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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 15, 2022 9:00am-9:16am CEST

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oh, stores me 20 d w ah ah, this is d w. news live from good. ukraine says it's 2nd largest city is secure once again. connie and soldiers clean villages on the outskirts of hockey after russian troops withdraw. but the client's president wants of a long drawn out fight in the east. and don, vast reach. also coming up broadcasting from a bunker ukraine, takes its coverage of the eurovision song contest on the ground. even without the glitz and glamour is plenty to celebrate. and a k moment,
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and nato as ministers gather in berlin, finish in swedish diplomat. are on hand with eyes on joining the military alliance . ah, i'm anthony. how'd welcome. after weeks of heavy bombardment, how keith is breathing? a sigh of relief, the ukrainian military claims to have driven russian troops out of the area around the country, 2nd largest city. the shilling, according to regional authorities, has stopped that ye crowns. president says, these forces still lack the means to tip the scales. in their favor, the latter mister lensky told of visiting us senate delegation, he needs more powerful weapons. republican leader, mitch mcconnell leads the u. s. senate delegation on a stroll through kiff to show their support for ukraine's war effort. to me it was
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all smiles and hand shakes as they met with president zalinski. are you good and regular? well har, thank you. we know each other a little bit. yeah, that's zelinski made it clear that smiles and handshakes and polite small talk won't drive the russians out of ukraine. his armed forces need more long range artillery and strike aircraft to be able to hit russian forces and disrupt their supply lines. ukraine's general staff said the russians were pulling back from ca, keith, as they pressed their offensive in the southeast residence of villages around khaki for coming to terms with the destruction left in the wake of russia's retreat. weeks of artillery bombardment and occupation have taken a heavy, tall oh, are you in? russia launched fresh ground and air attacks in the eastern done it's province aiming to deplete ukrainian forces and destroy their fortified positions. the
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russian military seems to have an inexhaustible supply of machinery and men. president philadelphia, zelinski said that the outcome of the war would depend on support from europe and other allies. meanwhile, russian forces still haven't managed to defeat the last ukrainian fighters in the southern city of murder. you fall. families of the soldiers hold up in the us of style. steel works are asking china to help negotiate an evacuation of the wounded bomb. zachariah navina bounded what goes on, there is no longer a war, murders are taking place there, but i can see hundreds of wounded with no limbs and no anesthetics but a divine. while new bombardments inflict new wounds on already wounded fighters when they, they're exhausted. and just below the line of life, we want them to be rescued, mac watch them all away, equally, up to vala. but he, she said that for the fighters, trapped inside the steel works, surrendering is not an option. as she believes the russians would execute any
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captured members of the as of regiment. they doubly correspondent mathias, pulling at joints me now from cave mathias is hockey for now considered a complete victory for ukraine's forces. we are hearing that the russian forces are withdrawing from the o area. they're conducting an orderly retreat like they have done in ki, if, when they came under counter offensive from ukrainian forces. so it's not done yet, but what we are seeing is that a victory is it is most probably going to happen in the few, in the next few hours a day. now, russia's blockade of ukrainian portsmouth is on the black sea is affecting millions of both inside and outside the country. what is keep planning and what are they capable of doing about this ukraine and also the partners in europe are trying to get as much grain out of the country by train or by road.
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there are, there are, some of the grain is shipped to romania and are plants to ship grain to baltic the ports of the baltic states. however, that route would have to go via bella luce and it's far from clear weather. this could happen as bella rose is a russian ally over all drains can not export as much grain as the ports have. the capacity is on the same, so we will still see a shortage of gray. and in a rarity matessa, we get to finish with some good news. he cried has won the eurovision song contest in the midst of war. how is this particular piece of news were saved in the country? it's seen as a huge encouragement and it's been a very important, a wind for the country. more morally, the president has said that he wants to hold the next eurovision song contest in mar, hugo, which he says will then be liberated and reconstructed. that's of course,
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a big plan, but overall it seen as a sign of encouragement and that's probably what it was meant as if you see that the popular vote in or in europe was almost unanimously in favor of ukraine. the deputies correspond, that is pulling it in cave. thanks so much. now more on that highly symbolic victory for ye crane, a victory on stage. they ukrainian band by the name of kalash orchestra. it is who has won the eurovision song contest. ah, with the fanny which blends traditional folk music with people that was in 4th place after the jury voted, but swept to victory. thanks to overwhelming support the band right across you now usually ukrainian say they would broadcast the competition from a studio in keith. but after the war broke out, produces move the broadcast to
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a secret location, and the ground are correspondent, army in a safe, joined the crew on what was to turn out to be a very special, not the big night broadcast from a bunker. it's the night ukraine aims for eurovision glory in the public broadcasters to spill, nor is the channel to tune into every ukrainian gonna watch it because sir, we have not so many good moments right now. and this one. and it could be the most sir, wider for moment for last 23 months. in the 1st week of the war, a suspicion, as keith tv tower was hit by russian missiles, they were forced to move their studio to an undisclosed location. and after that, sir, not only we open, but to allah, ah ukrainian t v t v cruise had to move on to the grounds. the mood is excited,
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but tense. every one here wants the show to go off without a hitch. not just their own broadcast, but also the performance of collusion, orchestra the band representing ukraine. the song has been on repeat across the country for weeks on car radios, in coffee shops and on street corners. now one more time for the judges. oh, felicia sang, stephanie, a just came on and people came running down from other rooms to come watch it on tv here. now these are journalists, but it's clear they have a preference in this show. the votes are in. oh, ukraine wins. it's the kind of announcement you don't often get to make on the cranium. tv, any more?
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good news. i'm very excited. i'm so proud for my gadri. it is like a big pleasure for us to feel. i can cry akin. laugh it. it does lately. oh, i still can't believe that it's through of thank is or my so all, all the viewers, all the people from europe, a very, very hard to motion because sir, are still there vina, in going, were over in grand and her. it's a little piece of happiness serve for us. it's not the big victory day. every one here is waiting for, but it's still something to celebrate. a foreign ministers from nato countries. the hearing berlin for talk dominated by the russian invasion of ukraine. representatives from sweden and finland are also in town to discuss their intentions to gain membership to the north atlantic treaty organization. but not
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all nato members are came to let the scandinavian countries become part of the defense alliance. u. s. secretary of state antony, think and arriving in berlin for nato talks at a time. the alliance is seeing a sharp rise in its geopolitical relevance. the talks are focused on long term goals, but more immediately the accession of finland and sweden are also on the table. not on the said sweden and finland, join nato, but they should do so quickly. of course, i'll have a good conversation with my counterpart. it is important that we have also consensus. consensus could be an issue nay to member turkey accuses sweden and finland of harbouring militant curds or turkish people. predominantly a big majority of the turkish people are against the membership of those countries who are supporting a p k y p g that his organization. and they're asking us a to block this membership. finland, at least,
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is confident this issue can be smoothed out at court to my good colleague, her middle sulisaga, to foreign minister and a little bit to take the tensors down. and we will also meet, meet to day. and i'm, i'm, i'm sure that they will find a solution to do this item. unity is key in the alliance as it looks to the future . and these berlin talks how to further reinforce nato's presence in eastern europe, given the tensions with russia. and for the 1st time to lay out guidance on dealing with china, they doubly correspondent alexandra phenomena is in berlin. following this meeting for us, alexandra given those comments from the turkish foreign minister, how difficult is that pathway for finland and sweden toward knighthood membership? we had a chance here to speak with many foreign ministers, and i have to say that most of them were very optimistic and, and confident that turkey will come around,
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that they will not undermine the alliances, he unity and will not eventually block her or keep her they will drop their opposition to sweden and finland joining the alliance. and some of them indicated that turkey might have to mastic reasons or some bilateral issues with some allies . there are rumors, dad, the reason for turkeys objection could be, could be restrictions on weapons deliveries to the country. the u, as, as we know, also imposed sanctions on turkey after the country decided to buy russian made or a defense systems. so all of this is sort of on the table, but we have to say that most ministers here were very optimistic that in the answer, at the accession process for sweden and finland should they declare officially that
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they want to join. the alliance will be quick and smooth. vladimir putin nightmare has long been nato expansion. how serious of finland, and indeed nato taking russian threats of retaliation to this move. well, i think that's any threats coming out south russia are being taking seriously by nature and of course by finland as well as we know, as he just mentioned, russia has vowed what they call a military and technically retaliation. we know that they are threatening to move more troops towards their border with finland, which is a very long, 1300 kilometers. and it could be cyber attacks. and they have already announced to a spend deliveries of electricity to finland. that is, however, something that filane can deal with, and they have a new power,
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a nuclear power plant. they have went energy, so they're not very concerned about that. and the thinking here is also that, you know, russia is threatening to retaliate. however, russia have suffered huge losses in ukraine and actually their armies busy, they're just briefly alexander. this landscape is shifting daily. what else is on the agenda? while this meeting is going on, the continuous support of nato allies for ukraine, of course. and then they're also talking about a long term strategic concept for nato, that should address new challenges and risk, of course rushes aggression, but also china's role on the international stage. the w correspondent, alexander phenomena in berlin. thanks so much and that is all the news for the south state you now for world stories. the world in reports
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