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tv   DW News Asia  Deutsche Welle  May 12, 2022 4:30pm-4:46pm CEST

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out smart nature for a longer, healthier and fuller life. one of the most insightful discoveries in the history of mankind. more life starts may 28th on d, w. visited of the news asia coming up to date. an unprecedented turn of events in north korea . the country declared a severe emergency for but an outbreak of only kron if the 1st time killing young has admitted to having any coven infections. why has it made the mission now? and what is the risk for the population? and a promise of greater cooperation between the you and japan in the wake of russia invasion of ukraine, we looked at what's on the cob. ah,
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i british energy. welcome to the dublin news asia judge could join us. north korea has ordered a national lockdown to hold the spread of the only con variant. it is the 1st time leader kim jong ern has admitted to having any coven 19 cases. since the start of the pandemic in 2020. it is unclear. wipe, young young has decided to publicize the outbreak, but observe us fear the consequences could be devastating if infection spiral out of control, especially as no one in north korea appears to have been vaccinated. this is a 1st for north korean leader kim jung own. never before has the acknowledged that cove it is spreading in his country. few believe that young young has had no cases of. yeah, but now it's official level units. liam will go to the state media,
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says alma cron has been detected among patients and a capital and that the whole country is going into a national lockdown. they framed the development in dramatic terms. there has been the biggest emergency incident in a country with a whole in our emergency quantum front that has been capped, secure. over the past 2 years. north korea closed its borders at the start of the pandemic, restricting trade. also with his main trading partner, china, within the country, young young has been keen to promote anti virus meshes with images like these provided by news agency. casey and 8 lost here with his guns and our restaurant on where prioritizing sanitizing efforts in order to keep up with the disinfectant rules. additionally, we conduct systematic hygiene and contact tracing investigation and entrances where many people are coming in and out over the weekend. but there is one disease
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control method come young has refused to deploy so far. vaccination, some analysts say it's because the you and backed kovacs distribution program as international monitoring requirements. and would expose the country to international scrutiny. with most of his 26000000 people believe to be unvaccinated, an outbreak could put a heavy stream on north korea's poor health care system. that might explain why it is now admitting cove it has arrived. according to some experts, they say pam young may be seeking outside 81 that it has repeatedly rejected. throughout the pandemic and journalist frank spur has been monitoring the situation from south korea. he spoke more about the challenges facing young young as kisses multiply. well, if we look at north korea is 26000000, you have 26000000 people that are not vaccinated. take into consideration also the
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alma cranberry, and perhaps the most transmissible. coven 19 variant. so far, and north korea, dilapidated health care system. prior to the coven 19 pandemic, and for decades it's widely known that north korea is health care is critically underfunded, understaffed under, sourced those 3 things taken into consideration together with the effect of oma kronon koby 19 in the most developed countries with very robust health care systems and in north korea, you have a situation where this could spread across the country and have devastating consequences for the north korean population. the e u and japanese leaders have agreed to strengthen their partnership in the week of
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rush as envision of ukraine. european commission president also le underline, accompanied by european council president, shall michelle held stokes for japanese prime minister for me. okay. in tokyo, the sides also agreed on a new digital partnership, which will, among other things focus on improving the global supply of crucial semiconductors. later addressing a joint press conference, the leader spoke of stepping up sanctions against russia and greater cooperation. irosia and you, good. i seen the ocean rushes invasion of ukraine, shakes the foundations of the international order, not only in europe, but also in asia. and this is absolutely unacceptable in cooperation with the g 7, including the 8 you, japan will implement strong sanctions against russia and strengthened support to ukraine and it was, she was like, you guys finish. i minister there for meal,
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by thanking you warmly for the marble solidarity that japan showed by diverting some of its ellen g supplies to europe. it was at a crucial time for us at the height of the european heating season. and we will not forget this, this shows the power and the solidarity of democracies working together. and joining me enough and to care for more on this is mito sooner or he's an associate professor at care university and specializes in international security and european politics. professor rocha japan and the you have always been close partners, but what impact has 2 years of go over 19 and the ukraine war had on this partnership? gave you credit war. he has a lot of a big impact on the either japan relationship, which is the theme as a sort of
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a catalyst for more contact and more closer coordination between the 2. because they're what we athene now is an unprecedented level of coordination and dialogue between the 2 partners mainly on ukraine, economic sanctions against the grain. but at the same time in the g 7 context as well. japan and either the part of g 7 pro says sunday answer in the context of g 7 . know we have seen a huge number of 4 minutes of meetings in summit meetings. is that so the level of coordination and cooperation between japan andi post bilaterally and will say in the context of the 7 has increased quite a lot, not permanent tech issue that talked of their ukraine was shaking the foundation of the international order. not only in europe, but also in asia. what does it mean by that? is to what time it is, the kid has been emphasizing is the fact that the european security and the
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security in, in the pacific ah, indivisible 30, there's a huge linkage between the 2. and was the key cody, the, we, we, we need to prevent the deep did the change of status go by force, from taking place again in asia. so that is why did we, we should not say we should not allow the war in new crane as a precedent for another crisis. so another invasion indian, the pacific region. so that's why the tokyo, it's very much air focusing on right down in the country is linkage between to reach the sir in the context of this is talkers, are talking about beijing and the china, the sort of miss in the region. yeah, that's auto. we are leverage focusing on because dead because of their geographical proximity, and we're 30 rising tensions in south genesee and east genesee assist. that's what
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the token needs to address. so the, yeah, that the, it's, i think it's just natural for japan to look at the linkage between the 2 regions and the linkage between russia and china and relations between the 2 countries. now speaking of lincoln, as japan like europe has a very close trade relationship with china, bought a fod difficult bilateral relations, as compared to most countries in europe. i wonder therefore, where does the e you fit into japan strategy on that front? indeed in his china, you mean? correct. yes. the in terms of dealing with china, the china is a big neighbor and the china is really one with most important trading partners with japan. so the business community in japan is very much interested in doing continuing business with 10 of course,
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and that's also very much in japan's national interest. and, but at the same time, we have various, a wide range of concerns about china. and in terms of dealing with various economic programs dandy, john needs to get the other like minded countries on boards. so we very much cooperate with united states, of course. but at the same time, the ear is a like minded partner showing values and sharing various concerns about china as well. so that is why there is a growing interest in japan in walking more closely with the year. so the, in terms of ensuring new market access, for example, or the treatment of the private companies, the investors in china, and get the intellectual property rights under the thesis. so the, and also the we are increasingly interested in cooperating with americans and
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european partners in terms of dealing with human rights. the susan home connie says, this is study in the context of the war, new grain, those china relate. it is, is a now seen as more invisible, but the challenges are there about the challenge is increasing. so the, i think it the fact that e leaders visit japan. i'm it doin ukraine. i think it's a great demonstration that the europeans are still very much engaged in the, into pacific region assess, so the not forgetting the importance of this region. so just that, that, that i think was a great pass the message. so this week actually we also saw a visit by finish prime minister, right? so the, so this is sort of a return of in parson diplomacy. i think it is great after after 22
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years of pleasure talking to you. thank you for bringing that perspective to us. so professor, meet you too, sir. ok from k university. thank you, sir. and that's it for today, but there is more on our website and our facebook and twitter accounts. but before we go, we just want to bring you an update on another story. they have been following for you this week. the escalating economic and political crisis, inter lanka, residents have been taking advantage of a brief relaxation of a curfew to buy supplies. the troops are still out in force on the streets of the capital, colombo, and other cities to prevent a repeat of the violence that erupted at the start of the week. that killed at least 8 people. believe you with some of the latest pictures and we'll see you tomorrow. bye bye. ah
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ah ah ah ah ah! in the moon the road a
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paradise. because i'm a cool cool breeze. you i live but it was just me in the month hello. a fresh i turned off the tops to keep you gas moscow spots sanctions on dozens of european energy companies and hold some gosh, it will ask an expert if the much fear to rush and gas located has arrived. and india wants to become a major player on the global market. can it help the world avoid a food supply crisis and the fight over abortion access and the 5 corporate america is being pressured to pick aside. we'll talk to an expert about what companies have to gain and lose from taking
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a stand from the controversial issue. can chelsea delaney welcome to w business? did russia just turn off the spigot on europe? moscow has announced sanctions on 31 european companies, including gas prom giovanni of the former subsidiary of russian gas giant gas problem that is now controlled by german regulators. as well as germany's biggest gas storage facility and gas trader, wind gas economy. mr. robert hop back on thursday, confirm that some companies are no longer receiving gas due to the sanction, though, he said the country has found alternative suppliers. now for more in this, i'm joined now by had invoiced. i'm the director of energy climate and resources at your age, your group in london having things for being here. so what do you make of that? we've already seen russia cut off bolen. nope. and bulgaria is this the moment when russia cuts off the rest of europe from its gas. i saw the me.


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