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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 13, 2022 12:00pm-12:16pm CEST

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a d, w ah, this is the w news live from berlin. the new announce is another half a 1000000000 euros to buy weapons for you crying as foreign ministers from g 7 countries gather in northern germany, promising support for you cried its victory over russia. also on the program, the dangers discovered after russia's retreat bomb disposal teams come through re taken ukrainian territory, looking for unexploded weapons here about the challenges they face to north korea
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reports. what it says is his 1st coping 90 day stay. tv says, hundreds of thousands of people are showing symptoms. experts say it's unlikely, the isolated regime is equipped to manage the outbreak. ah, i'm so guy. welcome to the program. european union has pledged another half a 1000000000 euros to help you crane by weapons and its fight against russia's invasion. you foreign. the 1st chief, joseph burrell, made the announcement on the sidelines of a meeting of g 7 foreign ministers in northern germany, representatives from some of the world's largest industrialized economy plus the you will discuss russia's war in ukraine as well as food shortages stemming from the conflict it's a name to send a powerful sign of unity in support of ukraine. let's take you to that g
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7 meeting that in northern germany, enjoy not chief international correspondent, richard walker. welcome richard. or expecting the ukrainian foreign minister to address this meeting that is expected to speak any moment. what are they expecting to hear? yes, so in fact, it is almost like the star turn here at the g 7 meeting in northern germany isn't even a member of the g 7. this is demitra caliber. he is the ukranian farm and i say he's here as a guest. he's already been in a meeting with the other foreign ministers we're expecting to, to, to show up just down here on the lawn there to make his statement any minute now. and he's, he really trying to drum up support. he was in berlin. the last couple of days, trying to keep drumming up support for ukraine's position. the kind of support that we're seeing now expressed a by shows a barrel in another 500000000 euros of military aid from the european union. that
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takes the overall european union, a contingent of military a, to ukraine, to 2000000000 euros, or al, saying that this isn't going to include heavy weapons, things like tanks, heavy artillery, and munitions. and if you take that together with what's been going through congress in the united states at the moment, $40000000000.00 have aid to ukraine, a large part of that being a military aid, other aspects of aid in that as well. that it kind of goes to show that the scale of the support is coming from western countries to ukraine. i think the message that they're trying to send out is that this support is continually being added to that. it's not going to sort of ab away as the war drags on. and one of the things about this 1st war, but as ramifications across the planet is a food security ukraine, a massive export of gray. i just talk of this is going to be on the agenda, just talk us through some of the challenges, but this war is fight it proposing. that's right. i mean,
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the 10s of millions of people around the world already face severe hunger. and the world food program is saying that as many as 14000000 people could be on the brink of starvation soon, if a grain supplies out of ukraine don't start flowing. and alina babel, the german 4 minister says that 25000000 tons of grain are stuck in ukraine, unable to get our is the country through ukrainian ports, which are under russian blockade. so the message from the world food program also being on the line here from the g 7, is that the russians have to remove that blockade so that ships can get out of ukrainian ports. but also they're trying to work on the sort of plan b is how to be able to get as much grain as possible out of ukraine festival overland, by road, by rail, to other ports around the european union, whether in romania or in poland to try to then get the high seas from there, but it's clear that that would be a massive bottleneck to try to get grain out of ukraine overland to really the
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strongest message is to try to get the russians to ease that located. ok, thank you for that sir. richard walker, but you 7 meeting in vice in house, in germany. analysts from britain's ministry of defense, ukrainian forces afforded a russian advance in the dumbass region. russian troops are fighting setbacks that ukraine man, so strong counter offensive in the east west. it is rather heavy russian bombardment crates, military says, moscow's army is storming 2 villages near the city of back during the dw corresponded to finish russia in keith. i let start. welcome a family. let's start with fighting and they don't bus region. what are you here? is quite a fierce fighting on going there. obviously in the light of the fact that russia started a counter offensive during the past couple of days, the ukrainian forces really gain momentum in the hockey region in the neighboring
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region. they could, they could basic re power quite a few russian forces the surrounding a hawk, if city towards the north and toward the east. and basically russia is now try to retaliate on the front of the dumbass region, which they know quite well. given the fact that the russia back separatists have been fighting in the dumbass region since 2014 know the fact that some of these villages could believe liberated, not only the hawk if region, but also you can keep region where i am, where i will. so there was intense fighting at the beginning of the war. the fact that the villages have been liberated doesn't mean that they are no surprises. in fact, very deadly surprises. as or next report will show a broken leg, an injured spine will let em your volume barely survived a land mine explosion. but you see you need time. much needed comfort from his wife, while at emmy was on assignment, restoring electricity in the key fridge and when it happened, just when were you close?
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when we were driving in the car with my colleagues. there were 3 of us, the driver image, myself and my boss. so are going to, we were talking about our plans for the next day and then said, i don't remember anything and from the, from a boy that's when the car drove over a land mine value only survived because he was in the middle seat. he's colleague sitting next to him. died de mining teams like this one work against a clock here in the churn have region. sometimes they're able to remove about 40 explosives per day. it's not nearly enough. it's like a good you my it's a 3 amount of work is huge and now because the grass is growing and everything is blossoming, it makes it impossible to work faster than it was harder. for instance, to see booby trap was to rydner roster. oscar booby traps are banned by international law. the teams task today, a controlled explosion of this hurricane rocket full of cluster munitions,
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indiscriminate weapons that can cause many fatalities before the war. people came here to walk. now, even that has become risky after to withdraw all of russian forces. as you can see, they have left behind a lot of land mines, unexploded munitions like this one. and now they pose a threat to farmers who need to work on the land, but also to all the civilians who simply accidentally happen to step on one of these here in the forest or in their backyard. it will likely take yours to the mine ukraine, as the war ages on me, how yellow explains philosophy sticky one month of war equals one year of d, mining or civilians get blown up by these tramps. was those who have nothing to do with any of this and never wanted to be part of this war in the 1st place. wasn't
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brother park. one of them years physical injury. so he'll say. but he must go with the mental impact to glibly bouquets. what can i say when you speak to a person who's and a minute or 2 later, you understand that this person is not alive anymore? this is very heart doctor, but someone needs to know the child. a woman mother screws priscilla. ah, despite the hidden danger of mine and other explosives, he wants to continue this dangerous job and bring electricity back to the people about to finish rashaw in cave funny bobbing effect, but bombs are dropping. then you get a rest bytes. but then you can go out of your house just in case you start on a landline. exactly. that's the current reality of ukrainians. what they faced right now, but also the people who are actually, well, it's difficult to do to wrap your head around the fact that there are people who
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are returning to these villages they are liberated, but they are literally littered with land mines and explosives. however, the people you've been speaking to say, they are already thinking about the future of ukraine. if they do not come back, if they do not restore and rebuild, then they actually lost that part of land and russians have one, even though they will be drawn from these places. so for them, it's something, it's not a choice, it's not an alternative. they want to return to signal to russia. they're not going to give up on the homeland and on a different level obviously. and this is being discussed right now at the g 7 meeting there. ukraine play such a vital role when it comes to feeding. so many parts of the world so far as go back to the agricultural field fields, they plan seeds now to be able to harvest something later in september, even though nobody really knows. but it's going to be possible to harvest, given the ongoing war. but this is basically the emotional reaction of people here on the ground. it's resilience, it is bravery is basically all of it. what we have seen ever since the school has begun on february 24th. thank you for shot in cave,
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away from the war. north korea has reported its 1st official death from covey. 19 a day. after ordering the buck down in response to its 1st confirmed outbreak, i can just leave it kim jong own was brief. her 3 emergency epidemic prevention headquarters asked me to say 6 people have died from a fast spreading fever with one tested positive for the corona virus. on the chrome bearings up north korea claimed to have had no cove in 1000 infections during the pandemic. honey of cynthia. your abominable joan men came as a correspondent at n k news, which monitors north korea from the south and the capital there in sol. welcome to d. w. how bad are things in the north? this is a all in all very concerning situations. it seems that right now,
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around $200000.00 are under quarantine after fever. and so far it seems that more than $350000.00 north koreans, we're likely under quarantine after the rest. well, it seems that the reason why they're referring to this as a fever. it could be coming from the lack of code in 1000 test. good. but all in all, it seems of because also seeing this is infection was in tongue, but there were like more contact starting from wherever the virus came from. and because they have no vaccine administered across the country. the situation is very grave right now for the north koreans. so let's pick up that, that, that point about the cause of this outbreak of what's being speculated. there are multiple possibilities, but because north korea does not release any contact tracing information. it's the 2 leaf reading right now, but i think the major possibilities, april 25th military parade. there were people not wearing masks, dancing, holding
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a very grand ceremony incoming young. and there were people flown to the capitol from the border region and other areas. and it seems that that may have been a super spread, or if we look at the state media saying that the fever across the country, it was since late april and other possibilities could be smugglers across the country. china north korea border, but then the border was largely locked down. but so to me it seems that the april 25th has a large biggest possibility of being able to source of the infection. ok, so we have this isolated country with this outbreak where i'm a mixing to no coded vaccines on the country. still under sandra, how do i get out of this? i'm just going to say they will have to change their direction of their policy of just border locked down. they have been very confident about trusting their entire,
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put them in system, which they have changed to maximum and yet for the new system right now. but they have not been allowing the kovacs vaccines. so there are 0 vaccines that says it needed to north korea right now, so they will have to show more willingness to take the foreign aid in order to resolve this situation for the north korean people. ok, thank you for that. joe men came from and train using so before we go, the russian feminist, a punk collective pussy riots have been speaking out against vladimir putin regime for years now they're touring again. oh, what about the revolution? that's the question posed to a crowd here in berlin, where the band started their concert tour. it's a 1st performance since a co founder, a flag i fled russia in disguise. she's one of several band members who've been defeated, the jails for their activism. a members of the group performed
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a new song criticizing moscow's patrol, which will in crane and visit other european cities on that. was he? right. and i said you're up to date, more world news at the top of the hour. chelsea delaney has your business updates in just a minute. i'm doing the fish. come take a look at this to the highlight school every week in your in box. subscribe now. oh hello guys. this is the 77 percent. the platform for africa you to defeat issues and share ideas you know.


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