his camp in 2015 when disaster struck nobody else. so just as i got the ball passed, my opponent, i put all my power into my left me to follow through behind it and my knee broke away due to the side jack knife backwards for every one on the sidelines, including my father, heard it all. i knew that something awful,
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it just happened to fuzzy it. they'd heard the sound of nicholas snapping, his left cruciate ligament the fibrous tissue, connecting the shim bone to the thigh. the 2 minutes sky will also told me good. it was really bad. one of the worst injuries you can possibly have in sports langon. it was a catastrophe for nicholas hers. to site soccer, he'll say loves playing tennis and skiing, skiing and soccer accidents behind most cruciate ligament ruptures. as always gotta and i was in the process of applying to join north rhyme, westphalia, state police alarm that hollow law. oh, well that dream went straight onto the back burner. it was over for the time being well, and i'm to me also folding them around, fall straight away. they said they couldn't take me on with that kind of an injury from his image on them. after 3 months waiting for the swelling to go down.
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nicholas underwent surgery on his knee of arms on bison bung. i was certainly quite worried and like, i don't know if the operation would go off. okay, without complication. and so on the last one of the illness, the heck to that i am, the surgeon tackled his meniscus. hast the team used a camera to evaluate the extent and location of the problem? then attended was transplanted to replace nicholas's ruptured ligament the coachman. we've been successfully operating on cruciate ligament since the eighty's. it was usually opened knee surgery. definitely more difficult for us could be we have today makes everything more efficient, the safer and when you look at professional soccer players faster, they're often playing again within months ago, which is not exactly medically advisable for and for the doctors used are thruster,
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p o, key hole surgery on nicholas his knee replaced all the thrust could be supplied. reputation has a bit to do with when people did follow up checks on patients with arthritis in the name joined to a well on the way to needing prosthetic replacement. i'm sure there's no question that arthroscopic isn't very little help their nephew that turned into a generalized reputation and the bad results were associated with all kinds of authors could be so near thrust doesn't deserve it. decide names of the others could be of interest to you, but help distribute 5 years after his accident. nicholas host is back for another check up on his knee. okay. and what are they doing? we still exercising the muscles if i wasn't good. yes. i run along and do muscle exercises. i always stretch before sport. ok. ok. how about the meniscus on it? it was a bit problematic magic, you know? i feel it, but it doesn't limit me or cosby painting initially. when you do this,
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you notice it normally, you wouldn't notice it here. you know, i do a little but you can live. yes and there is no pain so far. okay. oh, we'll have to take a closer look. again, stability seems to be fine. it's rock solid here, issue. lovely. nicholas has had to wait over a year after surgery before he could get back into sports. he plays tennis regularly today, he's playing his brother noah. he has to warm up 1st, especially his once injured knee. ready ah, this isn't like i compare it was i couldn't think of if i pulled that one towards me and i can reach my backside. no problem. i'm cuz this one, but with the other knee that's impossible on auto with. it's not like there's a battle tank mouth, it just won't go any further. oh, you sold him 5 years after his operation. nicholas hers is back to regular soccer
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and tennis. in fact, his tennis team has just been promoted and he also applied to joined the police force again. this time he was fit enough to day he's a policeman. ah, do you have a question about nutrition, fitness or therapies? ask us. or how in good shape experts will answer just send us an email that digital office is open. running or jogging as a sport. some simply do it to stay fit. others want to break records. in either case, it's important to run the right way, and that can be learned. first of all, don't start off running straight away. you should warm up before every run.
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infective walnut increases breathing and heart rate, and it'll bring the body to something like an operating temperature. ah, if you are getting warmed up his ideal preparation, it helps prepare the muscles, attendance and joints for the upcoming strain. after all, you don't want to injure yourself while training only falling long planning. ah, ah! after a 20 minute warm up, the muscles are warm and ready to go. keep the body straight and run in a relaxed way. not to fast it for time from now the 1st benefit of running is it's fun, the more you run, the more fun it is. it also gives you a sense of achievement. you can eat afterwards because you burn a lot of energy and it helps you live longer. what more could you wanting a live classmate?
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i mean it's important to have breathable sportswear and good running shoes. because when you run twice, your body weight goes into each step when what you have to look carefully for the right running shoes. and it's very important that they're uncomfortable and you have good cushioning form. there should be a width of the space in front of the foot. i that you don't want to bruise your toes and explore like another important factor or good running style. the trainer, advisors hitting the ground with the whole foot instead of the hill. this is easier on the joints while running the body burns, a lot of energy and loses fluid was like if an off you lose water very quick. when running on, if it's a hot tyler day, you can lose a leader or more in an hour. you can't completely replenish it while running it, having the small water bottle online or leaving one somewhere is helpful. otherwise, rehydrate like quickly after training and ex, now for the body count rehydrate more than $100.00 milliliters water per quarter
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hour. so how often should you run ideally, 2 to 3 times a week, for between 30 and 45 minutes and i saw yawn in warmer places. avoid the hot times of day, or run in the evening or better yet on early in the morning. lots cooler and he'll sweat less and get less hydrated in the morning. it's like having a nice oxygen shower before work and the temperature doesn't causes much strain. money from alaska, regular running keeps you mentally and physically fit. and it's the best tonic against wrinkles because it improves blood supply to the skin. and what about losing weight? been haven't been painted associate running with losing weight, and it is possible. but you need endurance and continuity. you can burn 100 grams of fat tissue in one hour, which means you have to run for 10 hours to lose a kilogram changed now. ah, here again,
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our tips for healthy running walmack on stretch, drink. plenty of fluids and good running shoes are very important. preferably one shoe size larger than normal. oh, good footwear is always the basis for healthy running. wearing high heels on a regular basis is a nightmare for feet and posture. and toes suffer considerably in shoes that are too narrow or tight. improper footwear is the main cause of panics, vargas all the crooked position of the big tow. it can be corrected, said to kate, doctors and patients in germany often call them sugar screws. that sounds more like something you'd get at a candy store than a clinic. and these titanium strength screws are actually made of something else
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altogether. it took us hovens could sugar screw, isn't a sugar screwed if it's a lactic acid screw made from many lactic acid molecules. strung together on the right here, the name, sugar screw makes it easy for patients to understand what it's made up for. auto market comes from the comparison with a sugar cube the dissolves in your coffee and coffee, lucy. oh, surgical screws that dissolve all by themselves and the body. after about 5 years, the prospect was enough to convince police officer and croft mancha fighter, elona good length. she'd previously put off a foot operation despite huge discomfort let's and which been a sham saying, and i'm really afraid of things like injections and anesthetic. my understanding was this, i get metal put in my foot and then have to have it removed with a 2nd operation. i was afraid of that into lots of time of work and not being able to take care of things at home. just the possible consequences. when i found out i only needed one operation,
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i decided to go for it. i was mr. fern cheating me almost a year after the operation. elona goodling has her foot x ray it again. the 40 year old has a mel position of a big tow known as a alex valid us to correct it. the met parcel bone with straightened up, but we corrected the angle is the 1st mega here, which is the causes. the hugs of august 2015. we moved the head of the meta tags and over here and fixed it with a result of those grew on 126 yet. i also corrected the curve that this bone makes by taking a small bit from here, holding it close and also fixing it over here. with another screw moment to get that means that the extensive tension is really centered over the joint. you talk, resolvable or dissolved little screws can be used for mild and moderate alex vargas, but not for more significant deformities. oh.
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jeez. where there's a strong deviation in the joint, and it's also unstable instability. it disconnects to you then ultimately have to sacrifice this joint here on was on definite call for that you need to obtain human plan on implant. usually a combination of a screw and a plate platter, unfortunately so far is not possible to make plates using resolvable material. so towing, by contrast, resolvable screws have been developed with just the right biochemical makeup. so the material dissolves at the right time. patients with the earliest sugar screws and hand complications, but elona gently no longer has to worry about that. in the top, it used to be more common to see system was forming under the material was different basically dissolve too quickly and left a cavity monday morning. now we've modified it, it takes about 5 years to dissolve those. and that gives the boning of time to fill
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in the hole to grow into it. with food on the heel took on these lactic acid screws are broken down into carbon dioxide and eventually ex, him by the patient there suitable for diabetics. and those with lactose intolerance . the material is also a good alternative. in the case of metal allergies, india loaner good things case. the healing process went off without complications. her foot is once again pain free, and the incision healed without becoming inflamed. gets fair, that's high. it's worth mentioning that if we'd operated with a metal screw, you'd have to plan a 2nd surgery now and open the scar. begin to remove the screws these homes, but we have the great advantage that we used. resolvable material means no 2nd operation, no 2nd anesthesia, no interruptions, to work. a supporter kind albert's als fire kindness pot poser. elona grunting has
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long since started training again. her foot can take the strain of craft maga, even of the powerful kicks. camp crunch, madsen, me. i don't have pain anymore. i can practice my sport. play with my son. been and do my job well. everything's turned out great at the bottom. it also means that as a police woman, she can go on patrol again without worrying that her foot might cause her problems in a crucial situation. to run, you need strong legs. yes, an exercise for vivian better that strengthens the leg muscles. let's execute the squat. you bend your knees as you were sitting on a chair. go down, hold briefly and straighten up again with,
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with 10 repetitions with a small break between and 3 rolls. try to keep your back straight with have fun exercising. i'm join us next time. i'm in good shape with
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