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tv   Faith Matters  Deutsche Welle  May 8, 2022 4:30pm-5:01pm CEST

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how about taking us? you risk? you could even take a chance. one was rearing to don't expect a happy ending. literature list. 100 germany streams with ah, this is think she indicates so i'm addicted to cycling fast. assume it's exciting. a real challenge. this is that's also what i train, the ability to accelerate the fire can in back
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mun, ford, so you still, how do i negotiate a hill, clint? man, bike, road, hard shoulder. if i ride close to the hard shoulder until i'm over the top and the precious off, when i've conquered the hillman on shore, the more i look around and admire the landscape, the less efficient it is. oh the man on the bike is a monk and he is heading for planks deaden abbey in bavaria. i plan on these. i'm abbot beta. i've been head of the benedictine abbey of plank stetson since 2010. previously i was administrative prior here. oh, oh oh,
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oh, it's labourer, pray and work. that's the benedictine motto: plunge, deaden. abby has an annual turnover of around 5000000 euros. abbot beta is like it, c e o. is also the librarian responsible for some $120000.00 books. they include his doctoral thesis on electing and abbot from a historical perspective. he never imagined he would one day become abbot himself. when he wrote these lines, are i our squished hearted mc augen? is the richly endowed with eyes, like the abbot has a 360 degree view there. by in the spectrum of vol side, there are both the people who are entrusted to him and everything in the monastery . eustace sir foresight also includes what is hidden from the eye and can only be
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grasped through intuition to intreat soon, sir. fuss nice. well, that's the theory. the reality looks a bit different these days. it's an upstanding citizens to being abbott is no fun. it's kind of for the i to that either you constantly have to deal with some conflict or stupid issue humans with whom i don't think as, as her as a them, i think to myself, well there are things you can do well as i been in the month of school, but there are also a lot of issues where i think, oh no, i mean those are things that were in a meeting with a guest house staff. as him, it isn't quote or not eating. with these corona rules, we just have to play trial and error. something's always changing suppose skin as we're using the ventilation strategy. that means the doors and windows in the
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dining room are open, but then people get up and close them because there's a draft or the much hits into they could also leave their dishes in the farm house room and go up the new stairs when digging. that's another possibility we can establish an alternative route, but whether people use it or not is out of our hands, said there has to be one staircase leading down and another leading upwards in for some of them blown fuzzy the with. well, at least we have a plan for what we should do if it gets really bad and then gun stream gets sick and i was steamer. been apart from the 12 monks and there are some 120 lay people employed at the abbey. otherwise it couldn't function. good. hello, my name is gabriela hob. i'm the manager of the guest house, a conference center in plank. stephanie gabriella. hub organizes more than 15000 overnight stays annually. a qualified hotel manager previously worked in normal hotels. she's been at punched at and for 10 years now. we're tough
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to be that even the work is the same. whether it's in a monastery, a guest house or a hotel. it's no worse and no better. and no more or less strenuous when. when things get busy, gabrielle hop also helps out serving food. the abby operates like a family business in guest house by owns. there are no distractions in our guest house. no telephone's, no radio cell phones, of course, but no television, no radio, and so on. feel called the guests make a conscious choice aiding. the guest is on liberal skulls to lighten the tomatoes a fresh from our garden. bon appetite it. usually the monks eat in their refectory in the cloistered area where outsiders are not allowed. if they want to eat with visitors, they have to come to the guest house dining room with me.
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all the food is organically produced and from the region, most of it was cultivated by the amongst themselves, home grown vegetables and meat from healthily fed animals. it's a source of pride in punch, deaden perfectly damp up until i became an apprentice. at 16, i didn't care what kind of meat was set in front of me or a voice how the animal had lived or where the meat came from the gulf and did that . i how much pesticide the grain and everything was covered with my financial control. but it's why i decided to work here. we thought richard, the farmer often comes by then he asks, do you need potatoes or do you need through to lot of how much you don't have to ship everything half way around the world. so that buddhist cheap, that's my opinion anyway. let his health in addition to running a guest house and conference center,
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the monks also grow crops and keep animals. the abbey owns $350.00 hecht hairs of land. some of it is pasture, some arable the rest forest flank stetson is known for its organic produce with the abbey is down in the valley. a road through the forest leads uphill to the farm land. ah, then the korea greenness girl skipped off. if i give the cows green grass, which they like, then i'm also happy employed and they both. it's a pleasure to keep animals. those at least it is for me. and they're also god's
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creatures moist them. and when they're grateful for something good to leave, i feel one with god presently i feel fulfill. quote, the unhappy with the freedom literally. hello, i'm brother richard. i'm the economist and manage the font of both. oh, no worries. i'm with these are not dairy cows. in punched at an candle or raised for their meat. ah, ah. busy it's important to the monks that all the animals are treated humanely and have everything they need. even if they're destined for slaughter. benedictine monks have an obligation to pray together 5 times a day. but brother, richard has his own little chapel for when he can't get away from the farm. the
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club the day is structured so that prayer sustains the work. but in practice, the work becomes prayer. the goal is not work, but prayer. all it's under finding fulfillment and god often. thus, rarely, i soon see you as monks were supposed to set an example, thus meeting in an hour we give lay people a space where they can relax mentally, emotionally and physically video i talking. then they go back to their everyday lives. so my thesis, we monks, provide this for them, your host osman, she this monk also works hard so that guests feel well cared for. his job involves getting up at half past 11 at night, 6 days a week. and i'm brother bonnie fatis and i are on the baker east or with
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brother boni fonts yos has been master baker here for 30 years and his our crowd bread has won prizes. hundreds of loaves and bread rolls are baked tear every night . i sleep when i have time in the mornings when i've finished work, usually until noon around 2 or 3 hours off and then again in the evening. benedictine monasteries are self supporting. they don't receive any money from the diocese. producing organic food isn't just idealism. it also has to be profitable. this kind little monte o, p 3. it's not a romantic life maneuver where you make a little bread and then slaughter a few pigs the next day because it's fun. final flossing, what's going on for sure is, this is it. that's not what it's about really mind accordingly. so many of my
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customers say it's lovely that we do everything ourselves from the, from the earth on friday to the bread. this is ellen wilson. i know hunt. people appreciate that which they are businesses give us an income light from nimble stupidity bay. it's our livelihood. often, this is room for 11 scorned logo. st benedict's rule says, guests must always be welcomed as if they were christ himself. many visitors also call at the abbey shop. everything here is home grown or homemade. it's a good place to buy a souvenir. in addition, the monks supply 30 organic food stores. they also sell their produce at weekly markets in the region like here in alang, and some 90 kilometers from the abbey to day abbot data has stopped by
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hello, how a things everything's great with the meat loaf, the m bread is sold out with all we could sell something else. that is the planted bread is terrific sensational. yes, it's sensational. abbot beta was born here in a long and this brief visit is also an opportunity to see his parents for their mom to child. but he always wanted to do some kind of social work hotel. then he decided to become a monk book fair mitchell that came as a real blow to me or hawkeye. it wasn't easy for me. verdict was, were wondering and for, for him his and to so that he's done well so far it's, you know, how get i just started so i'm proud of him now. you still are really proud of him, is from you until this is my work by hand. he. i so the abbotts robes for him under the, for all the monks, fierce gun, secure. so. oh, i love. oh,
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oh yeah. yeah. oh oh. st benedict's rule that his monks should come together for prayer 5 times a day. but it's seldom that all 12 brothers can assemble in plunge, deaden abbey, their busy lives. make it impossible so only for his i oh i i ah, oh. oh oh. oh. oh. the
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crypt underneath the abbey church is a special place. one of the monks shows us around my i'm father christoph heinsman mon e. i teach religion at for state school. soccer little swim won't be here in the monastery. i am responsible for the orthodox acumen ism with the focus on the liturgy here and this beautiful church winter kept him permission to stay him here. i need to me this is heaven in stained in him and i con is a window on heaven t coroner. the saints gazed down at us through the icon. i say he unless he above
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all the most holy mother of god. the virgin mary. yeah. but all other saints as well as is it's a visualization of the saints who are already made perfect. its pulling did seemed he praise here every day for the deceased monks that he will also be buried in this wall. some day is a beautiful prospect for him. that taught his eye death is not the right word that he was. what we experienced is the withering away from this world. is it a process of being born into the fullness of life? it is where christ, the lord will meet us, had picked out something beautiful. what should you? sigh more. we don't have any one arriving to morrow one. the only thing i lit up in the guesthouse gabriella half is handing over to brother patrick for the weekend. just checking in that time to see there's
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a misprint in the newspaper made. it says mass is at $1015.00 sema from f. and if someone calls, it's 9 o'clock, there's no mass at 1015, but my mom is father. i'm brother patrick. he been there and i am the porter at planck studies. cool, so splunk sitting here with these. certainly, thank you. long as you know you to me let vision clenched at natty brother, patrick. hello. the porters job is to act as a communication channel between the monastery and the outside world and normal routine of houston. oh, session. his family wish him happy birthday. although amongst don't celebrate their birthdays. religious feasts are more important. hi, young girls,
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so yup. so soon as alice legal when people think life must be perfect in a monastery, at that we stroll in silence through the cloisters all day victims closer to fall. well those times are over if they ever existed. amongst many people, think a monastery is an ideal world. 30 height, the weight of a, but we're just ordinary human beings. that would be my little so i'll put it this way. with any group of men, there's always going to be a friction line of what it does is go somewhere. although there is a lack of newcomers. langston is investing in the future. a crane towers over the abbey church, and the green tarpaulin conceals a new guest house. bir, only through our house of wood and straw is our greatest innovation as to wood is from our own forest control. and the straw is a renewable raw material derived from our own organic agriculture through and
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that's how we came up with the idea for the new building. and you have to dig a coil insulated with straw newton, you know, it'll probably be the largest building using wooden straw in the whole of southern germany. loose to hold to a house with or challenged in like at home on my parents. farm and the straw tasted just like this from childhood memories which been for that. i'm brother andreas, you've been here in the monastery. i'm the seller responsible for the finances house is for antoine. i'm the abby's business manager, pseudo intellectual solution with reba. the estimated building costs are 6000000 euros, although most of the raw materials are produced on the estate. either by every beam is a tree gone to a bowel. the timber comes from our own forest. frederica brother, richard, had the trees felled and the timber cut in the sawmill. 9 lawson, the great thing is that it is bound c o 2,
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which means that the c o 2 in this wood is taken out of the atmosphere for the next 100 years or even longer linger. that's active climate protection, yet it and slogan summit oxy for climmer sheets. a guest house that also stores c o 2 brother undress. his hobby is beekeeping which has a long tradition in monasteries and go to him closer to him in the since i am a good beekeeper jackson, his bees at least once a week. moffitt and for the day i'm doing just a quick check to see if there are any irregularities around the entrance. hudson, who's seen since
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to send it bliss as a brood comb. you can see the brood areas like the scales. i hold it up to the light to see the fresh brood that has not yet been kept, went on with. by that way, i know that a queen is on board. been in middleton unit and fusion. the bees with the yellow feet are actually still finding pollen, not pulling yet some did. so they'll get through the winter to show from that event to seizure. be rare and work that earth's us. i think we benedictines don't take off that easily and i think that's a good spirituality this
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is the 3rd minute growth of roy digital. it fills me with joy to know that for 25 years you are monastic community here and planks. denton has been doing everything possible to protect the environment and to live in harmony with god's creations that soon suassa. thus we have an inkling with the ship forgot touched in the bees are more than just a hobby. as well as providing honey. they polonaise, the vegetable plants and the fruit trees. the apple trees, for instance, where brother richard is working to 456. the best apples are sold directly and they're all the same. but most of the harvest is immediately processed. the monks produced 60000 leaders of apple juice annually. all of it in organic quality for over 20 years. now. it was a tough decision. organic farming is more expensive and more labor intensive. but
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climate change can't be ignored, and the monks are committed to sustainable farming enestus in this own, let's get it to the call. meaning a vow of authority is that nothing belongs to us. you could kind, i don't own a book hears out. i don't own a tree. so it is, i don't own the car, but when i don't own the bike, i the moot song cookie by a lent to me for my uses. so i take good care of them on so personally. yeah. oh, we also take care of the land off, which doesn't belong to brother rashad or brother, andreas or to abbot bader. this they get has been entrusted to the community and we take care of it and get hold of a hiking trail begins and ends at the monastery abbott beta and the local mayor came up with
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the idea. the town maintains the path avid beta provides the spiritual input, quotations from st. benedict to stimulate the hikers thoughts to london. what guns he was hiking has a lot to do with letting go of places was starting out. moving on, starting out, moving on, a whole life's like that on to leave a little peace and quiet in the busy every day life of the monks. but there's a business concept here to the path connects the abbey with the medieval town of backing. so it brings tourists from one place to the other. the
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town and monastery are closely linked, economically and spiritually. the hiking trail isn't the only link between avid beta and mayor eyes and like. bashing also supports the abbey financially. for instance, with renovation costs. to schools the abbey is the intellectual and spiritual center of the region. you're not just the town, but the whole region. i like to say it's not just a monastery, it's our plank. doesn't abbey in circles of length ah, at the thanksgiving service, everything is a bit different this year. instead of holy water, there's disinfectant spray at the entrance. usually the church is bursting at the seams, but due to the corona, virus,
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social distancing, must be adhered to this year. oh, good god is the by. as a beauty, god is with us of the sea. we trust in his presence, knowing that eventually will understand her, the pits, the lawyer, he will enlighten us on how to continue. and it will be a new path to since it's, it's already happened. countless times. we have to be open. we should always make plans with this in mind this. i'll make a plan, but i'll also leave room for god. law multiplication michelle's oh, the threat of corona has played havoc with the guest house business, but up on the farm. this year's harvest has been good. 0, one more reason to thank god on this day. oh here.
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oh, oh, we along with ah, with
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a bowl she in europe and sealed prohibited the right of a woman to determine her own pregnancy. generations for trouble. but now it's in more danger than a conservative government create threatening situations for women, medical professionals, and institutions on d, w. o.
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in their natural spectacle, in a new world, the return of the spiky yellow with louse will ensure the survival of the entire ecosystem. one of the many success stories from a bastion of biodiversity said, holy not starts may 20th on d, w. i'm just kinda, i think that's hard. and in the end it's a me, you are not allowed to see you anymore. we will send you back. are you familiar with this reliance beef? what's your story with us?
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women, especially and victims of violence take part and send us your story. we are trying always to understand this new culture. so you are not a visitor, not against you want to become a citizen info, migrants your platform for reliable information. ah ah, ah ah,
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ah ah, this is deed of the news live from berlin. jill biden makes isa price visit to ukraine. the us press lady holds the mothers, the meeting with a wife or press them zalinski. she is the latest high profile american to anti ukraine secret since the invasion doesn't sophia dad and annette strike on a school in this thing? ukraine. bratia stepping up a tax in the run up to its annual victory date. i read on monday, also coming up detentions rise at world war 2 coming.


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