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[000:00:00;00] ah ah, this is the w news light from berlin. ukraine calls on its allies to seize and handover russian assets. but russia must be politically economically, but also financially ukrainian foreign minister was addressing g 7 foreign ministers meeting in germany. e. u has pledged an extra, ah, of 1000000000 euros in weapons spending. also on the program ukrainian hackers take
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the fight to russia online and violence regs out ahead of a funeral for an hour. jesse or a journalist israeli police try to disperse, more or less gathering for shipping and apple was burial. i'll just hear me say she was shot dead by israeli forces while reporting israel says it's unclear who fired the fighting show on the clear favorite to win the issues eurovision song contest. oh, do you for you here paul? bond channels, the emotions of a nation. the contest in which culture and politics become ah, i'm from gale. welcome to the program. the european union has pledged another half
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a 1000000000 euros to help ukraine by weapons in its fight against russia's invasion. he, you foreign 1st chief joseph burrell, made the announcement on the sidelines of a meeting of g 7 foreign ministers in northern germany. ukraine is the top of the agenda and its set. foreign minister is one of the invited guests to meet your cr labor, urged his colleagues from some of the world's largest industrialized economists to overcome their differences and adopt an oil embargo and russia. but that's just one of the steps he wants the g 7 to, to make russia a pay for its aggression. and today i asked g 7 countries to adopt legislation and put in place all necessary procedures needed to seize russian sovereign assets and give them to ukraine. give them to ukraine for ukraine to use this money to rebuild our country to reconstruct our
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country. after all the damage inflicted in us, russia must be politically economically, but also financially will the debris schieffer international correspondent, richard walker is at that meeting. he told me more about the ukrainian foreign ministers requests yet. so technically they're picking up on a flip plan that was actually put forward by canada's government to the end of april or to seize russian overseas assets. clearing the assets of russian oligarchs . and in the canadian plan is to then provide that as compensation to victims of the war and ukraine. so ukraine now taking a plan rather like that to the g 7 and to the rest of the world and saying it would like to see every country implement something like that. but also in terms of imposing costs on russia in trying to make sure that russia does not profit from this war. a labor underlining the importance of western countries breaking their dependency on russian energy,
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particularly oil and gas. now he talked in particular about the european union's efforts to bring in a ban on russian oil import imports, which are currently being held up by hungary, hungary, a country that is blocking that so far. this can be important meeting on that in brussels on monday to labor is going to be there. and he said is absolutely essential for the e. u to retain unity on this, not to be split on this issue of oil imports. and he describing the fact that russia was still earning a lot of money on oil and gas or from western countries as a ridiculous situation at the router caliber also addressed the global food security crisis. this war has sparked yet. that's right, phil, this has been quite a major focus of this pharmacy minister meeting up here in northern germany. so far . and alina bell book, the german foreign minister, drawing attention to this herself, are talking of 25000000 tons of grain, that
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a held up in a ukrainian port say, can't get out of major ports, which is like odessa and because of a russian blockade. dmitri caliber saying that russia has to live that lift that blockade. and because otherwise, once the next harvest come in, there'll be a huge break down in the entire, sort of flow of ukrainian agriculture and thing that grain outs of markets around the world. and this mass is not just you train, this matches to many countries in the world. the world food program itself is wanting that some $40000000.00 people could be on the brink of starvation. if that grain doesn't get out into world market. ok, so what else can we expect to hear from today's meeting yet? well, phil, ukraine is absolutely dominating the agenda, roughly half of the sessions have some reference to ukraine, but it's not the only thing that's going on in the world. of course, climate change, the major priority for the foreign minister here, a member of the green party. there's going to be a session on that tomorrow morning. also china,
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very much the elephant in the room. as it had been early before this crisis rotted in europe. and there's going to be a couple of hours session talking about china, talk about the end of pacific, also talking about north korea, the instability emanating from north korea. so i think the focus also there is just to try to remind a member states that although the war is gripping the world's imagination, of course the world keeps turning. and the rise of china in the, in the pacific. it particularly presenting a major challenge to these western democracies that they want to keep discussions going on here in northern germany today. ok, folks about richard. richard walk out the g 7 meeting in the vice in the house in northern germany. i drove a chance of our show spoken by phone to russian president vladimir putin calling for a face far in you cried as soon as possible. they spoke several times after russia invaded ukraine,
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but that last call was at the end of march. jones was shows also attend to the parliamentary defense committee meeting, which arms experts were talk of the agenda. after initial hesitancy, the german government. and so you turn it policy and agree it woodson? every reference to ukraine. the chancellor's been criticized with reluctance to put words into action as get more from d. w for to correspond to benjamin alvaros. welcome, ben. what else do we know of this conversation between ballot and moscow? it was the 1st call after several weeks of silence that he just mentioned. the last call between a president, putin and chancellor shawls was at the end of march before those terrible pictures of what we saw in a butcher close to the ukrainian capital. keith sparked worldwide outrage. of course we have to be very careful of the sources because the chancellor re and the kremlin in rush of course try to instrumental lies in these phone calls. where we
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know for the, from the german side is that it was a long phone call. indeed, it happened to day morning 75 minute talk were germany and asked the german president to look for a cease fire as soon as possible to improve the humanitarian situation. also, they specifically talked about mario, poll about the situation there, and a german chancellor shelter tweeted that. the claim that nazi's rule in ukraine is false. something that according to russian media put in try to explain to scholes. and also why this special military operation is russia called it, is it taking place? of course they also spoke about the food shortages and the situation that the foreign ministers of the g 7 group are speaking about in germany. and why this call after such a long pause, end of march was their last call. well, in, according to germany show, spoke to ukrainian president lensky a few days ago. and as we just saw,
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and those reporting as the picture ukrainian foreign minister is in germany's, of course, it's taking center state ukraine is taking center stage. if this is the 7 meeting and germany is also taking a more active role. not only when it comes to supplying heavy weapons to ukraine, but also when it comes to training ukrainian soldiers here driven. so thank you for that. a benjamin alvarez group unless from britain's defense ministry say you claims forces of water to rush in advance and the don't bass region. russian troops are facing several setbacks as ukrainian forces put up a strong counter offensive in the east cities on the heavy bombardment with russia . fighting for control. the cranes military says most goes ami storming. 2 villages near the city of o for some insight into a lot of a person's thinking. i spoke with mccall, i cassini off. he was prime minister of russia under put it between 2002004, a former ally. he became
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a leading political opponent and lives in exile. so i started by asking him about his position on the war in ukraine. it's absolutely clear. so the fusions my original was absolutely clear from, from the beginning, just in the region, go to georgia. and i'm a, i was one of the organizers all those approaches marchers in moscow against, against more integrated. and of course, today's war is absolutely brutal. undertaken by mr. women to keep just every normal russian, just in different beliefs. we absolutely can them this criminal look. you don't miss you. let's do that. let's see if we can back pick your brain as it was given your knowledge of the man. let's, let's turn to he's, he's right public appearance. they may, 9th victory type, right. there was no declaration of war and no national mobilization as had been
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expected. why do you think those announcements were made? i didn't expect that would be announcement o war and what decision because of the suit. the reason if we don't want to thank them. we'll do this. we've done this with demonstrations here that special operational failed and just keep call for the whole russian. russian will help him to get out of the situation and that's why it wouldn't happen at it. but he actually missed a speech was upset of the week. and he is, i would say behavior was a little bit nervous. i would say, i would say just wait to stop and thought out why that's you know, losing the school, especially after all those demonstrations. so european union, great reason and united states. joe, this isn't so delivery of military equipment that is already just creating a some kind of, i've not yet, but some kind of advanced decisive advantage will be great in the future. i believe
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i am the father of russia is doing so badly in this war. perhaps not as well as would have been expected. what do you make of the fear that one of the reasons it's prosecuting is war so badly is that president putin isn't getting a full picture because he's generals and he's in a circle of scared to give him bad news. yeah, i'm sure he was misled. he believed that he's in great shape and he would undertake those efforts. these are great unless he goes within 35 days, one week maximum. and we'll get jones. my son he wanted to just is going to change . he and now the one that you can remember, she called for a you bring in the military, it's just to change the resume by there. and that was, he's, he is go and why just south and east from is from the prayer. but now if you failed to achieve this, and that's why just i'm saying right now we're going to the other stage, there's going to do some, all right,
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a little bit about themselves. and that's why it's so important that united states made a decision to provide a land lease program. it means just to create a potential for your brain, and that that will be just lost and you go for a few months, i guess for if we don't just take advantage of if your knowledge of the mind having worked closely with vladimir putin early in the early years of his presidency and indeed before that, how would you say he has changed? yeah, i worked with him 20 years ago. it was company, different. awesome. it was company, different situation that, that parliament in deployment. i want to have independent media because introduced today's completely different pull. mr. wouldn't destroy all features of democratic state and now just we have absolute offers are and gregory and moving to to put it on one this completely different person, completely different situation,
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right. good. talking to you, thank you so much feel insights, mikaela cassini of a former russian prime minister, not political exile and coaching opponent. thank you. we'll take a look at some or stories away from the war. now will start in sweden, where the foreign minister says a country succession tonight, so prevent conflicts in northern europe. and linda was presenting a parliamentary report on security as a country considers applying to join the alliance in the face of russia's invasion . if you crate veterans rankin, the politician vanilla from a thinker has been sworn in as prime minister his predecessor step down this week in mid street protest. calling for his resignation with severe shortages of food medicine and fuel. blamed on the government by the prime minister's departure, demonstrated a still calling for the resignation of his brother. the president. wildfire has destroyed a wealthy neighborhood of southern california, but people were moved to safety as homes and land would destroy the regions
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experiencing a long tract. and local officials, a climate change has made even small fires more dangerous. u. s. coast guard says, 11 people died when a boat carrying haitian migrants capsized off the coast to puerto rico. more than 31, people were rescued, but it's not clear how many passengers were actually on board. gang violence and poverty has pushed many to risk their lives and taking dangerous voyages to flee the island nation. no clashes in jerusalem have broken out at the funeral of a prominent palestinian american journalist, israel time security ahead of the subs for sharina aqua, expecting thousands of movies to attend the al jazeera report. it was killed during an inch, rang the army right on the janine refugee camp in the occupied westbank. al jazeera says he's ready forces shot the reporter dre the arm recess, and entering investigation could not determined who fired the fatal good offer. we
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had just witnessed some very violent and very sad scenes. i'm sending here right in front of the hospital here in 6 or are in east jerusalem or where there was supposed to be in the beginning of a very, a quiet, you know, procession taking the body of sharina aclu from here to it's the all sit in the body has been moved now, but when the 1st try there was a crowd inside the courtyard of the hospital here. then we saw some very violent scenes. this police are coming in there also some apparently were standing outside some a tear gas, a fire that were a lot of palestinian flags that were waived, that were possibly the reason for, for the police to going in. we con, confirm that yet, but we are, the body has now be moved. so she is been taken now to the old city where there will be a church service,
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and then she will be laid to rest just outside the old city in the cemetery. along aside her parents and tell us about the investigation into sharina, blacklist that death. how is that proceed? well, there has been no conclusive for result yet, and i both sides are exc accusing each other. so it started on wednesday morning with the news that our sharina actually was a shot in the head and also another, a 2nd, a journalist. there was a group of palestinian journalist in the jenin refugee camp. that's and the northern part of the occupied westbank covering in israel, the rate so another journalist was also a shot in the back and to read about actually was shot in the head and killed there . so it's really a military said in the beginning on wednesday morning that it might have been
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possible or likely that there was a that was hired by a palestinian gunmen that there was cross fire the palestinian journalist down the ground. have disputed this account late on wednesday, the israeli army chief of staff has said it is at the moment, are not possible to determine who are fired the short. there's of course, a lot of pressure by the international community also by the u. s. administration to get to the bottom of what happened there that was even there will suppose my israel for joint investigation. but the palestinian president mahmoud abbas had said yesterday, there was an efficient memorial service for people in ramallah to say goodbye because most of them cannot come here to jerusalem and also an official memory. so he said he is refusing to do so and wants to take the case to the i c. c. thank you so much for that time to crime, jerusalem. listen, so russia invited to ukraine that
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a few widespread fears of cyber attacks. experts are surprised that russia hasn't taken down ukraine power grid or other critical infrastructure. but ukrainian hackers have been busy mounting their own successful attacks. an unlikely soldier balked at a vast go as a software developer. and now part of ukraine's i t army striking russian targets in cyberspace. he helps hack official websites, one of thousands of ukrainians who aim to show russians. what is really happening in ukraine, on filtered by state censorship, the celestial respected. we tried to disrupt as a propaganda machine and ah, infiltrate a different systems of russian government russian structures. this is a message to one of your group who enormous ukraine cyber warriors have been joined by the international hacking collective anonymous. it says it is not against russia's people or even its soldiers,
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but against president putin and his apparatus. and it wants to keep russia's own cyber x, or it's busy. so they can't attack ukraine or the west. russia has a long history of alleged cyber attacks on ukraine and other countries. it's believe to have hacked into ukraine's presidential elections and taken out parts of its power grid, as well as trying to destroy internet connectivity. but russia has always maintained its innocence, claiming that criminal groups, not the government were responsible. now, with people like boston and ukraine's hacker army against it, russia finds itself on the receiving end of these attacks. with more likely to follow, you can take a closer look at this with the w as chief technology correspondent, ganesh delco, welcome yosh. as are 2 and a half minutes into this war, how much of an impact of cyber operations are having on it? well, they have an impact,
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but that impact is somewhat different from what many people expected, you know, feel when, when that war broke out, a lot of experts predict that, that, that would be widespread attacks that could take down ukraine's critical infrastructure. now that kind of cyber apocalypse has not happened, but what we have seen is the emergence of a new form of cyber guerrilla warfare. if you will, you know, we're hacking as being outsourced. we have hackers from around the world involved in this conflict now. and what's really unprecedented is that the ukrainian government is actively encouraging people to do that. and so who are the cyber go to this? yeah, that's something that we wanted to find out. so we tracked down some of them and talked to them. and there's no easy answer. i mean, you know, they have different motives. they have different sort of like expertise in hacking . they use different type of weapons. but when you look at the pro ukrainian side, it helps to think of them as 3 groups. there are cybersecurity experts, many of them,
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based in ukraine than their activists around the world. but most prominently may be the collective anonymous. and then there's a 3rd group which are volunteers who have like little or no experience in hacking and who have become involved in this. i talked to a man in denmark for example, you know, as in like this a t guy in his mid forties who told me like a never before broken the law in his life. but now he spends like a couple of hours every day trying to bring down russian websites and good to have a hobby. but both of those and both an attacks, they're not sophisticated hacking them or like online vandalism, but they do have an impact. and so who else gets involved than it had been involved in this type of war over you credit? you have criminals, you have friends and where groups are who are involved in that. and then of course, there are state actors as well intelligent services. and the full truth there is that, you know, much of their work actually remains in the dark. when we look at those activists,
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they like to make, make it public once they, you know, leak information that they obtain during a hack or once they brought down a website. intelligence services don't do that, usually because it could, um, you know, it's sort of like against the idea of a ton of intelligence at the end of the day. so the hacking a text that we're seeing might just be the tip of the iceberg. thank you for that yellowish delica chief technology course like music fans are looking forward to the eurovision song contest final this weekend. italy's hosting i what has become one of the most popular television events in the world with a 200000000 viewers adding into tomorrow's final ensuring one song is a clear favorite. oh ukrainian for hip hop and colors orchestra is riding a wave of good will at the eurovision song contest this year. while i am the
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contests talk prize. their songs tiffany of fuses, traditional ukrainian folk music with hip hop, underscoring the importance of ukrainian culture and tradition. it's a tribute to frontman all it fuchs mother. and although written before, the war, the song has come to symbolize the mother of an entire nation. with the ukrainian band feels huge responsibility representing their country at a time when fellow citizens are defending their homeland against russia's continued assault, adulthood, with our name on this is so important for us because these days they're trying to destroy our culture. and we're here to prove that ukrainian culture and ukrainian music are alive. they exist and have a unique signature. on it, $4041.00 countries qualified for this year's contest at russia was excluded from the event in the wake of its invasion of ukraine. in february,
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a clear change of tune for a contest that has always maintained its not a political event. but politics are everywhere, even if ukrainian fancy the music does offer some comfort and respite arisen is like a breach of that normal life that we have before the war started and may be like for a couple of units for an hour, they would just feel safe on my, my best friends or my, my girls that are in kyo, from where you well. and i also where this caused them from him. because i know what they've been through the the things in the word i, i don't want anyone in europe to insurance, so it needs some work and needs or want to understand what's your credit is going
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through right now. everyone is affected and could happen to everyone in the room at rehearsals, ensure in the members of color orchestra are doing their best to keep the momentum . oh robert, i'm all see if any victory in any aspect would be very important for ukraine these days. because winning the eurovision song contest would lift the spirit of ukrainians, and it would be very good news because we don't have much good news these days on the la. on last night i bought mullins all. sanchez, culture and politics clearly inseparable at this year's your vision song contest, an event that holds more significance than most europeans can ever remember. assert, reminder of our top store at this hour. you as announced another half a 1000000000 euros to buy weapons for ukraine as g 7 foreign ministers gather folks in the gym. they were joined by ukraine's foreign minister,
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who calls for countries to seize russian assets and hand them over to keith as reformation and set you up to date more welders at the top of the hour. next on the w in good shape, you would have to have healthy scheme of the day with
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