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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 11, 2022 6:00am-6:16am CEST

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ah ah ah, this is dw news life from berlin, germany is foreign minister travels to ukraine with new promises in tar. adelina bandwalk assures you crying. it has germany support that includes weapons, medicines, and health to rebuild devastated cities. she also said germany will move away from russian fossil fuels to permanently. also coming up going against the government and defying the police in sri lanka. protest is violate curfew and blocked road ways. standing hand in hand to show di did make holes for new leaders. emitted
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d economic crisis. plus foot polls worst kept secret is house elling. harland will leave dalton this summer to join to manchester city. that's up to the english class, agreed to meet his 75000000 euro released. oh, lou. i'm jared raid. welcome to the program. the diplomatic rift between germany and ukraine appears to be healing, following a visit by germany's foreign minister, and a lena bear bulk is the 1st cabinet minister to travel to ukraine since russia invaded in february. germany has been criticized for its initial reluctance to provide heavy weaponry and its reliance on russian fossil fuels. bay book use the visit to dispel doubts and to witness 1st hand what russian forces have left behind.
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she's on a difficult mission. german foreign minister emily in a bare voc visited butcher tuesday morning, accompanied by reporters insecurity guards. she's the 1st german cabinet member to visit ukraine since the russian invasion. this town represents the atrocities like nowhere else. and barack is demanding an explanation. as cynthia, dean of fun, surety, we owe it to the victims on these victims. you can feel it strongly here, at least these victims could be us. yes, i'm which i assign butcher is a suburb of key emphasis. it's like potsdam le berlin, manage be it. you can see playground, supermarkets and people on the way to work in, and then you see the worst evidence of crimes right next to them attaching. get now done even. more than 400 bodies were found here after russian troops with through. ethan is just a few kilometers away. this of, of kia was also on the massive russian bombardment. padlock visited an apartment building which was completely destroyed later and keith at
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a joint press conference with a ukrainian counterpart to meet your caliber. she had a direct message from moscow. the hum me, i thought we have understood quite clearly that economic dependence does not bring security if the aggressor simply does not care about the well being of the population. in fact, he got. that's why we are resolutely reducing our dependence on russian energy to 0 . but at that it will be permanent, ultimately, on sla, for him me while fighting continues in ukraine, including odessa, that had be massive rocket attacks here with reports of several deaths. and in the us of star still works. ukrainian fighters are again, reporting heavy russians shelling local politicians say civilians may still be trapped there. they're not met with ukrainian president velocity. miss lensky, along with her, dutch counterpart talks focused on military support and help with reconstruction. the face of the german embassy, keith has reopened,
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but with minimum staffing levels well, correspondent mathias billing a is in the ukrainian capital, and he was at that press conference with anna lena bear book. earlier. he told us what message the german foreign minister hoped to send to ukrainians. it was a message of support her message or as was a trust building mission. of course. both sides have been talking a lot about each other and there has been a lot of disenchantment with germany here in ukraine with the has, with the hesitance of germany in heavy arms delivery, et cetera. but now that a more weapon deliveries are on track, of course, this visit is also sending the message that these differences are behind this and, and let's do both sides can rely on each other. germany is after all, one of the most important partners of ukraine in europe. mateus, bellingham,
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in keeper there, or the name boucher has become synonymous with atrocities committed by russian forces in ukraine. though the threat is far from over, people are gradually returning to the small town near keith. the 3000 residents are unable to forget the lives lost, but at fanny for char reports, they trying to rebuild among the ruins long lines. at this fuel station in butcher drivers are only allowed to buy 10 liters each only. and it's not enough to fill up your car even to get to keep around. 3000 residents have returned since what shall we drew from here and the front line shifted. but the impact of the war is everywhere. here in boucher people have to share this one gasoline station and this is one of many problems they face as they struggle to restart their lives. even the basics, like water and electricity are still lacking the priorities,
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restoring essential services. mclean, a scoring works for the city, coordinating the reconstruction, this ah trade center was ah, completely robbed at the beginning. she wants people to come back and help rebuild what remains after the russian occupation. if russians will not do it. second attempt. oh, at a cave butcher. ah, though the calm, comfortable place leaving us, it was but for now the city depends on private donations like this to feed people. as most supermarkets re destroyed, yet residence, optimistic would and it was the sky above is peaceful. we are getting back to normal with them, so everything is getting better. people are coming back. okay. so since this is right, so, but not everyone who wants to return has anywhere to live. nearly 3 quarters of all
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homes here have been damaged or destroyed. helene and nicholas house burned to the ground in a rocket attack. roy was in me. oh my god, that will at least was my living room. the couple flat to keith but wants to move back to butcher as soon as possible. jim aboard, alyssa butcher has been liberated. it's my home. i don't want to be anywhere else. i'm staying here a little in the ruins. they find 2 jars of pickles, that rush and troops left untouched. there probably at least we still have this to 8 life goes on, they gather those. oh, no one those that are safe enough to return in the long term. but those brave enough to come back are sending a clear message to russia. they will not give up on their home that ok, let's get a quick round up of some other world news headlines now. more bodies have been
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found in the rubble of a collapsed hotel in cuba. capital havana, 42 people died when an explosion destroyed the hotel saratoga, a spokesman for the management company said many victims were hotel workers. police in armenia have detained over 60 people during protests in the capitol gear, yvonne hundreds march through the city, calling for prime minister. nicole passion. van passion yon to step down. i mean he is, lita has faced 8 criticism for signing a pace deal with neighboring as a by sean in 2020. after more than 6 weeks of wool as a vice unclaimed several territories from armenia. the european union has announced that it will contribute more than 6300000000 euros for syrians and neighboring countries. hosting refugees a you hi representative joseph burrell, urge participants in brussels, not to abandon syria, at least 8 people have been killed in protests against this,
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against this re lankin government's handling of the, of the countries economic crisis. prime minister, my hinge o russia pox announced his resignation on monday, but his brother, president, got a bay raj, epoxy is refusing to step down a curfew has been announced and the military has been given powers to detain. people without warrants or protests have continued after a day, a violent lashes, but killed several people and enjoyed hundreds and uneasy, thom has returned to the streets of columbia. the island nation is undergo few till redness. do the military and police now have emergency bars to d, dean beeper, and search homes without warden for more than a month. now, demonstrators have demanded the designations of the dodge bucks abroad. those at
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the helm of government for the mismanagement of the economic crisis with but on monday, weeks of peaceful protest give be to violence when government support, dose attacked activists. just all leto, melinda dodge bucks a step down as prime minister. his dad's residence in columbus dodge park, so was evacuated by the military and moved to a safe location. oh, some protesters and opposition leaders. he'll continue to defy the go few more now the only condemned the brutal, padded out by good darby and my head that i should buck saw on the protesters
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a protest across the country to day such as this one. o protesters are now demanding the president. good. dobbin. odds are for new his bride. those lead and resign. something the presidents refused. setting the stage for the standoff to continue well for only the 3rd time in her 70 years on the throne, britons, queen elizabeth, has missed the ceremony or ceremonial opening of the u. k. parliament in london. instead she handed over the duty to prince charles, her air. he delivered her traditional speech laying out the british government policies moving forward. the formal opening of parliament is the most high profile judy that the 96 year old queen has missed in recent months. dw correspondence. charlotte chilson pill is based in london. we asked her how prince charles d filling in for his mother. absolutely was 8 marker in history the 1st time that
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he has done this. and apparently we went to the are you ones tuning and kathleen to see how her, when to print the queen herself, was tuning in to take a look at how has on was doing and this really key constitutional role. now, in some sense, prince charles has been preparing for a moment just like this, his entire life. he has been in waiting for this roll. it will. so it has to be pointed out that much of this event is pump pageantry and, and tradition. so many time all nodes, things that many outside of the u. k. u. indeed many within the u. k. think is often quite bizarre, but there is a lot of structure to this is prepared. the speech is relatively short and live is written by the government. and so this, it wasn't something the prince charles prepared himself. so we weren't expecting any real fireworks, nevertheless, and support a huge amount of attention here looking at how he was doing. because essentially they say they're going into the future for the british public,
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really for the 1st time seeing him perform this constitutional role, you really do get the sense now that there is this, this slow, this gradual transition into prince charles taking on a much, much more prominent role charlotte chilson pill, there will some football now in english team manchester cities say they have a great deal to sign. dorman, striker elling, holland. the note norwegian was one of the most wanted players in the world. his contract made, he could leave the german club this summer for 75000000 euro transfer fee and he said to earn a wage of nearly half a 1000000 euros each week. holland is a goal scoring machine. i strike out who combine speed, strength, and skill with phenomenal results. and even if you didn't hear it from them, he'd move dimensions to see and it's riches long 1000 eligible. is
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it true that you're ready to bring early holland? here we do understand the months just to sit here and pull position to sign and no answer to your question. no answer to holland your opinion of him as a strike and no question. no answer about questions. holland had also attracted interest from the likes of rail madrid and barcelona, and little wonder, he's average nearly a goal per game for dormant, $88.00 appearances, $85.00 goals, plus $23.00 assists. those numbers meant his departure was a question of when ne speculation over his future eventually creating tensions between club and player. i believe all i want to do is to play football, but they pressed me to make a decision about my future. so that means i have to make a decision soon and also i'm getting holland follow in the footsteps of his father house nga, who will stay played for manchester city for 3 years. whole and junior cost
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a fair bit more. there it's 75000000 euros. some would argue that's a bargain or one of the best players in the world that you're up to date here on t w up next is doc film of close this more on t w dot com. and on instagram and twitter to at t w. some. jared, reading, belinda, have a great date. i imagine how many portion of lunch us heard out in the world climate change. very often story. this is my plan, the way from just one week. how much wife can really get we still have time to act. i'm going all with what 5th ah.


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