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basic rights of housing and d. w. what secrets lie behind these walls? discover new adventures in 360 degrees. and explore fascinating boiled heritage sites. d, w world heritage 360. get the app. now you are a hotel, destroy the parts of the, of trade, getting some money with the impossible. it didn't pass so fine with them because when the money india, they can, they continue. we
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are living during the most extraordinary time in history of transport will go fully electric with red. the auto and mobility show reb uncovers exactly what amount of russian raw materials go into your car. you go by the doctor, doctor, feel that you're not beyond a boy in yacht with bargain. the to the side radio can feel the human rev analyzes what are the hottest trends in electro mobility right now. hello. and welcome from new york, where you can find the very best and future electric cars ref tests. what is this electric scotto capable of?
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this is the fastest gota ever book, so you can ignore it out of a corner like this. and have a lot of fun, but go up for a wild ride with rev. what is the v w gulf now in the 8th generation, and one of the best selling vehicles in europe got to do with the war that russia has and east on ukraine. hotel destroyed a big part of your trade and as long as you take russian product in the future will be your wind. remember on that to try to cheat. if you get to work my certainly the raw materials that are necessary to construct vehicles that are indirectly supporting futon india like to get it out today. we pay many millions
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and billions of euro's to russia every year, your new job. and of course, that helps to prop up these regimes and that to at least reach out and feel like she meant that how much russia is actually in my car. why is china happy about this? and how will the global automotive market be affected by the war in ukraine? well, russian will materials make up just 5 percent of the cars value, but that 5 percent is absolutely crucial. full on board electronics, catalytic converters and the electric car batteries that are ever more in demand in the ship from fossil fuel power dependence on russian oil has been a hot topic for some time. and even hot topic for the ultimate of industry is what to do about raw materials from russia or the year worst off to market. yes,
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the raw materials issue is really problematic. and i think it was long because russia is actually a very large raw material supplier, order of important raw materials such as nickel and palladium be meeker is brought up a lot of room in this respect. this will affect the industry very strongly water started midline. it's, you know, the problem of palladium is also underestimated to we go ship without russian palladium, not a single combustion vehicle would pass an emissions test the precious metal installed and the catalytic converter filter is harmful exhaust gases from the air coming out of the exhaust and the complex electronic systems and our cars are entirely dependent on a mass of micro chips to produce these, you need me on gas from russia and ukraine. the
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owner got me on presents a lot of problem with you know, we're talking about the chips which can no longer be produced properly because you really need neon gas for that kind of, i'm a doctor in, does anyone goss this drug called doing the production of micro chips, inflammation is laser edged on to his silicon plate. to operate the laser, you need me on gas without rush and nickel, much electric. com production could run out of juice. nickel is a fundamental ingredient of high performance rechargeable car batteries. in germany, 40 percent of the nickel needed to make evie batteries comes from russian mines. liquor boxes, nicholas needed both for lithium ion battery sales and for skill production for the relevant alloys by the gilman, the electron mobility, they might nickel and especially the source after may. so even before the ukraine
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wool, an average lithium ion combat contains 8 killers of lithium, 35 of nico, 20 of manganese and 14 of cobalt. the fact that russian rule materials are so crucial is not just a mom problem for mattress. some experts are sounding the alarm because they fear the impact on the car making industry is the wrong with euros. get more expensive. and if there is not enough material on the market, that the price will go up, i believe that the cars will become more expensive in the near future. this problem is really, really huge, and it's worldwide. and if we don't have the nickel, we cannot manufacture the cars. and if we cannot manufacture the cars, we cannot sell them. so it's, it's a simple equation. we just have to close down the factories. and if we close out
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the factories, people to have jobs, fuel prices are also going up steeply after all, russia is one of the largest oil exports his in the world. in order to open up new sources of oil, germany economy, minister law, that havoc has traveled to the united arab emirates. and cotton is also considering going to indonesia, finland, or south africa to ensure the supply of materials globally. her mom, i believe that in europe, in germany, you the topic of raw material supplies, or store and cooperation in the field of raw material supplies actually been under estimated for far too long with us. that was a big, strategic mistake. jazz is now becoming a parent, especially regarding competition with china, for example, it on there too. we're dealing with an authoritarian regime and there are also enormous risks, obviously in the m o. in all my life. in other words,
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even if rash as commodities trade with europe came to a standstill because of sanctions or a boycott, russian corporations could still easily shift their stock. china would doubtless be prepared to import russian rule materials and a reasonable price. that booming automotive industry also needs nickel and palladium. he not, it's not good if china were to obtain these raw materials, even more cheaply, say through russia to preserve many suppliers from china, it would be operating at a lower cost level and european players, for example, a 5 year property. this would significantly strengthen the automotive industry in china. him he not. and also remember that china is increasingly an exporter of electric cars to europe. this was our, he not, and these vehicles could then be offered more cheaply than grinsley. got it,
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and it wouldn't be good. china be the big winner of this crisis in recent years, the european automotive industry has also become heavily dependent on the world's most populous nation. now it's desperately looking around for solutions tis precarious and insecure supply chain. if you take her on materials that you can increase in exploration, right, that means to get more and more of that. russia is not the only source of nickel and palladium, but it's unclear if mine's and indonesia, finland and phil africa can simply ramp up their operations overnight. and you can go in recycling activities, which traps to reside with all of the sinks which are outer, in some devices. the m. w has been trying for some time to save rule materials through a kind of circular economy. a plans to provide to 50 percent of the required nickel
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in battery production, 3 recycling processes. you have her, the possibility to go into substituting processes. that means you used to use other materials, how companies such as tessa have long been researching that we cells that do not require nickel that to be made from lithium, ion, and phosphate ls. these are all big investments, long term investments with you can't do that overnight, panama, this is a task or years given that sometimes decades. oh god, when ya m a time, my phone, yochi, we asked problems are we, we will have problems if the war continues. i don't know if the automotive industry can really solve the crisis. stopping the war is the only, let's say,
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major option that we, that we have asked for all the motorists causing a struggle between their conscience and they want it. there is an alternative to waiting for an end to russia's war and ukraine. good with the comma to lie in the short term. you could consider making the journey by bicycle instead of my car. it's the 2nd, this is the best way to drive out to barbara that a, for all of the big names using less fossil fuels length. so in the longer term, this is also an ecological step. one dominate, understood one and one that neither supports proteins regime. the she ignore the dictators and authoritarian regimes in the middle east. or when i'll do with him non or to cycle past gas stations, way autocratic, regimes, off of their business with fossil fuels to free yourself with your own power from
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russian rule materials, suppliers. surely those are good arguments for leaving the car in the garage change . su bees have been all the rage in recent years. scotto has also recognized the trend and decided to launch a new purely electric s u v. hi guys, welcome to italy. today i'm in the tuscany together with godaddy to test the all new and all electric. any i could p r s i v. the che say this is the fastest scada ever built. but is it really? i'm going to find out today the abbreviation r s as a long tradition,
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it's gota and stands for rally sport. since 2000 sco to has been labeling its particularly powerful production cars with it. regardless of whether diesel plug in hybrid or petrol engine with its electric drive, the latest arrests and yahoo pay fits in well with the diverse dr. variance of our s models. so let's talk about the driving and after say, 299 horsepower and 416 you meters of talk a pretty solid numbers for an electric as you eat. and you can really feel it if you hit the exhilarates her how the 299 horsepower i working in that the lot of fun despite it's 2.3 ton weight, a sporty, or chassis, and the intelligent power distribution of the all wheel drive given up traction to get the n, yahoo pay r s i v going on the road. so
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6.5 seconds from 0 to 10180 kilometers top speed, i have to say it's not the most impressive numbers you get here. but they are not bad as well. let's go to n, your copay, r s i. b is powered by electric motors on the front and rear axles which together produce $220.00 kilowatts of power. so when you drive on a twisty road in italy, you can feel that the cars really much fun here. because when you hit the excel radar, you get instant paula and instant torque, which a combustion engine will never give you. so you can exhilarates out of a corner like this and have a lot of fun. sienna comes with all wheel drive as standard, and has a claimed range of 545 kilometers on
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a pool charge. and this rate is good. you can feel that the n yeah, gets really, really comfortable and smooth. and if there are some holes and bumps in the street, you can feel the 21 inch wheels working. and this is not that comfortable, i would say with the new co pay sco to hopes to continue the annual success story that was built on volkswagens emmy b platform like the v w id $5.00 and the audi q for e transport back. but in terms of price, the senior cooper r s i v is almost 4000 euros more than its sister model, the v w id 5 g t x. so let's talk about the design guys. and i have to say usually i'm not the biggest fan of her s u v as a copy. but i have to say this n jak really looks great to me. i think it looks futuristic with this metrics, alady headlights and the crystal phase as go what i calls it. and i think the mum,
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a green also fits the car really well. so all in all, i have to say the design is pretty nice. the biggest difference between the r s and the normal and jak is that the trunk holds up to 570 leaders. 15 leaders less than the non copay version. the cockpit is the same as the regular n yaks. the r s version stands out because of the r s, logos on the steering wheel, and seats, as well as green decorative stitching and piping so let's talk about the inside of the n jak o, p r. as i b. and i have to say, i really like the big screen here and the material they used. it's almost like icon tara leather, all over the place. then you got of caused a little bit of hot plastic on the doors as well. but i think for a car like 57000 euro, this is pretty perfect. in germany, the arrest version of the n, yahoo pay can be ordered from 57700 euros. you can choose between 2 options. the
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arist lounge or the arist suite design both come with the aforementioned contrast stitching as well as decorative strips and carbon optics or these design elements are also clearly visible on the back seat. here in the bag, i have to say it's pretty comfortable. you got a lot of head room and a lot of nero, even though it's the smaller copy than the normal. and yet, it's just a little less. but you don't even recognize it. ah, this go to offers enough interior space for a family. and you can easily travel with it. of course, then you'd have to go easy on the accelerator. or you'll have to say good bye to the claimed range of 545 kilometers.
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sa guys. what's my final verdict on the n yackel p r s i v? i have to say it makes a lot of fun driving here in italy, on this twisty roads. and you see that the electric s u v will perform pretty well here. all in all i have to say is this bart is scored on nowadays, but you can still improve it and some points to make it even quicker and sports. you, me hello and welcome from new york, where you can find the very best in future electric cars and the latest technology around auto and mobility sector raf got here to get you all the update to to you cause it breaks me. you'll find me besides her to another edition of the international or her. so we as a, me a call make of in fact,
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if also here with its model line up and that are all purely electric as to be smaller or bigger. and one of these is the v, f 8, and you cannot only take a look at it, but you can also drive it on the test. the test track of his test drive, anyone willing to wait in line, a number of manufacturers have got at least one of their cars here. right now we're sitting in the vin fast b f 8 and get to take it for 1st. been with me as jeff i, jeff. jeff is going to be the driver and he's also going to tell us a little bit about the car. jeff, the v f 8. the 1st call when 1st yes, 1st car offered in the united states, available to consumers direct to consumers actually. so no, no dealer system for vin, fast horsepower, starting at around $260.00 horsepower, going into the 3 hundreds depending on which battery you get. also the range starting at around $250.00 to $60.00,
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going into the 3 hundreds as well. 3 different dr. mounds. you've got the eco comfort and sport. so kind of tailor how you want to drive region capabilities that are adjustable with a low in a standard region. so standard is rather high, i guess, center is going to be more aggressive when i do this course around here. i have it in standard right now, and i don't even need to touch the break. i can lift off the throttle, car actually slows down, recuperate some of that energy spent. so in fact, the cars got almost everything you could wish for. if you buy an electric car. let's talk about the price. so $41000.00 starting price m s r p. there's also a battery lease. so when you buy a vehicle through vin, fast, you're actually going to lease the battery through them. and that'll kind of alleviate some of the, the kind of anxiousness people have about the batteries in about owning the battery and having to replace it at a certain point. so vin fast is going to allow people to at least the battery. so
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they don't have to own it. so if anything goes wrong with the battery, vin fast is going to take care of it and you'll get a new one, correct? you'll get a new one. this is also penal freeney design interior. so little bit of a european italian flared to a nice place to said 15.6 inch standard touch screen on all trim levels. so it's not like you're going to get, you know, a really small touch screen. you're going to get this 15.6 really nice touch screen with every every terminal's. yeah. very. who are north american market? it's pretty important for to yoda. and you can see that by the size of their stance here, the new york all to show you can see all the models, the complete range from compact call such as the corolla, over to see. that's what it costs. like d, r, 86, supra. not too big s u v and pick up like the 100 who's what i was among the 1st
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manufacturers to bring hybrid cars into mass production and they did this very successfully. but when it came to purely electric cars, they somewhat slept. and now they bring their 1st purely electric, called the be, had 4 eggs. it features a 71.4 kilowatt hour battery and offers a range of around 450 kilometers according to w l t p which is pretty solid. the car looks pretty good if you ask me and it will be available with different power outputs, starting with the 200 force power base version that will make the dash from 0 to 100 kilometers an hour in 8.4 seconds. but all versions will only go up to maximum speed of 160 kilometers an hour, just like a lot of other competitors do. in that segment. electric vehicles, stars have n d e b has a car called the indy one, made exclusively for the north american market. it comes with a 75 kilowatt hour battery and
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a range at around 370 kilometers. good starting price is at 41300 euro here presents the all new a 2023 year old on the lining, the brands ambitions for electrification. the car will be available as a hybrid, a plugin hybrid. and in a purely electric version, the car is still sending me this longer than the predecessor, and that should provide more space for passengers and luggage. and i'll check that out in a 2nd. the new e v comes with a $64.00 killer. what our battery allowing for a range of more than 400 kilometers the space in the bag right here is pretty decent. if you consider this is a compact car, you can see this right here. there is quite a bit of space left. the head room is okay as well. of course the c pillar is pretty huge. so if you sit back,
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you are not going to look out from that one. but apart from that really nothing. you could complain about prices, so the nero e v started just under 40000 euros in germany and they had unveiled it and you are 2023 palisade, the flex model of the brand. and it has been updated as you can tell, not only by the looks, but also in the interior. for example, you will now have a heated 3rd row of feet. you will have a center rear view mirror that we're fully digital. we show you a picture of what's behind the car, so no more struction. and for example, it also is the 1st home they call the features a why fi hotspots? so whenever you take someone in your car, you can say, hey, you want some internet, then they will not have to serve on that plan. they can do it with your car. when it comes to engines, there is only one engine, and it is not a hybrid, nor
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a plugin hybrid. it is a regular 3.8 liter v 6 engine or on $290.00 horsepower. and that is probably also the reason why this car is not available. for example, in germany and germany, the biggest that you can get and the flex model, there is the santa fe who's the halt ah huge. and since they're all less exhibit a, then they used to be home, they decided to make it stand bigger and incorporate e v test trig. if you can tell i on a 5 doing the lapse right behind me. so visitors get to experience that car and talking about the ionic 5, it has been proclaimed while a car of the year, ah, my time on the new york international all to show it slowly coming to an end. and i really found it interesting. see that there are so many test tricks. obviously
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people are starting to get tired of seeing cars standing around and manufacturers are seeing that. and that's why they offer test rides and different cause any b in jeeps. and i think it's a pretty neat idea to attract people drive safe and see you next time on. read for with
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who are my job is to go around the world and investigate different issues to the see. how are people ferrying with respect to the right to housing? women is fighting for the basic right to housing. the hulu house is sinking, and that's their plan for all the buildings is to give people like us out there. on the highlight your problem, you could talk receive properties, push for sick,
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writes a housing a, d, w. o is the end of the pandemic in sight. we show what it could look like will return to normal and we visit those who are finding it difficult. he sees his successes in our weekly coping 19 special every thursday con d w. d. w's crime fighters are back up africans. most successful radio drama series continues this season. the stories focus on hate speech, cholera, prevention and sustainable charcoal production. all episodes are available online,
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and of course you can share and discuss on d, w, africa's facebook page, and other social media platforms, crime fighters, tune in now. we're good. people in trucks injured when trying to flee the city center. more and more refugees are being turned away. families inferior to these correct only is with people seeing extreme dreams. ross getting 200 people hassan from the agency around the world. more than 300000000 people are seeking refuge. yes, the wine because no one should have to flee. make up your own mind. d. w. made for mines.
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ah, this is the w news live from berlin. dozens off here, dead in an air strike on a school in east and ukraine. russia stepping up. it's a tax in the run up to a military parade in moscow. and german chancellor, all i've showed says vladimir putin cannot win the war. he says putin is falsifying history by comparing the conflicts to the fight against nazi germany.


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