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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 8, 2022 5:00am-5:16am CEST

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ah, ah ah, the state where it is lie from berlin, russia steps up assaults on ukraine ahead of a symbolic anniversary next week. meanwhile, ukrainian officials say all civilians have been evacuated from the besieged mario pole. steelworks also coming up at a finding moment for northern ireland. so says the nationalist party after winning mo, seats in the british provinces legislative elections. she feigns ultimate goal is to re unite the whole of ireland and human rights activists. fear that
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ferdinand mark goes junior, is heading for the presidential palace in the philippines. we hear from the woman is hoping to keep him out. ah, i'm nicole foolish. welcome to the shell. russian forces have stepped up their attacks across ukraine, including firing cruise missiles at the southern coastal city of odessa. they've also resumed the bombardment of the besieged steel mill in murray. you pull after the remaining children, women and older adults were evacuated from the plants. observers believe moscow ames to make symbolic gains before monday's anniversary of the victory over nazi germany in world war 2. the most intense attacks have been an eastern ukraine, where many people have been left homeless, close hang from blasted trees in the eastern ukrainian city of buck, mute,
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a grim decoration for a war. nobody here is celebrating residents survey, the damage following another russian. a strike svetlana has come to collect belongings from what was once her home. god was that that didn't. how can i survive with that? this was my parents house. my sister was living here. i was living here. 2 people are homeless now and 2 of our neighbors were killed. yes, they're killing people, use it as ukrainian forces. go on the offensive intense battles in the eastern done. it's gretchen have seen front lines shifting village by village, 30 kilometers away in the town of coast hunting yoga. vasily bullets gear says he ran to protect his 3 children who were sleeping in another room. when shelling began to civilians like these, it makes little difference whose ordinance is falling on their homes and schools
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are jealous or shall brooklyn, everything should be normal like it is for everybody else. so what can we do now? who's guilty or i don't know. who should i blame for this? barrages of russian rockets also ran down on her kiff destroying civilian targets, including a museum, even as ukrainian forces around the city drove the russians back. numerous russian rockets also struck civilian targets in the port of odessa. some observers save laudermill, put in once a symbolic victory to celebrate on may 9th, the day that russia commemorates victory over nazi germany at the end of world war 2. the as of style factory complex. last question of ukraine's forces in murder you fall. looks like his most likely target. the last civilians who had been trapped in the plants underground. bunkers have now been evacuated, and vast out of money will fall. presidency. lensky says he wants to negotiate safe passage out for all civilians who are still in the ruined city. irish
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nationalist party sion fane has won the most saints in northern ireland legislative elections. the parties ultimate goal is to re unite the british province with the republic of ireland. and vain will now try to form a government, but their political opponents are threatening to block the efforts. shin feigned, supported jubilant. their historic election when the nationalist party could now nominate northern islands. first minister is michel o. neal manages to form a government. it will be the 1st lead by a politician who wants to reunite northern island with the republic of ireland. and it would be hugely symbolic for a party wants ostracized from politics over its ties to sectarian violence. today represents a very significant moment of change. it's a defining moment for our politics on, for people. it was a sombre result, fission faint, opponents, the d, u, p. who want to northern ireland to remain
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a part of the united kingdom? i think the, the divided nature of unionism in the selection husband term was to the overall union was folk is strong. we're not winning, extra suits of because those books are too widely spread. i think there are lessons to be drawn from this for union. one of those lessons might be to focus less on the irish unity debate. this was an election, fought mainly over economic issues like the cost of living and the centrist alliance party neutral on the question of the united ireland made major gains despite losing votes. the unionists must be part of the next government in accordance with northern islands, power sharing agreement. but the d u. p has indicated it may block the formation of a new administration until the u. k. makes changes to post breaks it trading rules . that means northern ireland is likely facing uncertainty ahead. if no
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government is formed within 6 months, the storm on assembly will be in the hands of a caretaker administration and fresh elections will be called. our london correspondent, charlotte chelsea bill has more on how significant in friends, when is for northern ireland. this is the 1st time that should feign a nationalist party, has emerged as the largest party ever making it really a story for a moment. and now the intentions of a united ireland, at some point in the future, is really a story that is going to make the headlines even though it's not for thought to be imminent. not will, of course thrill some it will alarm others and it's not the only issue that is likely to be contentious going forward. now that we've seen sion fain emerge is the largest party norm island has a power sharing agreement. meaning that we are likely to see some uncertainty ahead
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over how that. now progresses with issues like breaks it likely to continue to prove contentious. but yes, this is indeed a seismic moment for northern ireland. there's some other stories making the headlines today. a hong kong election committee is voting for the cities, new chief executive to replace kerry lamb in july. nearly $1500.00 largely pro beijing members are taking part in a secret ballot with only one candidate. john lee. international observers fear his election will further tighten beijing grip on hong kong. russian authorities say forest fires have killed at least 8 people inside the area. local officials have declared a state of emergency in the cross yard region. the blazes have damaged hundreds of building high winds, or hampering efforts to extinguish them. people rallied for abortion rights in
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cities across the united states, including outside the supreme court in washington, d. c. a draft opinion leek last mondays suggest that the court was poised to overturn the landmark roe v wade ruling. it legalized abortion nationwide of $973.00. rescue and recovery efforts are continuing at the side of an explosion at a hotel and the cuban capital. havana, the blast at the saratoga hotel field at least 27 people. an injured 80. several people are reported to still be missing the least suspect, a leak on a gas tank or truck cause the explosion. people in the philippines who are getting ready to choose a new president. on monday, the son of former dictator ferdinand marco's is leading in the polls for vice president lini robledo is trailing, but it's hoping to make up last ground. her supporters showed up in full 4th for her final campaign. raleigh. this moment the
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supporters and i have been waiting for presidential candidate, lenny with radio enter central money life. a city decked out in pink eye by the hundreds of thousands have turned up for our final campaign ref. overuse. i offer you a government of integrity and good governance. i pledge that i will keep my promises. her supporters hope they can give the current vice president enough momentum to overtake president on marcos junior, son of the dictator whose 20 year rule of the philippines ended in the mid 19 eighties. he's currently the front runner in the race to succeed president rodrigo, to tatt longer i. i had a manual in because her braces here and for this country i want a better bill for the next 6 years. this is what i what you're saying about what
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happened and where the batteries it and we did the leader that we can be done. rob rito is a former human rights lawyer, an economist, and the only female candidate like no other candidate in this race. lenny robledo has been a prime target for hate this information for fame, including sexist remark. there are even allegations online that she effected like communist rebels. running this fake news machinery is a huge network of hate influencers funded by the markers family claims. this investigative reporter, he fears the online battle for robledo has already been lost. it's just, she's just too late in the game. she was not early enough about that. she did. he was not though that this is happening. she did not act fast enough. the bag, all of us, and you have to off understand. she was busy fighting against the doubt administration . so she had her hands die for survivors of the marcus dictatorship. the
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prospect of another market in the country seat of power is unthinkable. judy, turkey wallow, was detained. twice under the dictator and is shocked by the rhetoric she finds online. you know that marcia look, period was the golden years that there were no killings during the dictatorship that they were not caught up. these are disinformation because the evidence, the fact that documentation have shown that marcia law, group 8 there a vast flood suppression, human rights violations, massive got up shows and blending but monday's winner only needs to get more votes than any one else. and polls indicate marcus junior, like his father before him, might even secure an absolute majority. moving on to some sports and with a bonus,
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legal title already settled in byron munich faber attention has turned to the race for european qualification. outsiders union. berlin visited 4th place, fryeburg hoping to pull off an upset, and the capital club were fortunate to visit on a rear off day for the hosts. union visited german cut finalists, fryeburg, knowing a win against their 4th place. host would guarantee them a spot in europe. next season, and it was a capital club who drew 1st blood crecia pro m l poking home on the line in the 11 minutes to hand. who knew on an early lead, the journey with one of the simplest finishes he'll ever have to make. and the visitors went tuning up after half an hour chatting. christopher trimball with a close range header treadmill, doubling his tally for the season at the perfect time. ah, and it was 3 now before half time. geraldo beck,
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you're racing clear of fryeburg defense to compound the host's misery. a cool celebration, despite the sir in a mean getting a slice of luck with the finish. try bird bit back in the 2nd half. lucas hoola slotting home to make it 31 in the 59 minutes. could the home side rescue something from a bruising 1st half encounter. that was answered later on when substitute andrea schafer danced his way through the area to make it full one in the 18 minutes. the hungarians 1st, boone, his legal, silly and impressive victory for his club. an ice cold finish following some dazzling footwork. for one, it's ended, union will play european football next season. a course to celebrate for the fans
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and players on a sun kissed afternoon in fryeburg. while no such scenes of jubilation for the team from the other side of the german capital hatter, berlin had a chance to confirm their spot in the bundles league for next season. playing against mines in the olympic stadium and the crowd was left disappointed after stefan bell scored for the visitors with 10 minutes remaining. 2 on the final score . and a quick look at the other. been as like a result, had a likely safe, but that defeat means they have to wait until stood at play byron and other games dot when vos book and liver. cuz in our one bullhorn beach benefit earlier and 3, sunday games will round out the matching. reminder of the top story we're following for you today. ukraine says all women, children, and elderly people have been evacuated from the as of style. steel landed mar, you pull. but ukrainian fighters remain trapped inside. russia stepped up its
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attacks across ukraine ahead of its victory day holiday on monday. that you're all up to date, june for reporter, with a look at the foreigners fighting in ukraine. i'm nicole fairly for me and the entire newsroom. thank you so much for your company. so you want to know what makes with love and binding things away from us. but i'm not going to have to watch my own car and everyone with later holes and every day getting you ready to meet the german. gonna join me rachel stuart on d. w. o rear natural spectacle with a return to the.