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more of an admission that they're in a long, protracted conflict and will be for a long period of time. and by, you know, kind of keeping their cards close to their vest that also prevent some of those nagging opposition. voices inside, rush itself from reason their finger and saying, look, look you promises would be over quite quickly or i, and thank you. stay with us. we will be coming back to you shortly. you on watching w news for those. just joining us, russian president vladimir putin has praised his military for fighting his war on ukraine and vowed to push on with the invasion in a major address in moscow. russia is mocking its annual victory day putting on a parade as part of its celebration of its 1945 victory in world war 2. with a show of military might hold thousands of troops in moscow's red square. the rush, it was fighting against naziism in ukraine, couldn't used his speech at the parade to again blame weston countries for provoking his attack on ukraine. he falsely claimed countries were planning to
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invade russia and use nuclear weapons. let's take a listen to some of what couldn't had to say in his speech. we have always try to find compromise solutions and we like to get enough of have every once interest in mind, but this was all in vain. and it shows that other countries have completely different plans. this is what we're seeing today. or they have 1st tried to, to attack our historical lily territories like the crimea. and they have threatened to you, sir nuclear war. and the waste has so supported these military actions carried out in our neighborhood. and that is why it was a threat. we couldn't accept when it was a threat directly at our border. everything showed on the dad we're dealing with
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but their offices, we are dealing with other non nazis and we had to do something about in date, any correspondence until you joins me in the studio are and talk us through your reaction to while peyton had to say this morning. well, basically if you look at his speech, i mean, it was quite telling that again, he tried to constantly de, legitimize the ukrainian state while he didn't necessarily mentioned ukraine by name. he constantly draw through this connection to the stork struggle of the soviet people against the, against nazi germany and basically saying that the current conflict there in is again, one of those existential conflicts. just like we saw in world war 2, when the soviet peoples were threatened with threatened with genocide to be honest, they lost 27000000 people. and he kept harking back to that conflict, saying that this is russia defending itself from basically unnamed aggression. why did name western powers, he didn't say was nato that was threatening russia at the same time, he said, these unnamed nazi forces were really threatening rush. and again,
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saying that this is an existential fight for the fate in the future of russia. i mean, it basically seemed like he was swearing in his people to a long for tract, at conflict, even though he's didn't go for the full way, which we were expecting, you know, didn't to clear total war against ukraine. at the same time, there didn't seem to be any indication that this was going to be a short conflict from the view of the kremlin. and at the same time we saw an incredible man, a victim victim, blaming, going on there. and also just as a reversal and kind of a dog whistle directed at western forces. same like look, the western governments were the ones who 1st threatened to use nuclear weapons. he said we had a, we had to defend ourselves that i found really kind of an amazing spin on the situation. well, certainly, and you know, it kind of does tie into the logic of land were put in for decades. now, since he's been in power, he's basically had this mentality that russia is beset by far by enemies on all sides and seen that russians to grow strong and powerful to defend its fear of influence. the problem there is though he keeps kind of expanding what that sphere
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influence is. it's now stretches far beyond the russian borders. and that's why we're really getting this conflict here. while we're having a lot of this kind of paranoid approach to international politics because i really do believe food and things, he is surrounded by enemies on all sides. so maybe this makes sense in his logic, but it does not jail with fax on the ground. there was no ukraine, or there was a rather aggression coming out of ukraine. there was no aggression coming out of needle forces physically in ukraine at the time. so it kind of speaks to a slightly paranoid world view that seems to have taken a hold inside the walls kremlin. in fact, there are many saying that it's indeed had the opposite effect that made a stronger nato. a stronger a you a stronger united force against russian aggression. it's a great point. and actually one that i think will be quite telling over time. this does seem to be kind of one of those rare inflection points. this is a point where europe and the european union specifically has to take a look at itself, figure out what its values are and what type of block it wants to be moving forward
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. i mean, we are seeing more integration of the you at the moment there is more talk of forming a european army. there's also talk a greater nieto integration. so it seems if, if we're thinking about like vladimir putin and the kremlin strategic goals that was really to weaken eastern europe, to basically create a dysfunctional, ukrainian state, which would then be a bulwark against nato expansion. and you expansion, it seems at the moment that the exact opposite is the case we're seeing greater ins, integration, and more countries. and they want to either join or support nato. so it does seem, at least in the short to medium term that this conflict is really backfiring for the criminal. what about domestically? how do you think and speech today is going to be received? we spoke a little bit before about how popular potent is at home. how do you think that the russians will take this message? well, i mean there's, there's probably going to be some people who are a bit skeptical about the official party line. but at the same time, what we're seeing here is it is him setting the frame that russia is going to use
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to interpret the conflict. moving forward, you have to remember the media system is fairly homogenous. there, it's basically all controlled by crumb loyalists. so basically what put in was doing right here saying this is the frame that we're going to use to view this conflict. moving forward, you know, it's going to be very successful just because of the kremlin the iron grip that it really has on the media by comparison. i think it's going to go down. well, i mean, his popularity numbers are still quite high in russian. they've actually gone up since his conflict has started. but as i was saying earlier, you really have to take that with a grain of salt because there isn't that open space for democratic opposition like you have in many other countries. most of the, the opposition leaders have either been put in prison, killed or sent out of the country into exile. so there isn't really that space for descent in russia unfortunately, but you see in many western covers or until it thank you very much for breaking that down for us. thank you. that's cause i went to a database correspondent,
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kenny and by now hes in reagan killing. nice to see what was the most important message that you do thank from peyton this morning. well, i think the whole world turned to look at the, the speech that bloomer futon cave, because many people, many western analysts were, were expecting a mobilization of some sorts, especially because russia, the russian army has taken a massive losses in ukraine around 15000 troops have been lost, according to western military analysts. there's also a number circulating that russia last about a 1000 tanks. and so they are in dire need of military personnel to really if they really want to keep pushing in ukraine if they were 4. because if it stays with the situation, stays as it is in the moment, then it looks like, but russia is current offensive in the don bus will probably yeah, they will probably not be able to continue much after this. we met, it was probably in the parade and the speech russian president vladimir putin,
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what he had to say that could be said that it was aimed at fee mongering as well. would you agree and do you think that they would succeed there? i us, i wouldn't really agree with fear mongering. i think what he did, his, he portrayed russia as the victim and the goal really of the speech was a to rally the russians around the flag and to. busy you know, to, to make people aware that there will be increased losses. and of course, it is, especially the light of the camembert come ration of the 2nd world war, where russia took massive losses. 27000000 soviet citizens died around 8000000000. soviet soldiers died in the 2nd world war. and so of course, in this light, he's saying, look, we, we took massive losses and it was about 77 years ago to defeat the nazi's. now we're fighting not says again, and maybe you can expect more losses, more sacrifices. now. the victory day parades are usually attended by foreign
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dignitaries, but that certainly wasn't the case this year. can you tell us a bit more about that? yeah, well this year there was actually no foreign leaders visiting at all. and i think this, but that was especially because the focus was on russia. russia has victory over narcissism in the 2nd world war. and i need to point out that it wasn't just solely a russian victory in the 2nd world war in the great patriotic war. it was all the soviet people that came together and sacrificed themselves, especially also the ukrainians and fellow russians the cause of some the boreal. so putting really, really wanted to focus on russia. and what was also interesting, we saw the presentation of russian troops, russian paratroopers, who also served in ukraine, the vd who were also involved in a fight fighting at the hospital airport and took heavy losses. they were also at present at the parade and put in also mentioned chinese veterans. what do you think
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that the point of that was his iep healing to china with that part of the statement? i'm not really aware that china really took part in fighting in the 2nd world war against nazi germany. i think that russia has isolated itself completely from the rest of the world, at least from the western world. they've been cut off by an important technology, especially for the military sector, microchips, so on and so forth. and, and china really is for one of their last allies. so russia really like to see itself as the on the see saw of a multi polar world tipping tip to from one way to the other. well now they only really have china yet left, and that's why he's orientated towards china. and i think that's why he mentioned chinese soldiers, right. killing by speaking to him from reagan. thanks very much. thank you.
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and out to ukraine with d. w correspondent, fanny, sasha, is standing by fanny. i've just heard as we've come to you, the sirens signaling bears. so i'm think i'm going to have to let you go so that you can take cover you and the team. is that or is that correct? yes, they're right sir. sorry has just begun because to any goal for the moment and, and, and, and, and talk to it a bit. all right, aggression flies, a russian forces have been under pressure, tend to give potent something he can celebrate on rushes victory day. do you think he was able to do that today? defense to the russian people and whatever his narrative was there while he was speaking to the people there and basically changing the narrative towards the may. 9th is the day to basically celebrate. celebrate the victory of soviet union over not to germany, but now he's basically painting this picture that victory must be celebrated over
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what he calls nazi ukraine and with the air raid. sorry, on going keep. obviously everyone is on high alert, not knowing just how that victor is going to be present to the people as this day goes on. may, 9th goes on. nobody really knows what kind of attacks are going to happen across ukraine as we have seen already. play out really horrendous attacks of the weekend, including that one school that really served as a shelter into ask region with about 90 people seeking shell today. 406060 people i believed to have been killed in that a bomb being attack. and this is exactly the problem here. that as it seems, it appears to be russian. so just don't seem to advance on the soil. just keep bomb being a place is like the civilian civilian infrastructures. as we have seen the schools as we have seen hospitals over the course of this, all of the past 3 months. so we do not know what that victory, symbolic victory basically is going to be what he's going to be presenting,
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but certainly people are very much on the edge today in ukraine. they. * already, but today especially yeah, you mentioned that strike on the school. let's in the east of course a fight for the raging on what is the latest from the front lines. especially in the dumbass region. there's heavy fighting. it's been all the way actually since this will start to then the people in law the day not be february 24th of this year, but actually 2014 ever since the don't bus region has been attacked and no one's going to done yet, screeching this pro separate to self proclaimed republics has been on the up to a pro russian control. now, especially the situation in that of a stall steel plant in murray pool these on their heavy attack. in fact, the soldiers to wounded soldiers want to get out there desperately, while the active soldier say they are going to say on they want to make sure they defend the steel plant. what they see as the last ukranian patch to say,
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so ukrainian control patch. i should rather say in my pull, so all eyes are actually omar, you pull specifically, but not only today on may, 9th, a very much emotionally charged day for ukrainians and russians as well. how is the day being marked in ukraine? in a very modest way, in fact, already yesterday, on may 8th, when people remember the oldest 1000000 ukrainian. so just a di during 2nd world war to bit laying down some flowers, but all the mass events have been cancelled. and in fact, may 9th, as usual, being celebrated or remain, but also may not senior grade. all of that remembrance has been moved to may 8th, to basically try to separate ukraine from the memorial culture to say so to reminder and culture of russia. knowing of course, that the state is going to be used in a way misused by vladimir putin to present his narrative of his story,
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a new narrative at the same time. if you talk to people on the ground, they say they want to remain resilient, and they do not want to give russia this feeling that they have one already. as a result, in fact we have seen so many people returning to you gray also to places like boucher where you hardly actually find any home that's intact. so there are different reactions to all of this, but the people here want to have the spirit, the want to have this hope that this is not over and it totally makes sense to continue. the question is really, what's the price? once again, if you look at that, destroyed school in one screech, and what about 60 people are feared being killed? now, authority funding have been warning residence in the capital way. you ought to be vigilant there that, that there could be more attack. how is the situation in case we heard the sar and there is you are coming to air. you know, how is it there in cave, at the moment? quite tense, i have to say very briefly because in the run up to this day,
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may not it already. presidents zalinski cold in the people to take those air. a siren seriously, which wasn't really much the case anymore because this is months, 3 of the school. so people started to begin to accommodate you know, way or live with the ongoing air raid sirens, have a read on what these day means. may nice. also, people here i realized on the left, people here on the street and they are trying to look for cover. in fact, this is what we're going to do as about right now, because we just do not know what that this particular ear, right? sorry, i meant to actually, if you're ready to pick up non go game, we're going to let you go database or is one penny fashion key. thank you very much for that. as russia commemorates it's world war 2 victory, western countries say it has nothing to celebrate in its invasion of ukraine. the scale of economy resistance has confounded russian commanders. russia has made little progress in its invasion in recent days. the battlefield map shows russian forces still holding on holding an arc of territory across the cranes east and
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south scented on the break away don't bass region. russia has been forced to scale back it's ambitions. after retreating from areas surrounding cave, entering the capital cave was one of moscow's primary objectives when it launched its invasion of ukraine back in february. but the level of resistance russian forces encountered, took many by surprise. by early april, tens of thousands of its soldiers had pulled back over the border into russia and into neighboring belarus. small towns like mockery west of the capital have been left in ruins. now in the spring sunshine, the semblance of normality has returned daily life goes on. now the russians have retreated. but more disturbing evidence is emerging that russian troops committed war crimes, ukrainian prosecutors, and rights groups say hundreds of civilians were abused and murdered. of course,
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the or russian government tend to russian military's, i've committed to awful crimes or war crimes and felt that they must be held to account what having failed to take cave. russia has stepped off its attacks in easton ukraine, focusing on the dumbass, the industrial region where separatists backed by moscow have been fighting ukrainian troops for 8 years. of these pictures released by the russian defense ministry show its heavy artillery firing it ukrainian positions with the frontline, constantly shifting ukraine's defense chiefs as a counter offensive could soon begin to push russian forces away from key cities. if that succeeds, it would be a further blow to vladimir putin's territorial ambitions and his hopes of taking
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over a large areas of ukraine. turning us now from oxford in the u. k. is frank lead wedge is a former british military intelligence officer and an expert on military strategy. frank, where do you think russia stands militarily 2 and a half months into the wall? it stands rebecca somewhere between status, which is to say stalemate and an attempt to break through their campaign in the south is making very slow progress that they are losing ground around. hark, if there is another theater of operations broadcasts on towards the west and much the same situation there. so, so they're pretty much, both down. i would suggest from, from an operational perspective. no, russian russians are facing huge losses that the russian people haven't really heard that much about it. there was a hint of it in the speech today and even today it's really about boosting the
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public morale for the war. yes, there was some talk of course of causes of war that here was an obvious threat that nato was taking an aggressive approach. even some action, i think, of nuclear weapons just to remind people of the threat. the key are not so much. ukraine hardly got to mention posed, but what this was, i think was quite interesting. i felt it more in an expectation management exercise . and that the maximal aims of de nuts if occasion of demilitarization that we heard on the 1st day. the campaign are now sort of zone down really back to the don bass, which we heard mention many times, dont best on buy stuff, but there was no mention of war against ukraine was no national mobilization. a lot of people, including western intelligence and ukrainian children's expected are yeah, expectation management. i think it not sort of messaging level combined with the message we've really got to defend ourselves here. we were under attack,
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but the up, this is going to go on and on. and that's it clear from the speech. why do you think on bass was mentioned? why do you think that was such a key point? that's probably the only achievable military i left. it's very clear that they're not going to be in any way do not suffice from their perspective. nonsense. but that translates as is removing the credit government, the competition not going to happen. they were defeated in the north. so i think it's part of this limitation of expectation exercise that i think that threat wound its way through the speech. ok, i mean some places other, sorry to interrupt you, that we just have to have a clip from the speech. and i'd like to play it for you now, one moment in the town, but when i'm on the militia and our forces to stand up in order to defend our territory. and we have many
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people we should remember and they are now supporting us in the us. you are fighting for your home and you for the future of our homeland. you are fighting for the memory of the 2nd world war never to be for god. we're going to punish the nazis. usually they are factors that you know, they were just talking about on the dent on bass. what do you make of that statement? no mention of ukraine itself. no, we didn't get that. what we got was clear early on in the speech and carefully started preparing nuclear weapons articles. rubbish. well, we're returning back to the dumbass and that is the only achievable, objected russian forces can realistically achieve i and many other men up janice, believe they won't be able to achieve that. but what we're having is ukrainian, ukrainian force is now going to start to counter attack, and russia will have to stand on the defensive. so in
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a sense that was an acknowledgment to the military reality of the ground. so 1st time we've heard who's in do that, that's what i read into this. implicitly. there was an acknowledgement that now we're on the defense. what about you crank? can they come out on top there? they're receiving quite a lot of weaponry. now. where is the war headed militarily? interestingly, rebecca, this morning, british intelligence, which is put out analysis every day, short ones, but today's focused on weaponry. and they said that russia was running short of precision weapons multiple. it's all about that. otherwise you have to mass. russia is losing mass, that means numbers. so you need to make up that with precision. the problem with russian perspective is that they're losing that precision arsenal, which means that they can, they, and they can't apply mass. on the contrary, on the other side, ukraine is gaining in precision weapons from the west. so to answer your question, i believe that ukraine can prevail in the dog bus. it's going to take
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a long time and it will rely on the west, continues that supply weapons, training and intelligence that it's been supply and so forth in all right, thanks very much for that analysis. military intelligence analyst, frank language. my pleasure. thank your database and tilton is still here with me in the studio and i wanted to mention the have me states where he said we had to do this. we had to go in. i mean, that's not really accurate. how is he framing this and why? see for, i mean, we're seeing a real kind of a victim aggressor reversal here, going on in all the rhetoric coming out of russia. basically, he vladimir putin has, throughout the entire day attempted to change the narrative. so basically saying that, just like in the soviet union's historical struggle against nazi germany, which was a power that was literally attempting to what the soviet union and the russian people and peoples of the face of the planet. an aggression that cost him some
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27000000 lives, basically seen that this struggle against the powers in give and ukraine is the exact same thing. it's about. it's an existential threat for the russian federation for the russian people. that's why again and constantly invoke this idea that there are somehow debunked idea. we have to say nazi's governing ukraine. of course that doesn't gel with the facts, but again, it keeps trying to invoke that idea by base because in this is part of russia's existential struggle. the struggle that it's been involved with since 19940 basically for survival against the supposed booking men fascist powers that he sees, you know, hidden in other parts of europe. you know, it's, it's a real reversal of the actual situation on the ground. we know there wasn't any western aggression. there wasn't a question from nato countries directed at the russian federation. it's a complete reversal of the situation. russia was a country that invaded 1st. russia was the country that started bombing and shooting 1st, but i guess because let me put in the long term goal is to get his people ready for
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a younger conflict. he had to give him something touched on something to really can to rally around. and that's this idea that russia is under assault from these fash, suppose the fascist powers that he sees in ukraine, we're just a minute left until the end of the program. but i wanted to ask your opinion, what do you think the speech is likely to anyone's opinion, either at home in russia or abroad? no, i don't think it's going to change anyone's opinion. i think rather it was designed to make those. i'm borderline is a little bit harder basically the russian people are the support him. he's enjoyed increased popularity since this conflict started, but at the same time, they need some type of framing. they need a lens to basically view this conflict to make sure that they can continue to support the government. and that's what he was doing today. he wasn't trying to convince anyone he didn't want to win over hearts and minds. instead, he wanted to give his government his media and his people a way to interpret the wars that it's palatable for them moving forward. all right, did have a car on an hour until them. thank you very much for breaking it all down for us. thank you. you're watching data, but you news, hey, as a reminder of the top story we're following for russian president vladimir putin
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has praised his meadow tray for fighting his war on you cried and vowed to push on with the invasion, addressing his country's victory day parade in moscow. he again accused western countries of provoking his attack on crime. we've been watching data, but he knew the special coverage of the victory day event in moscow will have more headlines for you at the top of the out. thanks very much for watching with with
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