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tv   DW News Asia  Deutsche Welle  May 13, 2022 6:30pm-6:46pm CEST

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party and send us your story. we are chain always to understand this new culture. so you are not a visitor, not a guess. you want to become a citizen. in phil migrants, your platform for reliable information this is did other news asia coming up to date? the taliban escalate? it's war on women. adopted home and abroad as the hard line. both places ever more draconian restrictions on women and girls. what are the taliban also harming themselves and older men in the country? we have one answer from america as news, special envoy, anything for the fun want they want greater economic engagement, the word greater normalization, more diplomatic engagement, all of that is contingent on their behavior and what they do in regard to women
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girls and the human rights situation enough on and outside of gummy on former women empties, organize themselves to form of parliament in exile. it's came to fight for the country. they were forced to flee. ah, i british energy welcome to dw news asia, glad you could join us. the un security council has held an emergency session to discuss the polar bonds, restrictive policies on women in afghanistan. the yuki envoy said it was wrong and regressive, that the hotline group had banished women to the side lines of life. the taliban scabs range from prohibiting women from travelling without a male chaperone, cutting them off from most employment and banning older girls from going to school measures designed to erase women from public life. the latest of these dictates
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requires women to cover themselves from head to toe. why? luca is not my identity. these afghan women can't it? asking for justice under the taliban root takes a lot of courage, but the latest order for them to wear a complete a job, meaning to cover up everything, but their eyes has angered them once again. i'm on my midway and we want to lift as living beings lift as noble creatures not to live as a captive in one corner of the house, not to be held in the cage of our house and our husbands go and back for food. we never want a date like this. it grogan, i'm. if i protest like these usually won't last long. i'm just gonna get out of here or i'll kill you. this aunt, law enforcers, most of the women and girls have no choice but to comply with the restrictions the harshest since the taliban came to power in august 2021. just
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a month after to take over the regime replaced a women's ministry with the ministry of virtue and vice women and girls have been told to stay home. in the 3rd quarter of 2021, their employment levels fell by an estimated 16 percent. much more than men in december, the tale bond bent long distance travel for women without a close male relative. all of these happened while the defacto authority say they have changed. we though the, we'll hook him to the was other. so we have made progress in administration, in politics, in the development sector of the country everywhere, and an interaction with the nation, hulu, and the world maurice her with, with each passing day in all walks of life. and we will gain more experience to come and make more progress eligible. so that the progress is not what be skills
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experienced. vitale been promised. they could return to secondary school in march, but they were sent home. instead, you turn in policy that confirmed to these girls that italy bond is determined to strip them of their basic rights. and gentlemen are from washington disease, the u. s. special envoy for afghan women girls and human rights rena. amelie. welcome, mr. murray. the taliban continue to issue draconian dick tad's curtailing women's freedoms in afghanistan in your assessment is the situation for women and girls are going to keep getting worse. it was 1st thank you for having me on and putting a spotlight on the really critical issue. unfortunately, what we're seeing is as an extending set of restrictions on women, and it's quite systematic, it's certainly not looking good as,
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as $11.00 off on women characterized to me, she said that she had a sense that there was a tall about a war on women and they this, i think if it's something to, to really take stock, is that women and i feel under siege by the de facto authorities. and so how can you or the united states end of this siege? well, we've made our position and families. we clear that the situation of women and girls and human rights is of critical importance to us. the ton of them have consistently said that they no longer want to be a pariah, be seen as a pariah by the international community. they want to have a relationship with the international community where they're seen as respect to counterparts. and we have said that so long as you continue to behave in the same way that you did as the 1900 ninety's. there's going to be no change in our
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relationship and more over the, you know, there's many things that the telephone want. they want greater economic engagement . they weren't greater normalization, more diplomatic engagement, all of that is contingent on their behavior and what they do in regard to women girls in the human rights situation. they know that yet they came walking back and commitments that they had made before they took over the rule in the country. i mean, the majority of women still can't work. they controlled without man guardians. secondary education is a no go to the taliban really can the top of us should care not just because of the international community, but because they cannot hold the peace, they cannot prevent further bring dream enough on the sun. they cannot make an honest, done economically viable country to prevent further economic collapse when they,
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when they deny 50 percent of the population there right now. on monday state department spokesman net price said the u. s. has caught a number of tools it can use if the taliban don't undo some of their recent decisions concerning women. what are these tools? what we are, we've had an ongoing conversation discussions with the telephone and working level . we continue to engage them and to make it very clear that they are, there are a set of demands on the side of the telephone. there are things that they would like to have happen. and for that the role of the us in the international community are cheese, they understand that and we said we've made it. ringback out of the truck, but they don't seem to be listening. they seem to be a hearing year, but they don't seem to be acting on it, which is why you have one division after another. so they know they want recognition and they need to do
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a certain number of things to get it. but they still continue with these are going to dick that's but unfortunately what appears clear is the taliban are prioritizing their internal cohesion over the, the face of the country, of the fate of the population and their relationship with the international community. they're making decisions that i think will end up costing them significantly on many different levels. now, last year in an interview in september you had said that i've gone, women feel caught a profound sense of betrayal off the u. s. withdrawal from the country given that was what their feel in your words should have gotten tons, women and girls expect anything at all from the united states. well i know that one of the and response to the concerns heard from other women and many
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and at that point as an independent actor, when i meet those comments and response to to that concern, the u. s. government established my position and my office and have provided a i think significant support to my office to, to address this issue. so i think that the commitment is certainly there. i've been in my position for 5 months and i've seen that throughout the government. there is a broad scale support for my efforts to, to advance situation of women and girls. all right, we'll leave it there for today. thank you so much for joining us. every now i'm in the us special envoy for women girls and human rights. thank you so much. thank you . some i've gone, women are trying to fight, but 20 female lawmakers have set up a parliament in exile in greece. they escaped to the capital 8th and when the thought of on seized power last august,
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they had determined to use their influence and experience to help the women left behind in their homeland 3 years ago. now z for you. susie beck was elected to the afghan parliament. now the politician has been forced into exile in athens. she says there's so much she'd wanted to get done. as soon as one of eva, i got up every morning with the will and the gold to fight for afghan society and for women's rights. but as i know about it, madam, those efforts were brutally interrupted when the taliban seized power last august. crowds besieged campbell airport. desperate to leave the country. you should be beck was among them. she knew that if she didn't leave afghanistan, the taliban would hunt her down. she escaped with her children, but that deeply scarred her was a moment of my you know, with him when we got here we had lost everything. we had to leave our family behind my parents, all of our belongings as though i was in bad shape,
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traumatized. but i kept forcing myself to hope we thought that now we're doing much better in greece, but, but the poor people back in afghanistan, they was, are quite bad method on that. i made a little every day you susie back talks to her family and friends back home. she was shocked when one day after the afghan new year in march, she heard that the taliban had broken their promise to allow girls to go back to school. yes. younger, the girl she is chatting to here had been desperate to return to a classroom. she was just about to graduate from us. i think we hope that the women who are now abroad, who fight for us and try to find a way for us to go back to school with it. and they are used to v. beg is not alone in athens, chicago, illinois. i is one of many other afghan lawmakers in exile in the city together with her former colleagues, nor thy wants to fight for african women from here. the old greek parliament to day
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24 ex lawmakers are meeting here to form a new parliament, a parliament in exile and a female one. before the taliban invasion, there were 69 women lawmakers in afghanistan. now not a single woman is in government, and the legislature has been abolished. shaggy nor is i starkly warns the west over officially recognizing the taliban. oh i i ah, oh, sneaking from brussels member of the european parliament hannon, no eman shares. that view dialogue with the taliban should continue. but the west should also take this exiled parliament seriously. the law makers here will need
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such backing to give a voice to people in their homeland afghans who could not leave the country and now have to live under the television part. and that's it for today as ever. there's more now website. we're back here again on monday. we'll see you then. but i had a question of whether the next crisis will come, but only when and how the media will deal with it. how can we stay focused on what is important shaping to morrow? well, exploring opportunities for media professionals in times of crisis. google media. june 2022. your ticket now?
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ah, what people have to say matters to us. mm. that's why we listen to their stories. reporter every weekend on d w. aah . crypto crashes and sins ripple effects across the world. nations like el salvador tied their economic fate to crypto currencies. will they be dragged down by this week's market meltdown? and a spheres rise over global food shortages, g 7, agriculture ministers, meeting in germany. search for solution will ask an expert if a hunger crisis can still be avoided. i'm chelsea delaney and berlin. welcome to d w. business. it's been a brutal week for crypto and busters,
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the value of bitcoin and other crypto currencies has plunged the sell off, began after the collapse of what was the post to be one of the safest crypto assets . the so called stable coin, tara, whose value was pegged to the us dollar terrace collapse, lead investors to dump it coin, which bottomed out at about $26500.00 us dollars. it was before at about $34000.00 us dollars. it has regained some ground on friday, but it still lost more than half of its value in the last 6 months. that also goes for the entire crypto market. it was worth about 3 trillion dollars and november 2021. it's now worth about $1.00 trillion dollars. now, given that crypto currencies are mostly used for speculation, economy, see the global followed out as limited with some exceptions. take, i'll salvador the 1st country to adopt bit queen as legal tender have a look in the market.


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