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tv   DW News Asia  Deutsche Welle  May 10, 2022 6:30pm-6:45pm CEST

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to the rest of the rhode island with any success stories from the question of biodiversity. single stores may 20th on d, w this is did up in years asia coming up to date. many said it could never happen, but voters in the philippines appear to have returned the disgrace, ma, course family to the presidency. the son of a brutal dictator fed man marco's junior look, set to win a landslide. he's promising unity, but what does the boat say about the philippines and where the country is headed? ah,
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i british memory, welcome to the dublin news asia, glad you could join us. the philippines appears to have elected former dictator, ferdinand mac, also son as its new president, macos junior, who goes by the nickname bung bung, had more than double the votes of his challenger. lenny robledo speaking to his supporters on tuesday, macos junior urged people to judge him by his actions and not by his family history has been marked so to turn to power of the marcos family, which is accused of running a brutal dictatorship before up people power revolution restored democracy in the eighty's on monday, he thanked his supporters for their walk. i want to thank you for all you have done for us. there are thousands of you out there, volunteers, parallel groups. political leaders that have cast their lot with us because of their belief in our message of unity because of their belief in the
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candidates. hundreds of human rights activists and students have been demonstrating against the outcome of the ball. and what appears to be a landslide victory for moscow, the professor's class, the police close to the offices of the philippines election committee. they have denouncing what they claim in regularity. after them both counting machines broke up policy, say the number of machines effected was small. many demonstrators are also anger, but the return to power of the disgraced macos family with the history of human rights violations, and fraud. and jeremy, off a more from manila is asia pacific bureau chief guild matters. carol g, how cbs are these complaints? a fair breakdown and vote counting machines i'd came became very clear and quickly clear in the lecture night that a couple of those machines, 1008 hundreds to be exact. i had problems and broke down. in fact,
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i was in the polling station and my guy and i struggled up legally, lenny rob reydell. and one of those machines where i was in the, in the polling station broke down. so people were given the choice, fill in the election papers and leave them for others to be fed to the machine once it's fixed or to wait and many choose to wait. so there were long q, but overall, one has to say that will not threaten the results or not marco's is up for a historic when, and probably an absolute majority in this election. speaking about the choice, what has had, i mean they were basically choosing between a dictated san marcos, junior among bong and the outgoing vice president of human rights jump in linear brando. help us understand what mark or speech was to the public that gave him this landside while he talked about sleeping economic reforms,
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gifts went through the poor. and you have to understand that the philippines were hard hit in the corporate condemning. many people died. a lot of people have been pushed into poverty farther than they already are. so he appeals to those voters in particular how he will do all of that. he kept to himself largely because he didn't attend press conferences. he didn't allow questions from reporters. and also he talked a lot about unity and many filipinos have said, unity is important, particularly after this election, many, many set to meet whoever wins this election. one has to secure that there will be a peaceful way out of this, the election process. and the complaining has been so divisive and so polarized that it will really be the task of the president to keep peace and to keep the people together. so they'll just based on what you're saying, what does this mean for the philippines going forward?
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how does president, macos united this country? that's really a good question, bureau center, and how many filipinos are keen to see how he's gonna achieve that? a one thing i think you can expect. he's teamed up with the daughter of the current president, a sarah drew tattoo and seeing that the, the style of her father was a rather authoritarian style, fought fighting a bloody war on drugs. many expect that this style will be continued in the, in the marco's year of the presidency, with a return over a dynasty, off of politicians were from the markers. here are some even fear that it will get worse. others say you cannot afford that or to, to let that happen. but how in all of this, the unity thing we'll, we'll work with lenny rob reydell being really exactly the opposite of off mark ross. it would be extremely interesting to see your martyrs believe there were the
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timing, but thank you so much for joining us. from manila, he may still be an untested leader of nation but bung bung. marcos is no stranger to politics. his dictator father ruled the philippines for 2 decades until of people to revolt. but marco's junior has managed quite a comeback for a family once to none of us with abuse and corruption. o celebrations for ferdinand marcos junior. on the streets of manila, his likely when with cement, his families returned to power in the philippines. following the revolution that toppled his late father, in 1986, the elder ford nan marco's ruled the philippines as a dictator for 2 decades. and his tenure was infamous for its corruption and brutality. for many, it was unthinkable at the marcus clan would ever run for the highest office again
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after returning from exile. the marcos is returned to public life in the philippines with several family members taking on political positions. many of bunk, younger supporters don't connect him to his father's crimes in a bubble. and we believe that bbm is starkly different from his father. ferdinand bung bung. marcos ran his election campaign on promises of unity, but has failed to explain his policy plans in detail. analysts warned that his administration will most likely mean more strong man posturing and less democratic freedoms and transparency. gentlemen, off a more analysis on this is jan list and analyst and santa us and help us understand how a country that over through a dictatorship said, 6 years ago elect the last dictator, son as president of brush i think disinformation had
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a lot to do with it, we saw how the mark of machinery really tried to and successfully as we can see, scrub plea and the legacy of the horrors of martial law. but i think we also have to look at one other thing that was missing. you know, there are no institutions in the philippines that commit the horrors of martial doc to memory on like here in berlin, you see it everywhere. there's both acknowledgment and atonement for the atrocities of world war 2. in the philippines. we don't have anything of that sort so much to document the horrors of martial in our textbooks in our street. we only have it in our memories. and when you have that combined with just information campaign, you see memory is a fallacy thing. it's easy to reconstruct, it's easy to rewrite and therefore that's where you have no market junior coming in with his own. you narrative of a rebranding of the market name and what he promises as a campaign and as
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a banner of unity for the country. but then you also had the same bung marco's junior going up against and, you know, bred his challenger in this election in 2016 and him losing in the vice presidential race. so clearly there are a number of people in the philippines who can potentially see through this sort of white washing. i mean, what is it about this for up people in the philippines, not democracy minded. i think there's also what we have to understand about the psyche of the philipino voter. you know, how we say voters, the board where there's a mac. yes. the filipino border also bolts with their stomach, but they also so much vote with their heart. and i think it's an equal measure. so when you think about, you know, how the analysts have analyzed the campaign, messages of both marco's anger bred. who are the top runners, and this election, you have markers talking about a campaign of unity. you have regretted talking about radical love and how it's
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more important to unite amidst the political hatred and divisiveness. when you look at these 2 messages and how they resonate so much with the filipino voter. you think about how the size of the filipino border is? yes, what kind of jobs are you going to give me? what is your political track form? but it's also so much the aspiration of what kind of future are you going to give me? as my leader? it's so much a court ship, you know, when you look at the campaign in the philippines, there's a lot of seeing a lot of dancing a lot of political promises. you know, it's a relationship that a filipino voter wants to be able to entrust their future to this to leader. and when you think about a message that resonates, you have a marker who has whitewashed, the words of his family, brand name and his history, and comes across as now. when we start to just said it looks like a cape upstart. and then he tells you, i can give you a feeling of unity. then that's where you're going to not only put your heart crash, but also cast your vote,
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as we have seen in this last election. speaking of other people who have cost, what about the kind of people who voted for linear brindle, for instance, the outgoing vice president and human rights champion? i mean, where does that leave the philippines now? i think it's important to also note that i've said it and to review the lenny campaign with mater campaign, it was a movement. i wish i could tell you i could make you feel the emotion on the grad of the ro, brad the campaign. and it's important to tear to know that the campaign, the r ganeth, volunteerism, that spurred the campaign for read for me was not just a know to the marcos dash. but also i get to what glen he read the represented. she had, she was, as vice president during the pandemic. she was able to really show that she could deliver results with her pandemic response that was tangible. that was something that you could count and track. she was able to do this with the support of people
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who weren't in their donations and also private companies who placed their trust in her by also pouring in their donations to her campaign for, for a panoramic response. now what does that tell us? that tells us back last, the filipino people with a sense of what good governance not only feels like, not really what it looks like, but also that it is possible. and therefore, it's possible. the filipino public is now in a position to demand reporting. we'll have to leave it there for the time being, but thank you so much for breaking down for giving us a bit of an insight into the psyche of the filipino water and event us. thank you so much and that's it for today. you can check out our stories on our website or on facebook and twitter. we leave you with images from the philippines in the aftermath of an election, where it appears that the son of the former dictator fed man, macos has won by a landslide,
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i'm chris global. welcome to program. as germany tries to rid itself of russian gas the country's negotiations with cut our have the head difficulties as to the 2 sides cannot seem to be able to agree on conditions for a contract. according to the news agency, reuters cut our wants to sign a supply deal over at least 20 years. now germany is reluctant to commit to that also cut our insists on a destination clause that would prevent berlin from rerouting the gas to other areas in europe. a condition which the european union opposes the banning russian oil will hit the german economy hard according to business lobby groups at least. but the government has admitted that there could be shortages of fuel, for example, primarily in the east of the country. 9 out of 10 cars.


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