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tv   Eco Africa  Deutsche Welle  May 15, 2022 6:30pm-7:00pm CEST

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you say you want to know what makes the genesis, he'd just been the gene love on banning thing away from that. but i'm not even know how to work my own car and everyone with later holes and every day getting are you ready to meet the german can join me right. just do it on d. w. ah, with hello and a warm welcome from lagos. it's nice to have you with us for this new edition of echo africa. the environmental magazine brought to you by d. w in germany. uganda's mtv and channels tv right here. nigeria, i'm chris alarm. so with me is my charming colleague in kampala. hi, chris, and
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a big hello to all of you of us are there. i am sandra, twin odeo, and as always, we have a lot of interesting reports lined up for you today. he is a quick look at what is in store why bicycle farming is good of all cities. how large stones help preserve top soil and why high nose in namibia a want protecting. we just started the program right here in uganda. like many cities in africa counselor is densely populated, and as people continue to move to the capital, a lot of families end up living in cramped conditions. now one man who grew up in an informal statement himself is now helping others make the most of the limited space. i mean, even after 5 years on the job, poll motto,
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never tired of producing his custom made a wooden particle forms. so yvette co farm is basically if i'm in a box so it basically make these trees and we stuck them together vertically. are to korean great enough planting space. and that is something that's disappearing in urban areas. over a quarter of uganda's population, around a 12000000 people live in cities, many of capital compilers residents are in informal settlements. montalvo has already delivered about 2000 of his box funds, mostly to poor aliens. the businessman knows, from personal experience how precious space can be, people should be aware that there are other ways of going forward in the urban areas. they would go from for vote for the solution and want as more people as possible could be worth a to convert co forms to grow foods in this mall. and a,
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you know, limited available to us that you know, one areas. some vertical farmers leave in their blanket district on compilers. outskirts angela cosima has gone hobbs and vegetables behind her home for 2 years. at u. m. s. c o u i girls, hillary because it is really good when i use it as a salad. it is also good for your held it in that anger your will on way you into a day. she doesn't need to worry about buying for to laser, as she simply makes, compos from her neighbors vegetable scraps. and she can sell her supplies, or for now will st. is the near me, they and some income to buy small items like soap. i can even save a bit of money now i sell to my neighbors one. i don't have to look for customers. they were sorcha, we were castile, missouri saga with us, you know, never customer, but they would, a products are expensive, a 5 tre system course, the equivalent of a 100 years, which is an affordable for many families. that's why poor motto has sought sponsors
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mostly international organizations who subsidized the cause for poor residency. the young inter pin you are has worn several awards for his vanity called france, and he text every opportunity to promote his innovative concept. we have found that very many young people interested in farming. they want to learn. i'm going to be engaged. so there isn't, are, we're here is 21 communicate with the young people, but also interest them in the product and services that we offer. one of his customers is a large hotel in compile vertical farms cover, fifteens clear meters of its buckhead gardener. it charles a, cham by the girl's herbs and spices here, such as coriander and rosemary as well as tomatoes and on barclay for leg or dow organic vegetables. ah, those who have had just rule to look at this guy,
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do. they feel they are in their eighties and they already have a program where they're training young people and empowering them to break this up on funding. they also all come, are people from outside to come on line about, ah, a bun fleming. so the already leading by example and out call upon other hotels tool to land from failure order. poll montalvo has high at 6 workers, wendy mondays high, he occasionally heisman for the ambitious social into pinion is already planning his next project. he wants to build vertical farms, were i refugee come in uganda together with the help of an angel? what a great way to supply cities with fresh produce farming is traditionally a rural occupation. but conditions in the countryside are changing. and many regions have been devastated by drought. that is unfortunately true. one dramatic
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example of that can be seen in tacoma, county in northern kenya, already one of the driest region on earth dissertation has become particularly critical in recent years, making conflict of our resources. even worse, water is life. when the source in local turner milas village ran dry, she had no choice but to relocate. now she and her neighbors have re settled in katy lou. they rebuilt her hat near a well, but they need more than water to survive. now along, along that along the way, i can look at them at everything is empty. now i've read, we have nothing to eat it, it's m c. i knew yes, good. the last 5 days then i didn't have anything to ela. i did go gonna them sometimes i slept on an empty stomach. i like when it was only this morning by the lord vision gave me one. i don't wanna yard. oh even if it's
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a little coin there and i think i'm still happy. i can make something to eat, mary. i ain't got an idea though of the letter that a long time. now, you know, no matter what galloway william drought is devastating that are kind of region of north east and kenya. the latest you and report is alarming. former pastors have become arid wastelands. rainfall has decreased by more than 2 thirds in the past 6 months. and with the temperatures hovering at around 40 degrees celsius, livestock farmers can only look on as the animals die. even camels, us are coming to this heat. or my my listen with a drought is colleena anomaly. ponder 1st the goats. so how's i and donkeys dining? can me now it's if one carmel isn't way i thought you are more resilient,
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while we're scared that it's will be the people here in tor kona who died exit light. kinetic was relieved up from animal re to some way to me when you are my dad . the camera greta has already lost 29 animals. financially, it's a disaster. camel's usually cost between $700.00 to $900.00 heroes each. in kenya alone, some one and a half 1000000 animals died in the 2nd half of last year. the biggest problem is the water shortage 95 percent off open water sources interconnect will be a dry. there is a normal migration patterns of the pastoralists school. additional writs or law cause when was once move, they move away with children. and that literally affects the school of timos.
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and the viola really drove milk due to a drought and learn which actually causes monetary shall here on the border to south sudan close to the ongoing conflict. many people have firearms in order to defend their watering holes and animals rather than other even the youngest carry weapons. the battle for water is now an everyday reality. oh yeah. 3 days ago, there were conflicts were there the communities while fighting of a pastor along this what i don't, you can see the abbey at this drought and saw the how to crossover in such a pasta for their animals saw that are it comes along with our conflicts each and every time that this drought in these 3 jo, some n g o c, like walt fishy, are active in the region, but they're not able to help everyone. the wolf program says he needs more than
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$40000000.00 in emergency aid. and that is just to help the hardest hit communities at the local turn. a marla in this group of foreman, i say, my nomadic they settled easily into the new home. a marla has gathered every one to talk about the upcoming work in the new fields with international funding, the n g o pen. every care has drilled a well here and provided the woman with a plot of 5 hector's. each of them now has a piece of land where they can grow melons, vegetables, and mays. bad a lot, let me live at a good the when i the one i told everyone from work hard to greedy own food that the lava for the own food security in the face of droughts. the land of like we have to walk, hide here. my god,
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that been on the very hard now near lamb van traditional practices like leaving pastures and cultivated no longer work here. the drought means the swell remains infertile. it even after a period of recovery. that's why fami projects like this at the best way to prepare for the consequences of the climate crisis. according to drought expert dennis on chang, that's one of the greatest initiatives and katelyn took an assault. he's on evidence that agro pastoral ism can work. projects liked us inspire hope as the drought continues and international donor conference history, some $1400000000.00 to provide some relief to communities in kenya, somalia, and south sudan. one stain on the topic of foot
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security on the report comes from an area of ivory coast, also struggling with drought farmers there. and now banding together to protect our fields from wind and unpredictable weather conditions. here is this weeks doing your bits. ah, ah, how can we protect fields that are exposed to both drought and heavy rain in northern ivory coast farmers used to simple methods the small stone walls, their building across their fields retain water. the walls stay run parallel, but snake back and forth. they use a level not to check whether the ground is even but to find out which way the land is sloping. the stones are then laid said that they will catch the water run off.
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ah sapp paramedic fetches zealous that allows us to fertilize the soil. because the composting put his shot and the ditches, we have already dug up. you can fill up with water, v boucher promptly. ah, they have all say planted trees to act as wind brakes. they are regularly pruned to keep them in check laser gone up like that, my dear to the trees we planted help to shield the soil from the wind. the small walls we're building, distribute the run off laser, did a silly loss so that the water doesn't away the soil and create deep channels which would make the lands useless in the long run to cl along there. so ah, the farmers are now feeling more connected to. they realize they can only protect their fields together. and how about you? if you are also doing your bid, tell us about it, visit our website,
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or send us or tweet pastor doing your bit. we share your stories with her to a spanish island of the coast of morocco in 22 and one on extended volcanic eruption on the camry. island of la palmer left entire villages buried beneath rivers of lava, destroying countless buildings from land and vignettes. and the process by locos i determined to find a way to live with the volcanoes legacy. i rebuild the, our communities cleaning up efforts at the foot of the country. the ha in last, manchester are in full swing. tons of ashes need to be removed. shadow gone families and rather is a busy tube. it's a special clean up mission. but despite the hard work, she is relieved. her village,
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this is still there. boy, fairly similar we were over the moon is not, we didn't think we come back. the iraq was so close just over there that are in thought firefighters, and many volunteers have helped her to free the house from the ashes. but there is no running water at the moment. m e m o was so you get the house with collapses, collaborate vandal: compound by sydney, sample of live because of all those ashes, they're a lot of pressure. bill tara emma shadow gonzales and that are they and others here are optimistic that in a few weeks time life in last manchester, we'll be almost normal again. not far from la mancha. as the aftermath is pretty clear, what a gigantic mass of lava has buried almost everything, including the village of told, okay, where horsey garritano lived before we got her. neither am and with her are. my
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house is literally a few kilometers on here under the lava in it. i cannot tell exactly. we're any more than i'm in february. this is this, this is just one big black desert for major leaves quite an impression of imprison the eruption of the comedy, the hovel quino has changed his life and that of thousands of parameters for ever. the law there has been destroying buildings and livelihoods refer for the architect garritano once to rebuild all of it, just where it once was. but on top of the lava, the whole of gold. okay. is cheer located, digitally. ever click for this whole company, cargo is it could prove to be complicated and difficult. yeah. when we don't, marvin have an up to the map of the structure here and then swallowing at the moment, but yes, i will. we will have a new landscape here. see bar must be made effort of our own way will buy, saw him. the lava is still hot, though it will take
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a long time for it to cool down. in the meantime, scientists on the island of tin a reef are running tests to see if the ashes of the volcano can be used to make them and while the reconstruction, then tim, the yaki, is sadie horace. i understand the ashes are very clean. are like what would be perfect construction. okay. luckily, that would give houses and buildings on local touch tune. really gas for hawaii, the fees you're in the air in sadala need over the middle. the architect has a vision. he wants to fully rebuild, told ok to live a life right next to the larva is she and eco, so everything that will be built on the lively should be sustainable and ecological it, but it took it, i'm young boy, that i also think from boston. there kimberly protected natural area for the lava therapy, the location loc oliver jose garritano once to give back to the inhabitants of til
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ok and other villages in the south west of la palmer. what the volcano has taken from them. their homes and part of their identity. of all the animals in the animal kingdom. hyenas are probably among those who are the biggest image problem, perceived as mean ugly and roofless. i know the actually intelligent creatures who form clowns with complexes you hierarchies. and that is not old. while it is to watch v r p. gators, they also have ages who play an important role in most african ecosystems. the skeleton coast in northwestern namibia is home to brown hyenas, also known as strand wolves. i knows a very important in the ecosystem, and i've got a very important role to play at like with jade as the bad guys. and that's what
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people think about i enough in general, if we're giving a roach, you always are cargo van who can do nothing about it. but if, if i must come of lindsey, we are killing though we are being loreno owens. i understand with felicity, we are now living in a nature reserve among side wild animals and we can earn as much with them now as we do with goats and sheep. so i no longer shoot them immediately. the hyenas are perfectly adapted to the extreme desert conditions, an icy cold ben gala ocean current biologist mc favey has been studying the animals here for 7 years, and it's still fascinated by them. she's the science coordinator for a tourism company that supports conservation projects in the region.
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i put a lot of respect. boy nash was to survive as a large scavenger in the days it it's, it's no mean feat m and it was a re social. when the out they, they sonnet g. so you just see the single are you not out there? but when they back at the dean when they are and cups at the dinner, this a lot of social going on days, a lot of time spent with a cups playing with cups grooming the cups. fairway discovered a network of dens off the coast where packs of strand wolves gathered to socialize and share their catch. they carry carcasses dozens of kilometers to the desert, to fi, to their comes in the dens, scavenger animals like these prevent diseases from spreading, making them important for livestock farming. but their reputation as predators means they're mercilessly hunted. oh, lipa we put out poison food,
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lions for liquor to cheat us. and in the hyena suite b by catch of that, just people are afraid of buying. i said people don't appreciate the value of brown . i know us and they skate of 9. i. so people would, would throw stones at them, they would, j, seamless goss, 7 years of drought have ravaged the region. the animals here have to travel ever greater distances in search of food. this means they cross paths with farmers like a manual gallery, rob, who are now losing more and more livestock to predators. if the dental plays a family of the ear canal to reach it last week, went to lions june 6th received goals, 18 sheep. the young to farmer emmanuel korea. as
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a result of the lion attack guru rob, last half of his heard a sizable financial loss for the farmer. the government compensates farmers after such incidents. but at a rate around half of market value went toward the wild animals from the desert. the lions, the elephants causes a lot of problems. we'll get graded, our quick one t, it's getting well, we don't gain anything from having wild animals here and they bring us nothing, no more hoard more? ah, he went to a hole in our livestock, are our income, how we earn our living? behold, robert, i hope near his stall. gary rob has discovered fresh hyena tracks, imo brown. hyenas don't hunt goats, but the tracks could have been made by spotted hyenas through a more aggressive species globally. liquid connor gardner. a. if the government doesn't take care of the hyenas, again, we have no choice or google play the dumb,
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cuz i mean, we have to shoot them. that's the plan on the mazda ah, when he was a cattle, her phineas casa owner, also killed hyenas in lions. today, he protects them. he's a ranger, a member of the unobserved community reserve. since the ninety's farmers like casa ana, have joined neighbors to create their own nature reserves, which now cover about one 5th of namibia land mass. last night, elephants rated neighbors vegetable patch. so for the next few nights casa, ona will stand guard, despite the problems they cause the farmers still want to protect the animals on your boat. like, oh, you know that and things have changed book under the and i my younger she yet back in the day. if a hyena took one of your animals out, you hunted him down and killed it. open wound yet pullman
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b o. there. today we live in a new world. i'm with laws that protect wild animals and we're going do you, how can we do it? well, mon, with envy. and if we take care of them, we can even live from them. so we should try to live together, work in the bible, that to hoop it, but we do better then we come back to local you one. whoa, whoa. farmers have agreed on limiting livestock so that both wild and farm animals can co exist. since animal populations increased attacks by wild predators have gone down, one ton of ebb earns its income from tourism and was able to install electricity and water connections and rebuild a preschool. lou, back on the skeleton coast arranger informs fair bay that an elephant cap is missing. the biologist fears the worst, she finds the cap half way to a watering hole due to the ongoing drought. the mother couldn't lactate.
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there is no hope for the young elephant. long periods of drought have made the fight for survival, even harder. hearing hyenas and other animals much searched for new living environments. but with the help of researchers like mc fair bay and community based conservation efforts, there still a chance in namibia for people and animals to re adapt and for july out of the desert. i. oh. and we can only hope this succeed. we've come to the end of this week's program . thanks for watching. i will look forward to seeing you all again next week for now is goodbye from lagos, nigeria. and it is also time for me to sign up from uganda. but don't forget to share your thoughts and ideas with us at all on social media possums. we love to hear from you until next time it is in bye bye and did take care.
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ah. good. with
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trying always to understand this new culture. so you are not a visitor, not the guests. you want to become a citizen. info, migrants your platform for reliable information. ah, a natural spectacle in an improved world. the meeting of the loom whale sharks of the remote island of se told me it is a testament to the quality of the waters. one of the many success stories from a bastion of biodiversity. seato starts may 20th on d, w. ah,
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ah, ah, oh. this is, did all the news live from berlin defying putin's warning, finland and sweden move a step closer to joining nato feelings. president says his country is entering a new era a day after russia's president called the idea. a mistake also coming up. ukraine says it's the 2nd largest city is the secure once again. ukrainian soldiers clear villages on the outskirts of hi keith of the russian troops withdraw.


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