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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 15, 2022 5:00pm-5:16pm CEST

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more life starts may 28 on d, w with ah ah, this is either be news live from berlin to find putin's warning, finland, and else as it will join nato. finance president says his country is entering a new era day after russia's president called the idea, a mistake also coming up broadcasting from a bunker ukraine. take that coverage of the eurovision song contest underground. even without the glitz and glamour of plenty to celebrate.
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ah, i'm really mohammed walking to the program. finland has officially declared that it will apply for nato membership, finished president solely minister and prime minister at southern marin met the announcement in a joint press conference in helsinki. finland shares a long border with russia. the finished parliament is expected to endorse the decision in the coming days. they taught secretary general yen stalsen. burke welcomed the statement during a meeting of nato foreign ministers in berlin. he also expressed hope that ukraine could win the war against russia. if they decided to fly. this would be a historic moment. their membership in a dorm would increase our shared security. them will said,
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love naples, door is open. and that the aggression does not pay. while stilton berg sentiment was echoed by germany's foreign minister and only the bare bach who also reiterated germany support for ukraine is enough, anita duffy. and if we agree that we must not, and will not let up in our national efforts, especially in terms of military support, sneak now glosson varden, for as long as ukraine needs will support for the self defense of its country. so zed satiety gone, eat us lenders, but out i get more now from our brussels bureau chief, alexandra vaughan, norman, who is in berlin, following the foreign ministers meeting for us. what were the other main takeaways from this nature press conference? i would say there were 3 main takeaways from this press conference. first of all, the fact that the german foreign minister, as well as nato secretary general stalled mac,
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were quite confident that the whole process after finland and sweden will formally apply for nato membership. that the whole process will be very swift, despite tar kiss or misgivings, about sweden and finland joining the alliance. and it was also very interesting to hear from stoughton back at that at the, even though the process and the process still needs to be completed. and now the alliance is already ready to beef up it's presence in the black in the, i'm sorry, in the, in the region in the northern region. and they that are ready to offer a some security assurances to finland in sweden. and it's very difficult transition time in which both country are not yet formally covered, but by the article front of the alliance. that is saying that an attack on one of
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them would be considered an attack off on all of them. and the last take away, i would say was also very interesting that sold mac as well as you, as secretary of state, lincoln said that they believed that ukraine can win this war. and that rash as brutal, aggression lost momentum there. now a finance president did say that there's been some mixed signals coming from turkey about his country's application to nato nest. listen to what he had to say. you can understand that i am a bit confused. what we heard her 2 days ago was different than yesterday. we again her turkeys open to our members, but it turned back to no. i think that turn what we need now is a very clear answer. i'm prepared to have
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a new discussion with president head on the voter problems he has raised. so alexandra, what's currently being done to dial down the tensions with turkey to reach an agreement. well, 1st of all, finland and sweden wanted to talk to turkey, wants to keep the di along, hoping to resolve for the issue. we know that the most important point for turkey here is to convince both countries to lifted their arms delivery a restrictions on turkey. this 2nd thing that i think it's also very interesting that instead of talking many here have made clear that they think that eventually turkey is not going to undermine the unity of nato. that it's now so important in face of russia's war on ukraine. and how much would finland joining
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nato change nato? well, finland, we have to say is a very close partner of natal. finland has a very resilient, very strong democratic society. this is one of the most important criteria here. finland has also a high capable army. that is already part of a nato military structure, so it would benefit the alliance of course. and as we heard here today, be also very good for finland to become a member of the alliance. he doubly is alexander varnum, and thank you very much. he crane says the front lines and the east of the country are shifting. russia has made some gains in the don bass region, but ukraine says it's waging a counter offensive on the russian health city of is you. give says,
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russian forces retreated from ukraine's. the 2nd says he hearken to shore up as defenses of is young. ukrainian forces have been clearing via liberated villages near car give and residence there. have now started re focusing on rebuilding their lives. well, let's get you up to speed on some of the stories making headlines around the world . the f b, i says a mass shooting at a sip walketh in buffalo was racially motivated. a white teenager opened fire in a supermarket, killing 10 people. most of them black police say the suspect live stream. the killings free. he was arrested at the scene and has pleaded not guilty to 1st degree murder. palestinians are watching in ramallah in the west bank to mock knock by day. it's commemorates the displacement of hundreds of thousands of palestinian arabs during the 1st arab israeli war, which began on this day in 1948 each years. these protests around the globe calling
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for the recognition of palestinian statehood. put francis has declared 10 people sense of the roman catholic church. they include an anti nazi dutch priest murdered at the dow concentration camp. and a french monk killed in algeria. more than $50000.00 people gathered in saint peter's square at the vatican. voting is underway in germany's most popular state north wind vis failure. the election is seen as a test for the social democrats of chancellor, olaf shoals. the state is traditionally and s p d stronghold, but swung to conservative in 2017. the 2 parties have been neck and neck in the most recent pulse. now ukraine's collusion august, trump has won the eurovision song contest. ah,
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the composer favorite going into the final with this song stiffened mia, which blends traditional folk music with hip hop. the band was in 4th place after the jury voted, but swept to victory thanks to support from fans across europe. will now usually ukrainian tv would add the competition from a studio in cuba, but after the war broke out, produces moved the broadcast to a secret underground location is abilene. i mean s if joined the crew on the special night the big night broadcast from a bunker. it's the night ukraine aims for eurovision glory in the public broadcaster. so spill now is the channel to tune into every ukrainian gonna watch her because her we have not so many good moments right now and this one. and it could be the most sir wider for moment,
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for last 2 or 3 months. in the 1st week of the war, a suspicion, as keith tv tower was hit by russian missiles, they were forced to move their studio to an undisclosed location. and after that, sir, not only will yield, but to allah, ah ukrainian t v t v crews had to move on to the grounds. the mood is excited, but tense. every one here wants the show to go off without a hitch. not just their own broadcast, but also the performance of kalu orchestra, the band representing ukraine. the song has been on repeat across the country for weeks on car radios, in coffee shops and on street corners. now one more time for the judges. ah, felicia sang, stephanie,
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a just came on and people came running down from other rooms to come watch it on tv here. now these are journalists, but it's clear they have a preference in this show. the votes are in. oh, ukraine wins. it's the kind of announcement you don't often get to make on cranium tv. any more? good news. i'm very excited. i'm so broad for my gadri. it is. but big pleasure for us to see what i can cry again. love it. it does very well. oh, i still can't believe that it's through. i think his own i still owe the viewers. all the people from europe very, very hard to motion because her are still they've enough england were over in grand and her. it's her, it's a little piece of happiness for us. it's not the big victory day. everyone here is
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waiting for, but it's still something to celebrate. or the window sticker has wrapped up at season by and we're already confirmed champions, which meant most of the action on the last day came near the bottom of the league, hurt at berlin and stood guard. we're hoping to avoid the dreaded relegation playoff spot. one of them is safe another year and the top flight and the other will have to take the battle for survival into over time. stood got drew 1st blood in the relegation battle at a pat mercedes benz zarina. the hosts, when a penalty on 12 minutes went yeah, go to mass was brought down. but to superb saved and i'd sasha, collides which yet the austrian dusted himself don't and scored from the resulting corner when no stood gut after 30 minutes
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over indictment her to also had a penalty when done axles i could do trip a shock. belford ill in the box, and the algerian held his nerve to convert from the spot and sent the visiting berliners into raptures with 18 minutes. played. halftime arrived with no more scoring, and the hair to funds looked tense despite their team being in the driving seat. but they soon got good news. a terrible error by stuttgart keeper, fully a miller alert anthony modesta to equalize for cologne. yet back endorsement. trouble was brewing for her to coach felix maggot. he didn't like this v. r penalty award. which manchester citibank filling helen. julie dispatched then 17 year old substitute you see from mccorkle latched on to a beautiful through bowl from jude bellingham, and made it to one for the hosts with his 1st touch
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agony for the traveling berliners. yet with the storage stick got still level their team was safe, as the clock ticked past 90 minutes. and then the news from stuttgart filtered through there the hosts when a late corner and even keeper flew and miller was up looking to rectify his mistake . he didn't reach the ball, but what to endo did and the stadium went bananas. ah, it was a goal made in japan as endo met, complaint treat to rookie to was flicker, to send stood gut to safety over endorsement. there was dismay in the stands and on the pitch before the recriminations began but the de belonged to stuttgart. his funds went to be restrained as they ran to hill there he rose. we have secured them, been just league a foot bowl for another year. well that's it for
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the sour reminder you can find much more news analysis and video on a website that is d w dot com including live streaming off on youtube coming up. next is dogville, looking at india's path to global pallet. i'm really mohammed excell watching. take care of i i was interested in the global economy, our portfolio g w business beyond. here's a closer look at the project. our mission to analyze the fight for market dominance . get est with d w. business beyond. ah.


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