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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 13, 2022 9:00pm-9:31pm CEST

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ah ah ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin tonight in ukraine, a russian soldier on trial for war crimes. a 21 year old man will be the 1st russian soldier to stay in trial for war crimes in ukraine since the start of the russian invasion. he's accused of shooting dead and unarmed. his 62 year old civilian. also coming up ukraine calls on its allies to seize russian assets. russia must be politically economically,
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but also financially the ukranian foreign minister addressing their a meeting of g 7 foreign ministers taking place here in germany and a final goodbye thousands of mourners pay their last respects to a veteran. al jazeera journalist, who was fatally shot on the job ahead of serene of who accolades bureau, burial is really forces charged into the funeral procession. carrying her casket. there has been an outpouring of grief across the palestinian territories and the arab world. ah, i bring gov is good to have you with this on this friday to night, a russian soldier goes on trial accused of war crimes during russia's unprovoked war in ukraine in the 1st war crimes trials since the invasion of 21 year old
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standing accused of killing a 62 year old, unarmed civilian during the 1st week of the invasion. 2 other cases are expected to be heard in the coming days. a media scrum at ukraine's 1st trial of a russian soldier on war crimes charges. the 21 year old is accused of carrying a 62 year old man, shooting him dead to stop him from reporting the russian soldiers present to the ukrainian military who was reporting some squeak on february 28th and a village northwest of how keith. the accused shot an unarmed and threatening civilian in the head with an assault rifle rose on the books a little boy, that's the trial marks the beginning of a ukrainian judicial probe into alleged russian atrocities on its territory. the attorney general says prosecutors are examining more than 10000 alleged war crimes committed by russian forces against ukraine's civilians that just meanwhile,
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german chancellor, olaf sholtes, and spoke with russian president vladimir putin. their 1st direct communication in weeks and russia's foreign minister had harsh words about ukraine's ambitions to join the european union she uses through you has evolved from a constructive economic union into an aggressive militant actor who's your, you're going to with ambitions far beyond the european continent was a pretty deal in the european will continue. ukrainian president followed me as a landscape also declared himself ready for direct talks with russian president vladimir potent, but stressed that ukrainians would not look kindly on it as things stand blissful in our correspondence tell me and he said he is in the western ukrainian city of levine to night. i mean, this is the 1st war crimes trial of a russian soldier to be held since the invasion began. i mean, we have to let that see again, to me, no one is talking about a,
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an end to this war. and yet, here we are talking about a war crimes trial. how significant is this? well, it's significant because it is so unusual now, as you know, the war crimes trials that we've all heard of. laker, nazi advisement and jerusalem happened after a war in order in order to hold the architects of atrocities accountable for what they did during the war. and this is often after the war is over against the losing side of that war. but this one is happening during the war. you might ask why they're doing it now, especially since this soldier is a very low ranking soldier. but i think you have to understand what ukraine wants to show with this. they want to galvanized support from the world to focus the attention on russian atrocities on russian aggression and the horrors of this war, which was brought on ukraine by russia. and they also want to draw a clear line between ukraine and russia. i think what's very telling is the words
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of the defending lawyer of this russian soldier. he's a ukranian lawyer and what he said to the media was that it was important for him to do this job in order to uphold the rights of that russian soldier. to show him that he is in a very different country from the one he came from. let me ask you too about what we know in terms of where this war is headed. there have been reports of ukrainian forces preventing a russian river crossing in the eastern don't bass reason region. what more do we know about that? this story has gotten a lot of attention in ukraine for 2 reasons. first of all, how it happened, and 2nd of all where it happened. the 1st one is interesting because you training and intelligence essentially anticipated the russians would try to form a bridge, a pontoon bridge at this river crossing and sent their artillery there to wait for them. what they did was they waited until they built the bridge,
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waited for the troops to cross, then destroyed the bridge with air power and attacked the units who had crossed the river and completely wiped them out. we've heard that there have been as many as 100 units lost. and so this is i've inflicted heavy losses on the invading troops in that area. the 2nd reason is because where it is, is this the vera done yet the region around that city. and that's the last city in the don bass that has not fallen to russian troops. now if you remember, the dumbass has been largely occupied by russian soldiers since 2014, and they're continuing to shore up their gains. their u. s. intelligence has called it essentially a stalemate, and ukraine's far east. but severe done yet, which is basically surrounded by russian troops has just had a victory against the russians who are trying to take that city and of so far failed correspondence, ominous if supporting tonight from levine in ukraine. i'm you think the mayor of the ukrainian city of the hockey in harkey region have said that
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russian artillery has destroyed a cultural center where local residents receive a humanitarian 8. at least 2 civilians were killed in the attack. and according to the official, an emergency services building and several residential blocks were also destroyed in 2 days of shilling. the strikes come as ukrainian forces say they pushed russian soldiers from several areas near the countries. second largest city. maria of diva is a resident of har, heaps. she joins me from that city tonight. it's good to have you with us. we just heard about this 1st war crimes trial of a russian soldier that's taking place in ukraine. let me just get your thoughts on that. to me, what went through your mind when you heard that this trial was going to take place? this is a very symbolic, a meeting in for me and for all people here in ukraine. because since the war
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started me myself on many are they you bring that activists together with the prosecutors. and together it was international organization. we're collecting evidence. there's all crimes committed by russian troops here in ukraine. and we still hold that there will be a says at the, hey, about this case also shows that the, those responsible for the war crime will be a will be held accountable. so, starting from now, and this, this trial will be on the 1st one on the theory as of right. because i know that there are several people, russian soldiers court by, you know, military and who will now be a c, a q in the court. and also there is a possibility according to the ukrainian law of this trial in their absence. yeah.
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which means it will be forced them both. so also have the same stuff russian a top general miss. i'm the be that, let me just ask you, i understand that you have been in our keep the entire time since the invasion began. can you talk to us a little bit about what you've heard or what you've experienced and what people also live there in the city? what they've told you they've experienced with russia has committed numerous work right here in this seat by, by saying these. i mean that the russian troops deliberately target the residential area and deliberately target them to the last, which is a war crime. recently, the new investigation reported by seen them revealed that their russian general drug law, who is in charge of the artillery brigade station in belgrade,
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gave orders to shout residential area in hard give on the 27th and 8th or february, and by its merch rock as these attacks they killed and wounded man and need to kneel and they were deliberately targets and residential areas. and i have been talking to the people leave in there, and they still threatened by the scheme of that attack because it's even painful for them just to, you know, to speak about them, let alone those who did. and of course relatives who were killed because of that attack. and this is just one example because there are numerous examples and people are terrified. i have been myself, in general, recently with the right to really just around hard where the russian troops has got occupying them for more than 2 months. and when they speak to people, they usually start crying because of the horror they have been going through. are
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you afraid that the russian forces could return? because we know that the front lines in the front lines are not all static right now. the situation is very fluid. ukrainian army is doing the red progress and that gives everyone here at home that the normal life will return to the seated. because today they will report that the brain and to manage to push russians back even close to the russian border. and that means that the russian troops cannot use artillery as much as they used to, to show the sea. but still, there is fear that russia will continue target to be seated by their long ranch. and when the wrench, rock gets, and the from that started story of the russian federation and they'll go in sal. 3
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they have done, for example, with the merch at that. so the possibility is for the new a cell and it's still very per cents. and the people advised not to return to the seat at this moment and wait front for some time until the situation becomes more same both for maria of deven activists, residents of the ukrainian city of for you. we appreciate your time tonight. thank you. thank you. at a meeting of g 7 foreign ministers in germany today, ukraine accused russia of preferring wars to talks. now attending the summit as a guest, the ukrainian foreign minister, the metro calais. but he called on the gathered representatives of some of the world's largest industrialized economies to step up armed supplies to his country, and to put more pressure on russia. this as the e. u. foreign affairs chief reg is
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a burrell. used the meeting to announce another half a 1000000000 euros in military aid for ukraine. g 7 countries have promised to support ukraine until victory or chief international editor richard walker. he is at the g 7 meeting in vice in house, in northern germany. he sent us this report. unity is very much the buzzword here at the g 7 form and says meeting in a blustery north and germany with minister after minister coming out and extolling the united response from the g 7 countries to russia's invasion, and also their unity in their support for ukraine. where the financial support or, or military support during the course of this war and ukraine's foreign minister demitra caliber here as a guest. and clearly very satisfied with how far western countries have come in there debate about how much support to provide ukraine with. to the extent that when the e u foreign policy chief announced another half 1000000000 euros of military aid
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for ukraine for heavy weapons like tanks and heavy artillery. that it almost seemed like par for the course. but this unity among the west will be tested in the days and weeks to come, particularly in the european union. first test is coming up at the beginning of the week in brussels, where the european union is trying to get hungary on the side for a ban on the imports of russian oil into the european union. demitrix labor saying that it was ridiculous that russia was still able to sell so much energy to europe and then a 2nd test. a slightly longer term question, is ukraine's desire to join the european union. it wants the e u to grant it as soon as possible, official candidate status her as a country that is on the path to membership of the european union. it's not yet clear how much support there is among you countries for that. they have been questions, for instance,
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about whether france was wavering on such an idea. what caliber was here saying that he has received insurances from france, that it is not trying to block such a move. so this will be a question in the weeks ahead. will the you come around and say, by a big meeting coming up in june, that yes, it once ukraine to be an official candidate country. there was a tribute national over there, richard walker, beer. another developments in this war, sweden's foreign minister says that her country's membership, her application to join nato, would prevent conflicts in northern europe. on linda was presenting a parliamentary report on security as sweden considers applying to join the alliance in the face of russia's invasion of ukraine. a russian energy supplier has said that it will stop exporting electricity to finland, beginning saturday as it has not been paid. the nordic countries grid company said the move will not affect supplies as power from russia. accounts for just 10
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percent of its total consumption. in jerusalem, thousands of mourners gathered on friday to pay their final respects to veteran al jazeera journalists. sharina block late the u. s. palestinian reporter was shot dead under disputed circumstances on wednesday. but before her funeral services could begin, israeli security forces charged into the crowd carrying her coughing. ah, it was meant to be a day of solemnity of respect and of taking leave. that us should been up to our close. mona set out is ready, police storm, the crowd beating them with battens. the pallbearers last said grip a blacklist casket fell police straps, palestinian flags a symbol officially band in israel and the occupied territories. the family was later allowed to drive her coughing to a catholic church,
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but those violent scenes will add to the groundswell of palestinian anger. anger that's been growing since a respect agendas was shot and killed by covering a military rate in the occupied west bank. a blacklist killing has been the subject of bits of dispute or employ al jazeera says israel killed her deliberately and in cold blood. but israel says i was a shootout near where she was hit. it says that without ballistic analysis of the bullet, it cannot determined whether she was struck by israeli or palestinian gunfire. the palestinian authority which holds the bullet has refused israeli cultured joint investigation. as mona's followed up his final journey, they pay tribute to her legacy. the objectives had professionalism, another woman, another man, another palestinian will stand up. pick up the mike,
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pick up the camera and he will be the new voice of the sun. apple act, his body has been laid to rest next to her parents. c the u. s. the e u and the u. n. have all packed calls for full investigation into hercules. our jerusalem correspondence on your kramer. she joins us snell. tanya, you were and st. joseph's hospital when israeli police on charged the pall bearers . can you tell us what you witnessed? wireless absolutely shocking scene stare at st. joseph hospital. we were actually reporting from there. we were standing outside the gate. there was already a heavy police presence that had cordoned offer the st surrounding the hospital and wants to casket actually appeared. the police are a rush to into the courtyard, which is also the main entrance to the hospital. and we heard stun grenades because at the same time then mounted police was just
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a disc. we're pushing against the people out standing outside and dispersing them in the street. be also saw, you know, they were taking down many of the palestinian flags before morning, had waged palestinian flags. now d is where the police had said in a statement afterwards said nationalistic tans and stones western prompting the police to rush in. but for most people there on the ground or you know, it was the amount of violence was not really understandable. you could see the shock and disbelief in most people's faces, which should have been a very risky, respectful, and a beginning of a funeral procession that had turned very ugly at that moment. and we know that the dispute remains over who is responsible for her death. what efforts are underway to investigate to kilter?
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well, that's why there lot of cause of course, i foresaw in transparent investigation ah, calls for accountability. there are and investigations underway as so be heard in the report to palestine authority and also i, sarah. the network holding is, were responsible for that. there has been an all to see it performed by the policy authority and the statement as said that the results are for now inconclusive. now the israeli military has also released a preliminary report of initial findings of that report saying as well that it's not possible at this stage to determine the source of the gun plan. they're looking specifically at that and the report or at the possibility of palestinian gunfire. or of aaron's guns, hired by an israeli snipe of a unit that was apparently a near by. so we have to wait and see there's a lot of international pressure. of course,
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i'm also from the u. s. administration. and we have to see what these investigation actually will bring. yeah, time will tell jerusalem, responded tanya, creaming, tanya, thank you. and here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world. a massive fire in an office building in new delhi as killed at least 26 people, dozens more were injured. elise say that they are looking into what may have caused the blaze and that the owner of the complex has been arrested. 3 passengers have overpowered an attacker who wounded 5 people with a knife on a regional train in western germany. the incidents took place in the town of had so going over to the, or the border with the netherlands beliefs say the 31 year old, iraq born suspect had been investigated for possible leaks with islamist extremist . but the motive for the attack has not yet been established. the united arab emirates has announced the death of its president shake khalifa bins. i had al,
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now young. he was 80 or he was 73 rather. khalifa had ruled the country since 2004 . but his role was largely ceremonial after he suffered a stroke. 10 years later, the government has declared a 40 day morning period, as is customary in islam. the u. s. coast guard says that a lot of people died when a boat carry haitian migrants capsized off the coast to puerto rico. over 31, people were rescued, but it is not clear how many passengers were on board gained violence and poverty have pushed many to risk their lives undertaking dangerous voyages, trying to flee. hey, elan must says that he has put his $44000000000.00 deal to buy twitter temporarily on hold. he tweeted to say that he's waiting for data about spam or fake users the new st shares in the social media platform plunging. walking away from the deal now
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would cost him $1000000000.00 in contract penalties in another tweet, however, musk insisted that he still committed to buying twit love it or low that one of the biggest nights for pop music fans is happening this weekend. yes, it's eurovision time and this year the san contest takes place, intervene in italy, and a competition is heavily politicized. as your vision, it comes as little surprised that one song seems to be a clear favorite o ukrainian for hip hop and colors orchestra is riding a wave of good will at the eurovision song contest this year. while i am the contests talk prize. their songs tiffany of fuses, traditional ukrainian folk music with hip hop, underscoring the importance of ukrainian culture and tradition. it's
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a tribute to frontman all it fuchs mother. and although written before, the war, the song has come to symbolize the mother of an entire nation. in the ukrainian band feels huge responsibility representing their country at a time when fellow citizens are defending their homeland against russia's continued assault, adulthood on him on this is so important for us because these days they're trying to destroy our culture. and we're here to prove that ukrainian culture and ukrainian music are alive. they exist and have a unique signature on a fortune. 41 countries qualified for this year's contest at russia was excluded from the event in the wake of its invasion of ukraine in february, a clear change of to, for a contest that has always maintained its not a political event. but politics are everywhere,
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even if ukrainian fancy the music does offer some comfort and respite arisen is like a breach of normal life that we have before the war started and may be like for a couple of units for an hour day, which is still safe. on my, my best friends or my, my girls that i know is in kyo, from where you while. and i also where this causes them from him. because i know what they've been. so the, the things in the word i, i don't want any one in europe to insurance, so it needs support and we need everyone to understand what's ukraine is going through right now. everyone is affected and it's happened to everyone in the europe . oh, at rehearsals, ensure in the members of color orchestra are doing their best to keep the momentum
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o deborah or the 5th. but any victory in any aspect would be very important for ukraine these days. because winning the eurovision song contacts would list for spirit of ukrainians and, and it would be very good news because we don't have much good news these days on the la on us, novak bought mullins authentic jeff culture and politics clearly inseparable at this year's eurovision song. contest, an event that holds more significance than most europeans can ever remember. it is the case. his reminder, the top stories were following for you. a russian soldier has gone on trial in ukraine's capital of keeping the 1st war crimes case since the start of the invasion is accused of killing of 62 year old, unarmed civilians during the 1st week of the conflict. thousands of mourners paid their last respects to a veteran al jazeera journalist and was fatally shot. while reporting in the occupied west bank had sharina oakley's burial,
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israeli forces charged into the funeral procession. carrying her casket. there has been an outpouring of grief of crossed the palestinian territories and the arab world watching the w news. i'll be back at the top of the hour with morbid news followed by the day i hope to see you there. ah ah. with
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