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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 15, 2022 11:00am-11:15am CEST

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ah, ah ah, this is d w. news live from burly ukraine says that 2nd largest city is secure once again. ukrainian soldiers clear villages on the outskirts of khaki after russian troops withdraw. but ye crimes, president warned of a long drawn out fight in the eastern don best region. also coming up a key moment for nato as ministers gather in berlin, finish, and swedish diplomat to run hand with eyes on joining the military alliance and in buddhist league of football stood god are safe after right from magic final
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day. if survived to play another season against germany's elite leading to delirium on the field and in the stats plus this a band from ukraine takes the top prize of the massive eurovision song contest to record number of your votes, puts the group callous orchestra and a time country on top. ah, i'm anthony how'd walk into the program? after weeks of heavy bombardment, hockey is breathing a sigh of relief. the ukrainian military claims to have driven russian troops out of the area around the country, 2nd largest city. the shilling, according to regional authorities, has stopped. but he cries president, so these forces elsewhere still lack the means to tip the scales fully in their
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favor. the lot of miss lensky told a visiting u. s. senate delegation. he needs more powerful weapons. republican leader, mitch mcconnell, leads a u. s. senate delegation on a stroll through kiff to show their support for ukraine's war effort. to me it was all smiles and handshakes as they met with president zelinski follow you. good and regular. well har, thank you. we know each other a little bit. yeah. but zalinski made it clear that smiles and hand shakes and polite small talk won't drive the russians out of ukraine. his armed forces need more long range artillery and strike aircraft to be able to hit russian forces and disrupt the supply lines. ukraine's general staff said the russians were pulling back from ca, keith, as they pressed their offensive in the southeast residence of villages around khaki
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for our coming to terms with the destruction left in the wake of russia's retreat. weeks of artillery bombardment and occupation have taken a heavy tall. so are you doing? russia launched fresh ground and air attacks in the eastern doughnuts province aiming to deplete ukrainian forces and destroy their fortified positions. the russian military seems to have an inexhaustible supply of machinery and men. president philadelphia, zelinski said that the outcome of the war would depend on support from europe and other allies. meanwhile, russian forces still haven't managed to defeat the last ukrainian fighters in the southern city of murder. you fall. families of the soldiers hold up in the us of style. steel works are asking china to help negotiate an evacuation of the wounded dumb objective ins he not founded what goes on. there is no longer a war, murders are taking place there, but you can see hundreds of wounded with no limbs and no anesthetics but
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a divine. while new bombardments inflict new wounds on already wounded fighters when they, they're exhausted. and just below the line of life, we want them to be rescued. mac watch him are away equally up to vala, but he, she said that for the fighters, trapped inside the steel works, surrendering is not an option. as she believes the russians would execute any captured members of the us off regiment. foreign ministers from nato countries are making here in berlin for talks dominated by the russian invasion of ukraine. ministers will also be discussing proposals by sweden and finland to join the defense alliance. public opinion in the 2 nordic countries has shifted in favor of joining following the russian invasion. russia has warned neighboring finland, that becoming part of nato would be a mistake. i remember turkey may also be against sweden and finland. membership in the kisses, both countries of backing kurdish militants that it says are terrorists for others
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in the alliance. their membership is a no brainer. the deputies, terry schultz has this report. becoming a full member of nato, used to be aligned finland and sweden did not intend to cross in brussels. that line is actually a street with partner countries on one side and nato allies on the other. we meet finland's nato ambassador, close caught on him at the building where his mission is located for now after russian aggression against ukraine. so our security environment in, in europe and also in northern your europe. it has changed or it's now more insecure. an i think this, this move or to increase our corporation and become member of, or nato is the right step. the alliance is always made clear to finland and sweden . there's a place for them here, room for more flags and some offices that could use new tenants. but as some of the most wealthy well equipped countries in europe,
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these new nordic members would feel much more important gaps than those sweeten thing. land bring difference assets to nato. finland famously brings the ability to guard a very lat long land. with russia, sweden brains, a 500 year old navy, and a navy that is among the largest in the baltic sea where we should remember. nathan doesn't have very many large neighbors, excepting the 2 country should be a no brainer for nato says. former finish prime minister alexander stood that morning to compatible the most nato member states themselves like finland. as an example, we're always spent about 2 percent of our g, d, p on a military expenditure. we have reserves with 900000. we can mobilize 280000 quickly during the war time. we have a $62.00 f eighteens just bought to $64.00 f, $35.00, and indeed nato secretary general yen stilton burn has said this would be
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a record fast accession process. once the 2 governments formerly confirmed they wanted join, though it will still take months for 30 nato governments stamps of approval even ahead of their formal applications. finland and sweden or receiving pledges from allies and defensive back up against possible russian retaliation. and they'll be providing security as well. i think finland is already protecting the northern flank of the alliance under, with nato membership, that would be even more effective. maybe we have more visibility and under more information, more experience on. oh, what, what does going on and what might happen? so i think yes, i think that perspective will be welcome. mutual security is already a 2 way street, but bound to be easier when all the nordic countries and nato are on the same side of it. they'd have these brussels bureau chief alexander phenomena is following the story for us. i asked her earlier today how likely nato membership,
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the sweden and finland are given turkeys, reluctance on that question. always had a chance here to speak with many foreign ministers. and i have to say that most of them were very optimistic and, and confident that turkey will come around, that they will not undermine the alliances unity and will not eventually blocker or keep, or they will drop their opposition to sweden and finland joining the alliance. and some of them indicated that turkey might have domestic reasons or some bilateral issues with some allies. there are rumors that the reason for turkey's objection could be could be restrictions on weapons deliveries, to the country. the u. s. s. we know also imposed sanctions on turkey after the country decided to buy russian made or a defense systems. so all of this is sort of on the table,
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but we have to say that most minister is here. we're very optimistic that in the answer, at the accession process for sweden and finland should they declare officially that they want to join the alliance will be quick and smooth. blood couldn't nightmare has long been nato expansion. how serious of finland, and indeed nato taking russian threats of retaliation to this move. well, i think that's any threats coming out south russia are being taking seriously by nato. and of course by if finland as well as we know, as he just mentioned, russia has about what they call and military and technically retaliation. we know that they are threatening to move more troops towards their border, which finland, which is a very long, 1300 kilometers at it could be cyber attacks. and they
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have already announced to suspend deliveries of electricity to finland. that is, however, something that villain can deal with, and they have a new power, a nuclear power plant to have wind energy. so they're not very concerned about that . and the thinking here is also that, you know, russia is threatening to retaliate. however, russia have suffered huge losses in ukraine and actually their armies busy there. that was data please brussels bureau chief alexandra phenomena or a tougher sport and settle. i saw a battle for the blunders league as final champions league spot fryeburg needed to win against live, accusing, bought levy kissane's, ezekiel clots. yas fire the long rains rocket into an empty net in the final seconds of the match to secure a 21 victory and dash fry books hopes that left leipzig in control of the coveted 4th place position. and i scored an equalizer against villa filled in the 90th
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minute, like watching clinch a trip to next season's champions league and abundance lake umbrella bash relegation. beryl had quite a dramatic finish. it was going to be either hurst, berlin, or stood, got in the relegation. playoffs, but chris harrington from dw sports. hey, chris, hey, what a dye at stood got site there best to last, but it turned out to be a win win situation for both stuttgart and clone. yeah, you know, to go i had all the momentum they ended, you know they prevented buying from having a good party. you know, when they got there a celebration and it ended in the 92nd minute. endo waterloo, endo connected on a corner kick and the place went crazy. obviously. everyone stormed the pitch. you know, it was quite the finish and it was a win win situation. stuttgart, looking at them 2 seasons ago, this last season, they were in 201920, excuse me. they were the 2nd league. they won a back to the top flight now. they've secured their season again. cologne when,
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when situation, this is the tea that won a playoff. relegation last season, and now they're headed to europe, getting him a this has been fantastic, but it's nice to see 2 winters on both sides of the football. it's my favorite. i've even believable st. now hatta, on the other hand, i suffered at her feet and they're gonna have to white right here they were actually in the driver seat, they had the advantage of the momentum. all they needed was a draw endorsement. but then the youngster, 17 year old, you so from a cuckoo for dot, when comes in it's rains on hair to berlin's parade. but you know, it, in my opinion, they lost that before that final match. you know, you looked back and matched a 31. they defeated to gar, you know, but then they level the bellow failed. they're, it's being sent straight down to the 2nd league. that's not a good look in a and then more recently they lose to might you so it doesn't look good. and actually they brought kevin, prince bottega hometown hero from berlin, back to kind of, kind of, you know, revitalized, he had to berlin in some respect. but he checked in very late in that match in a,
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they're going to have to either play. it looks like a hamburg or a darmstadt in the plate, off relegation battle, so all is not done, but um they're gonna have to actually move the right direction or figure out something that they're going to survive. chris harrington from the w sports. thanks so much man. thank you. now to weigh a symbolic victory, the ukraine victory on stage, the much loved eurovision song contest, the group colors, orchestra one, the event of entrance from dozens of other countries. the band was outside the top 3 after the vote from the events judges. but it swept a victory thanks to overwhelming support from fans right across europe. oh, when for ukraine, writing of eve of popular support for the board averaged country, the ukrainian band cut loose orchestra has been eurovision 2022, adding a political tone to a contest that claims to be neutral. send yourself or did you grab
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this this while you write? oh good. it was a clue. school national duties had put the u kids. sam ryder in the lead. ah. but a record number of fan boards lifted the ukrainians into the lead beans, popular performer chanel, to rattle, game, and 3rd. members of the galatia gastro received special permission to leave the country to represent ukrainian culture at the song contest. we have attempted the authorization to be sure, and it ends in 2 days and exactly in 2 days. we are going to be back in ukraine within the china like every ukrainian we are ready to fight as much as we can and gone until the end of dory. but with them they be taking home
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a much needed when and on that night. that's all for now. coming up next is an episode of shift living in the digital age. more used to be found a d, w dot com at any time of the day that you needed. more still on social media, on insta and twitter. the handle you need is at d. w. news. i'm anthony. how'd in berlin? i'll be back in 45 minutes. with another bulletin we've got some hot tips for your bucket list. ah romantic corner tread hotspot for food and some great cultural memorials to brood. d, w, travel off we go. it's not a question of whether the next crisis will.


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