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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 13, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm CEST

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[000:00:00;00] ah, ah ah, this is the that we news live from berlin. ukraine puts a russian soldier on trial for war crimes. a 21 year old man will be the 1st russian soldier to stand trial for war crimes in great. since the start of the war is accused of shooting dead, an unarmed 62 year old civilian also on the show push for peace. germany is chancellor urges russia to agree a cease fire with ukraine. all our shows asked president vladimir putin to end the
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conflict as soon as possible, but booting flames ukraine for blocking negotiations. meanwhile, ukraine is firing back against the kremlin calling on allies to cease russian assets. russia must be politically economically, but also financial ukrainian, foreign minister was addressing a meeting of g 7 foreign ministers in germany and a final good bye. thousands of mourners pay their final respects to a veteran. al jazeera journalist fairly shot while doing her job reporting ad of shit, in the eyebrow. lisa, very scary. israeli forces charged into the funeral procession. carrying her casket has been an outpouring of grief across the palestinian territories and the arab world.
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ah, ah, hello everyone, i'm layla, iraq. it's good to be with be with you. we began this broadcast with the opening of the 1st trial of a russian soldier, accused of war crimes during russia's unprovoked war in ukraine. a 21 year old stands accused of killing a 62 year old, an armed civilian during the 1st week of the war. 2 other cases are expected to be heard in the coming days. a court room in ukraine's capital cave. this 21 year old stands accused of an atrocity early in the war, vadim s was in ukraine's east when his convoy was hit. he and other russian soldiers then fled in a stolen car, passed a man on a bike, and allegedly shot him in the head, ukrainian forces say the defendant admitted to killing the civilian when he was captured. he reportedly said he'd been ordered to stop the 62 year old man from
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reporting on him and his fellow soldiers. his lawyer spoke to reporters about his client's status. a war hortner will know who he does not have any complaints about the conditions he is being treated according to the requirements of the current legislation. including international rules which govern such cookies for learning. the one is at least as of today, he did not voice any complete law. the trial comes, as russian troops faced several setbacks with ukrainian forces, putting up a strong counter offensive in the east. this footage from ukraine's military shows how it thwarted an attempt by russian forces to cross a key river. the severe ski donates. it was yet another bed by putin's troops to push into the region. britain says russia suffered significant losses in the failed attack. further south in the black sea,
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another possible when for ukrainian forces images from an am 2nd satellite company show a group of sunken russian vessels off the coast of snake island. meanwhile fighters at the mary, hugh pulse steel mill vow to never surrender their lives, says one commander come 2nd. so i just thinking about like i did this before or mostly and stopping my route means nothing. national security . what is values most though the soldiers may be willing to lay down their lives, their families continue to hope for their safe return to abuse. i mean, as if it is in the van told me about the significance of this 1st war crimes trial . since the start of the war and ukraine is a drop in the bucket layla in terms of the number of crimes,
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the number of alleged crimes that have been committed by russian troops and ukraine . and which ukraine hopes to bring before a court. but it's the 1st drop, so this is very significant, symbolically for ukraine to show that it's upholding some kind of standard of international law. there have also been accusations that ukrainian troops have committed war crimes. and ukraine has bowed to investigate those as well. so what ukraine is doing here is showing that despite the fact that it's country has been forced into a state of war by an invasion, which it considers illegal and against international law is going to continue to pursue legal efforts to bring those who invaded accountable for their actions, especially when it's considered a war crime and there's evidence that it, it happens later. and i mean, we understand that fighting is still ongoing at the steel plant. in marty you, paula? what more can you tell us about the latest there? ukrainian military confirmed that russian troops continued to bombard the steel
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plant throughout last night and into the early morning with artillery. so that's ground fire. and also from aircraft. this is a probably drones which the as of stall fighters or have the fighters who are defending as a style plants said is one of the serious problems for them because they have no way of defending against drones. now, what russia has also done is blocked off the exits and are, are in. it seems that they're hoping to starve the troops out so that the m, as of battalion a, eventually surrender is to russian troops, which would be a wind for russia. and so far, any kind of prisoner swap has been denied by russia because they said that 1st those as of stall defenders would have to surrender to russian troops before they would consider any kind of prisoner swap. and i mean, in conclusion, what can you tell us about the situation in the dumbass region? well, the fighting continues there and for every ukrainian, when there seems to be a russian when,
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as well. but at this destruction of the bridge has been celebrated in the area of severe done yet because that city is the last large city in don bass to be held by ukrainian troops is almost completely surrounded. but if russian troops had managed across the river, this would have been a disaster for ukrainian troops. and it shows a tactical superiority to ukrainians of their own military over russians that they were able to stop this. and what also happened in that situation is that they allowed russians to cross over this pontoon bridge and then destroyed the bridge so that the russians were stalled on the ukrainian side of the river, at which point they hit them with artillery and also air power. so this is being celebrated as a major win for ukraine. but what you all said on here and ukraine is the many winds that are coming out of the russian side with village after village and falling to russian troops and where they're showing up the dominance in that region that they had mostly since 2014 did have you, sam?
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yes, if reporting from of if you great, thank you very much for your continued coverage. german chance the all of schultz has spoken to russian president vladimir putin by phone for the 1st time in weeks and demanded a ceasefire in ukraine as soon as possible. the chancellor also rejected moscow's claims that nazis are in charge of the country. president putin responded by blaming ukraine, forestalled peace negotiations. when your will do, the last time they met, face to face was only a few days before russia invaded ukraine. it's william heygood. in the 1st days of the war, there were several calls between olaf schoultz and vladimir putin. the last one at the end of march. now, after weeks of radio silence, the german chancellor was back on the phone with the russian president. the kremlin confirmed that the call had been initiated by the germans. earlier, all of shawls had informed lawmakers of the schedule conversation. in the defense committee meeting, the 2 leaders spoke for 75 minutes. in a tweet,
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the chancellor said he urged putin to reach a cease fire agreement as quickly as possible. he rejected the gremlins claims that nazi's rules ukraine, and reminded putin of russia responsibilities as a major global food supplier. sholtes also called on the kremlin to improve the humanitarian situation on the ground in ukraine. put an agreed that the discussion would be continued through various channels, possibly assign of more phone calls to come. i spoke to the w's political correspondent, benjamin of iris gruber, earlier and asked him whether the phone call between germany's chance or all of shots and rushes. president vladimir putin will impact today's discussions at the g 7. indeed, it is a remarkable phone call. after several weeks of silence between the german chancellor re and the kremlin in russia, i don't think it's a coincidence that the talk happened today as the focus of the foreign affairs
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ministers who are meeting here in germany are talking of course, about a ukraine and the ukranian foreign minister, we just saw the is it taking apart? also in this conversations, i'm sure there was several phone calls between berlin and where the foreign ministers are meeting, but it will be seen if it will have any consequences in, in statement or afterwards. if this will have any consequences, and of course, if we look at these phone calls between leaders between president, in this case, president putin. in chandler shoals, of course, we have 2 versions, one from the kremlin, and one from germany, and sporting to look at the sources there. so i see several phone calls between both locations, but it will need to be seen if it will actually have any consequences on that. you have a meeting and add to that same meaning of g, some foreign ministers in germany. ukraine accused russia of preferring wars to talks attending the summit as a guest, ukrainian foreign minister to metro, co,
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labour called on the gathered representatives of some of the world's largest industrialized economies to step up armed supplies to his country and put more pressure on russia or this, as you foreign affairs in chief, joseph burrell, used the meeting to announce another half a 1000000000 euros and military aid to ukraine. g 7 countries are promised to support ukraine until victory and ease of use. chief international editor richard walker is at the g 7 meeting in mason house in northern germany and santas . this assessment, unity is very much the buzzword here at the g. 7 form and assess meeting in a blustery north and germany with minister after minister coming out and extolling the united response from the g 7 countries to russia's invasion. and also their unity in their support for ukraine, where the financial support or, or military support during the course of this war and ukraine's foreman said to mutual caliber here as
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a guess and clearly very satisfied with how far western countries have come in there debate about how much support to provide ukraine with to the extent that when the e u foreign policy chief announced another half 1000000000 euros of military aid for ukraine for heavy weapons like tanks and heavy artillery. that it almost seemed like par for the course. but this unity among the west will be tested in the days and weeks to come, particularly in the european union. first test is coming up at the beginning of the week in brussels, where the european union is trying to get hungary on the side for a ban on the imports of russian oil into the european union. demitrix labor saying that it was ridiculous that russia was still able to sell so much nitty to europe. so that's a 1st test where the hungry can come on side for a, a ban on russian oil imports. and then the 2nd test, a slightly longer term question, is ukraine's desire to join the european union. it wants the
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e u to grant it as soon as possible, official candidate status as a country that is on the path to membership of the european union. it's not yet clear how much support there is among e u countries for that. there have been questions for instance, about whether franz was wavering on such an idea. what caliber was here saying that he has received assurances from france that it is not trying to block such a move. so this will be a question in the weeks ahead. will the you come around and say by a big meeting coming up in june, that yes, it once ukraine to be an official candidate country. so be questions about which western unity, as is, will, continues, is certainly a dynamic situation. but there's been a lot of movement and that is what we see here as at the g 7 meeting are here in northern germany. that the, the west is come a lot further in its support of ukraine that we might, than we might have expected at the beginning of the war. back in february. did have
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you said chief international editor richard walker or ever says russia invaded ukraine. there have been wide spread fears of cyber attacks. experts are surprised that russia hasn't taken down ukraine's power grid or other critical infrastructure . but ukrainian hackers have been busy mounting their own successful attacks. an unlikely soldier, balked on a vast grow, is a software developer. and now part of ukraine's i t army striking russian targets in cyberspace. he helps hack official websites, one of thousands of ukrainians who aim to show russians. what is really happening in ukraine, on filtered by state censorship. last year we try to disrupt the so a propaganda machine and ah, in full tree, a different systems of russian government, russian structures. this is a message to one of europe. for when all of us ukraine cyber warriors have been
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joined by the international hacking collective anonymous, it says it is not against russia's people or even its soldiers, but against president putin and his apparatus. and it wants to keep russia's own cyber x or it's busy. so they can't attack ukraine for the west. russia has a long history of alleged cyber attacks on ukraine and other countries. it's believe to have hacked into ukraine's presidential elections and taken out parts of its power grid, as well as trying to destroy internet connectivity. but russia has always maintained its innocence, claiming that criminal groups, not the government were responsible. now, with people like boston and ukraine's hacker army against it, russia finds itself on the receiving end of these attacks with more likely to follow. you can link them when, as i now by the other stories in the headlines right now. sweden's foreign minister says her countries
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a session to nato would prevent conflicts in northern europe. on linda was presenting a parliamentary report on security of sweden considers applying to joined the alliance in the face of russia's invasion of ukraine. ellen musk says he has put his $44000000000.00 deal to buy twitter temporarily on hold. he tweeted to say he's waiting for data about spam or fake users and you sent shares in the social media platform plunging, walking away from the deal now would cost him $1000000000.00 in contract penalties . in another tweet, however, it musk insisted he still committed to buying the platform. thousands of mourners half paid their final respects at a funeral procession for prominent al jazeera journalist, shedding a black lay in jerusalem. before the service began. israeli security forces charged
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into the crowd carrying her coffin. the you says it is appalled by what it calls unnecessary force used by israeli police. the veteran al jazeera of a porter was killed during israeli army rate on the genie refugee camp in the occupied west bank on wednesday is really an palestinian authorities dispute who killed her journalist eye witnesses and broadcaster al jazeera, say, iraq law was fatally shot by israeli forces israel says it's not yet possible to determine what happened. i spoke to drew some correspondent, tonya kramer, and asked her about the outpouring of grief. oh, well, we saw a very moving nar funeral procession here in the old city. or she, there was 1st her church service, and then she was taken just around here outside the old city walls. and then behind me to the cemetery, a very small cemetery year. and it was a huge turn out of people paying their last respects in the hundreds,
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if not thousands are coming to pay their respects to sharina blackland. i think that just shows you how well respected as she bos, how well loved also in the community and how well known that she was not just locally as she was somehow the phase 5 to 0 arabic in the region, reporting for over 20 years on this conflict on the impact of the conflict on palestinians him in india in the occupied west bank, but also of course in jerusalem, where she was from. so it just shows you that there were a lot of people paying her respect to her. on thursday, there was an official memorial service also in ramallah, in the presidential palace, a residential presidential office stair, with president mahmoud abbas. and people from the ammonia by westbank could pay their respects than their mates. tonya, can you please speak about the troubling images of israeli police charging today? just moments ago,
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she reads funeral procession and her pall bearers carrying her coffin, then losing control of the casket. whether it was very disturbing, we were actually there in front of the hospital waiting for the coffin to be taken out and then are being brought to the old city for the church service. there was a lot of tension already. a lot of police presence there when they suddenly charged in and that's when you know the scenes happened that the pole is almost dropped the coffin and she was then taken from death by car, later to the old city music home to be any accountability. what efforts are currently underway that we know of to apprehend and bring those who killed her to justice? well, they are lot of calls, of course, her count ability and their investigations under way. we heard from the palestinian
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authority corona, they made an autopsy on wednesday night. that said it's for now inconclusive. to retrieve the bullet and she was shorter in the head. so far we understand this no joint investigation, the palestinians. i say there's not much trust also in an israeli investigation. we also got the initial results from the israeli military earlier on as saying that for the moment it is not possible to state the report said to determine the source of the gunfire. which kid a serene elbow are clear that they are looking into 2 possibilities where they, it was a palestinian gunfire. they say there was crossfire at the moment or where they came from, a firing zone from within the israeli side. that all happened. of course, in rounded, janine refugee camps at the moment that's inconclusive. they say they need the is
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ready say they need also the bullet for the ballistic test. and of course, there's a lot of pressure internationally also from usaa to ministration. ah, to conduct those investigations, authority and transparency. the sonya cramer in jerusalem. for many countries around the world, ukraine is an indispensable source of food. but russia's invasion has led to shortages and contributed to skyrocketing food prices. here in germany, the number of people going to food banks has risen dramatically. got you on top on, on, give me a couple of bananas for the little 10. thank you for longer move. there's still plenty of bananas and bread roll at noon at this berlin food pantry, the telephone food bank, while in tears are busy and the food goes quickly. $350.00 households receive food at this pantry each week. and more have been coming since the ukraine wore. the food must be divided up carefully. york,
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the god burger big yet. and you have to think about it a bit more area, a lot more, and also about ukraine, or there's less and less food because of the worn ukraine, we get even less food. the telephone organization runs 350 food pantry throughout germany. and someplace is demand for food has doubled and recent months. even people who have jobs and a regular income often can't even afford to pay for basic needs. let us nowadays everything's getting cleared out as food is in short supply everything as much. i am more and more people are registering for the pantry that im gonna shut up, manages another family, lee and ukraine has just arrived. aba liam, all for me ad. but we also increasingly have people who live here who have to budget thanks to the inflationary development and food prices,
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im splitter shawnee for club salon and mm hm. we have many retired people here. yeah. we have many families with several children meal them kinda on the system only works if supermarkets donate food. oh, but this is on the decline. food is already in short supply and to seldom donated to food banks and mail and earlier. my flower and cooking oil are illusory. i mean, we can only dream of them yet. we don't get any flower. no, while, as even choppers are not getting them in the stores right now in laden them all bleed off. sunflower oil flour and rice are in short supply and germany and prices have shot up. people have been building up their own reserves for linds food pantries are worried about the future. pump music fans are looking forward to the eurovision song contest fine, all this weekend. italy is hosting what has become one of the most popular television events in bo world and some are his final inter and one song seems to be
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a clear favorite. oh ukrainian for hip hop and colors orchestra is riding a wave of good will at the eurovision song contest this year. while i am the contests talk prize. their songs tiffany of fuses, traditional ukrainian folk music with hip hop, underscoring the importance of ukrainian culture and tradition. it's attributed frontman alexio's mother. and although written before, the war, the song has come to symbolize. the mother of an entire nation in the ukrainian band feels huge responsibility representing their country at a time when fellow citizens are defending their homeland against russia's continued assault, adulthood on them on this is so important for us because these days they're trying
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to destroy our culture and we're here to prove that ukrainian culture and ukrainian music are alive. they exist and have a unique signature on a fortune. 41 countries qualified for this year's contest at russia was excluded from the event in the wake of its invasion of ukraine in february, a clear change of tune for a contest that has always maintained its not a political event. but politics are everywhere, even if ukrainian fancy the music does offer some comfort and respite arisen is like a breach of that normal life that we have before the war started and may be like for a couple of units for an hour day work or just to save money on my, my best friends or my, my girls that are in geo from where you while. and i also where this causes them from him. because i know what they built. so the,
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the things is the word i. i don't want anyone in europe to insurance, so it needs some work and needs or want to understand what's your credit is going through right now. everyone is affected and that could happen to everyone in the europe at rehearsals, ensure in the members of color orchestra are doing their best to keep the momentum . oh no, barbara or any victory in any aspect would be very important for ukraine these days . because winning the eurovision song contest would lift the spirit of ukrainians. and it would be very good news because we don't have much good news these days on the la on us. and that i bought the house, mullins austin, just culture and politics, clearly inseparable at this year's your vision song. contest, an event that holds more significance than most europeans can ever remember. it was
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easy to renew is coming up next in d. w. news, asia. why the u. s. special envoy for afghan women believes the taliban are waging a war against. i've gone astonished women and girls that and a whole lot more coming up in just a moment with the rush banner g. i'm layla rock and berlin on behalf of all of us here. thank you very much for making as part of your day. the news continues right after that ah, ah, ah, ah,
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with who i to the point. strong opinions are positions. international perspectives approaching and brushes, armed forces have suffered some serious setbacks during the invasion of neighboring
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ukraine. so will they scaled back operations or is set to launch a new campaign, find out on to the point, choked to the point in 60 minutes on d w a. we're under kim, that's my work that time and need to meet you. i'm not allowed to see you anymore. we will send you back. are you familiar with this reliance? what's your story with women,
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especially and victims of vine and take part and send us your story? yeah. chain always to understand this new culture. so you are not the visitor, not against you, want to become a citizen in full migrants, your platform for reliable information visit. did other news asia coming up today? the valley bon escalates, it's warm women and go off to home and abroad as the hotline booth places ever more draconian restrictions on women and girls. but all the thought to bond also how make themselves an older man in the country. we have one answer from america, news special or glory. anything for the telephone want they want to have greater economic engagement. they want greater normalization,


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