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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 17, 2022 8:00am-8:16am CEST

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ah, ah ah ah, this is the w news live from berlin after nearly 3 months under siege. ukrainian soldiers are evacuated from the as of stealth still works in mario full ukrainians, agreed to allow the severely wounded soldiers to be taken to russian held territory . it's thought they could be exchanged for russian prisoners, also on the program, turkish president friendship, ty, bad, one says he will not support finland or sweden joining nato, accusing both countries of harboring terrorists. plus
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a big setback for has the law and its allies in lebanon's parliamentary elections. he has beloved law has sent to lose its majority in parliament. what's my to reform with government mean to lebanon? ah, i manuscripts mckinnon. welcome to the program, and thanks for joining us. ukraine and russia have reached agreement on the evacuation of hundreds of ukrainian soldiers, who have been trapped in the as of stalls still works in mario pool for weeks. ukraine's deputy defense minister set the soldiers were being taken by russia through a humanitarian corridor for medical treatment in russian held territory. several buses carrying the soldiers left the plant on monday night. now it's thought some
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ukrainian soldiers are still in the steel mill. however, to parting in darkness and under russian guard, the 1st ukrainian troops have left the as of style still works. off to weeks of fierce resistance. buses brought 53 of the worst injured to a hospital here in the nearby russian controlled town of nova, as often ukrainian officials said another 211 soldiers had been taken to separate his territory. further north presence lensky made clear that getting as of stells, defend his home, was a priority. when my mom had you, she does, we hope to save the lives of our boys, that among them are heavily wounded. they have been treated obama. i want to on the line ukraine needs its ukranian heroes alive. this is our principal gentlemen, chevrolet to hopes of the work continues to bring our boys home. and it requires
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delicacy and time just. it's unclear just how many soldiers still left inside the heavily bombarded as of style complex. but the evacuation seems to indicate that the long and bitter siege is drawing to an end. ukrainian army announced late on monday that the main goal now was to save the lives of the remaining defenders. and it had been cars, flooded like sand that joins us now from live and west in ukraine. max, 260 troops have now been evacuated from the as a sell. still plant been now in russian control territory. what more do we know? so that's right on his from what we know right now is that more than $260.00 defenders, the ukranian military personnel were evacuated from the as of steel plant. i'm 53 of them are supposed to be in that critical condition. are supposed to be heavily wounded animals will receive medical treatment in russian health territory and the
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remaining of roughly 211 are supposed to be transferred. and then later take part in a prisoner swap. needless to say and the situation in the us tell, steal work. so we've heard of it a lot in the last couple months as was incredibly dire. so the people who were fighting they were all in a quite difficult condition. and there have been many calls for their evacuation, though not to russian territory. something that the russians out would not agree out, did not agree on in the past. so now it seems that this indicates a change in politics. there, there in the region actually sending military personal ukrainians into russian territory and now putting, putting them in into that situation. but as we heard just now, that report on the priority now seems to be to save lives and do whatever it takes . and in the hope of getting them back from craig, how they have also been reports about explosions in live the night. can you tell us
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any more about that? right, so it has been another not so quite night. here in the living we had a were people here experience to, to a rate alarm, so last night, or one shortly after midnight. and another one following about 2 hours later. now, there were no immediate reports of any damages or casualties, and the governor of the regions said that there had been attempt to strike a military facility that had been struck before and damaged. but this time or the, the, the michelle's, the rockers that were used them could be, could be destroyed or could be avoided. but we'll, we're waiting for more information the, to, to follow on this. all right, debbie correspondent, mat sunday reporting from live if thanks so much our russian forces are still reported to be pounding areas of done yet in but in many places their offensive is losing it. momentum as we report now,
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the performance of russian troops and the development of the conflict have taken many analysts by surprise. when russian troops 1st entered ukraine, a quick victory is what president putin may have been hoping for. but a long drawn out conflict is what he is getting ukrainian troops say they've managed to push the russians back to the border doubles and as arms from the west continued to rollin, he brought the russian troops have been forced to change strategies. analysts say what's happening now could become a war of attrition. the development of the war house confounded ah, on the list, i think it every 10. i think that i all seen the initial stages. there was the belief that russia probably wouldn't quickly because they didn't. they, they withdrew from around
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a cave in order to concentrate their forces to attack a new crying. don't pass. i'm what is interesting is the extent to which they have now, or are now in the process. i think of failing at dot. this footage, released by the ukranian armed forces, purports to show the destruction of a russian held bridge in the hands region. ukrainian forces have also recaptured several villages. rosco, whatsoever is one of them. much residence here say it was under russian control for 2 months. though the fighting has stopped. the village now lies in ruins. down the stairs. oh gosh, no. it is scary to see it like this. the village was beautiful and big. now it's all broken. everything is destroyed, williams, the village council of school and everything it's destroyed. people have died as well as the war drags on and the death toll continues to climb. so
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to do the ards that this war will have no winners. turkeys president rach, applied at one has strongly objected to sweden and finland bed to joining nato. he is accusing the nordic countries of being 2 locks on kurdish militants and failing to extradite what he called wanted terrorists. a sweetener earlier announced it would follow finland and seeking nato membership. that can only happen if all current members agree, and that includes turkey. it was a moment that for many had long been unthinkable. but less than 3 months after russia invaded ukraine, the swedish prime minister saw no other choice, but to end 2 centuries of neutrality and without age of actually on that it is a major historical shift for our country. the lamb. we are ending one era and
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beginning another, but we can enter the new era with confidence because we are doing it was the better of our history of the best stuff award land system down. the decision was cheered by many in stock. com. i was, i was absolutely against this before because i thought that we should be neutral as we have always been. but then when, when the invasion of russia happened, i kind of changed my mind a little bit because the, the world and the northern course can even countries, it felt not safe anymore. well, i think it was about time. we've been hanging around forever and now would take like a full step. the move follows neighboring finland's decision to also apply for membership. but what started out as a dream come true for many may 2 members soon turned into
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a diplomatic nightmare. as turkish president reach up, tie up, or the one shot down, any hopes, 1st smooth process. azure. juan accuses the nordic countries of working against his government. that includes a recent refuses to extradite kurdish militants that turkey considers terrorists is welcome, good man, heard you can and neither sweden nor finland has an open, clear stance against terrorist organizational solutions. besides, throughout this process, even if they say they're against harris organizations through teachers, on the contrary, they have statements saying they would not expedite certain terrorists as even if they say they'll be exercising them. we believe once bitten, twice, shy, acute hallmarks in many fear, the fracture could play into peyton's hands at a time when western leaders are desperate to display unity. okay. has a quite look at some of the stories away from the war. flashes have broken off as
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a funeral and jerusalem for a palestinian man who was fatally injured during recent violence at the alex and mosque. israeli police fire to tear gas and rubber bullets, often mourners through stones and fireworks. police arrested multiple palestinians, while dozens more were injured. for lancaster, new prime minister says the country is down to its last day of petrol and is printing money to pay the civil servants. renelle wick rema, thin guy who was appointed on thursday said the country need $75000000.02 pay for a central import. the economic and political crisis has fuel weeks of anti government. protests. u. s. troops will be returning to somalia to help local authorities last fight. the al chabad millicent group, president joe biden approved that redeployment, reversing a decision by his predecessor donald trump, to withdraw us forces in 2020 some somali as newly elected president hassan shake mohammed has promised to work closely with foreign partners and of ransomware group
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is attempting to bring down the government of the newly inaugurated costa rican president rodrigo chavez, the russian speaking concert gang has disrupted multiple government institutions, as well as local utilities. it's called on costa ricans to pressure the government to pay a multi $1000000.00 ransom. alley results from lebanon's parliamentary election indicate losses for allies of the countries. iran back has bella group final results are still to be determined, but a christian party with strong ties to saudi arabia and the u. s. has made gains. now it's unclear whether has bala and its allies will retain their majority in the countries $128.00. the parliament has mila supporters struck an up, b tone an election night. but it soon became apparent that their cheering was premature. the parliamentary block led by the shiite islamist group took
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a major hint. early results show that its allies have lost support. opponents of his belong made gains, including the christian lebanese forces party, which is linked to saudi arabia. the early result comes amid the worst economic and financial crisis, lebanon has ever seen the deadly explosion in the port of beirut. nearly 2 years ago made things even more dire. many people can barely afford basic necessities. even polling stations like this, one in tripoli were not spared from the daily power cuts. before i die, i want to see lebanon. the weight was when i was young, man, we went to school, finished our education, lebanon was lebanon, then i want to die knowing lebanon is back also to 0 or q u, i voted for change of horrors, because we can't go on like this, of them, of
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a rock lebanon needs to wake up and lift itself up, and that's something i support so that our children can continue to live in this country. from a more you, the law, charlotte, voter turnout was only 41 percent. and many observers say the country is complex, so called confessional power sharing political system has paralyzed the state. but others hope that the success of opposition parties may finally lead to real change . now this he has your vision when, as have received a heroes. welcome back home in ukraine, colors, orchestra performed as song steffani ads and border guards at the ukraine. poland border. 2 2 2 2 c the male band members had received special permission to leave ukraine to perform at your vision in italy. that when was a clear show up in the support for the war ravaged nation.
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we've just got time for reminder of the top story that we're following for you. ukraine's military says more than 260 ukrainian soldiers have left the besieged as of stell steel works in the port city of mario full of to being trapped inside for weeks. more than 50 boone to troops were taken to hospital in a russian controlled area. you're up to date businesses up next with my colleague robots, i many cubes. mckennan. thanks i much for watching d w ah, ah ah ah, we're natural spectacle in an improved world. ah, the meeting of the loom whale sharks,
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the remote island of saint hulu.


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