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ah, discover the world around you. subscribe to dw documentary on youtube. ah, the atlantic coast of portugal, a natural wonder, almost 900 kilometers long to portuguese in the sea have long been connected with another. but his relationship is in danger. the coast is crumbling away and to see his already swallowed up whole. the rows of houses with fulfilled football. log you, the truth is negative,
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trend continues and we don't do anything about it. this beach might not be here much longer like yourself. portugal is desperately trying to fight back any human struggle against nature. the authorities replenishing the sand on the beaches and building protective barriers with citizens to getting politically involved to fight it. but the threat comes if in europe striking fear into the hearts of the residents or make them pass modestly flooded into our house by the water was smashing against the wall and everything was shaking. we were really afraid to move me and 3 quarters of the portuguese population beat by the coast. what can they do in the sea becomes the enemy. how will people coping with the threat and how the authorities in the government
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ah ah, he took a she had a is a fisherman for generations. his family have been running a coastal village business in the region of available on the portuguese atlantic coast. murray, a default to not virgin mary of fatima is the name of the boat. vito and his colleagues take out to sea, but the fisherman's working conditions, a getting worse to save them. simply hello my tip. i'm always connected to the sea and have been for a long time global. i you? i've been living this life for over 40 years now. did people xanda? love you the law? i don't do it for the money. delicious. you barely or anything nowadays? flashing bomb of it's about life, i'm passionate about the of you, the feel of, but you aren't very little
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awe today to see is come and the week is mind could conditions for the men in their boat. but coastal fishing has become increasingly difficult over the years. small fishman barely make a living from they catch the sea. it was guaranteed a modest income to day. many fishermen do on social transfers in some cities and things are getting even more difficult to to climate change. stronger currents and coastal erosion quote is the fisherman, from the body to fatima soledad
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beach still offers plenty of space, the vessels boat and the fisherman's equipment. but other beaches have already been swallowed up by the sea for around an hour vito's crew losing their net. it's a disappointing catch. only a few macro and sardines and a handful of c brim and kilten gray. the region around forever has long been considered a good fishing location. but then the problem started. vito can no longer fish where he lives. 30 kilometers up the coast or whatever that gimme a little while yet was practically no sandy beach left there any more yet? not even enough room for a beach towel candle. what while i was put now imagine putting a boat here, re says long crowd of fishing and is more dish where i live is on the verge of extinction. which bomb it is willis bomb?
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it won't but veto doesn't want to give up yet. along almost the entire western coast of portugal, the sea is swallowing up sandy beaches in june's threatening entire villages by counting any other part of the country's coastline is endangered. as a puleo in the north of portugal. the development fills fishermen. adriano rivera with dread adriano mostly makes a living from squid fishing. the sand june still offer some protection, but they're under immense pressure.
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thanks. ingram, facing guaymas. as to luna, alice arbour. i'm 55 years old. l i v m. i show me and this june used to be here more or less or not. now daughter l m l afternoon ikea. living am i shall man's bracky and now look around 8 meters of san june. have disappeared in the last few years. i read and stuff if just that and nobody's doing anything about it matters altura in a fashion either. that's ashbury, it's just a matter of time before the water reaches the road, my sheep were pumped. it's terrible. and what didn't give me that it was somebody can give us non yes meal was really to see advancing like diss and with sea level was rising fear. every one is just talking about defending the host and is only one thing we can do to move back as far as battle size. good to be on for them. the most important thing to do
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is to get rid of the stone break, florida over there as quickly as possible, put on. it's one of the government's building measures and it has made everything was found out of the wall is what caused all the erosion in the area. we need to take it out and do something for the june, so we can protect these places of what since nobody else was taking action. adriano and his neighbors have been putting down sand saxon wooden stakes for years to protect the jews and houses assist in task which doesn't really hold back the sea. on the contrary, morn will houses of fallen victim to the high tide, especially in winter. ah, close fly is the sheed. my little coolio around 30 seafood restaurants are located directly on the coastal road behind the jews. the restaurant icon is one of them.
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fishermen, adriana supplies the restaurant was fish several times a week. or you are doing some delicious little sod. aids are good and freshly colorado, rita. oh, what i also have a few sea bass. a few small c brain is acute acute head bream and a sole direct from the sea in upwardly daniel or gang a kilowatt hour earlier. but increasingly, adriano has to listen to the restaurant owners worries and fears about the future. the sea is threatening to swallow up the food mile and people are saying that the local city council wants to tear down the restaurants for safety reasons. yet gastronomy is the cornerstone of the whole regions economy.
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district general. what are lou? it's about jack also and the other restaurants in the neighborhood graph, at least $80.00 to $100.00 jobs would be affected. have our vendor around $300.00 jobs that would be indirectly affect. i think that's the bakeries letting the fishermen and agriculture walton my article, dora most, no more restaurant owner of the viet and feels let down by the authorities. as an alternative, he's demanding that a new food, mildly built further away from the silver. he shows adrena the spot not the only issue will they keep a spotless look at about this big plot of land is not being used to provide it would be the ideal place for new restaurants that could be built higher up with us . so we still have a view of the c rockville. why should double be somebody at over and it would be a big project, an ideal solution, a face get as said, yes, it would be
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a good solution for a full year, and we would all benefit from it. otherwise, i'd like, instead of leaving room is about that everything should just be demolished. that would mean the end of the livelihoods of abil vieira and the other restaurant to is in a paulia as well as this supplies for the daughter of beach formerly asserting hot spot is also getting smaller and small . the by the year and the surfing is f trickier where they used to be sent and june's there are now large blocks of granite to protect the town. jewel, paolo runs the surf camp in full doodle and is very worried. every morning he prepares his equipment. a certain camp is his greatest question. he's afraid of losing his
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sport and his business. if you've looked reasonably, viv surf here, that i shall thank or why would i make a living from tourism here from surfing hill? judge, i live in the passion, i have for water and the see, a setup for my the party cannot get my invite the shuttle backlash every day. every year the advance of the sea is getting worse and it's economically leaving me behind her voice to rock wherever they shiprock. what are the briefing? this used to be a very popular ph, instead of forming a now people just under going to other places, better for surfing, bush and all the mileage which is terrifying for me and my staff. and your thoughts please. he said school is still going well. 20 young people have registered his weekend course. dow surfing lessons take place with the beach is still wide
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enough around one kilometer away from the center of food at all. he has the hassle of transporting all his equipment and the way they is getting longer than once. with that, he said, what will happen if the beach disappears completely? lisbon, portugal coastline and the problems of coastal erosion of the responsibility of the central government in, in costa, the secretary of state, responsible for the issue and the environment. ministry is aware of the problems for her protecting the coast is portugal biggest environmental aussie challenge over 1000000000 euros have been spent on the protection of seaside towns and beaches in the last 10 years. might look social to rocks down this year
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a year. nice. that else about more than hard protective structures that yelp review, it's about social factors about people. yoga. when i look at pictures from a puleo, yeah, i have to say it is very difficult to add to to complain. we may have to abandon places like these are fine because the safety of the inhabitants is at stake. the what they're going to die. gossips isn't as good as it was in the environmental ministry. they now know that expensive construction measures and not able to protect all places from the sea in his home town of is maricia fisherman veto is fighting for survival. he's been politically active in his local community for years as a mediator between the town council and the affected residents. until recently carla santo, she lived with her children in a house directly behind this wall. ah me as it at my
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house was here mad directly in front of the si, fi, camille. this was the entrance nottingham room. there was one door facing a c i. but we kept it locked or seen, that we only use the back door as it other the key valley. oh might of it. the see has gotten more difficult over the years, but apple, so i started leaving my house from that way. shopping, you could put a lien dasa you them. you guys a bullying. let sounds like a dangerous situation. if you didn't, no, no, not. and we didn't have a chance, was se it was very difficult to pick up the children. when the tide was high, garza especially in the winter if you, if you could come down to sleep number dampen, but the tides were too big loud, better than that. i am dab ada ada management would. and then vito also, schumann and politician, accompanies the family to their new home. it's quite close by just 300 meters in
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land in a newly built settlement. color santos and her daughter's recently moved into the settlement. built by the town council. vito accompanied the project from the very beginning yet, but i eagerly. oh he this is our new home or it doesn't rain in both of them. they was wacked my daughters now each have their own bedroom and i have a double room. why fi gathered? my face by means of your own, i would never have thought that i would have a room to myself. no, dea more. we lived in miserable conditions before he knew mcgowan diaz forgot, review them. emulator goes and keep him home and look in the bathroom. now we have a shower, where and going bus via back, then we only had
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a wash base. any him without her right now, at least we have the basics for my children, fiances, properly to beach, a few minutes drive from lisbon, with the wrench to meet the secretary of state from the environmental ministry here . any safety measures have been taken here in recent years and what was i said that we knew all the might, it like would be my one thing is certainly the sea level will continue to rise as one of the consequences of climate change a lot in the 6 years between 1958 and 20 t portugal last 3rd 100 square kilometers of house. leo, that's a lot. do you want? we've already lost too much territory to the sea. he thought it might up with him or mine. portugal coastline is under threat. so what is the central government
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doing about this in concrete terms? one of the most expensive measures is beach nourishment, sucking up sand from the sea bed to port back on to the beaches. back out again, it's z man. so lot of all we gather the sand from off shore, brian missile getting the catalog on their son in law school. and in general, we don't see it being wash crack out to see what it does happen to lack of will patch in the soil. the man i will batch masked boys were very, it's a big investment, but it pays off. we and it will have a cascading effect which allows us to mitigate against further coastal erosion. we meet with the got a fight we can see how beach nourishment looks on the coast of central portugal. a 1000000 cubic meters of sand being sucked up from the sea bed and pulled on to the beach using giant pipes. it's an expensive solution. the diesel to run the pumps,
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cost hundreds of thousands alone. the whoops are observed with a critical eye by the population. and by antonio san gabriel pinch leader of the small seaside town of south pedro de gala keen specs, a large building size on the beach daily offering answers to the skeptical residence. gloria vienna. gala on what is the giant wave comes the sand will be washed away again. lovely. what is they do it was on the jail slid the no, no it won't let that nash the over the tubes will stay here permanently at your school. you gently even hannah, when we need to replenish the sandy, is don't be a, we'll just move it back here at the see the got together, but i years
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a thought regard of the length of the viral bracky the booth pick up on monday. okay, so we are prepared to put them on a boat but with the granular. yes, absolutely. right now you just see a sand with but underneath we have submerged biodegradable pipes in 3 layers that are 300 made as long as the sequel is gone. 3 isn't bad, is that part of next year? we're planning to replenish more than 3000000 cubic meters on the so al beaches always have enough sand. the 3 is music med school. be to that? i yep, a 3rd. larry put the broad la as but i use your point of view, the empty, the kid i to is results in portugal are doing more and more to prevent the beaches from disappearing into the say for for, for, for the for just go that way. you can see we used to be dunes. yeah. but now all we
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have is rocks and nothing else. my mother surf instructed, yo is skeptical and takes his students on an environmental to live the beach community. who were those rocks? are there used to be dunes a few years ago with small flowers and i'm still doesn't martinez? i was forcing us, but all that vegetation was lost with the advance of the see me. all of us were my you 2nd group on give the sand, the government keeps replenishing here cannot replace the noun, whispers and costs. millions of euro's general key people, lots of launch. yosh. what is having? i don't think it's going to work. the smart city will continue to advance as the earth gets warmer. smith. yeah. cover all of these new stuff. st. george shows his students the damage witcher's almost daily,
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along the beach from an apartment market. look at how the c attacks, the stone walls over product your theme. it's hard to imagine it, but the so can take away these heavy stones. and then sadly, it could destroy the 1st line of houses on the beach to cover the by 3, the, my coastal erosion, his central causes, construction blunders, climate change, and population pressures. 3 quarters of the portuguese population lives on the coast and a quarter of the portuguese shoreline is affected by the problem. while, when you are give you that market limit, they can look what i recorded last winter at exactly the same spot in place. but as you measure, little the can look at this avenue here. really bit of me that goes,
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he develops didn't indicate that no yellow capitol, the water is hitting this cafe, fostering the whole terrace, the people dip simple to use a dr. fit for the rest of it was just wiped out of the kettle and then the telephone. the last for another study for the week or to go to your mac up into funny. got keep it. but i often there's, there's feathers was it was rocks you see here from the stone malware. so dormer 40 meters away with a batch of unbelievable o . 2 ish lariche, beatrice hometown in the final stages of the local election campaign. leetle is standing as voluntary town counseling for the governing social democrats. he speaks told the residents personally supported by the local mer,
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he's made coastal erosion. the key issue, if his election campaign so it will be been a while since some of the residents we've resettled used to live here. i will keep they were seriously affected by the rising senior gover alga, me. oh, thank god, things are better now to go. so that will do it as the other one. is that the what it will keep fighting for you today and tomorrow law you armina i get one vote for t shirt. you're the best that this bell as well. oh, this local collection is all about the best concepts to protect to residents and the homes from the scene a. have you been down here yet? hello. no. let's go to where our friend, our daughter lives. because it has a the with the way.
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boy. oh, oh you the is a miss ramirez here on ish, moorish beach and families lived in constant fear, especially in the winter. the maryland was one of the central government robin promised my royal settlement. backlighting 80 was that when you bought this money never came over the revision. oh no, we built the necessary homes ourselves with money from local the concentration items yoke will be our tour hasn't received in your house yet, but i'm sure he is please for his labors who have been able to move in to know how to work for the 1st week of the 3. huh? yes, i can confirm that our total have faith over your wish that await the election campaign event ends in social housing settlement. bo elisa, good hope. the residents here a happy that they no longer live behind the crumbling jeans by the sea, but in a new cipher homes. oh wow.
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once again, karla santos shows herself as a steadfast funnel at the fisherman and local politician vito. the mood among the campaigns is more cheerful when not everyone believes that the problem of coastal erosion could be sold by building new houses. isn't binders, bull? good, if possible, the step by step we're finding our way forward ac. luckily, if we win the election, gonna continue our resettlement program of it and building our neighborhood right over there. ok, st. present or to le, backed up in a poorly and the mood is considerably more pessimistic than an ash maurice. the news has arrived for the government in lisbon is serious about tearing down the restaurants on june's. the hope is that this will allow the nat to tune and skate to gradually recover. fishman, adriano feels, let down. he now has his own plan to save the village. he asked an architect to
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draw him the model and has been trying to convince his neighbors for weeks. as a look at this model, concrete break borders should be submerged into the sea. around 300 meters from the coast. mice would help offset the entire issue of non dia marty applause. bullied fema once. yes. what? yes. what about weakening the power of the waves? often we have that will be one possible solution you have is mccoy, zekiel is proudly wrapped ourselves feathers notarized as of if it is up on the 4th floor. my right to the fire. my suggestion we that of a humble fisherman who has lived here his whole life away. they haven't got a yeah. yeah. he that he'll be there reckless gra matter. you could only be a benefit for the june as it was, but also for the shipment, for the sea floor and foreigner. and we fishermen would have more to cash florida
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will buy one as well as through ebel. but the vision looks like you'll resume very opposite of you and riana is clinging to his project. he sees an implementation of it soon as the last chance for the fisherman's huts and restaurants other puleo a lot quicker fronting at walk it to the network. i think it would be a relatively cheap letter lesson, which would avoid wasting money back is the other way. nike is one that you're given. you start go muscle. so you have to save this place. a lot of village has history and we intend to go mice. ne, excellent, well, don't see. i'll somebody else. yeah. sometimes atlanta can't hide his anger and disappointment at those in pallet in lisbon gone, gone. i would agree if the government took measures to protect the june something quite aggressive, i would agree to anything that is for the good of these communities. but in the meantime, i no longer have faith in for this. and so all i've heard is,
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is lip service in every well i don't understand why the government protects other places, but not out. what's different here from other places get, get the friends and then also me the others with us are 3. i know is fighting to save his home town, but he in napoleon in particular, it seems that humans have lost their fight against nature. experts say that coastal erosion is an existential threat to portugal coast. it's the catastrophe if the century for the country. it's people and they will have life ah, yes.
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she came to party, but found death. an american tourist amberlynn dahlia from an ecstasy overdose. a tragedy. but for insiders, canada, 1st of the world, famous or hardy, seen in germany's capital, his fuels by drugs dancing drugs and death in 15 minutes long d w. o. in the out of rescue food and fall. india is huge, wasted to palm start up in new delhi. has the solution turns tosto to into animal scene from the city. the project is finding consensus and not just among the counter pico game in 90 minutes on
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d w. mm hm. ah ah, this is d, w. news live from berlin, ukrainian soldiers leave the as off stalls still works. buses carrying wounded soldiers have been leaving mario pole where they held out for weeks against russian forces. now the defenders declaring the mission over also on the program turkish president reggie type and says he will not support finland or sweden joining nato, accusing both countries of harboring terrorists plus a big setback for has.


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