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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 15, 2022 1:00pm-1:16pm CEST

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ah, w for mines ah, ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin defying putin's warning. finland makes it official, once in, with nato finance prime minister and president make the announcement a day after the president of the neighboring russia wrote the idea a mistake. also coming up ukraine says its 2nd largest city is secure once again. ukrainian soldiers clare villages on the outskirts of carcass after russian troops, withdrawl, which a cranes president warned of
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a drawn out fight in the eastern don bass region. also coming up the f. b, i is calling it of possible hate crime a shooting in the u. s. 8 of new york has left tenant people dead. most of the victims of black, the suspect is white. ah, i'm really mohamad welcome to the program. finland has announced it will officially apply for nato membership. if approved at the addition of finland would be doubling the size of nato's border with russia. the application needs to be endorsed by the finish parliament. but that's expected to be just a formality. so far natal member turkey has expressed reservations about finland's membership, but finish prime minister at santa marin said she was confident in the country's application. both finland and sweden have sent diplomats to
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a meeting of foreign ministers in berlin. we haven't had any indication in nato that there would be any problems for finance or sweetness membership. he made a we, we have all the capabilities. we are already very into linked with nato, and we are close partners to nato. we haven't had any indications that there would be any problems when i bring in d. w is a brussels bureau chief, alexandra von nomine, who is in berlin for us following that meeting. so bring us up to speed on what else was discussed in that press conference. so when we talking here about the finished decision to join nato, to formerly filer application for nato membership, it was an upcoming as a surprise. because days ago they already said that they are in favor of their country joining the alliance to finish. a president described this moment as
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a historic moment as a beginning of a new era. and indeed it is a new era for the country. after decades, ultima literally you trial, etc. and thou, as you just mentioned, the finished parliament will debate the issue. but sir, the vote there is considered a formality because the majority in favor of and natal membership of a fin lunch is a certain alexander, there has been objections from taki on finland and also sweden joining nato. what's being done to dial down the tensions to get a deal on this while their foreign ministers in berlin came together or to speak with each other. and of course, also with turkey, we have to say that their objections, they came a bit out of nowhere out of the blue here for many, and many a ministers that we had a chance to speak with. told us that there was quite there quite confident and that
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turkey will come around at the turkish government has accused sweden, in particular of supporting and engaging with the kurdish extremist groups here particular the p k. k. a bad sir. many here are indicated that the reasons for turkish and or turkey's objections could be more of the domestic issues or for instance, and restrictions on weapon deliver it to turkey. after buying a russian made or a defense systems, for as for instance, the u, as a decided to impose sanctions against turkey thought maybe that is the reason. but here anyone is confidence that there will be no turkish veto. and what's the perspective from russia? while russia has threatened to retaliate in the case of
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a membership of finland and sweden, but they seem to be dialing down a bit so they have suspended deliveries of electricity a to finland, for instance. they are, they have also threatened to move more troops to the finish border, which is a long one. however, we also have to say that to the russian army is at the moment, very busy in ukraine. they have suffered a huge losses there. and according to nato military officials, they're, they're an aggression that war has lost momentum in ukraine is so, and no one here, i think as a thinking that russia could treat tale age by a, by a talking finland he w, alexandra vonem. and thank you so much now, the ukrainian military claims to have driven russian troops out of the area of car
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give it crane. second largest city regional authority, say the chalet, there has stopped, but ukraine's president says his forces elsewhere lack the means to tip the scales in their fav them. let him hear lensky told of visiting us senate delegation, he needs more weapons. republican leader, mitch mcconnell, leads the u. s. senate delegation on a stroll through kiff to show their support for ukraine's war effort. it was all smiles and hand shakes as they met with president zelinski. follow you. good and regular. well har, thank you. we know each other a little bit. yeah. that's zalinski made it clear that smiles and hand shakes and polite small talk won't drive the russians out of ukraine. his armed forces need more long range artillery and strike aircraft to be able to hit russian forces and disrupt their supply lines. ukraine's general staff said the russians were pulling back from ca, keith,
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as they pressed their offensive in the southeast residence of villages around khaki for coming to terms with the destruction left in the wake of russia's retreat. weeks of artillery bombardment and occupation have taken a heavy, tall oh, are you in? russia launched fresh ground and air attacks in the eastern doughnuts province aiming to deplete ukrainian forces and destroy their fortified positions. the russian military seems to have an inexhaustible supply of machinery and men. president vladimir zalinski said that the outcome of the war would depend on support from europe and other allies. meanwhile, russian forces still haven't managed to defeat the last ukrainian fighters in the southern city of murder. you fall. families of the soldiers hold up in the us of style. steel works are asking china to help negotiate an evacuation of the good health thumb. jeremiah nivi, knock down did what goes on. there is no longer
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a war murders that taking place there, but i can see hundreds of wounded like the new wounds on already wounded fighters when they, they're exhausted. and just below the line of life's thought we want them to be rescued. mccourt him or a boy equally up to vala for the government. she said that for the fight has trapped inside this deal works. surrendering is not an option. as she believes the russians would execute any captured members of the us off regiment. while his look at some other stories making headlines around the world, palestinians are marching in from allah in the west bank to mock nutler day is commemorates the displacements of hundreds of thousands of palestinian arabs during the 1st arab israeli war, which began on this day in 1948. each year sees protests around the globe calling for the recognition of palestinian nationhood. people in lebanon are causing their ballots in parliamentary elections. the 1st since and uprising
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against the ruling elite in 2019 new political groups all facing off against established parties. lebanon is experiencing a growing economic crisis with shortages of food, water, and medicine. and voting is underway in elections in the german states of north wind vis failure. the vote is seen as a test for the social democrats of chancellor on af schultz. germany's most popular state is traditionally and s b t stronghold, but swung to the conservatives in 2017. the 2 parties on neck and neck in the pulse . a y gunman has opened fire at a supermarket in buffalo, new york, killing 10 people. most of them black, the f b i says, the incident is being investigated as a hate crime. the suspect was arrested at the scene. he has pleaded not guilty, full 1st degree murder. oh, wow. the aftermath of
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a brutal attack crowds gathered outside a local supermarket. no turned crime scene to offer each other support people who were just i buying groceries witnessed 1st hand a massacre. wouldn't you? well he went in the store to shoe store goldberg, restore it garden store, or 20 shawn been stored. police say the 18 year old white male suspect was carrying an assault rifle marked with a racist slur. he shot 13 people, killing 10 of them. in all 11 of the victims were black. is suspected. gunman surrendered to police officers at the scene and was charged hours later. c individual has been arranged on murder in the 1st degree, which is the highest charge, myrtle charge in new york state carries with it all shut themselves wife will all parole the highest punishment we have in new york state. amsterdam in charge of the suspect pleaded not guilty. the 1st 2 minutes of his attack were live streamed on
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social media platform. twitch, by a camera attached to his helmet. authorities are calling for tighter controls on streaming sites. remanded, there is a responsibility out there and we're going to continue to work on this. and they sure that those who provide these platforms have a moral and ethical and i hope to have a legal responsibility to ensure that such hate cannot populate these sites. the live streaming of terror attacks is becoming more common with extremists using online platforms to spread messages of racial hatred. while abundance lager has wrapped up its season, byron were already confirmed champions, which meant most of the action on the last day came near the bottom of the league, her tub, berlin, and stood. got we're hoping to avoid the dreaded relegation playoff spot. and one
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of them as safe another year into the top flights and the other will have to take the battle for survival into over time. stood got drew 1st blood in the relegation battle at a pat mercedes benz serena. the hosts, when a penalty on 12 minutes, when t i go to mass was brought down. but to superb saved night, sasha, collides ich yet the austrian dusted himself down and scored from the resulting corner when no stuttgart, after 30 minutes over endorsement, had to also had a penalty. when done axels, i could do trent a shack bellville in the box. and the algerian held his nerve to convert from the spot and sent the visiting berliners into raptures with 18 minutes. played halftime arrived with no more scoring, and they had to funds look tens despite their team being in the driving seat. but
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they soon got good news, a terrible arab, i still got keeper, fully miller alert anthony mendez to equalize for cologne, yet back endorsement. trouble was brewing for her to coach felix maggots. he didn't like this via our penalty award. which manchester city bone killing helen. julie dispatched then 17 year old substitute use for mccorkle, latched onto a beautiful through bowl from jude bellingham, and made it to one for the hosts with his 1st touch. agony for the traveling berliners, yet with the storage stood guard still level, their team was safe. as the clock ticked past 90 minutes, and then the news from stuttgart filtered through there the hosts when a late corner and even keeper floor and miller was up looking to rectify his mistake. he didn't reach the ball,
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but what to endo did and the stadium went bananas. ah, it was a goal made in japan as endo met complete treat to rookie e to was flickered to send stuttgart to safety over endorsement. there was dismay in the stands and on the pitch before the recriminations began but the de belonged to stuttgart, whose funds went to be restrained as they ran to hill their heroes. we have secured them been to sleek a football for another year. and finally, the ukrainian folk hipaa band collusion orchestra has won the eurovision song contest. ah, group. with this on stephanie, i was a favorite to go into the final view as though to to give them
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a clear victory. the ban says it feels a huge responsibility to represent ukrainian culture at a time when russia is trying to destroy it. russia has been kept out of this year's competition that, that you're up to date coming up next is, well, stories of these and i i, she's got, it is just a thought they were great. it is the end of the pandemic in site. we show what it could look like.


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