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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 10, 2022 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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more life starts may 28 on d, w. d. ah, this is d, w use live from but then the son of a dictator is said to become the philippines. next president, ferdinand bank or junior, appears to have won a landslide victory alongside his daughter. the daughter of the outgoing hotline leader as his vice president, summary, what there, which means for democracy. prolonged as prime minister, resigned amid a crippling economic crisis, began to rush upon to steps down as mass protests turn dead late. but his brother,
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the president clings to power, demonstrated say they won't give up. brushing cruise missiles hit the ukrainian port of odessa. ukraine says ballrooms have destroyed buildings as a top b u official visits. the strategic city and germany, foreign minister travels to ukraine to see the devastation. ah, i've been visible and nice to have you alone. voters in the philippines appeared to have elected the son of the countries for me to take her as president. early results from monday's election, so ferdinand mark was junior, known as bone bone is on track to win more than twice as many boats as his main rival protest is demonstrated outside the offices of the election authorities in the capital manila, any worry board marcus presidency will mean for the philippines,
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his vice presidential running mate, sarah, do tend to copy all is also on track of victory. she's the daughter of the outgoing president for brito to test a election when as are expected to continue the current leaders hardline approach to law and order. ah, late on monday, the name of the presidential election winner was clear. ah, shouts rang out for a b, b. m. the nickname for ferdinand bung bung. marcus junior as news of the election results spread, his supporters took to the streets to celebrate. 7 ah, the candidates himself reached out to his supporters. i want to thank you for all you have done for us. there are thousands of you out there, volunteers, parallel groups. political leaders that have cashed their lot with us because
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of their belief in our message of unity because of their belief in the candidates his when cement his families returned to power in the philippines. following the revolution, the toppled his late father in 1986. the elder ferdinand marcos ruled the philippines as a dictator for 2 decades at his tenure was infamous for its corruption and brutality. for many it was unthinkable that the marcos clan would ever run for the highest office again after returning from exile the marcus's return to public life in the philippines with several family members taking on political positions. many of bon bongs, younger supporters don't connect him to his father's crimes. but i'm in a bubble on thought that we believed that bbm is starkly different from his father
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. ferdinand bung bung markers run his election campaign on the promise of unity, but has failed to explain his policy plans in detail. analysts, warren, that his administration will most likely mean more strong men, postering and less democratic freedoms and transparency a corresponded janelle de milan is in the philippine capital for us. i asked her how the result is going down on the streets of manila. i'm standing out at our bb and campaign, had orders here in manila. i think you might be able to see his porter is behind me . still very jubilant. following the vote yesterday. there are you there. we up. 3rd, zuba, lading. they are waving signs that say b, b, m, and sarah, when the big they are waving at cars that are in for an honking to signal or support. i don't know if you can hear that. but all of us, of course, fans, and very stark contrast to all other people that you showed earlier in the program,
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you showed some protest. those are taking place some 10 kilometers away from here. we were also there earlier and the mood there is defiant mood and there is angry people. there are decrying an election that they said was unfair. that was read all that with technical issues. they are still processing their support for a v b m to rival lannie roberto. so just in general, the reaction here is a very polarized one reflecting a very divisive election. hard to say how those divisions will disappear, or if they ever will to bring us back to the jubilant part of town. why so many boaters willing to give the marcus family another chance their way? you are well when they return from exile in 1991, the mark, this is basically had plenty of opportunity they had a decades to rebuild their influence to consolidate their influence, to build out their patronage networks to create media strategies all with the goal
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of restoring the marcus family name and restoring their power, there are their rac line again to the highest office in the line. and evidently, you know, given the election results, we can see that that's worked. on the other hand, it's also important to note that many people also feel like down by the promises of the revolution that else could afford it. and monica senior, a lot of people were disillusioned by the past administrations that followed mark off. many of them saying, well, what good is more freedom or more democracy i'm struggling still the same as it ever was, and they're both yesterday for bone bone marco, i guess in parts are reflects this disgruntlement, where the unfulfilled thomas age of the revolution of 1980 so, you know, what can we expect from the presumptive president? his platform has been very thin on policy has
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ended. well, i think that's been this policy is a strategic he keeps. if you keep the statements general things like i am going to lower prices for the more without really having to say how he's going to do that. then people are free to imagine that you know, that he will do whatever it takes to help them make are for you to imagine the ways in which you will be a good leader for them. but nobody actually knows. but there are a few obvious things that perhaps might happen in the course of his administration . for example, past the efforts of past governments to recover the wealth that his family sold from the state. if we can imagine that those efforts for all under a marcus president see we can imagine about with the vice presidency of sarah derrick that his running mate. that would mean the crimes of the incumbent. president rodrigo, that there in the course of his job was, well go on prosecutor. and these are things that would require a certain kind of dismantling of democratic institution. and this is one thing
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where i can say a lot of people are scared of. i talk to a lot of people now, and there is definitely a bit of a gram, a waiting game going on. we were wondering how bad it's going to get you know, we used to help him a long day for us in middle up to like as prime minister has announced his resignation after months of crippling economic crisis. main to russia, boxes decision to step down followed mass demonstrations, which left several people did. but while the prime minister has gone, his brother, the president got a bio roger boxer is refusing to leave office with protests. continuing, the military has been given powers to detain people without warrants gale's on the streets of colombo. the crisis center lanka has reached a tipping point. ah, government support does have had enough of the protesters. i don't know how to get them.
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the bond on their dens and wreak havoc across the campus to she lanka is facing its worst economic crisis in decades. it's foreign currency resolves, have virtually run dry, forcing the government to ban all imports. this has led to severe shortages of food, fuel and other essential items. many blame the president for economic mismanagement has come up. thank god i with dawson prime minister. my in that are your boxes. resignation was a small but important the grief for the protesters. but many now one, the president to go as well. oh wow.
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it can be happier and i think the people on the longer must be war, joy, despite the fact that he has designed it. it's probably one step good language, something good. but i think we have a long way to roy in terms of the finding people that i places, but this is a fantastic these are, these are these people. if this actually happened, the military has deployed hundreds of groups to help contain the unrest and government has imposed an indefinite gov. you but the protestors show no sign of quitting some other stories from around the world. at least 43 people have been killed in clashes between rival gangs in a jail in ecuador. relatives have gathered to await use of their loved ones. police
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have since taken control of the site in the city of santo domingo. they also ceased firearms, explosives and other weapons, or the $100.00 inmates a reporter to be on the run. south korea's new president has gold or north korea to give up its nuclear weapons in exchange for massive economic aid. conservative units of joy made the offer at his wearing in. during his campaign, the former chief prosecutor had pledged to take a more hard line approach towards the north turkish president bridge, a diabetic one as but not to send syrian refugees back to their home country. he has taken it more than 3 and a half 1000000 syrians, that the civil war opposition party sipping pressuring everyone to start creating them. and britons, queen elizabeth will not attend today's opening of parliament in london. in palace says the decision was made in consultation with our doctors. the queen who is 96, has mobility problems and has had to cancel the number of public appearances of light. now to ross's war on ukraine,
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germany has dispatched its top diplomat. foreign minister, adelina babel has arrived in queue for a visit expected to patch up a diplomatic spent over german weapons supplies and russian economic times. it comes a day after i told you, official visited the devastation of roches war 1st had european council president shine, it was in the southern city of a desk, or on the same day it came under the some attack grains, military said several russian cruise missiles will find it hitting a shopping center and a warehouse killing one person and wounding others. earlier i spoke with our correspondent, funny about char, who's in queue for the latest on the ground. about 7 attacks, this 7 missiles that hit a shopping center and apparently our depot close by. they in odessa overnight, which basically means said the emergency i people i try to come through durable right now. and if you look at that picture there, the videos, you really wonder who can make it out alive from that rubble. apparently one person
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has a die. it has been killed in this attack. and several people have been wounded. this calms, amid russia in russian forces, stepping up the attacks on various paws in ukraine, especially in the southern, but also the, the eastern part, the dumbass region of ukraine. the situation he keep, by the way, is relatively calm as we are also seeing. and looking at these pictures is a horrendous pictures there from odessa, but also from a low hunt. and as dissertation is common, key of when you talk to people, you do realize though, that it is taking a toll mentally on people. he also in keith because they've been regular air, right. say air air raid sirens through the course of the past couple of days, basically putting people in alert that something may happen, he keep as well. and also when you listen to people the way they have it, small, small talks basically between each other. they're really asking each other, on which floor is your apartment? do you think it's really safe to sleep on that floor?
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don't you want to really asleep? i'll space it really is integrating in their lives. this continuous unpredictability of what may come in ukraine. what may happen today, since russia has withdrawn its forces from ponts of ukraine to concentrate more on the dumbass region, what the locals encounter when they return to now free areas to been to a one place to butcher which has become the tallest need? no one, obviously for so many atrocities they've been carried out. they that russia stands accused of possible war crimes. they are hundreds of people have been killed despite of that pairing images that we have seen that people about 3000 so far we have returned to butcher during the past couple of weeks. what they find there is basically destruction. hardly any house day that's really intact. no supermarket news fall. that is report reopen because it's been destroyed. and a reminder of one about made stories this hour. the son of the philippines,
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former dictator, is on track to become the next president. really election results. so ferdinand marcos junior known as bone bone one more than twice as many votes as his main rival. protesters have rallied in the capital manila. that's all for now. coming up our current affairs documentary series, close up, we have to look at how no peace in europe is dealing with the fear of russia stature. imagine how many portion of us are now in the world. climate change very often stores. this is my plan, the way from just one week how much work can really get we still have time to work. i'm going with.


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