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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 9, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm CEST

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ah, ah ah, this is the news line from berlin, no change a message of defiance for vladimir potent, vowing to press on with the war in ukraine. the russian leader uses the annual victory day parade in moscow to justify the invasion, saying he's defending the mother, lad, and wills against nieto. also coming up fading back the black seat court, bearing the brunt of rushes, fresh offensive. the governor tells us people are resisting just by the widespread destruction and a dictator son ferdinand, a man closer junior heads for
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a landslide election. when in the philippines, the man known as bon bon, takes a commanding lead over his main rival, with nearly 2 thirds of the votes counted. ah, hi everyone, i'm layla rock is good to be with you. russian president vladimir putin has praised his armed forces fighting the war in ukraine, and promised to push on with the invasion. mister putin was speaking at moscow's annual victory day parade, celebrating its 1945 defeat of nazi germany. thousands of troops and military vehicles paraded through red square. mister burton repeated his claim that western countries provoked the attack on ukraine. while he went on to claim falsely, that western countries planned to launch attacks in east and ukraine,
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that ukraine tried to obtain a nuclear weapon. and that he launched his so called special military operation. only after exhausting every other bid for peace taken with him. i see it is russia called on the west to an honest dialogue to search for reasonable mutual solutions to take into account each other's interest, all in vain. the nato countries did not want to hear us, which means and in fact, they had completely different plans. and we saw there were open preparations for another punitive operation in danbury for an incursion into our historic lands, including crimea. we've announced possible acquisition of nuclear weapons and the nato block started active military colonization of territories belonging to us. so an absolutely unacceptable threat for us was created directly near our borders that you then you put a little and here with me on the set is did every reporter,
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aaron tilton. he has worked extensively as a correspondent at our moscow a barrow when it was still open. so good to have you here on the set with me. aaron, i want to start off by asking you a lot of analysts have expressed surprise at what mr. putting did not mention during his victory a parade speech, were you surprised? yes to certain i was. i mean, all the chatter we've been hearing out of intelligent circles and my analyst is that they were expecting a greater commitment of military assets from vladimir putin today. basically, the current operation in ukraine is still considered in the part of the russian government to be a special military operation. that means they can't bear the full force of their military and directed on ukraine. and a lot of people were kind of expecting to see kind of a call for a general mobilization, more drafting, conscription of new soldiers, and full declaration of war and the part of the russian federation. we didn't get that and that did seem to surprise a lot of analyst. instead, what we saw was, or biskin attempt by mister putin, to refrain the narrative. the war really kind of change how the international
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community also it his public views. there are operations in ukraine at the moment, rather than a declaration of full war as many annals expected. that is really and i want to pick up on what you just mentioned, that they're changing of the narrative. it seemed not seen, but he actually made it look like this was an existential battle for russia. an ex essential battle is really the right way to look at it. he constantly put this in connection with the historic struggle of the soviet on the soviet union against nazi germany, because that was literally an existential threat. that was threatening the soviet people's. basically, you have to remember germany under hitler basically said they were going to ask elite eradicate the soviet union. that they were either going to commit genocide or enslaved the soviet people. so for them it wasn't existential threat. and you have to remember the so people suffered more than any other major nation when it came to the effects of world war 2. i mean, the 27000000 people who died directly in the battles. now,
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mister putin constantly tried to invoke those images of the struggle against nazi germany. why he didn't mentioned ukraine very often. the speech directly, he constantly said that this was a fight against nazis. this was a fight against these radical nationalists and tried to put it in for a minute in that language that these are an external threat of ukraine. some health presents and external threat because it is somehow governed by nazis. no, of course we know that's not true that does not jell, with the facts on the ground, you can't forget that prison boulder zalinski is of course a jewish man who was elected democratically so it's just, it's not even valuable that there have that there's something that's not the control of the country, but at the same time, black report was constantly using that as a tool to basically frame this as a giant conflict between east and west and one that really is an ex central threat for the current russian federation. essentially weaponized, where it was a very painful part of russia's history and to justify the invasion of ukraine at the end goal of this war. so remains very ambiguous. i mean, he didn't clarify anything. i mean, what is he going for?
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exactly. i think that's actually intentional because you have to remember it does seem that mister putin, as an intelligence service, thought that they were going to steam roll on the country. they thought they were going to be able to bear the entire brunt of their military on give and really just steam roll the country. now they have gotten one black eye after the next from ukrainian people because to be honest, it really seems like despite the incredible amount of money rush as pumped in the military in recent years, it's not up to stuff like they really underestimated the tenacity of the ukrainian people when it comes to defending their home country, to be honest, you know, it's the same mistake. the soviet union made in afghanistan is the exact same as the united states min and iraq and afghanistan. you should never underestimate of people who are defending their home increase and because of that, because a bladder wouldn't, can't really point to the successes as concrete successes that he probably wants to . i think he's playing his cars a little bit closer to his best and said over actually given us concrete definitions. what victory looks like. he's in stand a used as victory day parade to basically tell his people that this is going to be
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a long fight. it's not going to be over in the next couple months. it's probably going to go into the winter and probably into next year. that's what this horse be point of his speech and his preparations today. they were basically, i pointing to the russian people and say, look, we had a long fight ahead of us. we're not giving up here and tell them that he'd ever chris on. thank you so very much was good to have to hear for that analysis. appreciate you. ukraine. mark the end of the 2nd world war a day earlier hosting canada's prime minister just and trudeau and u. s. first lady jill bind. in response to russia's victory day president vladimir zalinski released one of his trademark video messages. no mark, a dynamic, there are no shackles that combine than our free spirit and him out want. there is no occupier who can take the route in our free land. no more that there is no invito who can rule either our free people no. sooner or later we will win me. but am i'm booked with lucas. someone is fighting for the fathers are the fear of the party and the chief and we were fighting for the home language to wallet. we have
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never fought against any one. will you more, we will always fight for ourselves. for our freedom, for independence. she said that the victory of her ancestors, allah was not in vain. they fought val, freedom for us, and one put him on. we are fighting with freedom for our children and therefore we will win. so he did be, how would you put in what did other correspondence manifest our is in the ukrainian capital, keith and i asked her how this highly anticipated day is being experienced in ukraine. depends really were you are awesome being he key. if you see pro, people behind me enjoying the sun, have of the pictures changing. if you go obviously towards the on bus region or the southern part of ukraine, where they've been lot of a rocket attacks, not only today, but also over the course of the weekend here, how the people, the question that i actually keep hearing from people is why was there no clue in that address, but let me put in that 11 minute address to his nation. any clue what this may be
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over? and in fact, as we listen to the speech ourselves, there wasn't anything that could tell us. when this was going to be over, or what kind of roadmap putin has to what he then calls victory. so this level of uncertainty, this unpredictability of this entire situation. this is what keeps people on edge, apart from the regular air raid sirens that we also keep hearing over the entire weekend. but also today. and once again, the government was calling on people to take these air rates seriously. that they are a sirens or the seriously and go look for shall, to altering keith. well, the situation is a rather normal of rather com compete, as i say, to so many other parts of ukraine. the war has moved to the east. what has been happening there especially the focus is on mario pool, and in fact, that town is, is, is a town. it's now a being controlled actually by russian forces. the 100000 people, they are reportedly can only leave their homes if they have some sort of
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a permission by the russian forces on the ground. however, there is one spot that still in the ukrainian controlled hands to say so, and it should be kept this way according to the ukrainian soldiers inside that steel plant have of you hearing that according to ukrainian information, there is a currently, a storm of storming taking place apparently by russian forces. so if you do not know exactly that picture is really difficult to establish what is currently happening inside or around it to your plan. but it seems like this is really the last stand there if you crane and forces. and it seems like especially now with a symbolic day, like may, 9th, that may be that the russian force is really just would like to declare victory over that steel plant. even though, as i say, victory has been already declared over mary pool on april 21st. and in conclusion, from some final thoughts from you, the war has entered a 3rd month. how is it changed ukraine?
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in so many ways it would really exceed even our time, and it's not just obvious. 10000000 people have been uprooted from their homes. millions more than 5 have left this country. not speaking about the number of casualties only yesterday, that school that's been shouting the launch region. you really ask yourself, how is that possible in 21st century that and civilian infrastructure. innocent people are in the midst of all of this while these russia, the neighboring country, claiming that this, this is just a military operation and they wanted to notify this country. but also in a different term. you have to know that ukraine is seen as the bread basket of europe. and while this rule is on going millions of tons of grains simply cannot leave this country because the main ports under the cities, we just mentioned mario paul there, but also have song odessa. all these dows along the i both the other see, but also the black sea are blocked currently. so even president landscape, just today, actually on the line that there must be some help from the european partner they to hauled these grains basically food leaving ukraine to avoid that. there is
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a world food crisis which is lingering already, honey, for shar, reporting from the ukrainian capital case. thank you very much for your continued coverage, honey. and the city of mich alive is on the front lines of the war in southern ukraine. it's been hit by russian attacks time and again since march and is blocking it advanced by moscow's forces towards a desktop or corresponded mathias billing or a company. the ukranian army on the front line near b. elias and spoke to residents who lived through the onslaught shepherd dreams shattered lives destroyed by 8 russian farms. southern ukrainian city of mac alive has been plague by bombing and shelling since the beginning of the war. xander was sitting in his garden in early march. 2 planes flew overhead, dropping bombs, little bill bill there were lotions,
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there was white smoke everywhere. it took off the roof and the fence. so bull was over, there was 2 people died. it was a clear day. so they were flying low. i knew they must have seen that there are no soldiers. here you go. when you, when you just civilians ask the fighting continues in the region during a visit. it was here in mac alive that the russian advice was stopped. now the city is blocking a russian advance towards odessa, but the price is destruction. in late march the governor's resident's became at target. this building was hit by a russian caliber messiah. the obvious target being the governor who has been one
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of the most important public figures during this war liberal around good morning we're from ukraine. so last night they bombed and be bombed and bombed. we are from ukraine, the opening line of italy. kim's daily video has become famous, being at the frontline, his videos are watched all over the country. the governor is a close ally to president zalinski shop and we'll have no chance for now to, ah, to get through our defense. so i don't think we had no forces to get through our defense for now was for, for a, for a couple days at less. for now, pressure on the city has eased the priorities to restore water supplies for 3 weeks . now the tops in the city have run dry wood williams. as we are fighting and overcoming all difficulties. we always hope for the best. i think hope for the future and optimism are probably characteristic traits of the ukrainian people come
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with that order. nothing can break us use a lot when you didn't know much is in life within the next week, the city administration has promised tap water will be running again. on may, 9th isn't just victory day in russia. many ethnic russians around the world are marking the occasion. this includes those living a lot via a former soviet state, which is now a new member. thousands of people came out to commemorate the day in the capital linger despite government restrictions. latvia has one of the highest populations of ethnic russians in europe. and interviews are paul amr, casa is standing by for you in reger at the soviets memorial. good to have you with his par. this year's commemoration that we understand has been overshadowed by the
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war in ukraine. how are people in lot via where you are experiencing this day compared to previous years? well, despite the calls by state security services for russians to stay at home this year, to avoid looking like they side with an aggressive country, there still thousands of people coming and going through all to all of the day, laying their flowers by the monument behind me but they do it very quietly this year. no usual celebrations that we saw in the previous years previous the to the restrictions of the door put there by the cove. it been damaged. so certainly it is very different this year and it is not by choice, but because of the restrictions enacted by the latvian government, the day has actually been marked a day of mourning for ukrainian victims in a sort of attempt to try to divert the attention towards the war in ukraine and are certainly people dissatisfied with the government's ruling. and some people are
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even trying to disregard the rules here. trying to play loud russian music or come here wearing a russian, a symbols that are bad here. but the police force is on high alert and they react quickly. and i also have to say the atmosphere is quite tense because of the polar polarizing character off the event. historically, what for russians was the liberation of from and that's the forces for latvians. it meant the continuation of another brutal occupation regime. so there is clearly this division among f ethnic lines in the society here. w a polymer cosa reporting from reagan right outside the soviet memorial. thank you so much. the son of a former dictator finance marcos has taken a clear lead and the philippines presidential election with nearly 2 thirds of votes counted for not mike was junior, has twice as many as his main rival. lenny robledo mac os junior did
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not present a clear policy platform during the campaign, but he's expected to provide continuity for the hard line approach of his predecessor, rodrigo. detecting and our correspondence, garrick matters has more on a project at landslide victory for ferdinand set. my course junior, yeah, that it really looks like we see history in the making here in southeast asia, a with a marco's dynasty coming back to the seat of power. 40 years after his father was ousted by you, a people revolution is really looks like his son, reading on marcus junior will make it in this race a quite, quite an historic moment for, for the philippines. and i understand he has a similar approach, a strong man approach, i should say, at to outgoing, present that day. but no, we'll policy platform. one indicator for that is that
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he has teamed up with to doubt his daughter. and the concerned here by many, particularly in the south of the philippines where there is a strong hold of his biggest opponent or lenny rob rate, or is that the authoritarian style of rule that character or has used in the past 6 years will now even worse than under marco's to tear to a team approach, or whether the daughter of to dare to being the vice vice president in the country . i really want as to see what, what, what comes out of that when you talk to people. a concern, of course, is that whoever wins this race, it has been such a divisive campaign that healing those wounds, bringing the people back together and will be essential. that is one of markers, a key promises. and for many of his supporters hold that he will uphold, makes true on those pharmacies. and now i understand you're at a rival lat lenny out of
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a those the headquarters. what have or reactions been there to these early year preliminary results. of course, people are disappointed, you have to understand that, but there was really passionate support for her. and people had hoped that they could turn around things. but what really struck me here in this election, the is, when you talk to survivors off the marshal law, iraq, under dictator, murph fred, an unmarked cars. and it really it the, the, the mark us, our family, but also their supporters managed to really whitewash that. iraq, so that you approach a lot of people on the street and talk to them about the dictatorship time. and they would talk to you about the golden era of stability and a rich country that they would like to return to. whereas the authoritarian rule, the many people are killed and imprisoned, have almost been forgotten. and quite remarkable. and very quickly jerica when our
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final results expected. well, in all the, your appalling stations, the one you see behind me is, well, there are no electronic machines. so it has been going very swiftly and dog, many have told me here that they expect the results in the early morning. here in the philippines. garrick mothers reporting from the philippines, thank you. here are some of the other stories and the headlines right now. sherlock and prime minister may hinder roger oxide has resigned after violent clashes. that left one lawmaker dead and dozens of people wound it. but a box are dominated, sherlock and politics for 2 decades. the island is facing its worst economic crisis since independence israeli soldiers have shot dead to palestinians in separate incidents. 2 other palestinians have been arrested on suspicion of
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killing 3 people on israel's independence. date. violence involving gross communities has surged in recent weeks. sweden's ruling social democrats will announced their decision on seeking nato membership. later this week, sweden has been militarily non allied for 200 years of public opinion has shifted since the invasion of ukraine. european union leaders meeting and strasburg have restated their support for ukraine. joining the e u. they wrapping up a year long consultation process, asking voters for their views on how to strengthen democracy and unity. european commission is expected to respond to ukraine's membership in next month. and i asked or correspondent in strasburg, barbara basil about the main points to come out of the deliberations. the highlight probably from the commission president ursula on the line was
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a her is of urgency and to sort of stress the need for reform because she sort of kept circling around this. and basically she said, the european union has to now make a big jump fallback, or it will fail. oh, which is a quite strong message award to of course was a is on the table here are a lot of proposals and some that a really very important for the european union, for instance that, that union member cheese stops in a foreign policy decisions. what we're seeing at the moment, for instance, is that ambassadors and brussels are closed in the, in their conference rooms and trying for 5 days now. ed to get the sector, the 6 sanctions, a package with the oil boy court against russia underway. and they failed. so far, because hungary won't play ball, those are the sorts of things that really need to change. if europe is to have
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a stronger future, if it can also, whether the incredible international stresses and that did the, the war in ukraine is putting on the european union. so that may be, was her core point at barbara, speaking of the war in ukraine, i understand they are deliberating, considering ukraine's you membership. i mean, any candidate to applying for you membership, it's a very long drawn out process. so are they planning on speeding it up? $5000.00 pages of accession papers, a huge questionnaire. somebody must have been sitting in a bunker in keith, filling those out. those pages for weeks now have been as symbolically handed over to day. m bought. of course, president mc wrong made it quite clear in his speech, and that was really sort of focusing on the support for ukraine that the european
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union is giving and will give in the future. but also for what will happen afterwards. he said, yes it, this is not a quick process. this is not going to happen within a few months or maybe even a year. but he also said that we should think again about the old idea is for instance, of the 2 speed europe, that we could have some structural reforms in europe. that makes that make it possible to include countries like ukraine, like ga, like vault over and even some of the balkan countries that are not ripe for accession in a certain, in a sort of 2nd, around a, this is circle, 2nd circle around cor, europe, the, to speed europe, as it was called in the past and where they have a lot of the advantages and they are included in many things and maybe only not have voting rights to be included in the main decision making. things like this are possible, but the at the core of this is that reforms need to be acted upon very quickly.
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now, within months evening mac wrongest promise. he wants to push this among all the many problems he has at home. he still thinks he can be the big reformer of the european union. i speaking of reform, some final thoughts from you. because said the both leaders were very bullish and ambitious when it comes to overhauling some aspects of a you treaty. or could those calls go anywhere? this is the most difficult thing, of course, because everyone who has experience in the european union knows this is opening the box upon dora. this is the box where snakes come slithering out and you never know whether that you will get them back in and put the lid on this box as so there are many countries as some scandinavian countries, for instance, who have already internally opposed this and said don't do this, we don't have time for this. we don't have to political strengths for this. just leave it and, and come back to this later. but mike wrong has again said he wants to go for it.
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he wants at the next or european come summit even start talking about it, whether it'll really come. i have my doubts. barbara of his reporting for strasburg . thank you. in watching you have any news on layla, iraq on behalf of all of us here. thank you. so much for making us part of your day of next is tomorrow. today are science magazine. now see if the company with
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