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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 15, 2022 4:00pm-4:16pm CEST

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ah, ah ah, this is d, w needs live from berlin, defying putin's warning, finland announces it will apply to join nato. finance president says his country is entering a new era. the day after russia's president told the idea, a mistake. also coming out, the crane says its 2nd largest city is the secure once again. cranium soldiers clare villages on the outskirts of car give after russian troops of withdrawal, dust or parsing from a bunker. ukraine takes its coverage of the eurovision song contest underground,
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even without the blix. i'm glad plenty to celebrate. ah, i'm a halo mohammad walking to the program. finland has confirmed it will officially apply for nato membership. if approved, the addition of finland would double nato's border with russia, the application needs to be endorsed by the finish parliament, but that's expected to be a formality. so far, nato member turkey has expressed reservations about finland membership. but at the finish primary set on a marin said she was confident in the countries application a we haven't had any indication in nato, and that there would be any problems for finance or sweden's membership. he made a we, we have all the capabilities. we are already very into linked with nato,
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and we are close partners to nato. we haven't had any indications that there would be any problems. oh, finland's president, a saudi minister said his turkish counterpart had earlier congratulated him about his country's application to nato. and that turkey's objections now was sending mixed signals. you can understand that i am a bit confused at what we heard. 2 days ago was different. then yesterday we again heard that sir. turkeys opened to our membership, but it turned back to no. i think that what we need now is sir. very clear answer. i'm prepared to have a new discussion with president her dawn about her new the problems he has raised azure i spoke to d. w. brussels bureau chief alexandra vaughan,
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norman, who's in following the meetings in berlin. so we know that a turkey has some objections with regards to sweden and finland, sir, becoming a member, members of nato, and the turkish foreign minister. actually, he made it pretty clear what the expectations are from ankara. they want to continue talking with sweden and finland. they want them to drop their support for extremist kurdish group such as p k, k. and they want also wanted them to lifted their arms embargo against a turkey. and we have to notice here that it's that only fin london, sweden. there is a number of european nations is also members of nato that decided to impose restrictions on arms deliveries to turkey because of her there and offensive in northern syria. and of course, that is also what probably is going then to be discussed among sweden,
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finland, and turkey. and sir, this is an important topic. her, the german foreign minister in her press conference after and they to foreign ministers meeting stressed once again. that isn't very important moment an emotional moment for finland and sweden to make such a decision after decades of fir neutrality. and that is good for the alliance to welcome them. because as we just heard from the finished prime minister, and they are very close partners and they're a very capable armies can be easily integrated into natal. alexandra, how united are nater members, given this foreign ministers meeting in berlin while they are united, and many of them stressed here that they don't believe that any natal member, namely turkey would be willing to take over the responsibility to undermine this. a
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unity in face of russia's war on ukraine, and that is why most of them, at least the ministers that we were able to talk with, told us that they expect her a turkey not to eventually block her. the membership of sweden and finland in nato . now, russia has been very clear about the consequences and action that it will take a felon was to join nato. what sort of reaction do you expect to see from russia? well, russia is, of course, a not so very happy about what's happening here because of vladimir putin se goal was to contain nato. to prevent her, the alliance of growing, he even wanted to push nature to pull out some of its troops in eastern europe. so it is a major set back for him to see finland and sweden ready to apply for nato
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membership. russia has already vowed to retaliate. they are speaking about to military, technically a technical retaliation. they have already suspended deliveries of electricity to finland and they are threatening to move more troops towards the border with finland. however, we have to say that the russian army has suffered huge losses in ukraine. it's offensive, there has lost a momentum, according to military official. so they are too busy there to try to take any steps against finland. the thinking here in berlin is and i got of an am and in berlin. thank you so much. arson troops have been driven out of the north eastern ukrainian city of car give despite the destruction left behind you. crane is
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counting the russian withdrawal as a wind crane says his forces we captured villages from russian troops, north and north, east of harkins, pushing them back towards the border. ukrainian forces have been clearing the liberated villages near car give and residents have started focusing on rebuilding their lives. the deputies mathias bullying is in kiff, and i asked him if clark, if is now considered a complete victory for ukraine's forces. what we're hearing is that the russians have almost driven the ukrainians have almost driven the russian troops out of the area just as just a very small trip along the border where the russians, the troops to law. and we also hearing from observers, although this needs to be confirmed that the russians have started to orderly retreat from the area. that would be the same scenario as we have seen and key if once the ukranian army gets the upper hand, the russians quickly get out of the area and maybe the troops will be sent
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elsewhere. the main battle to come is now in the area on boss and on the side of all of us rushes, blockade of ukrainian ports. and the black sea is affecting millions of people inside and outside of the country. what are the here authorities planning to do about this? just to give you an idea and estimate is that ukraine feeds 400000000 people worldwide. so this is very significant for, for many countries. there are uh, plans to a ship, the grain out by or by road, by rail, et cetera. but there are many problems because there is no road network. no, a rail network can ship out the same quantity as the ports can. moreover, some of the tracks that lead to what 2 ports that would be available for this, they lead through bellows and bellows is, of course, on the russian side. so many questions here. it will not be able to compensate what they're shipping now. and that is what's been the reaction to ukraine winning the
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eurovision song contest. this has been seen as a huge sign of encouragement, especially considering that it was the popular vote that was so clearly in favor of the ukrainian a song and dirt. and that was clearly in support of, of ukraine. this was, of course, of course, a big political component and zalinski. the president said that next year ukraine is planning to hold the se in maricopa which by then, according to his words, would be liberated and rebuild, of course, that they are mit, lots of questions, whether this will be possible. but a ukraine is taking this and, and, and zalinski as a media savvy president is, are you, is, is making use of this huge symbol of support that the european audiences have sent to the crew to w mathias, bullying a in care for us. thank you. so much as mentioned ukraine's callous
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orchestra has won the eurovision song contest. ah, was a favorite going into the final with this song stiffened near which blends traditional folk music with hip hop. the band was in 4th place after the jury voted, but swept to victory. thanks to support for fans across europe. though, usually ukrainian tv would add the competition from a studio in cave. but after the war broke out, produces moved the book, the movie podcast to a secret underground location he w, i mean s if joined the croup on the special night the big night broadcast from a bunker. it's the night ukraine ames for eurovision glory in the public broadcasters . so spill, nor is the channel to tune into every ukrainian gonna watch her because her we have not so many good moments right now and this one. and it could be the most
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sir, whiter for moment, for last 2 or 3 months. in the 1st week of the war, a suspicion, as keith tv tower was hit by russian missiles, they were forced to move their studio to an undisclosed location. and after that, her not only reopened, but to all law, her ukrainian t v t. v crews had to move on to the grounds. the mood is excited, but tense. every one here wants the show to go off without a hitch. not just their own broadcast, but also the performance of collusion, orchestra the band representing ukraine. the song has been on repeat across the country for weeks on car radios, in coffee shops and on street corners. now one more time for the judges. oh.
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felicia song, stephanie just came on and people came running down from other rooms to come watch it on tv here. now these are journalists, but it's clear they have a preference in this show. the votes are in. oh, ukraine wins. it's the kind of announcement you don't often get to make on ukrainian tv. any more. good news. i'm very excited. i'm so broad for my gadri. it is like a big pleasure for us to see. i can try again. love it. it just larry larry. oh, i still can't believe that it's through. i think its own. i still owe the viewers. all the people from europe very, very hard to motion because her are still debina. england were over in grand and her. it's
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a little piece of happiness for us. it's not a big victory day. everyone here is waiting for, but it's still something to celebrate. oh, well let's take a look at some of the stories making headlines around the worlds. the f b, i says a mass shooting at a supermarket in buffalo was racially motivated. a white teenager opened fire in the supermarkets killing 10 people. most of them black police say the suspects, live streams, the killing spree. he was arrested at the scene and has pleaded not guilty to 1st degree murder. palestinians are marching in ramallah in the west bank to mock and knock by day. it's commemorate the displacement of hundreds of thousands of palestinian arabs during the 1st arab israeli war, which began on this day in 1948. each year sees protests around the globe calling for the recognition of palestinian statehood process has declared 10
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people in a sense of the roman catholic church. thank good, an antique nazi dutch priest murdered at the da, how concentration camp and the french monk killed in algeria. more than 50000 people gathered in st. peter's square at the vatican. voting is underway in germany's most popular state north wind. this failure. the election is seen as a test for the social democrats of chancellor, olaf schultz. the state is traditionally an s p d stronghold, but swung to the conservatives in 2017. to parties have been neck and neck. in the most recent polls. or his reminder of our top story, finland has an else that it will officially apply for nato membership. the finished president says his country is now entering a new era in elsewhere comes a day after russian president vladimir putin court. the idea,
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a mistake in watching the w news live from berlin. reminder, you can find much more news analysis and video on a website that is d w dot com. you can also live stream us on youtube of next shift and we're headed, muhammad, thanks for watching caesar a bye. ah ah ah ah ah, a rear naturally spectacle in an improved world. ah, the meeting of the little whale sharks, the remote island of saint hulu.


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