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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  May 10, 2022 11:45am-12:00pm CEST

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of the ku klux klan, the oldest terrorist organization in the united states. its members whiteford races state, ruled by white supremacy founded over 150 years ago. it's repeatedly died out but always been resurrected. the ku klux klan starts may 11th on d. w ah, this week on wells stories, lithuania, thea, of a russian attack. germany the battle to save little defeat. but we begin in ukraine for weeks. the city of china heath was besieged by russian troops. now putin soldiers have gone, leaving behind death and destruction. the city of journey
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heave after weeks of siege and have his shelling by russian forces. we meet svetlana and valentino sapient coin a local hospitals where they survived, but were both injured in a nurse strike that hit their house. the ballistic wounded some one logan took less than a 2nd. loosely, sweet. we just heard a whistle yet, creek boom symbol i screamed, get down was uncovered. my son seemed like little savoy, even school valentin still has searched me pictures of their house before and after the attack this done up on why did they attack us? i don't know, we didn't do anything bad where civilians are, stop the quarry when you learn. the hospital itself was not spirit either. balked and russia load the hat of the trauma center. he had tells us, after russian strike his team struggled to keep going through all before we worked
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without water and electricity rolling. we would headlamps on and took care of those seeking medical assistance. and also it was very hard on me, but we stayed here and did what was necessary. raleigh williams, social wellness, and the situation worse than when russian forces completely encircled the city. residents tell us some of them were killed by russian troops. others died because they could not reach the hospital due to heavy shelling. in their local morgue, edward slept play fusing refrigerator trucks for the bodies that still needs to be identified or pick up by relatives, a durable health or they will, you follow. many people left the country to escape the fighting because they are not in ukraine for them and cannot get back to barry. their relatives came from warner. so that's why there are still many bodies here heard of her. i thought it was that would be those who come here to claim their loved ones are overwhelmed
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by grief. like ego's family, he was a husband, a father, a brother, shut debt by russian soldiers who rented them every day. he was the best buy that he could have. i was so proud of him. and now something this terrible has happened to us mother, what, death and destruction is all that is left after the withdrawal of russian forces from trim, the heath. and what those who survived the most is that the russian army might return ah, reports of re pearl se mounting from ukraine. there are many indications that russia is systematically using sexual violence as a weapon of war. an example from boucher this is carina. you show over. she was about to turn 23 when russian soldiers marched into her town. boucher,
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on the outskirts of cave. karena had plans. she was managing the local sushi bar, but was saving money to study at university. this is the last place where sure. carina was seen alive the stairs outside her flat. it was march 10th. after this, everything becomes unclear. this is where one man thinks he saw russian soldiers kill her, but he can't be sure if the woman was corrina was some one else. this with the with and i was you put her here. you said you like this and not that for head was bent back. then he took her in his arms and carried her over there. then another soldier shot tamaya. zak wouldn't you will. you will be lou. this is where police told karina's parents, they found the body. they said it looks like she'd been right. but this is what the police said that she was badly tortured because he showed her with acts. my girl wanted to live so much. oh, that's always been brilliant, even applied,
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torn his to her to stop the bleeding. oh, oh, oh oh oh, then with a shot in the head of the kilter solo, we'll be forensic scientists examining the hundreds of bodies the russians left behind. so many of the women have been right organizations across the country support those who survive. it, shaw and elizabeth. oh, see that on us of to 12 cases we are working on 11. our cases of gang rape is really sad up in all of these cases, women reported that the occupiers were drunk or had taken drugs off on business with us on the ball when the each nose in india, ukraine's commissioner for human rights tells me the she had number of coals makes them think russians are using rape as a weapon, but the most good. ha. okay. when
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a russian soldier rapes a ukranian woman, a girl wild boy, an elderly woman, it keeps saying things like this. this will happen to every nazi hor, god, or we will rape until you can't give birth g ukrainians back of when you these are signs of genocide of the ukrainian people of mark, you know, given through the o. green's, grandma told them the korean, his parents, the only certainty they have is their loss and their fury making age. we then, you know, we hate the russians are which i'm ashamed to speak. russian. i will learn ukrainian . they buried corrina here and billet circa near the morgue, 2 weeks after her 23rd birthday. since the war started in ukraine, many people in lithuania have feared a russian invasion. in particular, there's been growing concern about the su, well, key gap, lithuanian only land link with its nato partners. bollywood
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slash gauss. gus is training for the worst case scenario. is a member of the lithuanian rifleman union, a state begged paramilitary group that has been growing ever since russia annexes grand nea in 2014 i o sales propaganda, old born russian state propaganda targeted lithuania for us. it meant we could be the next ones with especially if you live here in the saw called, while key gap, lethal any us only land connection with its western may to pardon us. this stretch of land is crucial for the transport of goods and military equipment. the sir walter gap is just 65 kilometers wide. it's located exactly here, between the russian exclaim of calling in the garage on the one site and thrushes l . i bellows. on the other side, in lithuania,
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many fears that russia might try to cut to this land breached of the west. tensions with moscow have been rising. lithuania has been a member of nato since 2004. but since the start of the buoyant ukraine, politicians and normal citizens have grown more determined. i would say we owe you more drugs, which is to defend your freedom and so on. it's like understanding before forces, fundamental things we have just few here to prepare ourselves. that's why we need, ah, more natal presence in our region as a very credible that that effect deterrence against russia is. this is also the aim of an unusual art exhibition in the capital videos. this strain from moscow stops twice a day here on its way to the russian exclaim of calling and grat. russian
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passengers are not allowed to get off, but they are confronted with photos of war outside to their windows. when po loosely kolscott is not training for battle, he takes off his rifle, mammy uniform to work as a lawyer for the global. so i have russian clients that i keep in touch with. i don't feel any personal hatred towards them, but rather towards the russian state. and russian stayed propaganda. obama lincoln, many here would agree with him. lithuanians have been called to between a constant state of vigilance and resilience. but with the onset, all the void, ukraine, people living in the so wild to gap, i look into the future with even more concerned little davida suffers from a life threatening illness. just recently he and his family fled ukraine. now
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german doctors are fighting for his life, vetoed on our chic escape, the war in ukraine by fleeing to germany. now her main worry us keeping her 10 month old son, david's a life he needs breathing equipment to stop his lungs collapsing. davina suffers from spinal muscular atrophy. a rare degenerative disease causing gradual loss of function without treatment. babies with the condition usually die by the age of 2. when you're that are your cold, like i can sleep at nights even when does he does the sleep hours aluminum. i keep checking on him. i pray to god that he wants stuff breathing. why? and sometimes it seems like he is not breathing
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that the going if, if it's a genetic disease where you can simply loose your child in a moment, veto lift your crane with the eats and her older son at young, who was 7. just as the 1st shots were being fired like you are, when i saw the fear in our jumps eyes i am new, we had to flee back home and ukraine. vito was able to race $11000.00 euros a month for david's treatment through crowd funding. here in germany, volunteers including eula and sundry, now help her to obtain the drugs and german health insurance covers what's needed now. in the longer term davita will need gene therapy, costing to 1000000 euros. it's not clear whether that will be covered when does
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ellen gene. so i just have to hope we can get the treatment for david or to get the day know that he would live. yes, i don't know whether he would be able to set up a walk, but i know he would live having fled the war with the children and coping with of its illness liter cannot be certain she will ever return to ukraine. that she remains resolute. your mom of jackson, i am firstly, the mother of 2 sons. walks in the woods young and i cannot be we key fob with, but a new medicine. got my and i have to stay strong. ah ah, trains of the future will fly carbon to achieve new
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hughes of the recession, synthetic fuels, and green hydrogen all to replace the climate killer care. missy will the dream of environmentally friendly flying to come true. to borrow today in 30 minutes on d. w. a pulse with the beginning of a story that moves us and takes us so long for the ride. it's all about the perspective culture information. this is d w. w, made from mines in 2016 as like a bunch of the quit and casa wants to see if germany was for may the last few years,
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have been quite a ride. get it early in touch with, i've already done the homework. when it comes to jem a bit, and of course i always look right in the algebra kids, but perhaps the biggest on the new hobby of mine, i'm no longer approved. i love to be and then you'd better repose americans. but when you're feeling altogether, you'll realize that coach is just another way of living. are you ready to meet the driver and then join me right to do it on b. w. oh, rare natural spectacle. a mess boobies have returned to the coast of the st. louis with many success stories for the question of biodiversity. storage me 20 d w. ah
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. this is the w news live from berlin, germany foreign minister on a mission, to repair ties with cave and a bad box. and you crate to show support by to sign of germany's changing approach . after agreeing to send heavy weapons and to back in a you back on russian oil. also on the program, a dictator is likely to become the philippines. next president, ferdinand markov junior appears to have won a landslide victory with the daughter of the outgoing hotline leader. as he.


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