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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 16, 2022 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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more life starts may 28 on d, w. ah, ah, this is the only news line from berlin. is this the end of the battle that has come to symbolize ukraine struggle against russian invaders buses. evacuate soldiers from the mario pulse field plant where they'd been holding out for weeks against the russian onslaught. also on the program. turkish president reggie divert about says he won't support finland or sweden joining data, accusing both of harboring terrorists and a big fat that for has ballade is ours in lebanon's parliamentary elections,
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the iran back party. and it's part to lose a majority of the nascar correspondence with what people are expecting from then you ah, i'm so gale. welcome to the program. ukrainian soldiers from the besieged as our style steal plan to mario paul have begun to arrive in the town of nor bowski. a town near the russian border under the control of russia back separatists. early on monday and russia agreed a deal to evacuate wounded fighters. we've been holding inside the plans, march, departure of training soldiers could signal the end of russia's long speech of the steel works, which has become a symbol of ukrainian resistance. we can get more from the
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w correspondent for shar in key. welcome. funny. what are you hearing about this movement of fighters out of money or be hearing that the 1st wounded soldiers apparently have already arrived in a rush and controls territory? no. was off screeches about 40 kilometers from mar, you pull. so this is dawn bus region. this is basically the place where this heavy fighting between washing ukrainian soldiers for weeks now and the fat people here, the very 1st that i could speak to because actually is curved. it is hardly any one on the street. ordinary ukrainian citizens are shaking their head in disbelief, trying to understand what is really happening. because if really, these wounded soldiers are now handed in or voluntarily hand themselves in to russian forces, why is going to happen to them? what is their fate? after all is the russian forces that been pounding heavily mario pool and also these as of steel plant were it's believed about $600.00 as of a regimen soldiers have been hold up. it's unclear but it's really just
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a wounded soldiers who made the way out there with the help of medics are also are also the active soldiers basically. is this really an end to the feed actually of what we have seen play out around as of steel plant? or is this going to continue or they are fighting between washington ukrainians over the control of the as of steel plant. we do not know yet as we're trying to gather information ourselves, but certainly is quite a shocking development here. because you have to understand, of course, that as a seal plant is seen as the last defense to say. so for the city of mary paul, which really has a symbolic meaning here for the people in ukraine, it already had in 2014 when the war and the dumbass region were married, paul is, has begun. so very decisive. almost right now, what does it really mean for ukraine? so far, we did not hear anything from presidency. lensky on this latest development. only your food from the leader of the as of regiment inside the steel plan, saying that he's fulfilling orders based on the supreme military commander. but
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zelinski is actually the one who commands the military, who is the head of the military, but he's the one who is silent right now. this can be due to the fact that a lot of these, a lot of the process that's now being concluded can only be concluded is nobody talks. so everyone here who still are pinky is waiting for some information. what is really happening right now at that as of steel plant. ok, thank you for that idea w correspondent, or funny for sure. in keith when ukrainian forces in north east of the country of mounted a counter attack, pushing russian troops away from the 2nd largest city, hockey is also heavy fighting in the eastern region of the hands, bear to your credit officials and western analysts say russian forces struggling to achieve their objectives when russian troops 1st entered ukraine, a quick victory is what president putin may have been hoping for. but
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a long drawn out conflict is what he is getting. ukrainian troops say they've managed to push the russians back to the border. and as arms from the west, continue to roll in, russian troops have been forced to change strategies. analysts say what's happening now could become a war of attrition. the development of the war house confound date, i on the list, i think it every 10. i think that i all seen the initial stage is there was the belief that rush would probably win quickly because they didn't. they withdrew from around a cave in order to concentrate their forces to attack a new crying. don't pass. am what is interesting is the extent to which they have now or are now in the process. i think of failing at dot. this
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footage, released by the ukranian armed forces, purports to show the destruction of a russian held bridge in the hands region. ukrainian forces have also recaptured several villages. roscoe, whatsoever is one of them much residence here say it was under russian control for 2 months. they, the fighting has stopped. the village now lies in ruins. it's scary to see it like this. the village was beautiful and big. now it's all broken. everything's destroyed. the village cancel a school, so everything is destroyed. people have also died as the war drags on and the death toll continues to climb. so to do the odds that this war will have no winners and turkish president rhetoric type, earl one says he's country will not approve any request from finland or sweden to join nato,
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that dedications should not come to anchor to try and change his mind sweden previously announced that it was seek nature membership following a finance decision and ending 2 centuries of swedish neutrality. both countries want to both of our security following rushes, invasion of ukraine. the w nicer correspondent terry shows told me more about president advance objections. you know, this came somewhat as a surprise fill because just over the weekend, the turkish foreign minister assured allies that he did not want to delay the membership of sweden and finland. and so it seems like things would be able to be worked out. and then president there to want held a press conference today and said he absolutely won't allow the to nordic countries into the alliance. he says that they have failed to extradite some 33 people that he has requested. and that this amounts to harboring terrorists. so while sweden and finland said that they were ready to open talks with air to one on his complaints. he has told them not to com. and so it will be up to other allies to
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negotiate with on kara and to make sure that this does not hold up what all of the other ally see as a very welcome addition to the alliance. so do these turkish objections kill these finish and swedish bins, well fits filaments, we haven't even submitted their bids yet. so it's, it's way too early to say that. and i would guess that this is just air to one's opening gambit. he sees a way to exploit what has probably been a grudge for many years, a way to elevate his, his concerns and, and his argument against the european union. it's not only finland and sweden that any members of the p k k which that you have listed as a terrorist organization should be extradited upon his request. but you know air to one has a lot of ask from other allies of predominantly the u. s. and some fighter jet deals that are sort of hung up on air to one's a purchase of a russian missile defense system. so there are a lot of negotiations to be had,
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as i say, this is, are the ones opening gambit. he sees a way to use the situation to his advantage, but i would guess in the end that he will be convinced not to carry through with this threat factor without terry attorney schultz install. i had a quick look at some stores away from the war. francis, former labor minister, elizabeth born will be the country, 2nd female prime minister, replacing shawn cast x government re shuffle. i'm to reinvigorate president macro interest party. i had of parliamentary elections to secure a majority for his reformist agenda, including a controversial pensions, overhaul. veteran, a canyon politician, viola dingo has named martha kyra as his running mate in august. presidential election was crew is the form of justice minister and champion of women's rights. a success in male dominated politics and the nickname and lady a. when would make a can use 1st, female deputy president,
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president of guinea besides has dissolved parliament and announced early parliamentary elections morrow. and barlow cited legislators unresolved differences with the presidency countries experienced for military cures and as many decades that most recently in 2012, in february, 11th people died in violence described as attempted to anchor's new prime minister says the country is down to its last day of petrol and is printing money to pay civil servants. the tv address rather, wait for missing guy who was appointed on thursday at the country need $75000000.02 pay for essential importance. crisis is fueled anti government protests. early results from lebanon's parliamentary elections indicated losses for allies of the countries iran back has belong group. final results are still to be determined, but a christian party with strong ties to saudi arabia. the u. s. has made gains. it's
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unclear whether has bella and its allies will retain them majority in the countries, $128.00 c parliament has been a supporter is struck and up be tone an election night. but it soon became apparent that there cheering was premature. the parliamentary block led by the shiite islamist group took a major hint early results show that its allies have lost support. opponents of has been made gains, including the christian lebanese forces party, which is linked to saudi arabia. my, the early result comes amid the worst economic and financial crisis, lebanon has ever seen the deadly explosion in the port of beirut. nearly 2 years ago made things even more dire. many people can barely afford basic necessities. even polling stations like this, one in tripoli were not spared for the daily power cuts before i die, i want to live on the weight was when i was young, man,
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we went to school, finished our education, not completely lebanon was living on then i want to die knowing live in on is back that he has a kid. i voted for change of course difference, because we can't go on like this. them of a lebanon needs to wake up and lifted self up. and that's something i support for that our children can continue to live in this country. and more surely, voter turnout was only 41 percent. and many observers say the country is complex, so called confessional power sharing political system has paralyzed the state. but others hope that the success of opposition parties may finally lead to real change . well that they w correspondent rebecca recess is covering the election from bay root. she told us what the new government might look like. still a little bit too early to be able to make any predictions. as you said,
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your cell votes are still trickling in. but even after the votes are all completely counted, 11 on takes isn't notorious, and taking a very long time to form government. so exactly how it will look. it's hard to say at this point, but as you mentioned, has will, it does look to be losing its parliamentary majority. that instead going to the far right christian lebanese forces, part of the so called saudi us alliance. and they will be able to, they may compet alive the coalition government. they'll have to nominate a prime minister and you'll be able to form a captain. now that could take the lead on. it's been known to be without a government for 2 years at a time, as the sort of inciting and faction behind behind the scenes faction fighting goes on. but what is clear and what was really going into this election? one of the huge issues was that has been an issue and it does appear that people have voted with their fate many going into this electron saying his bullet has caused all the problems. other people saying that his blood isn't the only problem
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in this country. and we need to deal with corruption on all levels. the people certainly voting with their feet. a lot of independent candidates, also winning states. we're looking at maybe 10 states of the cycle, changing opposition, candidates and, and they'll play an important role as you've got these 2 opposing blocks. lebanese full on one side has blur on the other. and these independent candidates lying quite an important role in the middle. rebecca recess in beirut. now, this year's univision when the serv received the heroes welcome back home in ukraine collusion, orchestra performed by songs to find 2 border guards out the frontier between ukraine and. 2 c oh, the bands male members had received a special, had received special permission to leave you crate to performance, your division in italy. when a clear show popular support for the war ravaged country is remind about top story
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is how training. so just from the besieged as a stop still plan scenario. paula, arriving in the town of nevada no. bo, i bought a boat, a town controlled by russia back separatist control is, comes after russian agree to deal to evacuate wounded fighters who've been holding up inside the plan since well, well, he was at the top of the hour. what sounds your business updating? just a thought say what grade green do you feel worried about the plan we to.


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