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tv   Reporter - On Location  Deutsche Welle  May 14, 2022 12:30pm-12:46pm CEST

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it is a richer walker will make his way to our camera. physician will speak to him, but you get 1st crack this so many notes here. and so many things hit by an a b, a book. one thing i've got circled there is just a sense of urgency and the sense of this moment of just how much is on that plate and how many things there are to solve and move forward. what did you make of the spacious, exactly, that the so many crisis and she said that one crisis does not go away because there's another one unfolding. she spoke a lot about the situation in ukraine, but she also mentioned the pandemic. she mentioned the food crisis, also relating to the blockade, the russian blockade to get this grain ukrainian green to the it world markets that could have consequences to african into asian countries as well. and she said, therefore, it's important to respond in advance and to be proactive when it comes to this crisis and not just doing damage control once it happens. what i think was interesting is that she sat that and we have to earn the trust of several countries
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who now say, now you're asking for support to see this is the european conflict. but where were you when we had a crisis here? and i think there was something that was pointed in the direction of, especially india, there was invited because has been criticism in india over the pull in afghanistan by west and countries by saying you're pulling out, you're actually leaving the country. and that will have security implications. for the neighbors and for the region. so there were several of the talking points directed at a countries or lead us just one of them that hit there is that within that grain process and solving the problem, the 1st problem they had that she alluded to is the, the war and information is to get the right information out there that we have to and i quote, we have to fight to win the trust in places where if this information rules, just one more problem to lay over the, to all the other challenges. totally. and she said that we have to provide reliable information. this social bait is being manipulated. and that's so important when it
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comes to this conflict, how there is manipulation of communication that will go back to the phone call that russian president, putin and german chancellor shall have. and if you compare how the kremlin instrumental lies as this and says it was by, by russia and what russia is trying to explain and trying to portray itself how difficult it is, especially when the press is under attack. and she ended also talking about the case of they'll just sera, journalist that was shot and killed covering it. it was in a refugee camp and was go. that was the last question during this press conference . but she started and there was several parts where she spoke about truth when she spoke about money. elation of information was she also spoke to other countries and said, how russia is manipulating and also trying to manipulate the social debate that this going on. also, they are in the country, she's been understandably, a lot of time talking about russia. russia is preparing to trigger new crises to
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destabilize the world. pleading with russia to allow the grind to be moved. is that her audience today is that who she's speaking to? not only she's definitely speaking to russia and also that the g 7 stand behind the sovereignty of ukraine. there was a question about crimea, that's also the statement that the g 7 foreign minister published thing we will never recognize. boat, as russia has attempted to change by military aggression and will uphold our engagement in the support of the serenity and territorial integrity if you create including crimea and all states. so a clear sign to russia saying that the d 7 will also continue with their efforts to help ukraine defend itself against the russian aggression and also help itself to defend the sovereignty of the, of the country. a couple of things announced along the way it was going to be hard to have a policy light on the table to left off the 2 dice, but a global alliance for food security. after filling out the graphic detail to some
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of the size of the challenges that she and all the other g 7 nations face. did you see progress to that? there is progress. they held this initiative by the un secretary general, this global crisis response group on food, energy and finance. and she also spoke about how is it possible to actually tackle this problem that something the richard mentioned as well. how is it possible to get this 1000000 tons of grades that are there in ukraine, in ports you cannot go to the world, mac, it's out of the country and therefore prevent this crisis that could unfold in africa and in asia to have this group to meet constantly to have a rapid group that will see where this problems. well, we'll look at the countries that are dependent on it, these grains on oil, how they can actually get that they did with the political correspondent, been over a square. but thanks so much for your help today. oh,
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benjamin mentioned it just now the german foreign minister in her press conference said the g 7 stance firmly with ukraine and that the group could not allow russia to succeed in its aggression. we can have a listen now to some of that stuff. we support every measure and every step they are taking to ensure that people in ukraine and this is also our common goal as g 7 can live as everybody else in europe again in peace, but also insecurity and freedom in their own country. and we will support ukraine on this pass with whatever it take to ensure that they have freedom and peace in their own country. and we have also made very clear that it's our goal. that rashness bridge was international law that the imperial strategy, often aggression, which breeches, international peace, order,
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and law will not succeed. and the lena bear books speaking there after the g. 7 foreign ministers have been meeting here in germany. let's bring and d, w chief international editor, which of walker, who's been there at that j 7 meeting, which it, there was so many nodes to take from a vast array of topics that were raised there. the thing that stood out for me was the, the sense of urgency from anna, lena, bear. but what was your takeaway? yeah, i think as well and see, i mean, did the analytic babble was a point, pains to kind of stress that the world faces enough crises already with climate change with the pandemic, a hopefully just easing as, as, as we get further into this year and russia's war against ukraine has just brought this whole welter of problems on top of what the world has already been dealing with in the, in the last couple of years. and so that was very much up there, but you're right. i mean, it is quite something like they were sending out the communications before the
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press conference before communications statements, to communicate this g 7 meeting anthony, it runs to 27 pages. you just sense of the scale of the number of issues that they go through during the school could talk 2 kinds of meetings at me that they've gone into every single detail of every single paragraph. there often is communication kind of worked out in advance and the ministers really just kind of a really talking on a higher level but, but it just gives us sort of flavor of the number of issues that they're dealing with around the world. there she spent some time, understandably spilling out in quite some graphic detail, almost the size and the scope of the challenges that they're facing. if you just isolate getting grain into africa from the ukraine, what did you make of the progress from what mr. walker, this i yeah, well, i made it, there was a very interesting section of the press conference talking about this. yeah, so i mean, as you were just saying with benjamin, this is
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a huge leg. logistical problem within ukraine said to be 25000000 tons of grain stuck there and those harbors, there's been a big issue over the course of this g 7 foreign ministers meeting. they've been flagging this up in a big way. but in terms of really cracking the problem, one of the journalists oscillate, what in concrete terms are you going to do to resolve this problem? and it seems that she really had to admit when we haven't cracked it, they're talking about, you know, trying to find land routes for a, some of that rain to get out of the country. but the amount of throughput that you could have either by rail or by road is just a fraction of what you can achieve by ship. and there are a logistical headache, such as the fact that the trains in neighboring countries use a different gauge from the trains that you use in ukraine. so you can't even just sent us a train straight through. you have to lift the train up and change the wheels underneath it, so they haven't cracked the problem. now there was talk about what the germs have been pushing for something called a global alliance for food security, a new institutional structure. very few details on that. so far about exactly what
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that is going to be, how that's going to operate where that fits alongside existing things such as the went world food program. so there is something kind of in motion there. but there wasn't a sense that they came out of these meetings and said, okay, we've cracked this problem. but i think what was really interesting in the press conference was just the, at the extent to which an alina babble really pushed this, this idea that they want to push back against a narrative, coming from the russian side. that it's western sanctions that is causing this problem on global food markets. she repeated various times that there are no sanctions, western sanctions on cranes. there are sanctions on all sorts of different aspects of, of, of the russian state and russian business, but no sanctions whatsoever on grains. they're very worried about the west getting the blame for these problems are on the international food markets in the impending kind of hunger disaster that could be coming towards us. and so this very much is
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much a kind of a narrative pushback. as a discussion about concrete means, richard resit factor does, she didn't come with a lot of answers and that's, that's understandable. the one thing that you're going to need to come up with any answers on any logistical solutions is to be unified. she did make that co beforehand. what did you hear from her speech that suggested that this group of nations are now a team working toward solving those problems? yeah, i think there is a sense that the g 7 is pretty unified. i mean babbled herself, did acknowledge that there are divisions within the organization, but more on other issues. for instance, between the u. k. great britain and the other members of the european union within the g 7 that the u. k. of course is left the european union, but this unfinished business, there is a huge, a raw going on between the u. k. in the you about the way in which northern ireland is dealt with in terms of a breaks it. so leaving the european union. this is threatening to issue dr. that
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could explode in a big way next week. a babel acknowledging that that is of course, a division between the member states of the g 7 and the u. k. and we are hearing that when there was a bilateral meeting between bare balkan her opposite number list trust that there were no holds barred. both sides really quite clear that they're heading towards kind of confrontation course. but on this issue of ukraine on what russia is doing there, on the evasion that is taking place and on supporting ukraine in pushing back it, it, there is really quite a deep sense of unity. there's sometimes a difference in degree, for instance, the british and the americans are sometimes, you know, further ahead than say the germans instead in terms of providing what kind of heavy weapons and so on. but, but in the big picture of pushing back against this invasion, i think we do get a pretty so strong sense coming out of this meeting, northern germany, that the g 7 is together. chief international editor,
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richard walker at the g 7 meeting of 4 minutes to thanks so much for your time. ok, his reminder of the top story we're following for you to 7 foreign ministers meeting and germany of co for an end to russia's blockades of ukraine's ports. germany's foreign minister molina bay, a box in russia, was waging a food wall as millions of tons of brian to go to waste. chase of in country said they would never recognize russia's attempts to redraw borders. free folks and that's it for now. coming up bus, one of men's football team has been struggling, but it's women's team as the best in europe. sports life finds out just how i do it after the break. and i forget there's plenty more on website at any time of day. all the information is to be found at the w dot comp warren social side. they w. news is the handling space
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