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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 14, 2022 6:00pm-6:16pm CEST

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oh, d, w ah ah, this is the w news live from berlin, g 7 countries say they'll never recognize russia's claims over ukrainian territory and promised continued support until victory, also coming up, the west, new line of defense, nato foreign ministers in berlin. we'll talk to finland and sweden, about joining the military alliance as in car, keep success for ukrainian troops as russia, abandoned tanks and territory there. but ukraine's president was of
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a long war ahead. ah, i'm healing mohammed, welcome to the program. foreign ministers from the group of 7 countries say they will reject russia's attempts to change international borders by force. she 7 ministers, the dress rushes invasion of ukraine at their meeting in northern germany. germany is foreign minister and a leader burbock also called for an end to brush his blockade of ukraine's ports. accusing moscow of waging a food war of the world by causing millions of tons of grain to go to waste. the g 7 vowed to increase partial on russia through sanctions, and called on china to not undermine international efforts to isolate ma spoke. germany's foreign minister said the g 7 would support ukraine financially and with
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a terribly, as long as necessary. take a lesson. we support every measure and every step they are taking to ensure that people in ukraine and this is also our common goal as g 7 can live as everybody else in europe again in peace, but also insecurity and freedom in their own country. and we will support ukraine on this pass with whatever it take to ensure that they have freedom and peace in their own country. and we have also made very clear that's it's our go that rushed us bridge was international law that the imperial strategy often aggressor, which reaches international peace order and law, will not succeed. detail is chief international editor, which had walker is at the g 7 meeting. and has more on the support being promised for ukraine. what they were talking about here at the g 7 form and assist is the
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kind of support the g 7 countries have been providing over the last 2 or 3 months of the war. and obviously a lot of financial support, it's been a humanitarian support. increasingly over the last couple of months in a recent weeks has been increasing military support. right up to kind of heavy weapons that we've seen western countries providing. and right here at the g 7 foreign ministers meeting, the used foreign policy chief announced another 500000000 euros of european union money for heavy reference to go to ukraine. so there's that on the one hand, but also they're talking about trying to provide ukraine with support or with the issue of grain which you just mentioned in the, in the lead up just there. the fact that there are 25000000 tons estimated to be stuck in ukrainian hobbit harbors can't get out on to the high seas because russia is blocked blockading those port. off the g 7 meeting nato foreign ministers will gather and berlin for an informal meeting on russia's invasion of ukraine. they'll
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be joined by the foreign ministers of sweden and finland to discuss the 2 countries seeking nato membership. it comes as concerns grow over the threat from russia, mocking a departure from the fullest ons on the military alliance. becoming a full member of nato used to be aligned finland and sweden did not intend to cross in brussels. that line is actually a street with partner countries on one side and nato allies on the other. we meet finland's nato ambassador close caught on in, at the building where his mission is located for now after the russian aggression against ukraine. so our security environment in europe and also in northern europe, europe, it has changed. ah, it's no more insecure. and no, i think this, this move or to increase our corporation and become member of, oh nato is the right step. the alliance has always made clear to finland and sweden
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. there's a place for them here, room for more flags and some offices that could use a new tenants. but as some of the most wealthy well equipped countries in europe, these new nordic members would feel much more important gaps than those sweden, england bring difference. assets to nato. finland famously brings the ability to guard of barren lat long land border with russia. we even brings a 500 year old navy and a navy that is among the largest in the baltic sea where we should remember. nathan doesn't have very many large mabis. accepting the 2 country should be a no brainer for nato says, former finish prime minister alexander stoop. them ordinates compatible the most natal member states themselves. so take fiddlers example, we always spent about 2 percent of our g, d, p on military expenditure. we have reserves with 900000. we can mobilize 280000 quickly during
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a war time. we have 62 f eighteens just bought 64 f 35 and indeed nato secretary general un stilton burn. has said this would be a record fast accession process. once the 2 governments formerly confirmed they want to join, though it will still take months. 30 nieto governments stamps of approval even ahead of their formal applications. finland and sweden or receiving pledges from allies and defensive back up against possible russian retaliation. and they'll be providing security as well. i think finland is already her protecting the northern flank of the alliance and her with nato membership. that would be even more effective. maybe we have more visibility and and more information, more experience on oh, what, what is going on and what might happen? so i think yes, i think that perspective will be welcomed. mutual security is already a 2 way street, but bound to be easier when all the nordic countries and nato are on the same side
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of it. and felons foreign minister, peca ha, visto spoke to journalists before the start of the summit in berlin. and he address turkeys physician on finan succession to nato. will i yesterday called to my good colleague, her medical sulisaga, to foreign minister and a little bit to take the tense down. and villa so meets meet to day and i'm, i'm, i'm sure that we will find a solution to this item as well. but of course, all the nato countries, all the 30 countries have the capacity to block the process on and so forth. so it's important that at least we keep now good conduct still each and every one or less get more in this from detail please. alexandra von nomine in berlin. alexandra, is there a consensus within nato members on sweden and finland joining this military alliance? well, military officials, officials that i've been speaking with are quite confident that there is
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a common understanding that's important and welcome to have finland and sweden join nato soon. and many of them told me that they were sort of surprised to hear about turkish misgivings here and there finish a foreign minister whom we just heard. also told me that he's confident that turkey will come around. and he also told us that he pushed a rubber, he pushed strongly again sir turkey's accusations that sweden and finland harbor, terrorists organizations for instance, extremist kurdish extreme ization organization's saying that that's not the case, that both countries are part of the anti ices coalition. but of course, to night, the ministers will have time to discuss the issue and also to hear more from turkey,
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even though, as i said many here, don't believe that turkey will go so far as to block a potential membership of fin lunch and sweden alexander this is the 1st meeting of it's kind between foreign ministers. what else is likely to be discussed over the weekend? while the once a to need more often in the future to have this informal exchange to discuss problems and important issues. and of course rushes warn ukraine is front and center of this meeting so they will be talking how they about how they can support ukraine, the future. we know that they have to tread very carefully here because they don't want to be a party in the war. but sir, again, they are individually are supporting ukraine with you as for instance, saying that they can deliver weapons to the battlefield in ukraine within 48 hours
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. and this topic will be discussed here, as well as to long term strategy for the alliance. and so the questions, not only how to deal with russia and that with russia's war on ukraine today, but also whether some day in the future, a dialogue with russia could be possible. he probably is alexandra on them and thank you so much. are you crazy? military says a russian forces have pulled back from territory around the 2nd largest city. harkey is as russia is trying to god it's supply roads and folk with the tax on regions for the east president for them is the lens. he says more than 1000 settlements have now been de occupied, but he want of a long war ahead. these were left behind in a village, east of harkins when the russian army was forced to retreat. ukrainian
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soldiers have managed to retake several villages on the outskirts of the city, but they remain on high alert and possessive with but built up to the front lines of the which of is not stable. a philosophy molly waller village went from hand to hand to the wallet. our guys took it back, it could kill that cushion. the russian forces are using artillery. we and kicked them out towards the water all the way from that russian forces continue to launch artillery. moving behind the path of destruction, north of hark, eve, recent shelling destroyed this cultural center. while local residents were receiving humanitarian aid. at least 2 civilians were killed in the attack.
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meanwhile, in the west of her cave residence have started to return to what is left of their homes. this village was liberated and the a few weeks ago. oh yes, sure. illusion of everything but over everything is destroyed. you better look at the road or a little last year. the road was fixed and everything was getting better. yeah. but after the russian troops with darkness. oh, came to rebuild our house. we need to live somewhere. we can't live in the subway forever. as resident scrapple with a scale of destruction here at least, there's hope, but the will will soon avow what his look at some other stories making headlines around the world. israel's police chief has ordered an investigation and 2 offices actions at a palestinian john the hero funeral. in jerusalem, there was international condemnation after security forces charged said mourners
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for veteran al jazeera reporter, serene acclaim, who was shot dead? well covering and is really rate in the west bank chic mohammad been zide. anahan has been appointed president of the united arab emirates, his appointment as head of the gulf arab state was widely expected and comes the day after the death of his half brother. the government has declared a 40 day morning period. north korea says its 1st covered 19 outbreak is spreading rapidly more than 20 people have dined from the virus, at least half the mit half a 1000000. others have suffered from a current of virus like fever. neither came. john own has blamed the outbreak on incompetence within his party. he has long resisted international offers for help masks and social distancing. commonplace, almost all over the world over the last 2 years. but a 1st for north korea's liter,
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for over 2 years, kim jung own maintained that his country had no cases of the corona virus. their borders have been closed since january 2020. but now kim has described the coven 19 outbreak as a great disaster. china has already offered it support to help curb the virus to young toville. china is willing to increase cooperation and fighting the pandemic tolls. and at the same time she is provide support and help according to north korea's needs. north korean media says the country will learn from china as strict approach to containing the virus. nationwide quarantine measures are now supposed to be in place. but north korea has so far refused to accept an offer of vaccine donations from china. it is also turned on western vaccine supplied via the kovak scheme. an outbreak could be disastrous for the 26000000 people of north
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korea. without vaccinations, it citizens are incredibly vulnerable and limited testing means the real size of the outbreak could be far greater than pyongyang has admitted. this is dw news line from berlin. reminder, you can find much more news analysis and video on a website at w got caught up next is for life season a by ah, what secrets lie behind these will discover new adventures in 360 degrees and explore fascinating world heritage sites d w world heritage, $360.00 get out now it's not a question of whether the next crisis will come but only when and how the media
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