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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 13, 2022 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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more like starts may 28th on d, w. ah, this is the w huge lie from but in the e. u announces another half a 1000000000 euros to buy weapons for ukraine. that announcement comes as top diplomats from the g 7 gather for talk to northern germany. a bout unite behind ukraine until its victory over russia. russia and ukrainian fight is battle for control over the eastern dumbass talks drank over a possible prisoner swap that could see the release of wounded ukrainian troops from the as all star steel plant. and north korea reports its 1st hope. 19 day stay
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tv says hundreds of thousands more north koreans showing symptoms. experts say it's unlikely the isolated break gene is a quit to manage such an outbreak. ah, i'm paid for is all and nice to have you along. the european union has pledged another half a 1000000000 euros to ukraine to buy weapons. it's fight against russia. evasion. you foreign affairs chief joseph beretta made that announcement as a group of 7 meeting kicks off in dolton, germany. foreign ministers of the group will discuss rushes, warring ukraine as well as food shortages that stem from the conflict. the g 7 is made up of some of the world's largest economies. they say the aim of the meeting is to send a powerful sign of unity in their support. if you chief international
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correspondent richard walker is at the g 7 meeting. tell us more about barrels announcement there. this special 500000000 euro. you budget for you cry? yeah, that's right. been so $500000000.00 euros additional money according to shows a barrel coming from the european union for ukraine to buy weapons for this war. and that takes the overall u commitment through a facility called the european piece facility to 2000000000 euros. and he said that this $500000000.00 extra would be, are going towards heavy weapons. what he described is the kind of weapons that ukraine needs to fight this war. so he named things like tanks, a heavy artillery and also munitions. so if you take this to 1000000000 now, the u. s. cumulatively offering the fact that the united states is now debating a $40000000000.00 us dollar package of military. but also other kinds of aid towards ukraine just goes to show the amount of a coming from the west to ukraine. really is very,
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very significant. i think the message from the west is that it's not going to tail off. they're going to keep adding to it for as long as necessary, as this will continues. and as a continues, what about these challenges of global food shortages are something pressing in many regions of the world and something that they're trying to tackle at the g? that's right. and elisa burbock, that the german foreign minister saying yesterday that 25000000 tons of grain is stuck in ukraine. they should be out in ships dest into countries where there's a pressing need for food supplies. instead, it's stuck in ukraine because of a russian blockade on ports like odessa in the black sea. so the g 7 plus the world food program, also calling on russia to lift that blockade. but they're also here discussing potential ways of trying to get that grain out of ukraine over land roots by rail and by road the germans saying that they're certainly a willing to help with trying to achieve that. the thing is land roots compared to
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see roots from massive bottleneck. so the chance of really getting all of that grain out, or without access to, to those ports becoming fully functional. that seems quite slim. so really, the message from the g 7 is to vladimir putin open up those ports to make it possible to get shipped out of odessa and other ukrainian port. richard. anything else we should look out for the meeting today? what we're looking forward to hearing from the ukrainian foreign minister, who is a guest here in northern germany. we're going to be hearing from him quite soon, seeing what message he has but also the g 7 are talking about other issues. they're talking about climate change. we're also talking about the challenge of china in the, in the pacific region. the message for from many countries here, particularly of the united states, is that the fact that this war is going on in eastern europe cannot distract from other major issues facing world powers. at the moment. richard walker in bison
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holes. analysts from britain's defense ministry say ukraine's forces of water rush in advance in the dumbass region. russian troops are facing several setbacks as u. k. forces put up a strong counter offensive in the east cities around a heavy bombardment with russia. fighting for control. ukraine's military says moscow's army is still in 2 villages near the city of language is our regular military analyst. he told us how ukrainian forces are holding back russian troops from crossing a strategic river in the east. this is in a place called bella hood, which is just west of the time we were talking about yesterday said arrow don't ask which the russians are trying to circle. what happened there was that some rather clever ukrainian engineers spotted. it was their job compact engine is sort of the particular place where they thought the russians would cross the river. the russians did try to do so you kind of have pre registered, it's called
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b r. 10 re fi. the russian forces across the river were destroyed in doing so about just under the tammy tactical groups worth of material was, was, was attacked and destroyed that several 100 casualties. you don't know quite how many but of course, and they tried that was on maybe 8. they tried again to try to get roughly the same place. we don't know what happened and they're still trying to cross that river. it's significant. they were stop, but the push continues to try and, and circle so there. and that's a key fortified city in the dog bass and fighting is still ongoing at the as of style steel plant, how long can sold is there hold up. yes, very interesting question. the russians planned the victory parade as we talk, as we spoke before, may, the 9th, which obviously didn't happen for obvious reasons. equally obvious reasons. and the fight goes on. the answer the question depends, i suppose on the will of the defenders which is assisted by the assumption that
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many of them, the members of the so called as off regiment will be killed if they, if they surrender the other major. you the 36 marine brigade, very elite unit in the ukraine. our forces are also that if they have food, they have water have ammunition, they can hold on indefinitely. what the russians are doing now it's report, it's trying to block the tunnels. so the whole 11 square kilometer complexes is underpinned by tunnel system. the russians to try to find those block them off. now i suspect does not do that for a long time. this can hold out for a long, long time for weeks to come and see it has already provided food. water ammunition is available and we'll be following this. how do you see this war in general now just progressing with more russian grad offensives expected in the coming days? yes indeed, they are going to continue to try to circle up on the severity of that, which i think we're going to hear a lot more about their tax slightly further west place. time in or out of high
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school is your have failed. so the focusing on this, so better than that's not the case, been waiting for the reception for 8 years and the russian said the other day, that's a 4 to 5 time expect to hot fight and they will get one not like the one they got it and i suspect, although that it's a very good, it's the credit be better prepared. but i think in the medium term, grinding now towards a stalemate, rush, rush, and the tax will start to fade out there start to culminate, as we said. but looking at it, unless the west can keep feeding the twenty's with more of better equipment to change that calculus, the credit is a stop. the advance is it's about an exquisite circle. the breakout will be able to do so, like the day before hockey have to be in other places. heading towards a stalemate. war in ukraine, that inside frank language lectures in strategy and or at the university of portsmouth. thank you. thank you. areas in all the ukraine where russian troops have retreated, face
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a massive and dangerous cleanup security team to trying to remove rockets, munitions, and mines. as d, w, 's, funding for channel reports, a broken leg, an injured spine will let em invaluable. barely survived a land mine explosion, but you see you need time. much needed come for it from his wife, while at amier was on assignment, restoring electricity in the key phrygian when it happened. just when were you home? when we were driving in the car with my colleagues, there were 3 of us, the driver image, myself, and my boss. so are going to, we were talking about our plans for the next day and then i don't remember anything from the, from a blue. that's when the car drove over a land mine value only survived because he was in the middle seat. he's colleague sitting next to him. died demining teams like this one work against
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a clock here in the churn have region. sometimes they're able to remove about 40 explosives per day. it's not nearly enough. it's like a pretty my, it's a 3 months of work is huge. and now because the grass is growing and everything is blossoming, it makes it impossible to work faster than that. it's harder, for instance, to see booby try was to rydner, rusty oscar booby traps our band via international law. the teams task today. the controlled explosion of this hurricane rocket full of cluster munitions ah, indiscriminate weapons that can cause many fatalities before the war. people came here to walk. now even that has become risky after the withdrawal of russian forces . as you can see, they have left behind a lot of land mines, unexploded munitions like this one. and now they pose
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a threat to farmers who need to work on the land, but also to other civilians, to simply accidentally happen to step on one of these here in the forest or in their backyard. it will likely take yours to the mine ukraine. as the war ages on me, how yellow explains philosophy statistically one month of war equals one gear of d, mining or civilians get blown up by these traps. words those who have nothing to do with any of this and never wanted to be part of this war. in the 1st place wasn't brought to part. one of them had physical injuries were he'll say, but he must go with the mental impacts to go with the bouquets. what can i say when you speak to a person who's and a minute or 2 later, you understand that this person is not alive anymore? this is very heart difficult, but someone needs to know the child. a woman mother comes with her. despite the hidden danger of minds and other explosives, he wants to continue this dangerous job and bring electricity back to the people.
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north korea has reported its 1st death from cove at 19 and use comes a day after the country acknowledged an outbreak of the buyers for the 1st time in this white crisis. ordering a lockdown state media says 6 people have died from a fast spreading fever. it's covered, one of them had tested positive for the corona virus on the chrome, very it. north korea has also released a photo of leader kim jong on at the country's emergency with any prevention headquarters. korea previously claim to have had 0 infections during the end. demik is refused international help with vaccinations and had largely kept its boards closed until now. judge smith is a correspondent in south korea. i asked him if cope it is now taking its toll in north korea to it a half years into this crisis. that's right, it is quite a startling admission by the government. there long been suspicions that there that
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it was unlikely that north korea would entirely escape this global pandemic. and now we have the 1st official confirmation from the government that there are indeed cases there. as you mentioned though, even the death numbers that they released so far, i do show the amount of confusion over exactly what's going on there. this kind of unknown deeper that they say, hm infected at least 350000 people so far just in recent weeks. but they haven't released total cobit case numbers. and experts we talked to said that shows perhaps a weakness in their capabilities and able to test the sheer number of people with symptoms out there right now. and so i think going forward, there's going to continue to be questions over not only the numbers, but also their capability and being able to help people and prevent a wide spread us just just how bad do you think this outbreak get considering such
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a poor health care system, no vaccines and sanctions on top of that. so north korea has a relatively high number of educated doctors and staff in a health care system that given its authoritarian nature of the government can be very quickly mobilized and deployed around the country. however, they have chronic shortages of supplies of medicines, equipment all of that on which is why experts say that it's so critical that they do open their doors out to some aid. now in recent months, there has been a trickle of aid. oh, we understand that's coming from some of international organizations there are going through that very tight border lockdown that you mentioned before. however, there's been no sign of vaccine so which have been key to keeping at least the death rate lower around the world and are seen as key to allowing a north korea to eventually open up and protect it's already battered economy. josh
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smith in so you're watching the w news of next doc film india's path to global power under the rent from modi, i think as well. and thanks for watching things . imagine so many pollution problems. so now in the world climate change to the bank on the stores, this is my plan, the way from just one week. how much was can really get we still have time to act. i'm dealing with process. ah.


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