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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 8, 2022 1:00pm-1:16pm CEST

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ah ah ah ah, this is news ly, from berlin! dozens, i fear dead on strike. going to school shelter and civilians and east in ukraine. us rush f steps up it's assault. meanwhile, he green an official. c. all civilians have been evacuated from the besieged. my real pull still works, also coming up as moscow prepares for monday's world war to victory day commemorations. we ask rations just how fits and it is to celebrate right now.
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china cement. it's controlled about hong kong, as it's a leg and you lead a hard line for my security chief, john lee is set to become the territories new chief executive. but only a handful of the gene loyalists would vote. and lead was the only candidate on to the taliban. all about women in afghanistan to cover up had to tool the c meal relatives will face punishment if they fail to comply. ah, i am eddie micah junior and you are welcome to the program. as many as 60 people are missing on fear dead after we ration as strike. it's a village school in east, in ukraine, according to regional officials around 90 people where sheltering in the building when it was bombed on saturday afternoon. rescue as have already put fancy survivors, as well as 2 bodies from the rubble. have you fighting the village which lies about
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11 kilometers from the front line in the region, reportedly, and that rescue efforts overnight. as good morning this put our correspondence in manuel shares in the western city. olivia of emmanuel, russian forces appear under pressure for something woodson can celebrate on a victory be it is monday. we've just seen that article on a school in who hands is russia ramping up with the thought he definitely ease and his something the ukraine and authorities had feared, would happen to day on may 8th and to more on may 9th, which is for russia victory at day you mentioned this call, if indeed it is found out that those 60 people under the rubble are, are all at dead as it is feared or to have happened. well, this would be yet another war crime to be investigated by international, by the international authorities and also by
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a ukraine itself. 19 people had taken shelter in doubts. call as cool is no military target. was russia having as states as the beginning of the war? that it was targeting critical infrastructures and strategic infrastructures as call is no such thing. and their rescue earth is said that last night they could pull out 30 people from out of the rabble. they fell and people injured. but as 6, the others are believed to be dead. and her fighting is still raging on the east in front. what are you hearing from the front line? exactly as fighting steel, raging was the ukraine and armed forces making or gaining ground, or in airy, our surcharge and the surroundings are off her heart. cuba are so, and near harrison house on which has been occupied for weeks now by russian troops or russia has installed in the province of harrison and the russian
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currency. the russian coat of arms 4 round her son and also her we've just learned today dar dave, also instated an anti messiah or base, or anti airstrike. miss alberta. iran had a son. so really we're expecting to see more fights in that area in the coming hours in the coming days. that the, the, this seems to be the case because of ukrainian authorities have wand residence to bruce for moyer strokes over the weekend. what's it like on the ground? well you can see behind me, i'm here in the viv in western ukraine and people a go on with their daily lives that ukraine and our sorry to have warned that are the number of air strike alerts or would or probably increase over the weekend. you too may aids and may, 9th, the so called victory day for a russia an authority is fear that people are just getting accustomed to does air
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or read aloud and that people dont take shelter. i don't take it seriously enough and they've really, as said it again and again, those past few days and have enjoyed their they've told people that they really have to take shelter because more airstrikes are feed, not only in the ease, but also in central and western ukraine and my wife, shes a live. thank you. now, as we mentioned, russia is preparing for its unwell world war to victory day celebrations. on monday, the event marks the anniversary of the soviet union's victory over nazi germany and normally features huge pirates of soldiers and military hardware. i've had rushes ongoing war in ukraine. how appropriate is it to celebrate? we asked people on the streets of moscow. oh, so the victory parade for the great patriotic war is always appropriate. it's our history with nobody should forget our ancestors triumph.
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i'm going to see what military hardware is on, show you what we've got, but we still have, but we're not private. we're not officers. with his tradition, every year with traditions are important for our generation. that's why we need the parade. great is always called for, it's about remembering as to it, should we kneel before europe instead? never. why shouldn't it be appropriate? what does the 1945 victoria have to do with today with the breed is appropriate. it's an occasion that deserve to be celebrated. the question is, how well, of course events in ukraine are overshadowing everything. remembering the past is important. thank you. koreans were also part of the victory. i am not joined by political science as sca
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hotman goods. he's that professor of international relations audio diversity of and spoke in austria. hello god. how will the war in ukraine affect the celebrations in moscow? but i don't think that let me put in the russian leadership bill. keep on, i'm creating his narrative that what the soviet union data doing available to defending a country against nazi or sole brush is now doing it in ukraine. because from the very stopped within his argued debt on russia needs to liberate the people of the don't boss because they are suffering a genocide by nazis. so he has a close lead me to these 2 wars together that the great patriotic will and the warning ukraine. and he will see more of that to moral. he will actually appeal to the brush and citizens to show unity to show resolve, to stand together, to remain united in dis, today's fight against nazi as the russia see,
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which of course is totally absurd. so what more can we expect from prison put into speech on victory day tomorrow? well, a lot of speculation has emerged over the past weeks, namely that he will declare a wall to morrow. and i called for a national mobilization of the military. so i don't think so if he would really declare that the special military operation as has been called so far in the russian federation now, turns into a war. this would also mean that he out well, actually admits that the russian military campaigning ukraine has so far failed the very strongly that the russian army did very miserably and did something that he definitely does not want to me. but look at me if he now turns these operations into a war, and i only don't think that people see a national nobody zation announcement to morrow because national mobilization of the reserve that will take mumps to bring those forces untrained forces to the war
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scene to the war theater in ukraine, and i don't think this will help russia in the shelter him to achieve its main objective name me to occupy the hold of the dumbass. oh, so here's the thing it person putting seems to still have a lot of support in russia, but how much supports could he still have among the population of the effects of the sanctions become even stronger? well, the definitely cannot really rely on opinion polls. we get from russia even from the opposition friendly live auto center, but still it is pulling station says that about 73 percent support the so called special military operation in ukraine. and so pooled full lesson, you're putting us to president is more than 80 percent while the candidate completed rely on the state. but it's definitely true that but typically those segments of russia's population who are informed by russian state propaganda by
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t v. honest, april baganda are in support of his action. they believe the official narrative did . russia had no choice, but to defend itself against ukraine, which had become a populace of western aggression against russia. so there's considerable support still in, in those segments of to population who rely on government information. but i also think that part of the population are accepting these what it don't like it, they don't want it, but to simply accept it because they are politically apathetic and, and i have no interest to demonstrate against the war publicly. and o'neil's will portion of the population actually as opposed to the war, the liberal minded move out to do well educated, urban citizens of russia. so as it stands now, president putting is ramping up his attacks in ukraine. what is the expecting before may day tomorrow? well, we have seen that the assault has intensified over the past 2 days in building 25
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in the coming days as well. but the minimum goal of russia's military attack name me to occupy the whole of the don't boss will not be reached by tomorrow. so there is no success that he can announce tomorrow. no real success. no achievement so far . but i don't think you really need to send a message to the russian people that russia happy has been successful in this war. i think it feels the fees to, to appeal to the russian people to stay united in today's fight against not just this official narrative, which as i've said, is very much absurd, but very much a president in, in the russian official median. ok. go ahead, man. got to professor for international relations. the university of it's broke in austria, thank you. and kit i vance are also taking place across europe today to commemorates the end of the 2nd world war on the continent 77 years ago. in
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a speech to trade unionists, german presidents from about a signed my are called me the 8th, a day of fangs for germans because it marked the end of the nazi regime. but he also on the line that the significance of my can the end of the world war while russia is wage in the war of aggression against ukraine. they're long about either after my often talked to her for a long time, the 8th of may was also a day of hope. those who survived the 2nd world war could hope that the european continent had learned from history that no one would ever again resort to war as a political strategy middle deposit, exec abida. but today, on this me the my, the dream of a common european house has failed in houses. besides that, i find been replaced by a nightmare written, thus saith of me is a day of war act as craigs might have been. henry allison assured that we are all
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shocked and troubled by the brutal, illegal war of aggression that a major nuclear power has been waging against the sovereign democratic country in europe for 2 months now. being irons of elaine, this demo caught this as london novel fulfilled. still kinda the ukrainians are suffering immeasurably under the cruelty of their attackers. under the destruction that russian troops have brought to their country, hope many a land bringing a build up on the images of bomb cities and starving people. fun facts by despairing mothers, grandmothers and children, fleeing in done of difficult to build up on my images of mass graves and witnesses to the worst of war crimes. these images are breaking our hearts thus house. elsewhere in germany, the green war has been cause intentions ahead of other world war 2 commemoration events in which representatives of russia traditionally play a major role anti war protests and pro russia rowdies are set to take place
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alongside ceremonies involving both rations on ukraine's. as he former soviet republic, ukraine also fought in the war to defeat hitler. did of you political correspondence at juliet sal, deli, s monitoring to world war 2, commemorations, aaron bellin. hello, julia may 8th marks the defeat of germany in world war 2. so tell us why it's still a hugely important dates here in germany. it marks not only the defeat of germany in that war, but also the liberation of germany and of europe from the national socialist dictatorship. and also the end of the war that also had a terrible impact on germany itself. so it became a day, an event that is quite felt here in the country. and every year we see a commemorations take place at a monuments like this one behind me, which commemorates the soldiers. soviet soldiers who died in world war 2, now,
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up to 6000000 ukrainian soldiers were also part of the soviet army at the time. up to half of those died in that war, and it is of significance to the ukrainian community here in berlin to, to come and commemorate their troops. and that is what happened again this year. and the war in ukraine has brought an entire new significance to those commemorations. so what are the main events planned for today? and how likely are we to see tensions between different groups involved in a common regions where we have a lot of commemoration events planned that different memorials like this one behind me spread across the city. and also some protests organized both by pro russian groups and pro ukrainian anti war groups. and we've seen some tension take place here earlier when the ukraine ambassador to germany took place in the commemoration
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