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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 17, 2022 3:00pm-3:30pm CEST

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ah, ah ah ah, this is the w news live from berlin. b r o style sage has ended. russia says it has captured nearly 300 ukrainian soldiers pulled up in the steel mill. the troops have been already taken to the territory held by russian forces where moscow says they'll be given medical treatment. craniums have been trapped in the still works for weeks. also on the program, we meet the sister of one of the fighters in the hours of regiment in mario paul.
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we're still waiting for news of her brother and hear about the regiments controversial past. and for the 1st time since the start of the pandemic, the con film festival is back without restriction. first time to buckle up and listen to a correspondence saying, on this year's big screen ah, i'm gabels has thanks for joining us. more than 250 ukranian soldiers have surrendered after being hold up in the still works in the southern city of mario or for weeks, it ends the longest siege of the war so far then puts rush on for control off that key city wounded troops have been taken from our you puerto hospital in the russian controlled town of noble zakowski in the far east. some 200 others were transferred
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north to all their nefco in russian back to sub purchased territory. several 100 ukrainian soldiers could still be inside the eyes of style steel plant. keith says it wants to get them out alive, whom i am on. that usually does. we hope to save the lives of our boys, that among them a heavily wounded they have been treated obama. i 12 on the line ukraine needs. it's ukranian here is alive. this is our principal is logical to me in simple venmo to hopes of the work continues to bring our boys home, and it requires delicacy and time just in keith. many ukrainians are skeptical about russia's pledge to treat ukrainian soldiers in line with international norms . during ciocca, nothing good will come of it. we don't know how they will be treated. actually we do know what we have already seen in boucher, a pin on the other towns. injuries respond will remember,
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it probably isn't very good if and, but if there's no way the way the soldiers can be saved later, russian backed separatist have released this video, which they say shows them patrolling. the as of style still works on tuesday. it like the rest of mar, you pull, is largely in ruins. the cities loss is a major symbolic blow for ukraine. and one that came at a heavy price for both sides dw correspondence on. if a child has been covering this story for us and you crying early, and i also, if the ukrainian soldiers who have been evacuated will eventually be part of a prisoner swap with russia. well, that prisoners swab gearhart didn't start yet. what did start have a debate here in ukraine over whether this is or even going to start whether you can trust russia that these ukranian soldiers who are now, as you say,
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on the russian control territory, whether they will make it too safe, ukrainian control territory or not in fact the people here are really looking at russia as lawmakers in moscow right now. a talking about these i as a freshman soldiers as criminals, as nationalists, as people who basically, quote, do not deserve to leave. now this is all of course, in the, in the context of the fact that russia attacked and invaded ukraine on february 24th under the pretext to then the nazi fi ukraine and the see the as of regiment as a nazi unit. now if you look back and zoom in on the history of the as of regiment, it did start as a volunteer militia harboring ultra national fuse. well, the president lansky was asked over and over about the regiment he made clear that the group has been reformed away from that political past. and it actually is a military coup, part of the national guard. and people should look at these people as heroes. the question really is whether they're going to you, i'll stay alive, remain alive,
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be it in the other stuff, the open, the was still inside and the ones have been evacuated to this russian control territories. now we heard earlier report that not all soldiers were able to leave the steel plot. what's happening to those ones left behind. so basically the crumbling, sad to put in has guarantee that every one who surrenders is going to be treated according to international law. which leaves the question open. what about those who did not surrender yet? and this is exactly also a question that the sister of one of the soldiers that we have spoken to is wondering about, as she does not know about the fate of her brother who has been hold up in that as of south steel plan for weeks. let's have a look at the report. for natalia, the war in ukraine has been a time of intense worry and reflection. yes, she's thinking a launch about her younger brother these days at them. why, but this is my brother artem at school when he was 8 or 9 o'clock voice and it
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natalia recalls a very normal charge with growing up in michel live in southern ukraine. i. i always considered art him to be a creative person and that he would go down a more creative path. i never thought he'd become a soldier. but one the war and don't boss began in 2014. natalia says, our tone changed. van is now shore on a ship. he knew that sooner or later the aggressor will bring war to our country. and he knew that he needed to prepare national, greenly, a. russ does not ship that. i bought the lot. this said, our to him was 26, joined the angel fragment a few years ago. it was formed as a volunteer militia group, and later became part of the national guard. he still hold up here in the as of style steel plant. the last holdout of ukraine's forces in the port city of mar, you pull. the regiment released these pictures displaying the horrible conditions. some of the fighters are in put in, accuses the unit of being not cease. he's justified his invasion by claiming that
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ukraine needs, in his words, the nazi fi inc, which has drawn a backlash globally. your and key. the unit is seen as heroes. billboards have sprung up, supporting the soldiers. yes, this is i am expressing huge gratitude for them for standing for us and for our ukraine, nestle. then johan was looking for peer 10, as for every russian ever ukrainian is radical. but we only want to live on our own, and we strive to speak our own language. and every, as of soldier is a ukrainian wasn't as o t o green. because leslie, co chair researchers, right when groups, he says it's correct that the founder, suppose op harbored neo nazi views. but in this, that's changed now for all those guys who were interested in politics more than in a military action. they gone from their bodily on and reads them and after a 1st several months of it's existing in 2014,
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natalia doesn't want to get into ourselves controversial past. she's more worried for her brother artem norwood so on his so here he was texting me. that he's alive, he has room and that's it. he writes very short messages. unfortunately, there's room holding on to signs of life and hoping her brother will return alive. now, since you filmed her with natalia funny the have you had an update from her? has she heard from her brother she basically says she wants to make sure she gets out a liar from that as of style steel plant. she still believes he's inside and he's that she says she is going to turn to the pope for help. the w correspondent, fun if a child, thanks. well, the w's of russia analyst constantly exit. has this take on the evacuation of ukrainian troops from the to plant, and whether it actually is a real victory for russia, evidence,
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or circles. each side will play up its own narrative guard, it's an information will be real hot war and of course, there are good, good to played and the surrender of books. frankly speaking, i think about the ukrainian gradient leadership, showing the 1st and foremost from the lives of their soldiers, a, an important message to, to the population and to the on. and secondly, some countries have accused, threatens and ask you recently of excessive belligerence and desire to recapture. ringback captured russian characters now he showing that he is not adverse to him in humanitarian considerations, that he's putting people to like a priority. so also, i think, and that's an important thing defending as of style as to what was in many ways if you try to exercise the cities mostly on the russian control. so i think this all
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works towards the decision. now in your view, how likely is it that a prisoner is changed between russia and ukraine will happen, and that the as of style evacuation will be brought back to your crime? well, this totally depends on the russians. and the, just before we went on a, i read a dispatch from the so called russian duma. so we'll probably talk in parliament where deputy is already saying we need to exclude all fighters from the exchange scheme because they are not that was mentioned before. so it is totally, i think it is discretion and i suppose that at the same time i suppose that people in clear understand it and probably will be exchanging such russians that the credit would really like to swap also why does multiple fighters for them . now, what does all this me now for the direction of the war now that russia has full
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control of mario, paul, how important is this for russia? look at just that same 4 weeks ago. have said that this is a very important point. it's not a breaking point. so russia, but i think that this is not so no, all russian russians had captured the city that is already pretty much there. the surrender. all the other style fighters is just more or less a symbol. but at the same time, if you look at russian offensive elsewhere, it's towing russian forces are being pushed back to the russian border in harko region hockey. so i suppose that in overall picture, the capture material today is probably much less important than it would have been because it doesn't look now the twin will be capable to continue along the southern rim of the grain and cut it off from the black sea. so to some extent, it is
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a technical success, no doubt about it, but it's not as overwhelming as it would have looked $56.00 weeks ago. unless consulting the egg that talk to us from the video. thank you very much. thank you. ukraine's president laudermill zalinski has spoken with german chancellor, all of shots following strained relations between the 2 leaders. lensky tweeted, the pair had discussed the situation on the front line and further sanctions on russia. he added that he appreciated the support of germany on defense matters, as well as its backing of ukrainian accession to the european union. a diplomatic spat erupted after german president for the stine, by, i was told he was not welcome and keith present. lensky later invited both the president asked chancellor shorts to you. right. so is this phone call a good sign then w correspondent? benjamin are various gruber has more on that. let's write it is a good sign that they have this regular phone calls,
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and that's also what the press release of the german government set that they have a this a kind of talks to talk about the military and also about the humanitarian. a situation in ukraine with the german part stressed is that the only way to end this conflict is an immediate end to the fighting in a withdrawal of all the russian troops that are currently in ukraine. both lead us also agreed to continue the efforts to see how germany can continue supporting a ukrainian that will continue with this dialogue on almost weekly basis basis. now ukrainian german relations have been somewhat strained recently. is this now a sign of an easy intentions between the 2 leaders or it wasn't as bad as serious in the 1st place? it is indeed a good sign, but not only if we'll look at this, this telephone call that they had in the morning. but if we rather look at what both foreign ministers it did last week, because both of them visited,
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the other country were german foreign minister bab visiting keith meeting president lensky. she also visited the mass graves and a boucher and the ukranian counterpart collab, who was in germany who was here in berlin. he met with government officials, he met with officials of the a position as well. and he also attended the d 7 foreign ministers meeting in no than germany. so that's definitely a good sign that the both relationships between both countries are on a good way. but now of course, the interesting question is, if either german president, frankfurt, stein my, all the german chancellor will go to ukraine will visit key. that's been a question that all of charlotte has been dodging. yesterday evening. he was a part of a talk show where they ask him again, will you go to ukraine? will he go to keith? but he said, i will not join this group of people who just quickly go to ukraine, go the for a photo opportunity and then go back and he was impressed if he is not aware of the symbolism of this picture as if he was actually going to travel there,
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meeting so lensky, something that he denied. but that, of course remains the big question here. if, if the chancellor or the president, the german president of the chancellor, will go to ukraine any time soon? good of use benjamin of ours gruber. thank you very much. time now to have a quick look at some of the other stories. sweden's, a foreign minister, and linda has signed her country's official native natal application at the foreign ministry in stock on both sweden and finland are seeking to join the alliance of the russia invasion of ukraine. finland's parliament on tuesday also proved its application with an overwhelming majority of classes have erupted in libya. after 40 basheba, the countries parliamentary, appointed prime minister, attempted to enter the capital. tripoli e later withdrew from the city, citing the safety of civilians after violence had broken out. 2 rival administrations are vying for par following the end of the civil war. 2 years ago.
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the un has called for car domestic flights have resumed from shanghai is put on airport as china's largest city emerges from strict cove at 19 lockdown. authorities have laid out plans for the city to fully reopen in june. as concerns grow over a sharpie comic slow down calls by the panoramic restrictions un has declared today may 17th and international day against homophobia, trans phobia, and by phobia. israel is known as one of the most progressive liberal countries in the middle east when it comes to l. g. b t writes, but still orthodox jews can struggle to be accepted by their community. t w's. anya ca spoke to one gay man forced to undergo so called conversion therapy. min santa no. when the past catching up with him, then sit on and sit down. he might play
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a love song rewriting it so that it's from one man to another matter of birth. go just a few years ago, ben would not have been able to talk about his sexuality either bad mila bethel. i was terrified at our muscle, oli, i thought i was going to lose everything very much. he told himself, my family, my best friends, my community, he law and the outside, the ability to dos. i was a religious kid. funny. i believed in heaven, but there believed in hell the bar that i thought i'd end up in hell and hot blame silly ah, then grew up in an ultra orthodox community with religious doctrine at its center. he would often read the tour rav 4 up to 12 hours a day. he was to marry young and have lots of children. but he fell in love with one of his classmates. his teacher noticed until his father, who then sent been to so called conversion ceremony, shuttle bunny mccloud,
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she actually thought i was told it was based on childhood trauma off shaney law must think of it had caused me not to feel masculine enough. be careful as of the 3rd give i was looking for another man, i think of lead to make up for my own lack of masculinity. how many gone ahead so shocked on my masculinity problems felt i would they said no longer be attracted to men. then spend 7 years in the so called therapy. during that time he avoided relationships, but he was still attracted to man. and that pushed him to despair. a malady ogazio, i climbed up on to a roof with the causing them. i wanted to jump a little think my wasn't afraid, it seemed like the best solution it on market. then i thought there is one thing i haven't yet tried to be gay to try to be myself. father thought as unless i got down from the roof. but as much as safety and decided to come out on the annual ha ha technology in a cooler fence,
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a strictly religious fenley refused to accept the news. he left the community build a new life for himself. he studied men to day. he rarely goes into alter orthodox districts. when he sees his family, he can talk about his relationships. i have with you here though, he feels understood every week and meets up with a group of gay, lesbian, and trans people from ultra orthodox backgrounds. they all share similar experiences and that hubs been to accept himself with gusty lucas. highly. i have met gay couples who have been together for decades. faculty. what's given me hope that i to they will be able to find true love for harry must even though for years while i was taught the opposite clarity havoc most and neil cynthia. ben is now campaigning to have so called conversion therapy. benton, l he's hope,
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is that others can one day live as openly as he does to the south of france. now where the come film festival opens today, it's the 1st time since the start of the pandemic, that the festival is being held without restrictions. d w scott roxborough and adrian kennedy have been watching some of the films on offer the cam film festival returns to relative normality after 2 years of covey to pandemic disruption ad can is taking off looking to be chopped gun again cove. it also put breaks on the release of top gun maverick, which will finally have it's international launch. why isn't sort of less mystery sir? more than 35 years after the 1986 original tom cruz's resurrection of the
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famous fighter pilot is symbolic of the festivals own resurgence. already ada wanted to confirm another eagerly await. at new film is from cult canadian filmmaker david cronum. but after an achia high actors, the master of 40 horror dusted off a 20 year old script for his new film crimes of the future. ah, mike was avenue in the body. particular. what's happening was my body vigo. mortensen lead to star studded cast as a performance artist, showcasing the metamorphosis of his own organs. i little can razzmatazz is provided by elvis o
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bass lumens by a pic starring austin butler as the king of rock'n'roll and tom hanks. as his manager, colonel tom parker is a romp through the good, the bad and the ugly of american culture. with elvis betrayed in the direct his own words as the original superhero. ah, so as to come festival and now back to its full glitz and glory w scottsboro is income for us and he seems to be quite satisfied it. it definitely seems that way i been i've been coming to the stell festival for many, many years. and i can't remember being this excited and there seems a real electricity in the air. it has to do. of course, the fact this is the 1st big festival being held without restrictions. there's no
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masking, there's no testing requirements and so forth. but it also has to do with the fact that we've had 2 years of our pandemic restrictions, the cinemas closed world wide. the whole sort of film industry, which is here now in can, was, was, was sort of on its knees. i'm and i think everyone is looking to this film festival and to this sort of this event with all its glitz and glamour and, and stars and so forth. to really be a re start button for the entire global cinema industry. and i was got the 3 a films that you introduced in that piece of certainly highlights what are the others a highlight that we should be looking out for the next 12 days. yeah, this year i think canst and really great job of balancing sort of the, the big hollywood splashy movies, elvis a top gun. maverick, of course, are going to get the crowds out on the red carpet streaming at the stars will be it will be here on, but they've also, i mean, can,
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is best known really for it's all tours for it's an art house cinema i'm. we saw in the piece, david krona burke, the canadian, a cult director with crime to the future, which looks like a very disturbing, pleasantly impressively disturbing a film. i'd also point to what i think is gonna be the absolute highlight of this year's our festival. a film called holy spider from ali obasi, who's a iranian a director. and this is a, a film, the wire serial killer movie, but sat in a modern day. iran, i'm but the, the list of great looking films this year is incredibly long. new films from a director is kelly rice or clair, danny park chang lukes. i'm the biggest names in international art house cinema will be a screening here for the 1st time in the next couple of weeks. now, is the war in rang tossing a shadow of a proceeding? yes, i mean, you think the warren ukraine would be worlds away from, from the closet here and can, i'm but we're already seeing its impact here on the festival. the russian
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delegation, usually a very large group of filmmakers and industry people are here in can hm have been banned. and we're seeing a real strong focus on the ukranian industry. and on ukranian films i'm, there's even ukrainian documentary that's going to be shown here, which was shot since the invasion in mario pole. and the director was actually a tragically killed by russian forces after after the invasion. but they manage to get the footage out. and that film of act documentary, really depicting of the day to day life of the last a couple of months in aside the war zone will be screening here in can. so even though it does seem alike, were nowhere near the conflict, it is still casting a shadow over the festival here in camp, scheduled for the reporting from come. and we stay in show business this year's wet as all the review eurovision song contest. i received the heroes well come back home in ukraine colors, orchestra and stephanie up to border golf at ukraine,
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florida. 2 2 2 c c the mail been members had to receive special permission to move you to perform and their success is now seen as a clear sign of international popular support for the with watching the w news. here's a reminder of the top story. we are following you. the russian military has captured 265 ukranian fighters from the besieged as of style still plant in mario both moscow says the troops have been taken to territory held by russian forces and are receiving medical treatment that their surrender means russia is not in full control of the port city coming on next in d, w, and use asia. why india? seeing some, a temperatures nearing 50 degrees celsius and whether it is being driven by climate
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change that i'm all coming up after this. so thanks with ah ah ah ah ah ah, [000:00:00;00]
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d w business beyond a this is the the other news at asia coming up today. how climate change is driving the severe heat wave on the indian subcontinent? temperatures have reached nearly 50 degrees celsius in india, and people are struggling to go up. what does to say about the state of global warming, and who should step up to make a change? an expert on says plus severe heat wave condition to neighboring focused on to where the government is hoping the use of more electric vehicles will reduce


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