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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 10, 2022 12:00pm-12:15pm CEST

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ah, ah ah, this is the w news. why from berlin? germany is foreign minister on a mission to repair ties with keith and a bad box in ukraine to show support by to sign of germany's changing approach. after agreeing to send heavy weapons and to back you back on russian oil also on the program, a sort of a dictator is likely to become the philippines next president ferdinand demarco junior appears to have won a landslide victory with the daughter of the outgoing hotline leader as he's vice president, there are fears about what they're when might mean for the countries democracy. i'm
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sure lancaster prime minister resigned submitted, crippling economic crisis hinder roger pox. steps down is mass protest turn deadline, but the president, mr. roger practice is brother refuses to go demonstrate the site they won't give up . ah, i'm so gale. welcome to the program. the diplomatic wrist between germany and ukraine appears to be hailing us. germany's foreign minister visits cave online bab walker's 1st. you have a cabinet minister to travel to ukraine since russia's invasion began in february. ukrainian government has criticized germany for its initial reluctance to supply heavy weapons and for its economic ties with russia. berlin is now sending tanks and military unders dropped its opposition to an e. u led to phase out of russian energy. while the g, the foreign ministers,
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are visit, comes a day after they are president off the, you know, your opinion. a counselor witness, the devastation of russia's war at 1st hand, as a desert came under intense missile attack, more buildings reduced to rubble. the port city of odessa, after it was pounded by russian missile strikes. the missiles struck on the same day that european commission president charles michelle visited odessa. the e official was forced to take shelter when arid sirens went off. president zalinski said rushes, assault makes clear its disdain for your l. blue joke in his nightly address. he was hopeful that ukraine was one step closer to e membership. oh, they are well aware that this war is not only for our freedom, for the freedom of all europeans, will need to. we expect to receive
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a positive response in june would all regarding ukraine's application for you candidate status in the town of mc alive, ukrainian soldiers are regrouping after russia. as most recent attempts to capture the area, ukraine will need more weapons to be able to fend off further attacks. but there's no with wishing booth. people have been fighting for 3 months, and we're ready to go further because we need a victory. the, well, we'll fight florida incomplete any tasks to the end. but more resources are needed, listed as a, because of human resources for and out all they'll be no one to fight for. when he drowned him and we need artillery. girls in the sick is who she could have seen that of them. back in odessa, firefighters and soldiers worked tirelessly through the night to pretend to believe that a shopping mall caused by several missile attacks. ukrainian officials said russia use new hypersonic missiles fired from a plain well,
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that situation around a desa d. w correspondent, a funny for shock and tell us what's going on in the ukranian capital. welcome, funny. and so what's happening there and cave it's rather com today. phil hand keith, even though we have heard several era, every sirens over the course of the past few days. so people are on alert and given the fact that the war is in the 3rd month, you really sense that it is wearing people down this unpredictability of not knowing when an a strive males to hit key also, as people who keep looking at those devastating pictures from odessa or from the lawns, regions where from the lens region was civilian targets have been hit. of course when they go to bad, they wonder, is it safe to be on that floor with their sleeping? should they rather go someplace else and look for shelter? so this is really wearing down on people mentally. it really takes a toll on them as this will continuous. and just given the fact that the german 4
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minister bay book is currently visiting keith, and we can only actually share details one, she has finished certain visits, day to not jeopardize to safety but also the safety of the people are out or clearly tells you that the situation here keith is very much a peer really is even though that they are no direct attacks. that was fine, at least do a for the past couple of days. and today that was fine yet. and the german foreign ministers, a visit term comes after a couple of months, a very frost relations between ukraine. i'm sure jimmy talks about the significance of effort it is quite significant because the she's basically as the highest ranking german official right now from the german government visiting keith at a time. and maybe a little recap there when there was read it for weeks now, sort of a resettlement from the germans side after the german president i'mma l was the uninvited. a couple of weeks ago of allegations that he's been
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a bit maybe too cozy with russia over the past couple of years when he was foreign minister during the full moon could government. so it's a very important visit for the foreign minister being here in a diplomatic way, but also in a way, just like with other the locations here before with the u. s. allegations. the canadian problem is that you do being here yesterday to show supports that germany stance really by the side of the ukrainian government, but also the ukrainian people, the spy, the diplomatic role there, between berlin and key of that we have seen play out. however, this has to be mentioned as well. the german chancellor has no intention to lose far to actually visit ukraine, which some people here see as a quite important apart from the visit from the foreign minister that may establish that visit. we do not know, but this is something that people wonder about why is chancellor sure is still not in keep. what prevents him from coming? he sent a mrs. prayer book he sent to for
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a minister for now and she is basically that may i mean that, that, that, that german a chance to shorts may come as well. but for now, it is bab book who is c and key if a quick word about that the why the conflict. russia, of course, has shifted its focus to ukraine, east and southeast, hasn't made any significant gains since basically, ever since this assaulting key was unsuccessful and the focus has shifted to was done by us region again, by the way, the will, has basically begun in 2014 this is where the will is, this is where the front line of the school right now is the don't bus region, but also the southern part of ukraine as we have seen that horrible attack on that shopping center in odessa, we're still not clear just how many people have been killed and wounded if you look at that video and really the rubble for the emergency because need to come through and try to get people out. but in terms of significant gains,
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probably higher. so in one of those places, that's really russian control is going to be the 1st place where it's likely there's going to be a shamrock friend of announced to basically say, present facts like they've been presented in crimea. a 2014 to say this is russia, but we do not really know because there's no clear road map wasn't and out, but very me put in yesterday. just what is going to happen over the course of the next couple of days as this will rages on. thank you for that funding for shaw in chief that of the philippines where voters appeared to have elected the son of the country's former dictator as president of the results from monday's election indicate that ferdinand ma cost junior known as bong bong is on track to win more than twice as many votes as his main rival protest is demonstrated outside the offices of the actual authorities in the capitol. manila, worried about what a new marcus presidency will mean for the country is vice presidential running,
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mate, et cetera. deter copier is also on track for victory. she's the daughter of the outgoing president, rodrigo de tatty election. winners are expected to continue the current leaders, hot line approach to law and order. ah, late on monday, the name of the presidential election winner was clear, ah! shouts rang out for a b, b. m. the nickname for ferdinand bung bung. marcus junior. as news of the election results spread, his supporters took to the streets to celebrate. ah, the candidates himself reached out to his supporters. i want to thank you for all you have done for us. there are thousands of you out there volunteers parallel groups. political leaders that have cast their lot with us
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because of their belief in our message of unity because of their belief in the candidates his when cement his families returned to power in the philippines. following the revolution, the toppled his late father in 1986. the elder ferdinand marcos ruled the philippines as a dictator for 2 decades at his tenure was infamous for its corruption and brutality. for many, it was unthinkable that the marco's clan would ever run for the highest office again. after returning from exile, the marcus is returned to public life in the philippines with several family members taking on political positions. many of bong bongs younger supporters don't connect him to his father's crimes. i'm in a bubble on thought like we believe that b. b m is starkly different from his father, the v b, m. father,
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ferdinand bung bung, markers run his election campaign on the promise of unity, but has failed to explain his policy plans in detail. analysts sworn that his administration will most likely mean more, a strong mun, postering, and less democratic freedoms and transparency. they w corresponded janelle dumas is in manila, she told us why so many voters were willing to give the macos family another chance . well, when they return from exile in 1991, the market has basically had plenty of opportunity. they had a decades to rebuild their influence to consolidate their influence, to build out their patronage networks to create media strategies, all where the goal of restoring the marcus family name and restoring power. there are direct line again to the highest office in the line. then evidently, you know, given the election results, we can see that that's work. on the other hand,
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it's also important to note that many people also feel like down by the promises all the revolution that else could afford it. at monica senior, a lot of people were disillusioned by the past administrations that followed. mark us, many of them saying, well what good is more freedom or more democracy i'm struggling still the same as it ever was. and their vote yesterday for both marcos, i guess in part to reflect this disgruntlement with the unfulfilled thomas age of the revolution of 1980 d. w. correspond to general dumas and manella was relying cuz the prime minister has announced his resignation. after months of economic crisis may hinder roger paxis decision to step down from a mass demonstrations which left several people dead. while the prime minister has gone, his brother, president to go to bio roger pack, so it's refusing to step down. as protests continue, the military's been given power to to tell you people without warrants gale's on
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the streets of colombo, the crisis and your lanka has reached a tipping point. ah, government support does have had enough of the protesters. i don't know how to get them. the bond on that dens and wreak havoc across the campus. she langa is facing its worst economic crisis in decades. it's foreign currency resolves, have virtually run dry, forcing the government to ban all imports. this has led to severe shortages of food fuel and other essential items. many blame the president for economic mismanagement has come up that got a with
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. 7 prime minister my in that are your bucks, i was. resignation was a small but important degree for the protesters. but many now one the president to go as well. i. i can be happy and i think the people on the longer i must be or joy it was done by the fact that he has designed it. probably one step good blank to add something good. but i think we have a long way to go in terms of finding people that i places, but this is a fantastic leave. all these are these people. if this actually happened, the military has deployed hundreds of groups to had contained the unrest and government has imposed an indefinite gov. you. oh,
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but the protesters show no sign of quitting. ah, oh my, that set you up today tell have more world news at the top of the hour of next year on the w ah. business update with christoph cobra, looking at germany, struggle to replace the russian fossil fuels with people and trucks injured when trying to see the city center more and more refugees are being turned away. order families, please see the reason for these critical illness. with demonstrate people fleeing extreme drought, ross getting 200 people.


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