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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 17, 2022 3:00am-3:16am CEST

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ah, ah ah, this is dw, live from berlin, ukrainian soldiers leave the as of style steel works in variable buses carrying wounded service. men have been leaving the plant where they held out for weeks against russian forces. does this mean the sieges over also on the program? turkey says no to finland and sweden joining nato, turkish president and accusing both countries of harboring terrorists. plus a major setback for his vala and its allies in lebanon's parliamentary elections.
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you run back to party and its partners a set to lose their majority in parliament. so what will a reformist government mean for lebanon? ah, i'm told me on last week. what welcome to the program. ukraine's military says more than 260 ukrainian soldiers have left the besiege as of stuff still works. in the port city of mario paul, after being trapped inside 4 weeks buses under russian military escort was seen leaving the plant on monday night. earlier in the day, russia agreed to evacuate wanted fighters, we've been holding out inside the plant since early march. the battle or as of style became a symbol of ukrainian resistance. after the rest of variable fell to russian forces . now you is military to man says the mission to defend,
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the plant is over and it's working to get all remaining troops out. here's what president villa da lensky had to say. he or my mom that you show that we hope to save the lives of our boys. among them are heavily wounded article, but they are being treated and i want to underline ukraine needs, it's ukrainian heroes alive. this is our principal. i think these words can be understood by all adequate people in the quote and nadine shipped over and we will keep working to get our boys back home. these work needs to be delicate, and it needs times on t w's funding, such as following developments in ukraine. she has more on the mobile evacuations, busy the official information here on the ground in ukraine. is that about 260 people from as of steel plan have been evacuated to 2 different locations that both of these locations are in the dumbass region. one of them close by tomorrow poll is controlled by russians and the other one for the up north in it on bus region is
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controlled by the pro ration back separatists. as a result obviously is totally unclear which is going to happen to the soldiers of the as of regiment. you have to remember, of course, that the other frederick meant is seen as a nazi unit. and actually russia stop at his will. one of reasons for invading ukraine was to basically destroying this unit that they consider a nazi unit. which by the way, does have roots in the ultra nationalist, her movement when he started, but actually has become integrated international god. as a result, people actually see them as heroes because they were holding out there for so long trying to defend what was still ukrainian control territory. and now the question is, as we're hearing that they are being basically, i am taken out to evacuated from as of steel plant. as an agreement of a prisoner swap, swapped with russia. the question is whether it mission is going to be completed or whether their fate as the very here is on the ground, whether these ukrainian soldiers,
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i going to be actually killed by the aggressor. because this is what russia was a doing all the while, pounding this as of steel plan, which really has a very big symbolic meaning. and an emotional meaning here for people on the ground, the wants that i could speak to because it's already quite late at night here. say a day of really ask themselves, is this it? is it over when it comes to defending? what was the last defense of the a, mary paul harbor, which is the steel plant? nobody has an answer to that question. what we know, if it is correct and we cannot verify that information yet, did about 260 people have been evacuated to this russian controlled territories. then about $300.00, at least are still inside. so is going to happen to them. how's the story going to evolve? the has to see as the story unfolds. what's interesting, just briefly, can you give us a picture of how significant this has been the sea has been in the overall conflict
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. basically the siege of the as of stars, steel plant is something that was very, very important for the russian forces ever since this war has begun. and by that, by the way, i do not mean february 24th, but already we have to go back to 2014 when the war began in the dumbass region. murray pulled, dan already played a significant role because you have to know that for russia controlling murray, poor beans, controlling more of, of, of the southern part in the eastern part of ukraine. but also having a link to a crimea which day and acts in 2014. so to them to russia, it was very important. it is very important to actually control mary paul. now this last a patch of land to say, so that was still in the hands of ukraine and forces. and as i said, you do not know how this fight is going to continue, or whether ukrainian forces have now completely given up and even surrendered when it comes to as of seal plant. but it really has a symbolic meaning, even though of course,
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it's just one part of ukraine and this fight is raging on. are so many parts, if that the just hearing that they were fresh explosions in live, it is vast in ukraine. so with this part of history, that seems to be a developing developing into new phase a like leaf into the interests are falling in the interest of fresh and forces. that does not say anything. yet, of course, for the development of the war, per se, which has been raging on for 3 months. because momentums have been shifting all the while old while as the war has begun. so we just have to see how it develops, but certainly it is quite a development what we see unfold right now at the as of seal plant in ukraine. laura vandy, doctor correspondent for the future. thank you for bringing us up to speed. well, in the countries north, east ukrainian forces have mounted a counter attack, forcing russian troops to pull back from the 2nd largest city hockey. a heavy fighting is also being reported in the eastern region of lou haskell. there to re
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cranium officials and western analysts say russian forces have been suffering setbacks when russian troops 1st entered ukraine. a quick victory is what president putin may have been hoping for. a long drawn out conflict is what he is getting ukrainian troops say they've managed to push the rations back to the border. and as arms from the west, continue to roll in. the russian troops have been forced to change strategies. analysts say what's happening now could become a war of attrition. the development of the war house confounded ah, on the list, i think it every 10. i think that i all seen the initial stages. there was the belief that russia probably when quickly that they didn't, they withdrew from around a cave in order to concentrate their forces to attack
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a new crying. don't pass. am what is interesting is the extent to which they have now or are now in the process. i think a failing at this footage, released by the ukranian armed forces, purports to show the destruction of a russian held bridge in the hands region. ukrainian forces have also recaptured several villages. risk i looked server is one of them. much residents here say it was under russian control for 2 months. they, the fighting has stopped. the village now lies in ruins. a. it is scary to see it like this. the village was beautiful and big. now it's all broken. everything is destroyed. williams, the village council of school. everything is destroyed. people have died as well as the war drags on and the death toll continues to climb. so to do the ards that this
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war will have no winners, turkeys president, russia type earth, one has strongly objected to sweden and finland bid to join nato. he's accusing the nordic countries of being too lax on kurdish militants and failing to extradite what he called. wanted terrorists, sweden had earlier announced that it would follow finland in seeking nasal membership, but i can only happen if all current members agree. it was a moment that for many had long been unthinkable. but less than 3 months after russia invaded ukraine, the swedish prime minister, so no other choice, but to end 2 centuries of neutrality without your back and that it is a major historical shift for our country. the lamb. we are ending one era and beginning another. but we can enter the can you era with confidence because we are
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doing it with the bedroom of our history on the staff award land system down. the decision was cheered by many in stock. com i was, i was absolutely against it before because i thought that we should be neutral as we have always been. but then when, when the innovation of russia happened, i've kind of changed my mind a little bit because the, the worlds and the northern course can even countries. it's not safe anymore. well, i think it was about time. we've been hanging around forever and now would take like a full step. the new follows neighboring finland's decision to also apply for membership. but what started out as a dream come true for many may till members soon turned into a diplomatic nightmare. as turkish president reach up, tie up, or the one shot down. any hopes?
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first smooth process, airline accuses denied at countries of working against his government. that includes a recent refuses to extradite kurdish militants that turkey considers terrorists. look on the murray had kinda neither sweden nor finland has an open, clear stance against terrorist organizations. besides throughout this process, even if they say they're against terrorist organizations threat. on the contrary, they have statement saying they would not expedite certain terrorists, even if they say there'll be actually in them. we believe once bitten, twice, shy, t, tom ox in it. many fear the fracture could play into peyton's hands. at a time when western leaders are desperate to display unity. but here's a quick look at some other stories away from them all from the war. flashes of broken out at a funeral in jerusalem for a palestinian man fatally injured during recent violence of the alex,
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a mosque. israeli police fired tear gas and rubber bullets after mourners through stones and fireworks police arrest and multiple palestinians, while dozens more were reportedly injured. u. s. troops will be returning to somalia to help local authorities there fight the algebra militant group. president joe biden approved every deployment, reversing a decision by his predecessor, donald trump, to withdraw us forces in 2020. so aaliyah's newly elected president hasn't shake mom would, has promised to work closely with foreign partners. early results from lebanon's parliamentary election indicate losses for allies of the countries. iran back has a bala group. final results are still to be determined, but a christian party with strong ties to saudi arabia and the u. s. has made gains. it's unclear whether it has bola and its allies will retain their majority in the countries $128.00 c to parliament. has been
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a supporter is struck and up be tone an election night. but it soon became apparent that there cheering was premature. the parliamentary block led by the shiite islamist group took a major hint early results show that its allies have lost support. opponents of has been made gains, including the christian lebanese forces party, which is linked to saudi arabia. my, the early result comes amid the worst economic and financial crisis, lebanon has ever seen the deadly explosion in the port of beirut. nearly 2 years ago made things even more dire. many people can barely afford basic necessities. even polling stations like this, one in tripoli were not spared from the daily power cuts. before i die, i want to see lebanon. the weight was when i was young, man,
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we went to school, finished our education. luckily, lebanon was lebanon, then i want to die knowing lebanon is back mad, scheduled. so i took the v r, q, u, i voted for change of horrors. because we can't go on like this, them of a lebanon needs to wake up and lifted self up and, and that's something i support with said that our children can continue to live in this country. from a more you dealer, charlotte, voter turnout was only 41 percent. and many observers say the country is complex, so called confessional power sharing political system has paralyzed the state. but others hope that the success of opposition parties may finally lead to real change . and a reminder of the top story were falling for you. ukraine's military says more than $260.00 ukrainian soldiers have left the besiege as aust all steelworks in the port city of mario pole. after being trapped inside for weeks,
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more than 50 injured troops have reportedly been taken to hospital in a russian controlled area. less for now, but up next doc film looks at the excesses of berlin's club culture. can get one years in our 5 d, w dot com, told me all logical i thought, ah, where natural spectacle proved world. the return of the spiky yellow with louse will ensure the survival of the entire ecosystem. ah, one of the many success stories from a bastion of bio diversity said holy stores may 20th on dw ah.


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