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a ah ah, this is didi mean years live from berlin. ukraine puts a russian soldier on trial for war crimes. the 21 year old is accused of shooting dead and an arm civilian at the start of the war. ukraine says if the 1st of many more such trials to come also coming up at the g 7 meeting here in germany, ukraine calls on its allies to seize russian assets. russia must be politically economically, but also financial and thousands of
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mourners pay their last respects to a veteran. al jazeera journalist killed on the job. but sherry and i will acknowledge burial is marked by violence. after israeli forces charge the funeral procession carrying a casket. ah, i'm told me all logical. welcome to the program. a russian soldier is set to go on trial accused of war crimes committed during the ongoing russian invasion of ukraine. the 21 year old stands accused of killing a 62 year old armed civilian during the 1st week of the conflict. a media scrum that ukraine's 1st trial of a russian soldier on war crimes charges. the 21 year old is accused of killing
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a 62 year old man, shooting him dead to stop him from reporting the russian soldiers presence to the ukrainian military. what it was, you know, the reporter, so screw on february 28th in a village northwest of her chief. the accused shot an unarmed, a non threatening civilian in the head with an assault rifle. mistletoe, the, whoops. luca was broiling the trial marks the beginning of ukrainian judicial prob, into alleged russian atrocities on its territory. the attorney general says prosecutors are examining more than 10000 alleged wool crimes committed by russian forces against ukraine civilians in a phone conversation with the russian president. chance their shouts made clear that ending the military operation must be a priority. 14 was unaccustomed. hootin must pull his troops out and reach an agreement with ukraine, and that must be a peace deal that isn't imposed on ukraine. but when that ukraine finds acceptable
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assessing either which defendant, meanwhile rushes foreign minister had harsh words about ukraine's you ambitions should the worst will you will. so uses uncles through you has evolved from a constructive economic union. we work into an aggressive militant actor, sheila, you work with ambitions far beyond the european continent that it was of the deal in the eulogy school continually. ukrainian president vladimir zalinski also said he was ready for direct talks with the russian president, but he stressed the ukrainians would not like the idea as things stand. the men of the ukrainian city of their g in the heart of region has said that russian artillery has destroyed a cultural center where local residents are receiving humanitarian aid. at least 2 civilians were killed in the attack. according to the official that emergency services building in several residential blocks were also destroyed in 2 days of
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shilling, the strikes calm as ukrainian forces a they've pushed russian soldiers from several areas near the country's largest, 2nd largest city. we spoke with hockey president, maria of diva, and asked her about the situation. the city with wash and forces retreating. the situation is very fluid. ukrainian army is doing the right progress, and that gives everyone here at home that the normal life will return to the sea. because today they're very for that brain and managed to push russians back even closer to the russian border. and that means that the russian troops cannot use artillery as much as they used to to sell the seat there. but still, there is a fear that russia will continue target and the see to buy their long ranch and ranch rockets. and then from that started sort of the russian federation, well,
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got out of how they have done, for example, with merch at back. so the possibility is for the new a cell and it's still very persistent and people are advised not to return to the city at this moment and wait for some time until that situation becomes more stable . other developments in the ukraine conflict, ukrainian, and british officials, a russian forces of suffered heavy losses trying to cross a river in the lou has region of eastern ukraine cave has released video. it says shows the aftermath of a strike on a russian ponton bridge, where it is defense ministry, said russia last, what is described as significant ahmed maneuver elements in the attack. earlier this week, sweden's foreign minister says a country's accession to nato would prevent conflict in northern europe,
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and linda was presenting a parliamentary report on security a sweden considers applying to join the alliance in the face of russia invasion of ukraine. russian energy supply has said it would stop exporting electricity to finland, beginning saturday as it has not been paid. the nordic countries grid company said the move would not affect supplies as power from russia. accounts for just 10 percent of its total consumption. green and foreign minister dimitra cool labor. as accused russia of preferring was to talks at a meeting of g 7 foreign ministers here in germany. labor was attending the summit as a guest called on the gathered representatives of the world wealthiest economies to step up. arms applies to his country and to put more pressure on russia. g 7 countries have promised to support ukraine until victory. the serene atmosphere of
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a north german country retreat. the venue for talks on the global effects of more in ukraine war. the western democracies working together to face down, rush and aggression. germany currently holds the presidency of the g 7. so german foreign minister and alina burbock was in the chair. he, you foreign policy chief years, it burrell announced more military help for ukraine. the recipe is clear, more of the same. i mean more so poor to grain, including military's to port we did of being union, we will provide a new tranche of $500.00 more millions to support military ukraine. ukrainian foreign minister to metro caliber was a guest at the meeting. on friday, he came with clear demands for support. today i asked
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a g 7 countries to adopt legislation and put in place all necessary procedures needed to seize russian sovereign assets and give them to ukraine. give them to ukraine for ukraine to use this money to rebuild our country. to reconstruct our country, after all the damage inflicted in us among the key issues facing the international community is the threat to food supplies. much of the world's grain comes from ukraine, but the russian blockade means very little is leaving the country together was just 7 to day. we discussed ways how to lift this blockade, how to make sure that ukrainian agricultural products will make it to the global markets, especially to africa and to asian countries. we don't care for food security of african countries of asian countries and everyone who depends on for,
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on, on supplies from ukraine, food weapons, sanctions. these are the concrete questions for the g 7 diplomats is they way their options. they're also determined to show that though the war drags on, they stand together. in jerusalem, thousands of mourners have paid their final respects to veteran al jazeera journalists, sharina abruptly. the u. s. palestinian reporter was shot dead under disputed circumstances on wednesday. but before her funeral services could begin, israeli security forces charge into the crowd carrying her coffin it was meant to be a day of solemnity of respect and of taking leave. that has she been up to our class mon is set out. israeli police storm the crowd beating them with patterns. the po barry's love said grip about this casket fell. police grabbed palestinian
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flags, a symbol officially band in israel and the occupied territories. the family was later allowed to drive her cough into a catholic church, but those violent scenes will add to the groundswell of palestinian anger. anger. that's been growing since a respect to jen. this was shot and killed by covering a military raid in the occupied west bank. blackledge killing has been the subject of bitter dispute. employ al jazeera says israel kilter deliberately and in cold blood. but israel says there was a shootout near where she was hit. it says that without ballistic analysis of the bullet, it cannot determined whether she was struck by israeli or palestinian gunfire. the palestinian authority, which holds the bullet as excused, is rarely called for a joint investigation. as mona's followed up his final journey,
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they paid tribute to the legacy. a profession, another woman, another man, another palestinian will stand up because mike pick up the camera and he will be the new voice of the son. who actually is body has been laid to rest next to her parents. c the u. s. the u and the u. n. have all backed calls for full investigation into kelly. let's take a look at some other stories making headlines around the world. north korean leader kim john own has described the coven 19 outbreak in his country as a great disaster. the country reported 21 deaths from the disease on friday. the state news agency says more than 280000 people are being treated for covert 900 symptoms. the funeral has taken place of the president of the united arab emirates, shake halifax bins. i had, i'll nan. nan died on friday at the age of $73.00. he has ruled the gulf states
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since 2004. the government has declared a 40 day morning period. love it or low fit. one of the biggest nights for pop music fans is happening this weekend. yes, it's your vision time and this year the song contest takes place. enter in italy, in a competition as heavily politicized as your vision. it comes with a little surprised that one song seems to be a clear favorite o ukrainian for hip hop and colors. orchestra is riding a wave of good will at the eurovision song contest this year. while i am the contests talk prize. their songs tiffany of fuses, traditional ukrainian folk music with hip hop, underscoring the importance of ukrainian culture and tradition. it's a tribute to frontman all it fuchs mother. and although written before, the war,
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the song has come to symbolize. the mother of an entire nation in the ukrainian band feels huge responsibility representing their country. at a time when fellow citizens are defending their homeland against russia's continued assault, with our name on this is so important for us because these days they're trying to destroy our culture. and we're here to prove that ukrainian culture and ukrainian music are alive. they exist and have a unique signature. on the bottom $41.00 countries qualified for this year's contest at russia was excluded from the event in the wake of its invasion of ukraine in february, a clear change of tune for a contest that has always maintained its not a political event. but politics are everywhere, even if ukrainian fancy the music does offer some comfort and respite arisen is
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like a breach of normal life that we have before the war started and may be like for a couple of units for an hour, they would just feel safe on my, my best friends or my, my girls that are in kyo, from my real well. and i also where this caused them from him. because i know what they've been through at rehearsals, endure in the number of callous orchestra are doing their best to keep the momentum o the robert m all seekers. or any victory in any aspect would be very important for ukraine these days. because winning the eurovision song contacts would lift the spirit of ukrainians, and it would be very good news because we don't have much good news these days on the la. on us know that bother her mullins all. sanchez, culture and politics clearly inseparable at this year's eurovision song contest,
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an event that holds more significance than most europeans can ever remember. oh, that's it for now the business news is coming up next. i'm told me all adequate for myself on the team. thank you for watching these places in europe for smashing the wreckers step into a bold adventure. it's the treasure map for modern globetrotters. discover some of you are to record breaking sites on google maps. youtube and now also in book form is the end of the pandemic in sight.


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