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tv   DW News Asia  Deutsche Welle  May 9, 2022 4:30pm-4:46pm CEST

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they are peers and rivals with one daring goal to outsmart nature for a longer, healthier and fuller life. one of the most insightful discoveries in the history of mankind. more life starts may 28th on d, w. visit did up their news asia coming up to day punk songs election without voters. john lee is elected. the cities next chief executive by a hand picked proof of probation people. he's not promising prosperity for all hong kong guys. can he deliver? and how china has continued insistence on a 0 coven policy, is affecting not just its people, but its international standing. ah
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. i'm british manager. welcome to d w. news a shark ledger could join us. hong kong has a new leader, john lee will take over from incumbent katty. lemme on the 1st of july, the former policeman will preside over the city of 7000000, of whom only 1500 voted for him as part of a special election committee. and he was the only candidate, it's what beijing called democracy. and it's in short, the communist party has their man where they want him joined the call to you beijing is putting its trust in john lee. and he's the architect behind the crack down on hong kong pro democracy movement. and as the city's new chief executive, it's expected, he'll do more of the same from his doctor's into having restored order from chaos. it is high time. the hong kong dos,
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a new chapter of development, a chapter that will be geared towards greater prosperity for all promise is 2 millions from a man elected by the few. the vast majority of hong kong ers had no voice in the matter. you're calling i a few expectations because he's not chosen by us. oh, what happened in 2019 shows. he's reluctant to listen to the people on the road. they've got that hunger hunk on freedom as drinking. whoever leads hong kong is the same thing. i know he only listens to beijing. you, i guess i don't. so being a drama millionaire, i believe he can restore security without fear from public opinion. i hope they'll be fewer political quarters follow up with the new mirror away. while there may be little fight left in hong kong politics largely due to john lee who shaped hong
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kong security apparatus over the past 3 decades. in 2019, he approved a tear gas rubber, bullets, and mass arrests to stamp out pro democracy protests. lee was also a staunch enforcer of the 2020 national security lock calling. draconian measures used to arrest government opponents and suppress dissent. lease actions put him on a us sanctions list and you to blocked his 2022 election campaign. but lee appears ready to continue as beijing's enforcer in hong kong. he's promised to push through article 23 another package of security laws that have failed in the past, due to local opposition. that's now all but silent and gentlemen are for more from hong kong is d d, a blue correspondent, phoebe kong?
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phoebe. what is john lee's immediate challenge? well, one of the most having issues jolly is saying is the code that situation. and most importantly, if they impact toasty or toes that policy that happened in place in hong kong for over 2 years since the thought of the, of the panoramic. and that policy, which like, brings a very strange and border control and has already threatening hong kong, competitive as the international hub. so phase they are only is facing light, numerous pressure from different sectors, including the foreign business community, and also even the probation cam, urging him to book on the policies to open them home home for at least with marilyn china 1st. and then we cannot come home with the rest of the world. so i think this is the 1st task that he has to deal with. and also he has to like
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a recruit capable the hotel and to his cabinets. because like he has been criticized of lacking the administrative experience because he has devoted his a hotel area to security. so it could be challenging for him to be could someone that is ready for many was, can make and social policy to them in the new administration. so what can hong kong was really expect from him going for what? given his lack of experience and the amount of work he's done on the security question for long i yes, like the facts out a beijing endorses john lee as the new chief executive sick knows and intensifying strong handed rule on hong kong. so many think that patients choice was like the kind of like sense that basically want hong kong to like emphasize more on national security though. that's why they pick a man who like rose from like as
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a policeman and life through other ranks of the security stuff. s as in hong kong. so we are definitely expecting like more of security later policies in the next 5 years. that only has already said that the and that some of the article $23.00 basic law which has the local legislation of the national security issues is on his agenda. so we're expecting more 3rd or regulations regarding the ass mental esto, not, or like the league of national, confidential information. and also like maybe some potential new rules, like regarding the n t fake news, regulations order, internet security. so many critics worry about light freedoms in hong kong could be further eroded under this kinds of meshes. and also it's only also want to emphasize that he will like increase the housing supply to tackle one of the most deeper to problem hong kong. that is the expensive housing markets and the lack of
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housing supply. meanwhile, john lee has also said that he wants to bring to hong kong that's going to caring, open and vibrant. but how does that happen in a city that seem the violent times in the past? few years and a crack town and freedoms from beijing. yeah, that is also the question. so many members of the general public and hong kong that john the has demonstrated the theory to coney and character through the past 2 years as the security had. and also the number 2 officials and hong kong out that like, basically over so the, the most massive cracked on to test and also on political the sent so many question whether this is only a, as logan or something god, he will actually act on that because like johnny has been repeatedly asked, like whether he will meet the remaining opposition parties in hong kong. but he has been lay appears to avoid answering directly by saying that he will communicate
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with different people, but not promising that he will meet this kind of like political dissidence in hong kong, so many as alto and like as a result, like hong kong is facing like a massive exit and many fear that this kind of migration will celebrate. and the john, these rules because like people are losing helping hong kong feature. just one other question. john lee was the only candidate in this election that people could not vote. and i mean, is this the clearest indication of the complete death of democracy in the city? a whole host pro democracy movement has been lost. the silent light, if not like that, like a from somebody's like perspective, like following the implementation of the national security law. that many prominent opposition thinker is now in shall, including i, g, malign, joshua wong,
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and many leaders that we were familiar with. light in the past and but also let's not forget that our home who has never enjoyed a food democracy before. that's like even though like democrats, how used to participate in the chief executive elections, but they never had a chance to win a but this time beijing had already overhauled it up to a system and critic say, late, even the various lima tons and the other little rooms for our light dissenting debate is not allowed anymore in hong kong. were leave there for the time being, but thank you so much for joining us today. if you become from hong kong, ah, china, i start think restrictions and beijing to try to coil or covert 19 outbreak or millions of people are confined to their homes. off of the capital reported hundreds of cases in recent weeks. the move comes as a lockdown in shanghai also intensifies. it's all part of china's 0 corporate
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strategy aimed at eradicating rather than living with the virus. but as we report, this is causing armies in some quarters. bends on dining in restaurants and attainment venues, remain. authorities have extended school closures as well, and over the weekend begun kicked off yet another round of mess, testing. it's the 3rd time people have been order to get swapped since april 22nd. each time they're tested on 3 separate days, you know, not being able to go to restaurants, bothers me a lot and there's way too much testing as well. i'll make sure there aren't many places we can go. it's pretty inconvenient i feel pretty anxious as role either. so far. the capital has voided a city wide lockdown. but people living in compounds where cases have been detected, have already been confined to their homes. this luxury residence has been off limits to outsiders for nearly 2 weeks. even though co restrictions and baiting
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a still a far cry from the city wide locked down, there was some post in shanghai, there still disrupting everyday life and hurting business. and as it seems, the situation was wreck on for quite some time to come. officials said there may still be hidden cases in the community and they won't against any complacency. but even if they can hold the latest spread of the virus, there's no telling when the next outbreak might occur. if something has to change and of course policies a 0 tolerance does work because the world has learned to live with covet. oh, but president seating ping has personally back the 0 covert policy and staked his reputation on it ahead of the 20th party congress later this year. it's when he's expected to step up. it's china's leader for 3rd term. well, i really looked on the side, tight border controls have made china increasingly isolated from the rest of the
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world. i don't really see the 0 covey us totally independent or isolated phenomena. i see it as a accelerator of certain changes in the future. china is building its own self reliance, rapidly. consciously, strategically fading has repeatedly pledged to increase access to china's economy and says it's committed to opening up the market. but critics say it keeps making promises without delivering on them. it's measures to contain coven 19, could place reforms even further down the pipeline, and could also have far reaching consequences if china wants to reduce the reliance on western countries, another countries and become more self reliant. that's a big indication that maybe we should consider doing this as well, and not to be one sided, it dependent. but as the world's largest manufacturer,
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china is key to global supply chains. reducing reliance on those chains would be a complex to your political challenge, both for china and the rest of the world. huh. and that's it for today, there's more no website did everyday. forward slash asia. i'm as i'm or you can follow awesome facebook and twitter or back to model, and then for bar code, she double use crime fighters are back to africa. most successful radio drama series continues. all episodes are available online, and of course you can share and discuss on d, w, africa's facebook page, and other social media platforms, crime fighters, tune in now. not just another day. so much is
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happening all at once. we take time to understand this is the day and in depth look at current news, events with analyzed by experts and critical thinkers. not just another new show. this is the weekdays. on d, w ah, a candidates running unopposed and claiming victory. beijing lawyer las john lee takes over as chief executive of hong kong. we take a look at what it means for the city as a business has been a place still longing for democracy. also coming up to the philippines, the son of former dictator marcos is set to become the new president. promising to tackle rising prices will go live to our correspondent and we'll show you what
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a european energy embargo would mean for russia's finance. i'm chris kolber on berlin. welcome to the program pro beijing former security minister john lee has been confirmed as hong kong next chief executive on sunday, an election committee of ron's 1500 votes on the successor to outgoing chief executive carry lamb. mister lee was the only candle asked food chief, he oversaw the crack down on hong kong pro democracy movement. the european union voice concerns that his selection signals that beijing's tough stands on hong kong would continue. and here's what mr. lee said up on his appointment. we must make good use our status as an international metropolis, one that uphold the videos of creation of inclusion, diversity and openness. we.


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