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i may 20th on d, w. it's with this is the w. news. live from burly in russia, agrees to a deal to evacuate us, stop, stop, hundreds of ukrainian soldiers to hold up beneath the steel planted, muddy oper, supplies a low, and ukraine is mounting a counter attack in hockey, pushing russian troops away from the city all the way to the russian border, risking his life to rescue civilians. we meet a business owner from the besieged city of mario full was trying to bring as many
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people as he can to safety. and from neutral to date of sweden's prime minister announces her country will apply to join the military alliance just stays up to finland, said it would do the same moscow ward far reaching consequences. ah, i'm painful and welcome to the show. it's been a long time coming. the russian defense ministry says it's reach that agreement to a bank to wait with wounded ukrainian soldiers from the besieged as off star steel plant in the southeast and port of money off. the ministry of moscow said that a c spy was in effect and a humanitarian carter would be established to allow the injured fight is to leave the still works. hundreds of ukrainian troops remained hold up in bunkers beneath the plant. in the country's ne, ukrainian forces have mounted a counter attack,
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pushing russian troops away from the country, 2nd largest city, how to keith is also heavy. fighting in the eastern region of lou anne square residence, a still reluctant to late ukrainian tangs and heavy artillery on their way to the lou hands region. russia has increasingly turned its attention to east and ukraine, but the ukrainians are making preparations. one of the cities, the artillery is going to as lizzie chancellor, do not every one there is ready to leave despite the russian threat. because you are all coming from your source is doing well. tell me seriously. what are you doing here with the children? do you understand that this is a war zone warriors, oklahoma? we were yes. what was wasted? just right now we have to avoid shelling and make our way through a very difficult situation in order to reach the people we res. but people just sit here and think everything will be fine tomorrow. unfortunately, everything is not fine. book on you got a short angelina about come over. has been living in a bunker for over
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a month with her 2 children. she doesn't believe the police can bring them to safety, run down, but almost on those wholesalers, i know so many people who were evacuated and then simply dropped off on the street . i do not think leaving as an option under my roof litany ruined. only 20 kilometers away lies the town of albania. russian state tv claims that it's under russian control. but the ukrainian military says it still has reason to celebrate. it says its troops have pushed russia from the north eastern city of ha keith. and then as far as the border with russia, with ne, to has said that ukraine can win this war. russia war in ukraine is still going us will school have planned? they failed to take here? they are pulling back from around cartoon there, major offensive, and almost as sole russia is not achieving. it's
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a teaching objectives. and ukraine has received another moral boast from the countries when in the eurovision song contest. even in the most dire conditions like here in a bunker below the as of stell steelworks and mary a pole. some soldiers perform the winning song, e z b, y e o o 2 shabba. d w, corresponded mathias, bowling a is in kia for us. we asked him about russia's reported losses in the de once and on yet screeches yeah. as we have seen, they have been pushed pretty far back in the heart of region almost back to russian territory. so things look pretty good there for the ukranian army in the don bus region. that's the to the 2 districts you have just mentioned to hans can't donate the fighting is still fierce. the situation is very tense. the ukrainians
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have said that they have inflicted quite a big damage on the russians again because of poor tactics by the other side that exposed many of their soldiers the ukrainians claim that they have killed 400 soldiers in one attack alone. but there is considerable pressure from the russian side on the ukrainian positions as well. the russians have made a few strategic gains. they're not big and territory these gains, but they put them in a position now to attack saver at on that's. that's the administrative capital of the ukranian. territories are ukranian control territory of the lou hundreds. originally probably going to see a very tough battle for this city in the next few days. for weeks, thousands of civilians was stuck in the port city of money awful. without enough food or water and under constant bombardment from the russians, official efforts to evacuate them, get running into obstacles. as a result, old re ukrainian started driving to the city to try to rescue those traps. we spoke
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to one of the volunteers who risked his life to save us. yup. and multiple water bottles in. they understood that the cities on the siege and nobody's driving there now. but my employees were there and i just promised them i would come yellow. my friends and i were pulling money to buy this bus. i'm on the road. i hope all will be fine and i will get there. you know, it slipped my mind could. i was always al sadi how i thought. and then when i drove past the last ukrainian checkpoint in odette horrible, i encountered the war with the mines, the burned out tanks and all the horrors. did you see this will have that authority, immediacy, or will it be bleed? i had to bibles here and to hear nobody and none the less the field was still there . you but i drove me a yell, humming no middle mother, but i had a business in maria pole where it was a clump in this. but most of the space was in the base it,
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it had concrete ceilings, so we transformed it into a bomb shelter. there was a grill, so we could cook food and water. we would joke that this is a 5 star bomb shelters of bumblebee, russia. beds, wheels. mm. really all in law we did come on the fire, but everything that came at us missed something had here and here and here. yes, with a call drove by that moment and in that car, grandma died. there was no rush to see the children makes me cry. they're so scared, screaming, i hope god will save them. it's horrific. we try our best with
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it's horrible. the memories are coming back. garage at the 1st opportunity we left. we took children pregnant women, mothers with children mentions. did my local, my passengers are waiting to the camera on oh, it was terrifying. what we came across mines and tanks. there were lots of americans . i mean, the dead people o, as in us, another bus has joined us. we are becoming more and more. it was bureau with global again. oh, my 1st trip i was the only one on my 3rd trip. i would already be standing in the queue at the check points for 40 minutes. there were so many people who wanted to helping good people out there with the volunteers have
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brought thousands out of the city in their own course. and many did not return some hit to mine. some came into crossfire while driving at night. these are regular ukrainians, regular people. mm. a small island in the black sea has become a key battleground in russia. ukraine bore snake island is just over half a kilometer long. that is situated $200.00 k south of the ukrainian port city of odessa. but russia seized it at the start of the invasion island is seen as vital to moscow, and it's been to control the western black sea. i wonder then that ukraine wants it back and continues to launch attacks on rush of military equipment there, including its ships it may look like just a tiny lump of rock in the middle of the black sea. but snake island has enormous strategic importance for both russia and ukraine. so significant that it's become
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a key battle ground in this wall. ukraine has even produced a stamp in its honor. on the, on it an illustration of a ukrainian border guard standing on the island. and making a rude gesture, it was inspired by roman flea bath, who received a metal for refusing to surrender the i'll to the crew of a russian warship at the start of the war. his cuss words to the russians have now become a popular ukrainian slogan. russia though, did take snake island, an outpost that used to be under soviet control. if the kremlin could occupy it permanently, it would control even more of the black sea. that would help it continue to block
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the export of ukrainian goods, such as grain from key port cities like odessa. ukraine has been doing all it can to take snake island back successfully targeting russian military equipment on the island and beyond. the mosque ever seen here in its prime was russia's black sea flagship, but it was destroyed by ukrainian forces in april. moscow is fighting back. british intelligence believes russia is trying to reinforce its garrison on snake island, including setting up long range air defense systems. military experts warned that could be a threat not only to ukraine, but also to its neighbors and nato. and so the battle for their
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strategic outpost goes on. with neither psy prepared to back down sweden has announced that it'll seek nato membership following finland's decision to join the alliance. prime minister magdalena anderson called it an historic change in the country security policy. it ends 2 centuries of swedish military neutrality, but sweden and finland want to bolster their security following russia's invasion of ukraine. turkeys expressed concerns over them joining saying they must 1st provide security guarantees. mr. moscow was called at a mistake and said russia would be forced to restore military balance, including the use of nuclear weapons. the w terri sholtes is in stock on for us. very, the swedish prime minister wants to abandon the 200 years of military, non alliance or non alignment. this is historic
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it certainly is, and i'm not really sure how much she wants to do this. to give you an example of how sudden this reversal has been. just in march prime minister anderson herself said that she thought joining nato would be d, stabilizing. she's had to come around after public opinion shifted, and as you mentioned, after finland decided that it was going to go ahead with membership, sweden simply felt that it couldn't be left alone outside the alliance. and his article 5 guarantees. what about sweden and finland when it comes to russia and russia's threats? you know, both of these countries have long lived in the vicinity of, of russia, of course, finland and sharing a 1300 kilometer border. so they are used to having to deal with these hybrid warfare tactics, these, these threats, whenever they do something that the kremlin doesn't like. so they haven't been prepared that as they moved closer to nato membership, there would be threats coming from moscow and, and today, even the crumbling saying it's not really against the membership,
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it's simply against more military infrastructure and troops being stationed in these countries. i mean, i don't think they're going to be that reassured by that statement, just as they don't get overly alarmed by by new threats. they are resilient already . they have asked nato allies to provide reassurance measures for them. in case there is retaliation once they decide to seat back and seek application, but before the alliance and security guarantees would apply for them. so they're prepared and preparing as finished. prime minister on a martin, put it yesterday. and what do they preparing exactly when it comes to infrastructure? are they going to hold back because of these threats of russia? do you think both countries i, i think that there will be a different approach between finland and sweden. sweden has already made clear that it will ask nato of for allowances not to have troops permanently stationed in sweden, not to have nuclear weapons on swedish territory. finland may want some of the same
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opt outs. that's not quite as clear yet, but these are things that there is a precedent for, for example, with norway and denmark. both of them have have special arrangements with nato. it measures that they're public demanded and, and that's certainly going to be the case here in sweden. where we've been speaking to people in the street who say that even some of them in favor of nato membership may not be comfortable with having nuclear weapons here or, or having a nato bass here, for example. and i mentioned turkey, will it use it's vito to block their membership? it's you know that's, that's a real concern to the turkish government. came out and said that it, it didn't like filling in sweden's position on, on some kurdish kurdish parties. i smith is sweden and finland to say that they follow the you line on this. but all the same, a native secretary and still from berg has definitely been having conversations with turkey the united states will get involved. and the swedish government today said that it was going to open talks with turkey on reassuring them that it does
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not hold any positions that are contrary to any other european union use on this subjects. because any one country can hold up the accession of a new member. so it's really important that this be worked out. the w. terry schultz in stock on thank you. let's get you up to speed on some of the other stories making headlines over a 1000000 north koreans have now been infected. we've covered 19, according to local state media, unelected leader kim jong on, has blasted health officials and ordered the army to help bring the pandemic under control. and a nationwide lockdown is in place. i all, i do. mcdonalds has announced it'll sell all this restaurants and exit the russian market following the invasion of ukraine. the foster giant closed its outlets in russia march over 30 years after opening its 1st branch in moscow, pushkin's grant. one person is dead and 5 injured after a gunman opened fire to charge in california on sunday authorities. a church go is
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detained. the perpetrator who's now in police custody. it was the 2nd mass shooting in the u. s. on the weekend after a gunman killed 10 people racially motivated attacking buffalo in the state of york on saturday. russian president vladimir putin has been welcoming leaders of the russian lead collective security treaty organization in moscow. the roses, alexander lucas shanker, was one of the presidents joining the military alliance meeting at the kremlin the summit. it's time to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the collective security treaty. tensions between russia and nato nations are currently growing over the nation membership bit by finland and sweden, members of this, yes, you're with clothes, russia. i media by the roast context on coca, done and to jack is that not though skin and without joint by d. w. constantine exit in vilnius constantine. what's the significance of this meeting today? will look much then because essentially this is the 30th anniversary year for the
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connector security. 3 are going to station, so some, some it should have been held anyway. maybe they moved it a bit because of all the membership depending on the chicago stock home. and i don't think your feelings we need to, but generally, i think the significance is as always, with such a. well, mr. put in to show that he's not alone, that he have his own quote and group pocket nato and is not basically is not liking it allies all. this is an exercise in futility. my view because of course, the collect secure treat your organization is something that is completely dominated by russia, and which has very little real military potential. just explain to us the differences between c s t o when nato. well, nato, you unique in all state that is defensive in nature and
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is voluntary in k. so the collective security duty organization, this is an organization which is completely dominated by russia with the other members having very weak armies of well, very little significant like that. and it to essentially a place where russia try to hold these, there was around, that's why it's not very effective because it is not a lot of considering rushes dominance. as you mentioned. and these reports of rushes, evasion in ukraine, stolen goes, slowing down. is it possible that hooton's alliance could get involved in some way? look, it is in an alliance of mostly, but not exclusively morally fulfilled their instinct, bob, the states have their own interest. there is no way any of them will participate in
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russia. invasion of the crime. this is not popular with the public. and frankly speaking, even alexander lucas frank, always completely basically in a state of capture by the cronum, did not send troops to billows. miller was the staging point for quite a few russian military activities inside ukraine. but it's not officially participating in anything. so no, the answer is very different. no, nothing going to to happen. and no one's going to come and aid mr. put in a new crest. okay. for this meeting doesn't have much significance. there's not going to be any involvement of this organization in this war. what about the these talks between putin and lucas shank? oh, do you think anything will come of that? well, i do not think they're going to be any kind of earth shattering things happening after that. i do not think we'll be able to earth shanker in opening, let's say a 2nd front against the graeme. as far as i understand,
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lucas shinkel understands that this is, this may be so deeply unpopular would be on the russian, whatever part of your arsenal lead end with a bill or some on for now, if you'd rather keep out of it, maybe it's yet another time about credits because the last thing is always asking, put in for money all the money is because of the function i've ever had a short and very short supply. interesting stuff from dw constantine. again, thank you very much for the inside. thank all the world's attention is focused on the war you kind of humanitarian crisis is unfolding in the horn of africa. the un says the region is experiencing its worst drought in for decades. and the problem is compounded by a lack of humanitarian aid. millions of people could face famine in passive smolley ac opiate kenya and you booty. the ongoing war and ukraine is for the threatening food supplies. somalia is the worst effected d, w corresponding motto, mood, a, travel to a town where 3 camps for internally displaced. people have sprung up in the last
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few months. yes, 15 days of walking through the hot desert with little water and no food. here to see her mohammed left her village with 3 children. but she arrived with only one infant. ha ha! we were walking and walking, my son was very thirsty and exhausted. he asked me many times mommy, water, mommy, water. he started gasping, but there was nothing, no trump of water. i could give him a little white. and the cur, sick 8 year old daughter, died an arrival at the camp suffering from a bad cough and weakened from the journey. as the drought worsens, children are among the most vulnerable. the u. n. projects that if nothing is done 350000 of the $1400000.00, severely malnourished children, that after death, it didn't year by clinic, we meet mothers waiting for treatment for their malnourished babies. one of them is ramo norwood dairy. when she lost over a 100 golds due to the drought,
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she left her village within 9 children without the support of her relatives. they wouldn't survive. she says 2 of her children, amman nourished about the land dell, but no one is a lamb. i know herself. i had but i can't put him down to rest because he is sick of the night. but since last night, not sweating in fever, have gone down on it. and when we lost our light sto, i'm let me rest all minds that we can't live without our livestock. i. that was a similar level to level allow mcgill go. another level like her, many of those who fled a livestock farmers more than half a 1000000 people have been driven from the homes this year alone. according to the world food program, more than 6000000 and now facing critical hunger. this drought has the face of the child, and not only are children suffering from malnutrition, they are also suffering from other risks, such as early marriage in the crystal bills, and then being recruited in groups in the castle boys. the islamist militant group,
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osha barb is a constant threat in this region. these women have come from a town which has been under see each valve up for the last 7 years that are organ indeed be were denied from farming our land blocked from growing on greenville. well, the water access was blocked. there was no access to food either and nor cause moving . we left because of that. we came on foot, we walked for several nights, could be dropped our children and walked away together. i bought it in order to survive. people try to earn money in nearby villages and buy fruit with their little. they have inflated prices, make the situation even worse. the prices of food in somalia were already soaring up because people's livestock, a dying serial harvest a way below long term averages. we are concerned that the war in ukraine could further exacerbate what were already soaring prices in somalia. samaya is heavily
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dependent on ukraine and russia food sweet inputs, for the port of odessa and ukraine now closed the u. n. world food program is warning that the conflict could further drive up food prices. we are having to prioritize to really target those most in need for immediate life saving. but that means that we are taking from the hungry to feed the starving w. s p needs 192000000 dollars urgently to avert famine. it could hit as early as mid here. it's a race against time. in some sports news, many of you have seen east scooters careering down city straits. these ones are carried out a little differently with switzerland, my teeth, ne route winning the made an edition of the east good championship. after a thrilling series of races, they took the lead at the start of the final and led all 8 laps on a day filled with thrills and spills on the course. in london,
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you finish just point 7 seconds ahead of britain. dan brooks, indian born racer, and he said he came in 3rd and a full moon provided spectacular views over the weekend as to astronomical events took place. at the same time. star gazes across europe witnessed a full lunar eclipse as the pos directly between sun and the moon, turning it a shade of dark red event. also coinciding with a super moon, which is when the moon appears much larger as it passes close to what and a reminder of the top stories were falling. foy, russia says it has agreed to a deal to evacuate ukrainian soldiers from the as all star steel planted mighty opposite. hundreds remain trapped on to the plant with dwindling supplies. elsewhere in the country, ukraine says, is the troops of breach in the russian border, often pushing moscow's forces away from the northeast in the city of hockey. and
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the spanish prime minister has announced her country will apply for membership in nato magazine. anderson calling it an historic change in the country security policy. it ends 2 centuries of swedish military neutrality. as a from may of next is al, science magazines are today looking at you missions to the moon. i've been has roland season with
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