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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  May 17, 2022 11:45am-12:00pm CEST

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the return of the spiky yellow with louse will ensure the survival of the entire ecosystem. ah, one of the many success stories from a bastion of biodiversity. st. helena starts may 20th on dw ah, this week on world stories, ukraine, mines, thread, and crops. poland, a woman hosts h ukrainian refugees. but we begin in ukraine where authorities and key if suspect russian troops of systematically murdering civilians in occupied areas. evidence can be found in many localities. for the police, it has become
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a grim routine. dozens of mass graves have been opened here in the past few weeks. but for an i did a boy called this is the day she has been waiting for. her son was being x you to j . you'll show that more. he was on his way back. he called to say he'd be home soon, but he never came. question to him boy call was shot on the street. in the early days of the war. his body was given a makeshift burial on the grounds of a hospital when the morgue had to close because it had no power. please say that here in the northern suburbs of keys, they have recovered more than 1000 bodies. overdue with a town of water junko was heavily shelled and then occupied by russian forces. spice is too far from normal supermarkets and shops looted and destroyed. people here depend on 8 deliveries to survive.
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at the hospital, police have exam 9 bodies to day it was civilians were shocked and the streets are run over by tanks. some have yet to be identified. nozzle that got there about at the unfortunately, we'll be doing this work for many more years already, but we'll work as quickly and as thoroughly as possible. so we have sold evidence to hold the aggressor accountable in the international courts. we see not only those who did it from you know, but also those who ordered you get the more nikki of more. you cannot the recovered bodies are being sent to the morgue for forensic examination will then be returned to their relatives. that it was the film. i know that his soul is gone. i know this is just a body, but it's the body that i used to hug and love. you made it good. it's my child. i
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cry every day because of the blood to madison a boy cause one small comfort that soon she will be able to bury her son properly. the ukraine was considered the bread basket of europe, its crop. so now threatened by war, the russian army has stolen grain, devastated farms and mind. countless fields. ah, the war has left its traces on exams of issuance property on 600 a farm on the outskirts of cave. he owns a 1000 hacked as a farmland and agriculture machinery. it is business has been in ruins, since russian troops entered the village at the beginning of march. burnt arch,
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ahmed vehicle, 6 ways harvest. did you go to do what it would you did? they came to the gate and began rattling. my workers were inside the found when they realized the troops with arching through the gate, they ran over there across the fence, into the village. thank god, they're all alive for both. the russian forces installed themselves inside the facility, and alexander fled to kia. now, alex 100, picking up the pieces, is not just his farm house that was destroyed. the fighting is also effected, his farmland is littered with unexploded ordnance. supper minesweepers haven't been here. yes. so we don't dare go out, we can't work at the moment or the mining brigades are out and about. but for now days stablished the damage. they haven't even started d mining agriculture land that this years harvested might be too late. the sewing season is nearing its end and the military administration has little hope they will
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be able to help in time. perfect. you mind the roads and houses 1st, social facilities like schools, the things that are needed. so people come more or less walk around normally. we do the fields only after we've done that. first with us was done cheery. he guesses it might take years for agriculture to get back to normal. meanwhile, the winter wheat is growing. alexandra so did before the war. what we'll do with always is loan trolls or with the field workers and where we see traces of vehicles . my workers have been searching for mines with metal detectors. oh or so, but we need clearance for the whole field. we don't know what's lying in there, and we'll have to wait for the main sweeping team to confirm that the field is safely reported. the consequences of this war will continue to be felt far and wide. as ukraine has been feeding the world for decades.
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ah, russia neighbor latvia has a large russian community most still considered support his of pearson, on may, 9th, the day, a victory of nancy, germany. a quarrel broke out there a few cities in the former soviet bloc, which carry as many traces over the soviet past. as dull gulf built in latvia with more than 90000 inhabitants, lottie, a 2nd largest city has been considered a russian strong old until to day. every 4th burleson living lot via is russian. this is the only seat you were russian speaking. people are, even in the majority most russian skin to dog of bills during the soviet era off the vault were too many residents here continue to feel culturally
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drawn to russia. some criticized that the latter young government. because e 3 tobias to them to speak lothian, the official language even is all, many russians can't speak it that the worst of brucely in a movie is it doesn't have it through the chilling language needs a linguistic environment to live in moore's misty, a person must be able to speak if he can't creates problems by at the more we want to let you have. everyone has, you know, so that live remains calm here, fullest for coin. the divide here between russian said block thence is evident every year on may, 9th victor, a day of a nazi germany. but while russian celebrate the day from many lottery, uncivil 2 or 2 also represents the beginning of soviet occupation this year or so, it is finally decided to cancel events because our fresh us war of aggression in ukraine and move some criticize on you got new c as in charlie of his celebration
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isn't meant to humiliate the latvian nation to, but we russians learned to celebrate this in childhood. we have it in our blood of young, it shouldn't be taken away there. recently in the capital, riga, hundreds of people from latinos, russian speaking community, protested against the russian invasion and held rally insularity with ukraine. b. o, o, o. in the center of the latin capital russian speakers leading here wanted to show that they do not support that the policies of vladimir putin o . but not every one sing. so with notes, russian language journalist in that love or car, a big part of russians believe the russian propaganda and stand behind put in. she says, oh, she's thorazine,
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am i. e society is divided right now. i can feel that our communities and not united, and that scares me. this is a big problem for the security of our country. the system blocker says the linguistic divisions and lot of are further separate people. and she believes that the responsibility lies with russians who want integrate, but she suspects rushes of warned ukraine could now change event. yet the question was to purchase the i suddenly found very clearly that i am a part of this country at this. tommy, it's a difficult admission. the good, but i don't want to be part of russia any more to be, even though it's the country whose language i speak, and i may have to just see a response that has gotten models music. in any case, the eternal flame, as is soviet memorial in dog aff bill cycle bone on victory bay. even
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without the official celebrations. ah, more than 3000000 people have fled ukraine to poland since the war began. many whisp antennae as he taken in by people eager to help. one family in particular, has been extraordinary. a small gesture of gratitude for agnes because sebastian, it's become a daily ritual. ever since she took refugees from ukraine into her home. her family of 4 has been joined by 8 more people to have something broccoli on that as i suggest, the char saba ok. i wanted to give this room to 3 people here. but then a driver arrived in the middle of the night with 8 o'clock without the children were coughing and the women started crying because they didn't want to be split up . i heard them. i felt weak in the knees the problems as a back. but i said, yes, i'm good. no breath or spontaneous gesture has become
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a long term solution. her family is exhausted or did work missions and even work for your son scott, for 2 months i have not known what it's like to come home and just hear silence. not a minor. so maybe we need to get that slowly back to norma, but about that was at the governor at miller. her sister and a friend came from western ukraine with 5 children. it's dean helpless, makes them uncomfortable with their youth, neza. so you can see now lizzy her lightly, her family on it, they're used to being together. now suddenly having 8 people is very difficult to me as a student. i'm even a shame that all of the work falls on a jessica and her husband being, you know, they buy everything them or when it's the food and everything we need for the children to buy a glass lead you took. so, in order to help host families, the polish government wants to pay monthly grants of around $250.00 euros for refugee. but it miasca hasn't received any money yet. money. mila
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tries to earn some extra cash cleaning houses. yes, but you cannot afford her own apartment. was it? or was it though? and because of back i wanted that i have 3 children, many, even if i work as a single mom, it will still be very difficult for me because given the cost to poland, the government in warsaw is hoping for more help from the u. acne. esco would be happy if at least some money came soon but she doesn't regret helping. many parents feel the same way and like the ukrainian guests, they hoped that the war will end soon. ah ah ah hello
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there i am the moon. you all know me, at least by sight, feel if you know my secret. would you like to know them? discover what i can offer, and why everyone suddenly wants to visit me and come and take a class tomorrow today. through human d, w. a pulse with the beginning of a story that moves us and takes us so long for the ride. it's all about the perspective culture information. this is dw and d, w made for mines.
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oh, what people have to say matters to us a little. that's why we listen to their stories. reporter every weekend on d. w. a . ah
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ah ah. this is the w news live from berlin after nearly 3 months on the seems ukrainian soldiers. i finally left the other styles still works in murray of russia's troops have taken the severely wounded soldiers to territory held by russian forces. they could later be exchanged for russian prison. also on the program. we meet the sister of one of the fighters in the as of regiment in mario paul who is still waiting.


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