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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 15, 2022 1:00am-1:16am CEST

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hi, oh, [000:00:00;00] i see that we news line from berlin. couldn't russia's war, and ukraine lead to an expanded nato. foreign masters from the alliance are in berlin, holding talked with finland and sweden about joining the pox. also coming up, the ukraine says russian troops have withdrawn from the 2nd biggest, the har keith abandoning tanks and territory there, but ukraine's president warrens of a long war ahead in the eastern don bass regent. and abundantly
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a front wall stood god have survived to play another season against germany's best clubs. thanks to a win against cologne. we'll have all the highlight ah i'm nichol furnished. welcome to the program. nato. foreign ministers are in berlin for an informal meeting on russia. the invasion of ukraine representatives from sweden and finland are also there to discuss the 2 countries seeking membership of the north atlantic treaty organization. nato, a system of collective security currently consists of 30 nations. since the cold war, finland and sweden have maintained a position of neutrality towards nato. their change of heart comes as concerns grow over the threat from russia, marking a departure from their former stance on the military alliance. in order for any new
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country to join the and all other members have to agree, turkey has express reluctance at the idea of including the 2 scandinavian nations. and here is when i finish foreign minister peca harvey still had to say about that . will i yesterday called to my good colleague, her middle social group, to foreign minister and a little bit to take the tenseness down and we will also meet, meet to day. and i'm, i'm, i'm sure that we will find a solution to, to decide from us. well, but of course, all the nato countries, all the 30 countries have the capacity to block the process on and so forth. so it's important that at least we keep now good conduct to each and every one. to go be a horse, one and alexandra phenomena is following the summit here in berlin for us. and here's her assessment of white herky seems to have an issue with finland. joining nato. well, we have to say that many here were christ white surprised it to
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a key expressed out of the know were there misgivings about sweden and finland joining the alliance. and we just heard from the turkish foreign minister here who said that that is, are unacceptable that both country as he put it, are as supporting and engaging with the kurdish extra extremist kurdish organization. there p k. k, that is considered a terrorist organization and he said that turkey has always supporter to the open door policy of the alliance. but that it is to a kish people who are against it, who are calling on the government to block her potential finish and swedish membership of the alliance. however, he also added that this is something that the foreign ministers are going to talk about tonight. so he left the door open for a kind of compromise and,
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and many ministers. he had told us that there are actually just wants to really listen and, and get to know what turkeys real intentions. here are foreign ministers from the group of 7 countries say they will reject russia as attempts to change international borders by force. g 7, ministers addressed rush as invasion of ukraine at their meeting in northern germany. german foreign minister and alina babel also called for an end to rush as blockade of ukraine's ports. she accused moscow of waiting a quote, food war on the world by causing millions of tons of grain to go to waste. the g 7 bound to increase pressure on russia through sanctions, and called on china to not undermine international efforts to isolate moscow. germany's foreign minister at the g 7, what support ukraine financially and militarily, as long as necessary?
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let's listen it. we support every measure and every step they are taking to ensure that people in ukraine and this is also our common goal as g 7 can live as everybody else in europe again in peace, but also insecurity and freedom in their own country. and we will support ukraine on this pause was whatever it take to ensure that they have freedom and peace in their own country. and we have also made very clear that it's our go, that rush, this bridge was international law that the imperial strategy often aggression, which screeches into national peace order and law will not succeed. that was a german foreign minister on elena bandwalk speaking earlier today. according to the ukrainian military, russian troops are withdrawing from around its 2nd largest city car keith after
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bombing it for weeks. but ukraine's presidents as his forces still lack the artillery and arm, or they need to tip the scales in their favor. meeting with the us senate delegation and key volota mirror. zalinski once again drove home ukraine's urgent need for more powerful weapons. republican leader, mitch mcconnell leads the u. s. senate delegation on a stroll through kiff to show their support for ukraine's war effort. it was all smiles and hand shakes as they met with president zelinski aliya glen and regular. well her thank you. we know each other a little bit. yeah. but zalinski made it clear that smiles and hand shakes and polite small talk won't drive the russians out of ukraine. his armed forces need more long range artillery, and strike aircraft to be able to hit russian forces and disrupt their supply lines . ukraine's general staff said the russians were pulling back from khaki if,
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as they pressed their offensive in the southeast residence of villages around khaki for coming to terms with the destruction left in the wake of russia's retreat. weeks of artillery bombardment and occupation have taken a heavy, tall oh, you are. russia launched fresh ground and air attacks in the eastern doughnuts province aiming to deplete ukrainian forces and destroy their fortified positions. the russian military seems to have an inexhaustible supply of machinery and men. president philadelphia, zelinski said that the outcome of the war would depend on support from europe and other allies. meanwhile, russian forces still haven't managed to defeat the last ukrainian fighters in the southern city of murder. you fall, families of the soldiers hold up in the us of style. steelworks are asking china to help negotiate an evacuation of the wounded. dumb objective ins be not founded. what goes on, there is no longer a war murders are taking place there. best conceive,
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hundreds of wounded with no limbs, and no anesthetics bombarded divine. while new bombardments inflict new wounds on already wounded fighters when they, they're exhausted. and just below the line of life, we want them to be rescued. mac watch him are away equal to vala, but he government. she said that for the fighters, trapped inside the steel works, surrendering is not an option. as she believes the russians would execute any captured members of the us off regiment. i'm corresponding fun with a shar is in the ukrainian capital cave and has more about rushes withdrawal from harkey. a festival is seen, he or she and keith see the very i'm right now as, as like a small victor actually a significant victory in terms that obviously this is the fastest advancement by far while this war is raging on. and while the russian forces have drawn from the key for region the how to keep being the 2nd largest city in ukraine. and the
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ukrainian force is being able to repel some of these russian forces from some territories towards the north. and the north and eastern part of hockey is seen here as a victory. and also is seen actually as a way of saying, it seems like it's working that these military weapons that the military that arrives in ukraine seems to be working in the interest of the ukrainian forces. now of course we do not know if this is the reason why the ukrainian forces advance or whether it's just the fact that the russian forces rather being mobilized right now . the neighboring lu hands can do on your screen in the don bus region. but it should not be forgotten, even though that these villages towards the north and the north east. from the hard key from the city. santa ana recaptured and had been liberated by you. freedom forces, it shall not be forgotten, of course, that the civilians have been basically spending their life on the ground for weeks and are now looking at was left from their homes. not to ignore the fact that they may be booby traps. they may be land mines scattered across
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a v. i area the streets where they are trying to look after what's left from their homes. the humanitarian tool is immense and we just do not know at this point how many casualties they are. how many people have been killed during this heavy bombardment at hockey region had to endure and steal endorsed by the way? because not every part of hockey region is under ukrainian control. and in fact, just yesterday, there was an attack on a r l 8 base. very close to the city center of hockey, which is used to distribute aid. so even though russian forces have you drawn or could be re power from parts of hockey region, it does mean that the night may is completely over for the people in harkey, if and let's now get you up to speed on some other stories making headlines around the world today, at least 10 people have been killed in a shooting at a supermarket and buffalo in the us state of new york. according to the police, the gunman entered the store with a rifle and open fire. witnesses say he were body armor and
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a helmet. the man has been arrested and the authorities are now investigating his motive. across the united states, thousands of people have taken to the streets and a national day of action to call for safe and legal access to abortion. demonstrators or voicing their outreach over a leaked draft opinion showing the supreme court is poised to overturn roe v wade. the landmark ruling that legalized abortion nearly 50 years ago and the wonderfully guys route for another season byron were already confirmed champions, which meant most of the drama on the last day came at the bottom. how to have berlin and stuart god were both hoping to avoid the dreaded relegation playoff spot . one of them is all set now for another year and the top flight and the other will have to take the fight for survival into over time. stuttgart drew 1st blood in the relegation battle at a pot. mercedes benz serena the hostess when a penalty on 12 minutes went yeah,
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go to mass was brought down. but to superb save denied sasha collides ich yet the austrian dusted himself down and scored from the resulting corner when no stood got up to 30 minutes over indictment her to also had a penalty when done axles i could do trip a shock, belford ill in the box and the algerian held his nerve to convert from the spot and sent the visiting berliners into raptures with 18 minutes. played. halftime arrived with no more scoring. and the hat to funds looked tense despite their team being in the driving seat. but they soon got good news. a terrible arab i. stuttgart keeper, fully a miller alert antony my desk to equalize for cologne. yet back endorsement. trouble was brewing for her to coach felix. my god. he didn't like this v. r penalty award
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. which manchester city bone killing helen, julie dispatched then 17 year old substitute you see from mccorkle latched onto a beautiful through bowl from jude bellingham, and made it to one for the hosts with his 1st touch agony for the travelling berliners. yet with the score in stuttgart, still level, their team was safe as the clock ticked past 90 minutes. and then the news from stuttgart filtered through there the hosts when a late corner and even keeper flew in miller was up looking to rectify his mistake . he didn't reach the ball, but what to do and or did and the stadium went bananas. ah, it was again made in japan as endo met, complete to re key to his flicker,
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to send stood god to safety over adornment. there was dismay in the stands and on the pitch before the recriminations begun. but the d belonged to stuttgart, whose funds went to be restrained as they ran to hill their heroes. we have secured them, bridges, league, a foot bowl for another year and saturday. i also saw a battle for the burners league, our final champions league spot fryeburg needed a wind against labor cozen and a light thick loss to be left out. but labour cousins, ezekiel palazzios, fired a long range rocket into an empty net. in the final seconds of the match to secure a 21 victory and dash fryeburg hopes for europe's top clump competition. and it wouldn't have mattered anyway, because lights they also clod back an equalizer against benefits and the 90th
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minute from a free kick, which really all vaughn had it in like sake, clint 4th place, and a trip to the champ, more football coming up after the break. stay tuned for sports life and a look at how barcelona became the best women's soccer team in europe. i'm a cough really for me and the entire team. thanks so much for your company. i every day for us and for our planet. global ideas is on its way to bring you more conservation. how do we make cities greener? how can we protect animals and their habitats? what to do all our waste?


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