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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 8, 2022 3:00pm-3:15pm CEST

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ah this is dw news live from berlin, dozens off yet dead interesting ukraine after an air strike on the school shelter and civilians, as russia. that's up it's assault. meanwhile, ukraine, an official, c. all civilians have been evacuated from the besieged. mario pole still works. also coming up tensions rise ahead of world war 2 coming ration in germany with both pro ukraine on pro ration demonstrates. s take into the streets on china. the men's. it's control over hong kong at select
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a new leader hotline for my security chief. john lee is set to become the territories new chief executive, but only a handful of aging loyalists would vote. and lead was the only candidate. ah, eddie micah junior is the name and you're welcome to the program. as many as 60 people, i mess in the and via dead. absolutely ration s tri kids village school in east, in ukraine, according to regional officials around 90 people where sheltering in the building. when i was bombed on saturday afternoon, rescue as have already pulled fancy survivors as well as 2 bodies from their rabble . heavy fighting near the village, which lies about 11 kilometers from the front line in the region, reportedly ended rescue efforts overnight. dw correspondence him on
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all showers and live in worst in ukraine. early i asked her about the attack on the school and whether russia is ramping up its assault ahead of its world war 2 victory day celebrations. he definitely ease and his something to ukraine, an authority has had feared, would happen to day on may 8th and tomorrow on may 9th, which is for russia victory that day. you mentioned this call, if indeed it is found out that her, those 60 people under the rubble are all at dead as it is feared or to have happened. well, this would be yet another war crime to be investigated by international, by the international authorities and also by ukraine itself. 19 people had taken shelter in doubts. cool as cool is no military target. was russia having as sad as the beginning of the war that it was targeting critical infrastructures and
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strategic infrastructures as call is know, are such thing and rescue? ers ers said that last night they could pull out 30 people from out of the rubble. they sell and people injured, but as 6 the others are believed to be dead. and they're fighting is still reading on the eastern front. what are you hearing from the front line? exactly, of fighting steel raging with the ukraine, an armed forces, and making, or gaining ground or in areas such as at the surroundings or of her heart. cuba, her so and near her harrison harrison which has been occupied for weeks now by russian troops or russia has or are installed in or the province of harrison and the russian currency, the russian coat of arms. 4 red haired son and now so are we've just a loan today, dad. they've also instated an anti messiah or baze. i enter as track miss
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albedo around her son. so really we are expecting to see more fights in that area in the coming hours in the coming days. that definitely seems to be the case because ukrainian authorities have wand residence to bruce for moyer strives over the weekend. what's that like on the ground? well, you can see behind me, i'm here in the viv in western ukraine and people a go on with their daily lives that ukrainian authorities have warned that the number of asked to like alerts or would probably increase over the weekend. you too may aids and, and may, 9th, the so called victory day for a russia an authority is fear that people are just getting accustomed to does air or read aloud, and that people don't take shelter. i don't take it seriously enough. and they've really, as said it again and again, those past few days at enter and that they've told people that they really have to take shelter because more asterix are feed not on in the east, but also in central and western ukraine. did abuse m as as,
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and live. i events are also taking place across europe to day to commemorate the end of the 2nd world war on the continent that was 77 years ago. now, the green war has been cause intentions in germany and of its commemoration events in which representatives of russia are traditionally play a major role. anti war protests on through russia rallies are taking place alongside ceremonies involving both rations and ukrainians. between an ambassador to berlin, andree melnik leader read are the soviet war memorial in central berlin. some 6000000 ukrainians fought in the soviet against the masses. fit of use at julius out daily as covering the events in berlin. i asked her why the commemorations are so important in germany. it much not only the defeat of germany in that war, but also the liberation of germany and of europe from the national socialist
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dictatorship and also the end of the war that also had a terrible impact on germany itself. so it became a day, an event that is quite felt here in the country. and every year we see a commemorations take place at monuments like this one behind me, which commemorates the soldiers. soviet soldiers who died in world war 2, now up to 6000000 ukrainian soldiers were also part of the soviet army at the time . up to half of those died in that war. and it is of significance to the ukrainian community here in berlin to, to come and commemorate their troops. and that is what happened again this year. and the war in ukraine has brought an entire new significance to those commemorations. there's also this issue here. belinda authorities are facing criticism for bonding the displaying of both ration and ukrainian flax and symbols
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anywhere near memorial sites on a small yes, this is meant to try to help ease tensions between the 2 different groups, the pro ukrainian and the port pro russian groups that have a called for protest today, and we have seen here that the, at some point flags were unveiled and were protestors were able to keep them flying, especially closer within the memorial where the axis was restricted. but we've also seen police having to go to protesters and tell them to roll up their ukrainian flags and to put them away. there has been a lot of criticism of this because ukrainian, the ukrainian community finds it. not that it doesn't make sense really to, to ban ukrainian flags from from flying. and the ukranian ambassador himself has criticized this measure as being quite a quite useless and also a not showing solidarity towards ukraine. ok, julia saw deli,
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thank you. let's look up some more stories. we can headlines around the world. irish nationalist party, sion fain housewarming them most seats in northern ireland legislative elections. it's leda and a british territory. michelle o'neill called the victory a, quote, the finding moment that mainly catholic party supports will unite on the north with the republic of ireland. should fain will now try to form a government across the united states. people have rallied in favor of abortion rights, including outside the supreme court in washington, dc. a draft opinion leaked last monday shoes. the caught up yes set to obtain the landmark roe v wade routing that legalized abortion nationwide and 1973 rescue out of recovery efforts are continuing at a site of an explosion at a hotel in the cuban capital. havana, the blast abyss tool ga hotel,
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killed at least 27 people. an aged 80 several people are reported to be still missing. police suspect a leak on a gas tanker truck course. the explosion hotline for my security chief has been installed as the new lead of hong kong. john lee won the approval of around 1400 probation members of a closed election committee. he was the only candidate on the ballot. the you, i saw a crackdown on a term, tristan will cressy movement. he will replace outgoing lida carry lamb in july international observers. fia and the selection will fare about tightened regions grip on hong kong. did of you? hong kong correspondent of phoebe cong tells us what people there make of the territories new leader. jolly becomes the 1st person ever with security background selected as hong kong chief executive. although there was a sense of expected joy here in the boats counting center as he won over 99 percent
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of boats. on the other hand, he feels very different outside on the streets of hong kong. as the majority of the general public have little interest or expectation to this election, or even the next leader simply because they have no say on it. such only is a highly controversial, if not and pop, let political figure in hong kong. as he was the key official overseeing the crack, now on 2019 antique evans protest and the implementation author to a ping national security at all with lots of distance arrested. he emphasized that he was to put housing issues to his top priority, but observes, also say beijing's endorsement st nose and intensifying strong hand of who on hong kong. and that's why for some members of the public, especially the po, democracy support us. the next 5 years could be worrying. now in afghanistan that taliban have ordered women to cover up from head to toe. ideally, with a traditional bluegrass that consumes the entire face. their hardline pivot is
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confirming the worst fears of rights activists. and as the latest in a series of harsh restrictions imposed on women since the taliban returned to power last year. these women just lost another, right? they have right to be seen in public. this could be the last time we see women's faces in afghanistan. as of now, they're required to cover their bodies from head to toe. let it be a job that women who don't where the job firstly should be identified. and their guardian should be advised that the women themselves should be punished. it's the latest move to police women's lives and has confirmed fears that taliban rule this time round likely won't be any different to that previous rule from 1996 to 2001 when women's rights were all but removed women's voices and now to be absent from responses to the new law, because they fear being punished for speaking out. only
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a few dare to talk about life and the taliban rule. clinical on each man. i know it is meaningless to live in afghanistan because he feel like a prisoner how to go. he can only eat and sleep and live according to the taliban as well as the hunt some fish. but girls have also been bought from secondary education, though it's reported that many of the younger taliban, educating their girls in pakistan and keta. many afghans are infuriated by these latest injustices as the taliban continued to curtail women's rights in the name of sharia law. where their german glenda's legal title already settled in buying an ex favor attention has turned to the race for you will be and tournaments qualification outsiders only on berlin. travel to 4, please 5 burg, hoping to pull off an upset, and in yonah were fortunate to visit on
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a rare off day for the host. munoz visited german cut finalists, fryeburg, knowing a win against their 4th place. host would guarantee them a spot in europe next season, and it was a capital club who drew 1st blood crecia from l poking home on the line in the 11th minute to hand, who knew on an early lead, the german with one of the simplest finishes he'll ever have to make and the visitors went tuning up after half an hour. captain christopher trimball with a close range header treadmill doubling his tele for the season at the perfect time. and it was 3 now before half time. geraldo beck, you're racing clear of fryeburg defense to compound the host's misery. i cool. celebrate. despite the sir in a nice getting a slice of luck with the finish. try book bit back in the
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2nd half. lucas hula slotting home to make it 31 in 50. 9 minutes could the home side rescue something from a bruising 1st half encounter. that was answered later on when substitute andrea schafer danced his way through the area to make it full one in the 1890 minutes. the hungarians 1st boon is legal, sealing, and impressive victory for his club. an ice cold finish following some dazzling footwork full. one attended union will play european football next season. a course to celebrate for the fans and plays on a sun kissed afternoon in fryeburg. well, there were no such scenes of jubilation for that team from the other side of the german capital. hovering near the bottom of the league hath berlin half
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a chance to confirm the spot in abundance league for next season, leaned against mine's back. the home crowd was left disappointed after the fun bell score for mines with 10 minutes left to one the final school. and that said your up to date up next sports lives, how goals and abrasions became a big thing. in football, a small coming up at the top of the hour. ah, ah, ah ah, a real natural spectacle in an improved world the meeting of the little known whale sure.


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