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i, she's got to use this with all say will gray, a blue? oh, this abandon still works is a hot spot for the st. art scene for that urban art be in ali. we'll show you what else there is to discover here later on in the show. and with that, a warm welcome to a new edition of your max with me, your host, hannah. hm. oh, here's what else we've got lined up for you today. the best deca i left your in
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tina state is collin or a specialty from tuscany. and amsterdam locals reveal their favorite spots in the lovely city of abandoned industrial complexes are an ideal canvas for modern street artists, right. introducing the foot keegan iron works originally a steel mill for over a 100 years. now it's playing host to the urban art be another. one of the largest st. are expressions in the world. the global pandemic, as well as the war and ukraine have influenced the works on display this year. i think i'll test my own graffiti scales in a sack. in the meantime, why don't you check out how it's really done? when it comes to art maxime through a makes no compromises, legal or not to raise canvas. if the train rafeely his art form under the alias
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monk, he's been doing art his way usually against the law. for over 20 years. the frenchman now concentrates on decommissioning trains. he reassembled them for the urban art, be annella and all lou operating about the project is illegal enough. we're not even allowed to set foot on the railway yard, only let alone spray paint the train and it's highly illegal to just take along the windows and doors and put them on display somewhere else that violates laws right from the start in. but to me, that's absolutely beautiful, been so beautiful original and not seldom on the brink of the legal, not sums up the esthetic ideals of many of the artists invited to the urban are to be analysis. the exhibition itself throws the spotlight on the artistic value of their work. the play of colors on the purloined windows and doors, and maxime to raise work, recalls the light effects of a church of the stained glass windows. they become
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a kind of cathedral of the subculture in what i still make regular graffiti and everything that goes with it to fit. i still get that shot of adrenalin. i mean, it's part of my ambitions. you see, when you spray graffiti in the streets, you did, you want it to work. if you don't, if you do it for an exhibition, it's the same. what was holding off for me and i knew the adrenalin comes from the sam bishop for the lucy from this competitive villette. what it is, you see a lot of an every 2 years the city of focusing and invites artists to the complex of the decommissioned full, cling and iron works to present the latest trends and urban aren't the festival brings the subculture together with affluent art collectors like most of the participating artists, maxime dre completes his own entry on site. large format works, share the space with modern miniatures, like those by german sculptor, yan foreman, get on board. so i've been invited here to the urban art b and ala, to restore the factory
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a little bit with these interlocking brick symbol stay. once you hear just now, just i'm putting in a little reference to the surroundings, gable, because this architecture is just so incredible. i am almost at a loss for words which the female should fulfill both through the canadian artist roads where they planned his work before the war in ukraine broke out. it has since acquired a new relevance to letters can only be read from far above said he, if he is the different the wall, the writing says defun, the war machines the, the cliques machines. and of course, that's the sentiment at the moment with soft. and it's a highly pacifists and humanist approach to one is to so unzip the steel ones produce at these ironworks with also used to make weapons. artist hendrick by cast interprets another aspect of the iron works history. the guest workers, thousands of them came to full cling and in the 1961 was kyra han who worked at the
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ironworks for over 30 years. up until the blast furnaces were extinguished. her good. now a large format, the portrait of him can be seen here. you ought to see i does. she'll sight reconnects with its history at all by this was the way mister or han took to work. he passed by here every day that his portrait now stands as an homage to him and as such, up to all the guest workers abida, seen his portrait felt kind of her hand with dr. it's recognition at long last for him and all guest workers. due to being turkish gates and especially nice feeling talk very neil, i'm very happy and proud of them. i did good works and was successful. asada turgeon. i helped to build this country around robinson. the focusing in ironworks provide a backdrop for a young r chandra, as it moves from the streets into the exhibition home
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from modern art to something a little more traditional where headed to the outer hebrides in scotland. my home country on the isle of lewis and harris hand woven tweed has a long tradition since 1910. in fact, certain items of tweed clothing are simply a must at least as far as these celebrities are concerned. singer olivia rodrigo kate, the duchess of cambridge. and former football player david beckham among others, demand for the pure will fabric, has been on the rise since the mid to thousands, allowing a new generation of weaver is to make a living with harris tweed. the scottish island of lewis and harris and the outer hebrides. rebecca hutton lives here in the village of north 10th. she's one of more than 200 weavers who produce harris tweet at home. when you start leaving on the
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limb and you see the pattern developing and one it works. so yes, but a, but it is, it's yours. it's your thing and you're so involved in it. when you read the notes, very tactile thing. you're constantly feeling it. you're checking for any imperfections. you're take him to make sure there's no loosens in it. you're always running your hands over the cross to check. stone away is home to ronnie mackenzie's shop. the former textile technology teacher collects everything related to harris tweed. rebecca hutton is here looking for old weaving patterns to satisfy a new client. oh hello. there are you today? how are you? not too bad. that's as different as a big drop change. yeah, quick complicated isn't gonna be challenging though. his with ronnie mckenzie knows the history of this famous cloth woven from pure virgin wolf in the mid 19th century. the 6th earl of done moore and his wife catherine promoted harris tweed to
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the british aristocracy. when i was like 11, i have seen russian sickles coming in here. russian boots bo, gideon boots, haulin boats, dutch sports. so there's a huge, huge of industry of head in here. and that's basically what started the how to sweden to see. because the millionaires from the, the late 19 or 1890 study, they switch some of their money to how to st because it was so high in price. oh, production of the tweet cloth boomed until the late 19 sixty's when things went downhill. but these days, harris tweed is in demand again. so a few years ago, rebecca hutton returned to the island to carry on her grandparents. legacy. if you're from the islands, it's a part of you. you can never get rid of. it. doesn't matter how hard you try to have fall away, you go, it is in your blood. you had as much part of these islands as the islands are part of you. so to get a chance to come home and actually live that be,
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that part is pretty special. hutton visits or mentor. the islands most famous harris tweed weaver, donald john mckay from luskin tire, has been weaving for over half a century. he and his siblings learned the craft from their parents. we had to do something, and then we had be my dad. and thus soon we got the order stronger. we were then a load until alone. but he was watching over us very, very carefully. to may shoot, i was, he was to we, it should be a younger generation taken up weaving, which is good. and encouraging a rebecca hutton bring some, some yawn, and he helps her prepare the complicated weaving pattern, big commissions for nike in 2004 and chanel in 2010,
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made donald john mckay plus star and the weaving scene. and helped revive interest and tweet. he was even honored by britons, queen elizabeth for his services to harris twig. back in north 10th, rebecca hutton has chosen her weaving pattern and is stringing her loom more than 680 threads from the previous tweet must be threaded through by hand and tied in with the new yarn. this is the skinny woman. this is the very where you find her if you stood after that correctly. or if you have made a mistake, ah, rebecca hutton is pleased well, almost to bring out the blue more. she swaps white yarn for gray. that's what makes every piece of hair's tweet. one of a car in this day and age, many people around the world are trying to eat less meat to help reduce the
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negative effects of me production on the planet. and some farmers and pictures spend their lives trying to produce sustainable meat while also ensuring that their animals live a dignified life. nevertheless, if you're a venture beacon this next report ploy isn't going to be your thing. tuscan master butcher dario to kini, prides himself on his world famous table and stake lobby. thank god, i love the i did. ha emma. but if whatever dobies or not to be di or chicky me is no ordinary butcher, he's called himself the god of beasts deca. our stake is tesa. i le fiorentino is a t bone steak, some 4 fingers thick grilled over high heat, with florentine state as a tuscan, culinary specialty. she bought me. no, it's the best meal. absolutely. super up you by law,
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the nicest you take for guests at a haze. tele faced meet lovers from around the globe. i talked to dario jackie needs village of pantano in tuscany. his signature dish is made from the beef of kiana cattle, the world's largest breed of cattle. he says, liking animals and eating them. it's no contradiction to me. i love animals, vivo, e, i live in constant communication with them any mud so i'm up butcher, sure. but i'm not a murderer. sondra says sienna, ah, the cattle are given plenty of space, good food and time to grow big. the master butcher won't use meat from cows that are younger than for may. it's important to me that they have a good life. and as far as possible, a dignified debt of lucy. b. a.
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no, he samar contadino sandwich. we're country fine. every the ammo. eat she. hello. we're part of the natural circle of life. that's what alady jose dario t kini has a special relationship to beef. welcome to the temple of meta. this cold room is kept between one and 4 degrees celsius. grace stayed late though. this is the sir lawyer phillip it. just this here. it'll make 12 to 3 business day carla fiorentino. so the meal must hang for 30 days, only then can you cut out? dario chick kinney was born here in the village. to day he owns to restaurants and work 7 days a week. his butcher shop only closes at christmas. florentine states brought him fame yet to kini,
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originally planned to become a vet. but then his father died. he'd run the family butcher shop. then in its 7th generation, a brenda i took over my family's trade and its mission shown. and i've been proudly leading the chic heaney butcher shop into the future for 47 years now. yeah. tricky . the sticker on that p r in tina is still sacred. but so our author cuts of meat the resided to, to been, it's about using all parts of the animal from head to tail green. di in growth right now. i'm cutting, i'll be steak out with great pride won't get on, but it's a butcher's responsibility to not just use the stack. i do know that yacht is sort of the stick. this is how to prepare mistake i left here in tina this. i don't use salt, pork marinate god. the meat should be at room temperature. you know the free body.
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fat passion, boss. love and fired a it full long live me. radishi prelates. the old fashioned way. never prior in a pan bottle. barbaric, vaudeville. that'd be immoral with ali the sticker on the p r and t. now with more than a kilo after some 40 minutes over an open flame, it served with just a dash of salt and olive oil melts in your mouth side chars. amazing. you can taste the animal. it's so good. this is one of the best pieces of me i've ever had my entire life warning. nearly fantastic baker. i left fiorentino is a primitive pleasure from my job. you. he did. i'm in a simple a manner as possible called me flyer and still bloody my though it's not really
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bloody that cut because good meat doesn't bleed. and if possible, you eat it with your hands and always with wine, meat and wine on a car and they do yeah. ok vegetarians, you can watch again. now what kind of travel or are you do you plan everything in advance visit the main attractions. so cop all the history of the place or do you just play by ear and see where the day takes? you are, new theory is, takes us on adventure traveling. we've planned absolutely nothing. instead we're asking local is where to go. and this week where in amsterdam, amsterdam, the capital of the netherlands, the city with its charming canals, attracts millions of tourists every year. but what does amsterdam have to offer beyond the typical travel guide? recommendations?
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we're asking locals for insider tips in the hope of experiencing a unique day left. go. warren gregory is famous for his brightly colored flour bicycle. does he have a tit for of marin, just too many a spiegel grub. you know, that's a good one. struggle you start there because then you can get lost from there. you really can get lost. we set off along the many canals and bridges of which there are more than $1200.00 in amsterdam arriving at spiegel goth. we're a bit disappointed. ready it's another canal, but we do spot one of warren gregory's bicycles. from here we continue our search for the city's hidden treasures. our next hit comes from aaron dell who moved to amsterdam. if someone has an amsterdam for a day, i would definitely head to the bundle park. it's an amazing place to
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experience the quiet magic of amsterdam. you'll find people who are biking here, who are walking, who are exercising, who are sitting. you're just fine people. big on the park is amsterdam green, long and probably the most famous park in the netherlands. the 47 hector site has something for everyone. the park is named after the poet and playwright. yost, funded and fond of another eye catcher, is the fondle part pavilion. it's the lowest point in amsterdam. next, we meet bat was hunterman, who has many favorites as a love, the favorite sports that is a building designed by hendrick dekaiser. as, as, as to vista care domestic jack is the 1st protestant judge for that buffers de la, just at that time endured as it sat, i recently renovated almost finished, do visits best to k,
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because it's a marvelous building. amsterdam highest church tower guides us to the vesta camp. the interior is strikingly bright, thanks to the churches $36.00 large windows. many national celebrities are buried in the best account. among them is the world famous baroque painter, rembrandt. it's time for a snack. but where if i am hungry, i'll probably get a snack from the wall. it's one of the most excessive, most of the one delicious and diverse snacks that you can find around the city center. and basically all over the land. a smack from the wall. michael schmidt is talking about fable, a fast food chain with vending machines that contain fresh and hot food. bayville has been around for more than 70 years and enjoys cult status. press the button
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to take out your snack. this is a casual play by the way. it's filled with mold cheese because we in the netherlands like cheese a lot. so yeah, very easy to eat. but you have to be careful because you can burn your mouth quickly. our amsterdam or guides helped us have a wonderful day. and we saw that it's worth getting off the beaten path every now and then sometimes that it really is worth taking on challenges and trying out new things. that's exactly what my colleague, mikey krueger did for our next reports in switzerland, in the swiss alps. the primary means of communication across the valley used to be the out porn. it was a predecessor of the telephone, so to speak. and today it's an extraordinary musical instrument. and micah, try to learn how to play it in just one day. pretty ambitious.
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ah, he in the swiss alps, the majestic upon is a tradition dating back centuries. oh, i sound more like a dying mountain go, but my goal today is to play along with the pros. was a challenge. this is the 1st time i'm holding an art horn into today. i'm not only trying to make some noise. i'm, i'm trying to play a melody. so we would see, ah, i set out for the district else. no down a group of pretty villages with a total population of on the $6000.00, and some residents are willing to teach mcginnis how to play. now upon lucky me, an icon consists of 3 pots besides the mouthpiece. lu, okay. all that on the students are swiss and they laughed the icon with us like the
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swiss cross on the flag. it's as much of part of the country as cows and cheese with holes. the l porn is really swiss knots right now. your mind acquire the ability to play a piece and 2 or 3 years. it is talon or sometimes is the, oh, well i don't. how let time mall the talent everyone's happy to produce any sound and all nicolai deva is a patient teacher. he's been playing the alpo on since he was 5, and he's really trying to help me on this. i love all, i can play the various notes are chief by blowing in different ways. after 2 hours. the beginning course is over. good. fortunately, my teacher is willing to give me private lessons at 2200 meters above the sea level,
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and we tried a few dry runs in the gondola lana . how long have the swiss been playing up, hans? all moll, seriously, pioneers included, it was mentioned for the 1st time in switzerland, in the 16th century. him say a 2nd. oh vill oh valley. oh, here in this area it showed up later to to do the bus. it was used to call home the livestock in and after that as a musical instrument. and that's come on that it wasn't played only for entertainment until the 1980s. it's like a cooler because we're looking for beautiful spots. clearly the easiest part of to day for a song was maybe 3 of full notes, could be something i could learn. he says, i practice until i drago telegraph. i'm about to faint. emma. oh,
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getting the right news and holding it is the biggest challenge. i haven't much time stuff to post a here to play for me . it's an instrument that goes with the postcard landscape of the alps perfectly. now my turn will be doing a modern piece until you can actually play anything on the album. well, you may be, but not me too much question. i just going it is not really knowing what i'm doing, but i don't give up and i keep playing until the end.
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me ok, i would say that was the mission, not accomplished because it was so much more exhausting than i expected. and on the other hand, it was so much fun. oh me, me in the and i'm quite proud because i played the phone and i learned it all in a single day. even if it wasn't quite perfect. ah, impressive, that's all for today. but do head over to our website to take part in our viewers drop. all you have to do is tell us which german landmarks you would most like to visit. and as a thank you. we have items from dw uncensored fashion collection, which promotes worldwide freedom of expression. thanks for watching and take care the next time
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with ah, with
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who ah, in the years past to global power. the country has stronger in the international order. under the hindu hardliner, prime minister in modi, but domestically the country is increasingly divided the world of not in the 15 d w o
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interest, the global economy, our portfolio d w business beyond. here's a closer look out the project. our mission. to analyze the fight for market dominance is to this is wes good, is still head with the w business beyond the rare natural spectacle in an improved world. the mass boobies returned to the coast of the website. oh, ah, one of the many success stories,
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question of biodiversity starts me 20 d w. one of the main kinds, oldest ambitions could be within reach or what is it really is possible to reverse aging researchers and scientists all over the world are in a race against ah ha. molecules though, has 28 different powered losses. they are peers and rivals with one daring gold to outsmart nature for a longer,
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healthier and fuller life. one of the most insightful discoveries in the history of mankind down the hatch. more life starts may 28th on d. w. o doesn't seem w. newsome. these are our top stories, nato, foreign ministers meeting and berlin are talking to finland and sweden, about joining the military alliance. the fans and the sweets a nato membership is a defense against feared further aggression from russia. all 30 members of the alliance must agree before new members can join and several governments have already voice support for finland and sweden.


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