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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  May 11, 2022 6:45pm-7:01pm CEST

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a good distance of more than 7000 kilometers who show you how to warn you. crane is taking its toll on the economy of taiwan empress colburn berlin. welcome to the program. sri lanka has in crisis dwindling foreign reserves and skyrocket in kidding, debt levels have left the country struggling to import stable products for its 22000000 people. but the crisis moved into a darker phase this week when government supporters with sticks and clubs, tact demonstrators who had peacefully been demanding the president's resignation. ha, there's evil or food in sri lanka, at least if you ask these protesters, they're hoping this exorcism will help drive members of the ruling, russia. bucks a family from office, blaming them for the economic hardship, bettering the island nation, majoring for structure, project like the construction of this harbor funded in part which i need loans.
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i've driven up the national debt, but instead of boosting revenues, president roger pox up pushed through historic ducks cuts. the market responded with a credit downgrade and colombo found itself cut off from international lenders force in it to draw down its foreign reserves. they're currently below the $50000000.00 mark. at that time of exploding food prices, sri lanka already defaulted and over $51000000000.00 in foreign debt, with more coming to you later does year. power cuts, shortages of imported food medicines and fuel have become the norm. sending protesters to the streets throughout the country. tree long as prime minister has already been forced to resign, leaving the country without a functioning government, amid the worst economic crisis in its history. ah, that's good morn this from a sangha bay agnes
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a kara senior fellow at the millennium project. welcome to d. w. we heard the prime minister has stepped down as did the cabinet, other than telling the police to use live emulation to stop rioting. what is sri lanka, leadership doing to address this crisis? well, the countries are not take situation. it's completely out of control. the burning the property is multiple locations, as well as you know, attacking the peaceful protest does turn. turn the pro, turn everything to wireless, the specially attacking the symbolic place of the protest. i wish the piece will protest as we're talking about read democratization process. so, so it's, it's a, it's an a knocking situation with political instability. and the, what the produced does are saying for the president, now that was the 1st condition that they had from
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a month ago. and they have not changed that they had one right. it boxes out. the pope has among others called for calm the joint, a parallel association form, which represents pretty long because apparel industry has also appealed for political stability. is that likely to help? yes, may others like the lawyers, the b s. l as well as so many others have mentioned the even the defense secretary, the army commander, to remain calm but day. i mean, if you look at the government is the one who instigated the violence. and so now it spread, all of the protest is, are not calm because they're hungry. i interviewed few of them. one of them. i mean basically they were saying they had only one meal a day. the packet of meal powder is about, you know, it was used to $300.00 rupees and now it's about more than $1000.00 piece of gas b,
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commodities. these like 4000 which was 1000 b. so, i mean, the governor statement saying that if this goes on the political instability, there will be 12 hour cuts. and so you have the economic hardship, as well as the challenges. so i don't think the protest is will stop protesting until the, the, you know, they are angry with the roger boxes. they want all right. boxes out including the president admitted these economic hardship that you mentioned. what does a new government need to do? well, immediately names or even government needs to be set up president has to step down and enter in government has to be set up and the existing parliamentary parliament members. and i'm basically all parties coming together and the protest does need to be, you know, satisfied with that and they will be satisfied because this will calm down when
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they're out of boxes leave. and not, i mean what happen, you know, basically attacking the protest side as well as bringing this really forces in right in front of me to the military. and this is the danger that i see that, you know, it's your luck. i should not become another me and mom you, terry, coming to the forefront. and they the danger because rebecca has this tendency because of the past. right? or is it a sandra bay? i go to a cara senior fellow at the millennium project. thank you for your insights. thank you. china continued to bet on the 0 cove its strategy as well as higher commodity prices are contributing to a spike of inflation in the country. in april, the consumer price index was 2 point one percent the highest level. in 6 months, long coven 90 locked towns and key economic areas like shanghai have disrupted the
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local supply chains, resulting and higher transportation prices for consumer goods. a rise in global commodity prices has also contributed to the current inflation spike. for more let's cross over to taipei and d. w correspondent. so song han and so inflation is picking up in china as well, but not nearly as much as it has been rising in other places around the world. why is that? compare with other countries such as the united states, china is less affected by demand lead inflation because it relies more on investment then consumption to drive nomic growth either. so china's current consumer demand extremely weak and consumption is still an important factor in pushing up inflation. china's low inflation rate is also due to the government's strong measures, including price controls and tre, protection to prevent imported inflation from being passed on to consumers. while
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these measures have had a positive impact on china, in the short term, they have long term costs and are difficult to replicate in a more market oriented economy. and so china still has to deal with important inflation, though, due to its large purchases of oil, gas, and food from abroad. and prices for these commodities have risen sharply. are due to supply sharks, cause for example, by the war in ukraine. how does the country deal with that? china has huge strategic our reserves are commodities that can be used to counteract price pressures. last summer, chinese authorities began releasing metals such as copper and aluminum from national reserves, soybeans rise and we were also released. china could also co on stay on enterprises and the national reserve system to play a role in common prices by absorbing some of the price hikes in imported essential goods. for example,
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a well oiled prices are too high china refiners. i expected to assault some of the impact of the price hike themselves and tell us what are the consequences of these state control measures. the big question for china today is whether a strategy of controlling prices can be sustained in the long run. if inflation becomes a global phenomenon over time, the cost of all these measures will increase. the chinese government must spend money to maintain reserves of various materials, subsidies to vehicle or ours will reduce the profitability of state on to find a res protection is trade policy may lead to conflicts with other countries. there's also a risk that other countries may follow china protection. this approach w's so on hand reporting from type aids. all. thank you. there are more than 7 and a half 1000 kilometers between the embattled ukrainian city of mario pool and
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taiwan capital, taipei. and despite the geographical distance, the warrant ukraine, and sanctions imposed on the aggression, russia are hurting the taiwanese economy. t w's, zachary lee has more talking to over his clients. despite being far from the war in ukraine. larry waste company, one of taiwan largest machinery manufacturers, is effect t j. so we cancelled the order from our russian client due to the sanctions. i hope this is only temporary, so there are also problems with cash flow and logistics of the wall. his disrupted global supply chains, and that is hurting race business. we thought woman shall oral mother, for example, the shipping of a computer control special engine we bought in europe has spend elaine. she is using this one has an impact on our production and machinery manufacturing of them to you. so also tongue, who hasn't the engine?
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larry is not alone. 1710 taiwanese firms have difficulties collecting outstanding dead enough fiercely we to t issues. there's also higher gas prices, an inflection companies are paying more that a town and i will miss taiwan is highly dependent on imported energy. i think i need to import oil and natural gas. so when the price goes up, they, of course, the impact on taiwan is huge. and it's not just the ongoing economic challenges. russia's invasion of ukraine has re ignited concerns of what a chinese invasion could mean. while most low cost don't believe it could happen any time soon, potential effects are becoming clear. tougher powered or you can if tie, once chip factories are unable to produce the world production chain wouldn't stop all and our lives are your go banker and tired of your computer. you a lot of
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a lot of things that i fire chips for will be effective up your info is, is i one dominates the was production of semiconductors. he produces molar, half the war chip using because they won't. i'm a single company yet. and next to me, next 92 percent of the most of 50 k to design an attack by china will cut off essential technology co good in human capital. but it's not something must and sharpeners into one, including larry way, worried about the still increasing the investment on the island. and they don't believe china were embed taiwan. and finally, it's time to say good bye to the i pod, a device that changed the music and electronics industries. more than 2 decades ago, the last model, the current ipod touch will be discontinued. apple says the ipod has undergone
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several changes since its inception. the 1st one had a scroll wheel and capacity to store 1000 songs. the latest version launched in 2007 was the same year as the i phone sample, which itself has all the ipod features and brought the end for the device. today. i'm go down. that's, i'll show, thanks for watching hulu, hulu, with
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ah, a blessing and good ideas. these benedictine monks have both they transformed their monastery into an ecological 4 runner. what is it possible to reconcile business, sadly, with religious devotion, eco friendly monks. plunked green abbey in 30 minutes on d. w, and started out with diction and transformed into an orgy of hate and violence. the history of the co plan, the oldest terrorist organization in the united states, its members white for a waste of state by white supremacy founded over 150 years ago, gets repeatedly died out. but always been resurrected. in
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75 minutes on d, w. and we're interested in the global economy, our portfolio d w business beyond. here's a closer look at the project. our mission. to analyze the fight for market dominance kit stood with d. w. business beyond a
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with, ah, this is it every news life from berlin? major gains ukraine claims cubic trees on the east and front line troops re taking villages near harkey, find a trail of russia destruction. meanwhile, moscow takes the 1st steps toward annexation of care. saw also coming up shooting the messenger, palestinian american al jazeera journalist killed covering and is really wait on a refugee camp showing.


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