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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 8, 2022 9:00pm-9:16pm CEST

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[000:00:00;00] ah ah, the suzy w. news live from berlin. dozens off here, dead in an air strike on a school in easton ukraine. russia stepping up. it's attacks in the run up to a military parade in moscow. and german chancellor, all i've sold says vladimir putin cannot win the war. he says putin is falsifying history by comparing the conflicts to the fight against nazi germany.
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ah, i'm helen mohammed walking to the program. brushing forces are stepping up their attacks in ukraine authorities and keep believe russian commanders are looking for symbolic gains in their one up to a military parade in moscow. on monday, meanwhile, more than 60 people are feared dead in an air strike on a village school. in easton ukraine all that remains of a school in the village of villa garry of car in law hans cregan. ukrainian officials say 90 people were sheltering here when the russian air strike hit. rescues have pulled 30 survivors from the rubble, but the fate of the rest is unknown. heavy fighting nearby has hindered rescue efforts. richard, they should serve bola, taking into account that it was an air strike and not a simple artillery shelling. ah, when, when the explosion happened,
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there was in extreme damp rachel dumble, a feller, competitor, lease marsh. suddenly our emergency woke us. we'll be clearing the debris with maximum speed. but there's only of very slim johns that any wants of i l l m, those m a link here, schanzer. fish. but we hope for the best ellis could you learn was the crush. ukrainian officials fear russia is stepping up attacks as moscow prepares to celebrate the soviet union's victory over nazi germany. on monday may, 9th, the port city of desa has also come under fire, struck by multiple cruise missiles and russian forces have continued to bombard ukraine's last military. hold out in mar, you poll. the as of style steel works. all civilians have now been evacuated from the plant. some have crossed the border into poland,
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joining millions of ukrainians who already fled the war vehicles for you. we crossed the polish border and it's so calm here. no one is shooting some of that in mary's pole. people got used to the shooting cuts of the plains of the worst, who it's impossible to get used to them. but with that, bombing everything everywhere. and we never know where the bombs will fall. would that you mean is them couldn't open that ukraine's forces have also made gains. they say this footage shows a strike against the russian military on the black sea snake island combat has intensified in east in ukraine. but british and u. s. military sources say ukrainian counter offensive ne, her kid is advancing and could even push russian forces back across the border for the ukrainians, living in or under cities, reduced to rubble that can't happen soon enough. the u. s. first lady jill
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biden has made a surprise visit to crane. during her 2 hour trip, she met ukraine's 1st lady allan as alaska, at his school in the tongue of of the raj. near the border with slovakia, allegedly biden met refugees and volunteers at a centre and one of the voc, his maimed transit points for those fleeing the wall. when i spoke to d, w county that she more about what message she'll bar didn't want to send by going to ukraine. her main message was of course, a message of a support of solidarity, especially with women and mothers in ukraine to day on mother's day deal biden. and met with the 1st lady, a len as a lance cause you said, and they made at a school that used to be a school. and that now serves as a sheltered for are displayed to citizens. am in ukraine, m. and this is an important sign because this is the 1st time that the ukranian 1st
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lady has been seen in public since the war started in july and said, during that meeting that the people of the united states tant, with the people of ukraine. and zelinski thanked her for her support and of course for her courage to travel into a country at war. and also both of 1st ladies had a close door bilateral meeting that lasted around an hour. and how has the prize visits gone down back home in the united states? well, this is a rare visit. the last time a 1st lady visited a war zone was in the year, 2008 when laura bush travel to i'm afghanistan and it is been seeing as an important sign that the 1st lady of the united states is there on mother say. either side of her were more than 48 children are saying, and this visit is also interesting because it was not announced. it comes a, made a trip through eastern europe for the 1st lady that was announced. but it was not
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announced that she would travel into ukraine, and it is also a high profile, perhaps even the highest profile diplomatic move of 1st lady biden, since her husband took off his because let's not forget, she is entering ukraine the day before the 9th of may meaning a rush as a big victory dave from world war 2. and experts and officials, as you already said, during the news show, they are worried that this they could bring a new and perhaps even a more violent phase into the war. carrying that she more in washington dc for us. thank you so much and kind of as prime minister just and trudeau has made a surprised trip to ukraine as well should. oh hel talks with president zalinski and visited the town of air pin outside give a pin, was the focal point of fist battles between russian and ukrainian forces between before russia retreated, trudeau also reopened the canadian embassy,
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keith symbolically racing. his national flag that europe is locking the 77th anniversary of the end of the 2nd world war driven chancellor. olaf schultz has made a key note tv address. he says, russia's leader vladimir putin cannot win today's war in ukraine. he added that putin likens the conflicts to the fight against nazi germany. but that says sholtes is a falsification of history. it couldn't this. we cannot commemorate the end of the 2nd world war in europe without confronting the reality is that once again, hash war is raging in europe. what russia has unleashed this war has. there was a time when russians and ukrainians fought side by side a good lives paying the heaviest price to defeat germany's murderous nazi regime was needed. so bottom at that time, germany was guilty of crimes committed against both the russian hill and the ukrainian nations. but for decades now,
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we have been striving for reconciliation with both when we had offered it was but now russia's president putin seeks to subjugate ukraine on to destroy its culture. and its identity with president putin likens his barbaric war of aggression. to that fight against the nazis service was like, this is a falsification of history and infamy. we have a duty to say this in no uncertain terms as of a pre of one this i'm joined by the job is chief political editor. ok, look now in the studio to unpack part of that speech for us. what was the main message for the german people clearly that this falsification of history as well as holds push, it has the consequence that germany has the imperative to back ukraine against, as he repeatedly says, the aggressive meaning russia. but he personalizes it, meaning vladimir putin. he differentiates between the russian people and fighting
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of putin himself, and traditionally and the 8th of may is seen as a day of liberation. it's also a day where germany commemorates the sacrifices brought by the allied forces, sacrifices brought by ukraine and by russia. and now this turn around in history that all the sold spoke about 3 days after the russian attack on ukraine. also means that this perspective on history is changing in germany. as he puts it, he's telling the german people must stand up against falsification of history. and how will his speech be received in give? well, it's of course welcome support. it's also welcome support. as germany holds the d 7 presidency, germany has demonstrated that it backs ukraine also, ever since the annexation of crimea, almost 2000000000 euros in german money has been pumped into the ukranian economy. and germany has also crossed its own red lines in supplying weapons and supplying
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heavy weapons there. of course also is this invitation by voting music, then ski full of souls to come to key if. but that simply is not going to happen, not least because he's meeting him on a mac, on his 1st 4 visit, as freshly re elected president or sam by mckayla schultz as also positioned himself, as we said on the side of ukraine. but he also spoke about germany's legacy from world war 2. this is what he had to say. auster. we have learned a crucial lesson from the disastrous history of our country. between 19331945. it is never again, never again war. never again, genocide, never again. tyranny. although and yet it has happened again. war in europe, ukrainian presidents lensky, referred to this to day in the,
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in the current situation. this can only mean defending justice and liberty from 5 on the side of those under attack. we support ukraine in the battle against the aggressor, not to do so, would be tantamount to capitulating to unbridled violence and would embolden the aggressor. we are helping to bring the violence to an end. so what kind of concrete support is germany providing to ukraine or germany is now providing heavy weapons. it's been a very long road from the initial stance of not supplying any weapons at all into a war zone. and all our sole source of stress that under no circumstances will germany go it alone under no circumstances would allow any nato country to be drawn into this war. but stopping sort of that, which is the legal definition. and germany is now also is supplying and tanks to celine severe, for instance. so they can send their russian built tanks on to ukraine. and we do expect only to do
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a lot more of that. and these 7 how it says that we just learned about and bringing to 12, the figure that will be sent together with the netherlands. jeremy will be doing training with those soldiers that is out of own supplies. we expect a lot more of that swap is taking place with germany, sends german built and heavy weaponry to countries that then can provide ross and built and equipment in exchange to bolster and the ukranian army, which is much more used to their systems kennicott. now unpacking that speech for us. well, as we've had, europe is commemorating the end of the 2nd world war. but there have been tensions here in berlin as well as anti war protests and pro russia rallies, took place alongside the remembrance ceremonies made the 8th, and presently joanie should be a day of solemn remembrance. but this year's commemorations are taking place in the
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shadow of the war. in the green there was heavy police presence at significant sights. hundreds showed up at the soviet memorial in berlin. some chanting proration slogans. are those gonna bring them in ukraine? you greens of mazda due germany leader, read at the memorial for ukrainian soldiers, who died fighting in the soviet army as if it was a fiduciary. and i get to us it's about commemorating the millions of ukrainians who had to die in world war 2. i didn't rena de, in flight and vacant stare. unfortunately these victims were and still are hardly known to the german public. come in, but can't varden,
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even of them on today for those at the 1st we have germany finally recognizes the historical responsibility for the ukrainian people and hopefully act accordingly. can't to stop this new terrible war with russia as soon as possible slim creek. earl swanson ergo, sadly, maggie here to stop in germany has long grappled with the significance of me, the a date that symbolizes both defeat and liberation. german president frank, while dutch dine maya highlighted the historical context there long about either. after my often talked to her for a long time, the 8th of may was also a day of hope relief did. those who survived the 2nd world war could hope that the european continent had learned from history that no one would ever again resort to war as a political strategy submitted their policy exec. but this years commemoration is
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not a day of peace. as europe remembers the end of one war, the gut in conflict shows no sign of ending soon or that says you're up to date, a reminder, you can find much more news analysis and video on a website d w dot com coming up next is documentary called push for a basic right to housing assistance bye. ah, it started out with spooky inundation and transformed it into an orgy of hate and violence. the history of the ku klux klan and the oldest terrorist organization in the united states found it over 150 years ago. it's repeatedly died out, but always been resurrected. the ku klux klan starts may 11th on


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