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tv   Reporter - On Location  Deutsche Welle  May 9, 2022 6:45am-7:01am CEST

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into an orgy of hate and violence. the history of the ku klux klan, the oldest terrorist organization in the united states. its members white for waste of state by white supremacy founded over 150 years ago, repeatedly died out but always been resurrected. the ku klux klan starts may 11th on d. w. o . a say it wouldn't be a lie to say that i'm not afraid because this is a one way ticket that i get a so i know i'm going there for a good reason. and if i don't see my family, my friends and the people i love here on this earth again, i have faith that i will meet them after death. i think with
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in ukraine. it's not just ukrainians who are fighting. thousands of people from abroad have joined battle, who are day and why are they doing in a law if i'm needed to help my comrades at the front line, i'll go there or if i'm needed to take care of civilians, i'll do that new, whatever job the legion gives me a, i'll do it on the lawyer. i. busy louis that i was gonna a cap han as he calls himself, is from latin america 10 years for security reasons. we don't as close his exact location. he's preparing to leave his home cap on tells me he barks as a paramedic. he seems to have plenty of friends that over all his life seems pretty
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normal to me. in our 1st online encounter upon doesn't reveal his identity yet. he wants to join the army. as a combat medic, i saw so many terrible images of suffering civilians including children before from there and it broke my heart to see them. and as a paramedic, well i have the skills to help them here. i know i have something to offer. what are you a year to 19 year old tells me he still lives with his parents. he says his father even offer to money to stay with it. but a few days later, it's time to leave his friends, throw a farewell party. ah, he sends me videos from his journey. it's the 1st time that he is going abroad. he doesn't come from a rich family, the mother of a friend,
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chips in to pay for to flight. in return, yes, to promised to come back along . upon flights of croc, how in poland, close for ukrainian border i joined him for the next leg of his journey to 1st of a military shop with he still needs a bullet proof vest since he isn't sure whether the army provides one. you have well, the armor? no, but i know there is a body armor, you know? 55 pont, 11 long or military shops in krakow over run right now. maybe. what are you going to do?
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but you know, i play as well. apparently, to find body are in krakow, i have to go without and hope that i don't get shot at i'm looking to consider when i, when this, but isn't that a suicide mission? so i don't, i don't think it would be good to have one. but even with a vest the bullet come through. so the only thing i can do is hold, come back in one piece of assigning is, but they're going to call me by chance. cup on meets other men who also want to join the battle medic. yes. for my the to me he makes it dubious impression to kill, kill, kill, kill, kill. oh yeah. the man doesn't want to be filmed, but claims he fought in iraq and afghanistan, working for
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a private military contractor. me upon has no combat experienced. so he decided to try and on a shooting range, he's now joined by a man from columbia, who goes by title dimmitt on line and a group of spanish speaking volunteers. they also test and a $47.00, which is houston ukraine. for training at the shooting range is intended for civilians and it's supposed to be just for fun. it's just the 2nd time that component ever held. a gun tells me after half an hour he's done deliberate, but it doesn't prepare for war is i don't know how to handle a weapon incorrectly, but i might send you out or work for people like upon the international
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legion is their main port of coal in ukraine on instagram advertised itself as an adventurous, heroic group of comrades. it was found, it just stays after the war started. and it's been around $20000.00 members and all of come here to fight, fight the russians. the fed democracy and freedom according to the leads and they are paid to equivalent of ukrainian soldiers of their rank. sometimes less than 500 years. the contract loss until the voice over. you just, the person tells me that the people who want to join have to pass several test ukraine. 60, when, as a rule there is send to some of the hottest spots on the front line and all taken care in some very that's a delicate offensive. and defensive operation, you can you prove that you don't use them as can potter?
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well, i think it's very difficult for anyone to prove anything. and this war, what i can say is that we can give all public gen private assurances that no one in the army is interested in sending people to the from we're not ready. the, i don't want to entitle on their way to the border to internationally, to officially only accept people with like combat experience. but they give it a try anyway. talk to at least for 8 years in the colombian military, who recently he was working in spain but lost his job for him. the war is also the career opportunity for kids. why am i taking this reson proof when i often ask myself that, and you don't have an answer that with, with the i think it's also the news item in india adrenalin, it's a chance to prove myself, you missed it, but i think about
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a constantly and feel nervous, at least i'd be lying. if i said i wasn't afraid with him yet with this fear comes adrenalin i up on it at that in elena with time. quoted last voice messages with on mcgraw. oh my god was here. i want you to know that everything's okay. i love you one more join. i'll send you a message when i can enjoy this bullet on martha yoko was there after death. and i think god will judge us for what we did in life. whether it was good or bad and mia barlow gay scene was mild, brokers in was in. they were like an escalade and i'm grateful to my family that they introduced me to catholicism as that's good. and yet i'm all up in my face.
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one gives me hope and it keeps me safe. yes, i know that i'm going there for a good reason. and if i don't see my family has been my friends and the people i love here on this earth again. i hope i will meet them after death hasn't gone, but i am available with demand next to them is from ukraine. they're still in ukraine. he's going to the board to get his mother and bring her to safety. his brother and cousin are at the front. he tells me, so what does he think of to foreign fighters with joe in the world and peace in the great? because we cannot stop this war ourselves. we need to help
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to live our lives program. most people are going the opposite direction. more than 5000000 ukrainians have left a country so far with does he really think he can change anything? i know there's a good nor sorry i'm not rambo. honestly. nothing specials miss. yeah. but each grain of sand, the l. a. and if i just save the live a few fighters or people who need me on a lot, i've made a different. all of those on us going to see them that are young, you know, they want to join deletes and the next day my journey with them and here. but they promised to stay in touch up on the safe side. a bit of a roller coaster ride. the international leads and at 1st rejects him and several
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others. but 10 days later he tells me delete and sadly did accept. but he writes, i'm happy and sent me a picture of the body armor he was given. on instagram, he post, you are the only one who can make all of your dreams come throat. besides paramedic tasks, he tells me he's not also receiving regular combat training to be able to defend himself. in a few days, he could be sent to the front. we agree to for security reasons, but this will be our last interview with they will train me for combat with real ammunition everything as if i was a real fighter that's been tumbled ambien and and, and yet have you thought about leaving elliott? she is gay. love get stuck on this, which i wasn't that you didn't think about it when you hear detonations. when you're past 2 exploding grenades. when you hear sirens and are in the cold for
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hours wearing just a sweater for you as it was on those as well. i've been so also i haven't showered in a week since there's no bathroom agnostic on, so you do start to think no one. yes. i think betty and jack, good dennis. audi the has your view of his war cheney and i gotta oh gee too. i got you all yesterday. i realize it's even worse than what you see on the news and everything is worse because you're the main target. but i think it's a white, ugly drizzle if you open it. 10 days later i received news again. the situation had become too intense upon decided to leave the international legion she now in say, oh
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mm hm. with she only has a little bit of time left. dill reynolds life was taken by cancer after the u. s. nuclear weapons test in nevada. during the fifty's and sixty's, let his story serve as a warning to others about nuclear weapons and a devastating consequences. global 3000 next on d, w. and things of the future will fly carbon to achieve this new hughes of the reset, synthetic fuels, and green hydrogen all to replace the climate killer care. missy will the dream of environmentally friendly fly soon. come true. to morrow today
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in 30 minutes on d. w. o . sometimes a seed is all you need to allow the big ideas to grow. we're bringing environmental conservation to life with learning pass like global ideas. we will show you how climate change and environmental conservation is taking shape around the world and how we can all make a difference. knowledge grows through sharing, download it now for free. we're natural spectacle in an improved world. the meeting of the loom whale sharks of the remote island of saint hold.
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it is a testament to the home of the of the islands waters. one of the many success stories from a bastion of biodiversity season starts may 20th on dw. ah, this is d w news, and these are our top stories. ukrainian president, florida. me zalinski has asked the g 7 countries for reconstruction aid. he said it will cost more than $600000000000.00 to rebuild everything russia has destroyed since its invasion. zelinski also said that about 60 people sheltering at a school in east and ukraine have been killed by a russian bombing.