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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 11, 2022 12:00pm-12:16pm CEST

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oh, stores meet with d w ah, ah ah, this is the w use lie from both in ukraine reclaims territory from russian forces on the eastern front line. the troops re take villages, they ha keith and find a trail of destruction. they call it for more anti tank weapons to keep up a mentor. despite the small victories, the u. s. ones, russia is ready for a long pool. also coming up tree, lincoln's push for the president to go. several people have died in classes between
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pro and anti government groups. that middle worsting, economic crisis, security forces are on the streets with orders to shoot riots. classic football bad news for both the adornment band style player and leave the club to join. manchester, city and south for the english team agreed to pay $75000000.00 euros release feet. a blue i'm been visible and ukrainian president floating. mr. lensky says his country's forces are making gains against russian troops. they've retaken several villages around the eastern city of high keith. despite the small retreats, there are warnings of a long fight ahead. united states intelligence services say russia is ready for a protracted war. ukrainian troops are demanding more anti tank weapons to continue coin battery territory. ukrainian force is taken back control of
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villages on the outskirts of hot gift. as units press fort with their counter offensive, the encounter trail of wreckage from rushes and mation. ukrainian soldiers say russian forces fired on civilian convoys as they were trying to flee the fighting in frontline aires like here destruction to by ukrainian fighters. this russian tank when a many blown up with the state of the art equipment goes along the promises. but the weapons are helping us a lot, especially the anti tank ones. if, if we should, i wish we could get more of them and be sure to think we use the weapons for specific targets before wickersham. and here you see the results going to collect them. so if we had more weapon citizens, but we would get more results without blowing up will they should be on the diplomatic front. president ballade amir lensky met with the foreign ministers from germany in the netherlands in the capital. keith and lena bear bock is the 1st
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member of the german government to visit ukraine. since the war began, van viola piercer, we will continue to support a european and free ukraine. money in humanitarian, financial, technological, political, and energy terms. and not only today, but also and above all, tomorrow, in the long term, lang 50 diminished the globe. but when asked about keith's ambition to join the you, the german foreign minister said there should be no false promises about shortcuts on the road to full membership. of course, one of the ami and as if is in live in west ukraine, he told me what more we know about presidency. lensky is claimed that ukrainian fight as a pushing back russian troops. well, these 4 villages around harkins might not seem so significant, but keep in mind that harkey is ukraine 2nd largest city. it was a very important city before the war broke out. it's been under constant
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bombardment by russian forces since the beginning. and what we're seeing here is in ukrainian terms, what they hope to be a mirroring of what we saw in key of the capital city, where the russian forces had almost completely surrounded the city and then were pushed out village by village until they completely retreated. now why harkey is so important there if there was a 2nd pushback of russian forces around harkey is because it's in the east, but it's not part of the ardie russian occupied territories in the east. and as zalinski has already said before, he's offered a russia kind of ceasefire. if they would agree to go back to the territories that they already defacto controlled before the recent invasion. so those would be the terms for a peace agreement if they could push russian forces back away from areas important . ukrainian areas like harkey into the areas that have been under siege already since 2014, when russia 1st became militarily involved in ukraine. so do you kenyans feel
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they're getting the support they need to win? this will i think they've believes that ad tables have turned a little bit, especially because of analytic burbock, germany's foreign minister is recent visit to germany. the easing of tensions between germany and ukraine, which have been important for this country because germany has been kind of shaping a european policy towards ukraine and now with a howitzer as being delivered from the netherlands and germany, which are going to be important in the battle for the dumbass, they see that the military in ports are coming in their favor. now, a humanitarian deliveries are also important. as several countries including us, have announced another huge package of humanitarian aid to ukraine. and for a lot of people, this is a matter of life and death, especially in areas around mar,
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you pull her cave and in the east where people are living off of humanitarian aid. i'm sure it's great for morale. when someone like the german foreign minister turns up to you claim it to ukrainians, belief they can actually win this war. now here in western ukraine, there has been an undying belief that ukraine will come out victorious, not just having a ceasefire with russia going back to the previous or what we saw before this year when russia had occupied the east, but completely kicking russia out of their country now that is the, the war time morale here in western ukraine. i believe it's probably different for those who are under russian seed to see the bombs every day who are losing family members who are more likely to support a cease fire. that would just be able to preserve their life and way of living, but ukrainians are certainly not ready to give up the fight. and as the government has said, they're willing to make a peace deal with russia as long as they can agree on something that would road
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really reset the conflict to before the russian invasion. so they're not willing at all to give up anything that they didn't have before this russian invasion. he w, corresponded dummy and s f for us in the video. let's look at other developments in the conflict. us national intelligence director eval. hayden says, russian president vladimir putin is preparing for a protracted conflict in ukraine. hum plainfield sentences that us intelligence believes boot and still intends to achieve goals beyond the grains eastern dumbass unified, where he also said the rest concluded was unlikely to use nuclear weapons in world war 3. and the 1st president of independence ukraine. the unit craft choke has died 1888. it was a member of the communist party ended 1991 signed a treaty. along with the former rational president, boris yeltsin declaring the end of the soviet union. he served as ukraine's president over almost 3 years. what me to sri lanka,
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where authorities have extended the curfew and have been given orders to crack down on writers following on race that are prompted this week. several people have dining classes in recent days. weeks of peaceful protests turn violent after pro government groups attack demonstrators calling for the resignation of president got a b, roger puncture. they blame him for a debt crisis. that's left really because economy in turmoil is brother, the prime minister resigned on monday and has gone into hiding. earlier, i spoke to my lawn, audi a sink from the hill, south asian newspaper in colombo. i asked him for the latest on the protests. now the latest from long rice that they imposed island by white curfew has been extended because which has invariably contribution to the lengthy violence that the business on monday, a 100 houses. however,
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in the past 20 hours, there do reports of isolated incidents of violence, gamble and colombo and of the item. you want in the same scale a curfew and even warnings of police will use live, ammunition hasn't helped people want president roger said to go, how has he responded? your right. so yesterday, the minister of defense stated that trifles us as have been deployed an order to shoot all the all who funded probably property, or course personal home and put a morning diesel picks up on me because moving into alumnus and as journalist, i'm not in david's report that heavy meal and checkpoints in columbus and yet to hear from that it goes out of it. but he to eat it early on. awesome for hon and to the sex echo violence. however, there will also be
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a meeting happening. busy soon, later today, and we are expecting to have more more, more clarity following from the fact that the economy is in shambles and true, thank is going to staggering dead load. what is the way out of this crisis then? yeah, i mean that's the question that b, sri lankan has been off for the last few months actually. i mean the, i am if, without a statement today saying that it would continue to be 3 long and they would be prepared for the discussion with the new government when that is form. but they also stated that why is that committed to the tree line? they're also mostly monitoring the development and i mean, in my opinion, i think we need to be small transitional problem and a period of stability in full confidence. and for that to happen, i think the new vomiting, the trust and support of the people and
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a good starting point would be that i think nation of the value of the predictors from around the country. for the last 2 journalists bought on august income in colombo, thank you. thank you. and some other stories making headlines today. usable, costa al jazeera says, is by the troops of shot dead journalists are bring apple clay in the occupied west bank. the veteran al jazeera correspondent had been covering, ranked in the jenin refugee camp is where the if i'm it is to natalie ballot says, according to information, israel is gathered, palestinian gunfire was mostly likely responsible for her death. police in armenia have detained over 60 people during protests and the capitol hundreds marched through yet on calling full prime minister and the cold passion yon to step down. i mean he is, lita has faced the criticism for signing a pin steel with neighboring azerbaijan. in 2020, more than 6 weeks of war,
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azerbaijan claim several territories for my media wolds. richest manny, the musk says he would lift twit his band on for the u. s president trump mosque who is buying twitter for 44000000000 dollars with a band trump following the january 6th right. sent us capital out of concern. he put in site for the violence english football team. manchester city as agreed to side open striker elling on on july 1st and all weekend was one of the most wanted plays in the world. alons contract meant he could leave the german club this summer for a 75000000 euro transfer fee. he said to one a wage of milly half a 1000000 years a week. allen holland, is it gone, scoring machine, a striker who combines speed, strength, and skill with phenomenal results. and even if you didn't hear it from them,
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he's moved dimensions to city and it's richie's long 1000 editable. is it true that you're ready to bring early holland? here we do understand that manchester city are in pole position to side and no answer to your question. no answer to erling holland us your opinion of him as a, as a striker. no question. no answer about swift. holland had also attracted interest from the likes of rail madrid and barcelona, and little wonder, he's average nearly a goal per game for dormant. $88.00 appearances, $85.00 goals plus $23.00 assists. those numbers meant his departure was a question of when not, if speculation over his future eventually creating tensions between club and player . i will end of all i want to do is to play football, but they pressed me to make a decision about my future. so that means i have to make a decision soon. not for gambling. holland follows in the footsteps of his father house nga, who also play to manchester city for 3 years. whole and junior cost
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a fair bit more there at $75000000.00 euros. somewhat argued that's a bargain for one of the best players in the world. it tennis, 20 time grand slam champion elect joke of ich has returned to his winning ways. the count will number one is still seeking to win his 1st title of the year, but he's won a comfortable victory over russia's. as son cuts off at the italian open joke, which is considered that he's not at his best form, but is still looking to win a 6 italian open title. he doesn't at least reach the semi finals in rome. yes. or english help spot in the writers who russian, danny, admit it if for 2nd time this year and before we go ukraine's entry for this year's eurovision song contest, carlos orchestra as qualified for saturdays grand final. oh,
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a group is one of the favorites to win the contest taking place in italy. the band has been outspoken in expressing its support for ukrainian resistance to the russian invasions the conflict began. the competition supposed to be about music about the event is or does have its political overtones in this year more than ever, i suppose and being presume and see you again soon. mm. ah. one of mankind's oldest ambition could be within reach or what is it really is possible to reverse aging researchers and scientists all over the world are in a race against time.


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