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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 17, 2022 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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ah, ah ah, this is the w news live for then. the off starts, the janes, russia says, it's captured more than $260.00 ukrainian soldiers hold up in the steel mill. the troops to take into territory held by russian forces when moscow says they will be given medical treatment. ukrainians had been trapped in the still works for weeks. plus the u. s. president pacey's respects to the victims of a racist brand page. white supremacy will not have the last word survive, visits, buffalo, new york,
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to meet the families of the 10 people shot dead by a white supremacist on saturday. and for the 1st time since the son of the pandemic, the con film festival is back without restriction. so it's time to grab the popcorn and take a listen to our correspondence. take on. this is big screen offerings. ah, i'm painful and welcome. over $260.00 ukrainian soldiers have surrendered. they'd been hold up in a still works in the southern city of mari open for weeks. it ends the longest siege of the war. so foreign puts roger in full control of the key city. rush has already taken hundreds of the fighters, some severely wounded to territory held by its forces. the kremlin says they will be treated in accordance with international agreements, and any of the russian defense ministries. as these pictures show, mar,
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you pull fighters undergoing inspection before being evacuated. dozens of wounded troops have been taken from. are you pull to hospital in the russian controlled town of noble was offs in the far east. some 200 others were transferred north to all the nif cut in russian back to sub purchased territory. several 100 ukrainian soldiers could still be inside the us of style steel plant. keith, it's as it wants to get them out alive or am i am on that usually does we hope to save the lives of our boys that among them a heavily wounded they are being treated well. i want to on the line ukraine needs it's ukrainian here is alive. this is our principal, just a little the mean from over a little to hopes of the work continues to bring our boys home and it requires delicacy and time just in keep. many ukrainians are skeptical about rushes. pledge to treat ukrainian soldiers in line with international norms during true,
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nothing good will come of it. we don't know how they will be treated. actually we do know what we have already seen in boucher, a pin on the other towns in jerusalem were storm. remember, it probably isn't very good if it, but if there's no way the way the soldiers can be saved later, russian backed separatists have released this video, which they say shows them patrolling. the as of style still works on tuesday. it like the rest of mar, you pull, is largely in ruins. the cities loss is a major symbolic blow for ukraine. and one that came at a heavy price for both sides. but if i ties in here for us, i also whether ukraine is expecting to release russian prisoners as part of this steel. what we know at this point is that actually ukraine is trying to get more more i saw just out of the as off star steel plan,
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there's no information when that prisoners walk is going to take place. in fact, people here in ukraine, a wondering whether it's going to take place at all if they listen to the debate going on there in russia. some, a low may cause basically a cooling for these i have evacuated as of a sol, as soldiers from the other regiment that they have to be brought to justice basically that the do not vote deserve to live. also, the justice ministry in russia basically cause in the supreme court right now to declare that the as of a regiment is a terrorist organization. as a result, clearly people here in ukraine order and the people are quite skeptical that is going to be a prisoner swap and actually quite worried when it comes to the safety of those or the out of the of star steel plants. what is really their fate? now we have to zoom in a little bit on the history of the hours of regiment. because part of the truth is also that when a military unit started as a voluntary militia 8 years ago,
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the lead at that time was harboring quite radical views. but presidents and n ski sat and kept saying, when he was asked about the as of regiment and their meaning today he said that they've been reformed. they are no longer radical. in fact, they should be viewed as euros. who are the last defenders of mary paul for more than 18 days? basically, i try to win time for, for ukrainian forces to advance on other parts in other parts of the country, but it remains a controversial unit nonetheless. and the question is whether that controversy that, that russia took as a pretext to invade ukraine. what that is going to mean into himself, whether the ukraine is ukrainian soldiers are going to stay alive or not. we do not know us. president joe biden is in buffalo, new york, where a gun been shot at 10 people just days ago. police are investigating the attack as a racist type. crime, the president and 1st lady a meeting with family members of those killed as well as community leaders. the
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alleged gunman is an 18 year old who has shown support for white supremacist ideals . he attacked the grocery store and a predominantly african american neighbourhood. and 11 of the 13 people hit with gunfire. what black had as president biden spoke just a while ago, cooling white supremacy theories of poison, and asking americans to speak out against such ideas in america evil will not. when i promise you hate will not prevail. white supremacy will not have the last word. what happened here is simple, straightforward terrors, terrorism domestic carriers allow washington bureau chief venus poll is in buffalo . she spoke of a president clearly moved by the consequences of this shooting. i actually only saw 2 presidents tearing up where they were delivering a speech to one was president obama while talking after the school shooting
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a sandy hook. and today, president biden, when he was talking about a victim who just wanted to buy a birthday cake for his son and got killed. so this was on the one side, a very, very emotional speech when he talked about each single victim with very personal remarks. and that was also a very strong political message. he said that evil was in buffalo and it was white supremacy which killed here in buffer buffalo. he recognized the suitor as a terrorist who followed a racist conspiracy theory. and he called it directly. domestic terrorism, is there anything more you can tell us about the suspect? the suspect came from 200 miles away or so why? because is a very black neighborhoods of buffalo. so he came here to this very supermarket
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right behind me because he could be pretty sure that he mainly would be able to kill black americans. we know that he, when he was 17 right, before he graduated, already talked about a mass shooting and then he got some treatment vibe. psychologist bud got out of the hospital again. and then once he graduated kind of fell off the radar of police or we know that he got his 1st weapon from his father was when he was 16, we know that he loved weapons and we know that he was kind of a loaner. and what about this white supremacist replacement theory theater? he's been talking about there's also something a president biden referred to in his speech, recalling the white supremacists and neo nazis marching into charlottesville, virginia shouting, we will replace you and with you,
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they mean non white americans, and that was the very moment been president biden decided to run again, also to fight this ideology ideology. it was actually founded by a frenchman some 10 years ago. i mainly kind of saying that only whites are christians, have the right kind of to live here and everybody else should be excluded. and this is highly political here in this country. why? because republicans use that argument to say that democrats lead, for example, immigrants into the country just only for the reason that they would get reelected . so all in all, a very hateful and a very political ideology, t w's bureau chiefs in the west, ines paul. thank you very much. the coverage to
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the french riviera, where the 75th con film festival is open right now after i cancelled 2020 addition and a scale back event last year. it's the 1st time since the start of the pandemic that the festival is being held without any restrictions. even kisses on the red carpet are allowed. you know, he's got rocks. brian adrian kennedy, have the envious job of watching movies all day. ah, the cannes film festival returns to relative normality after 2 years of covey to pandemic disruption, and can, is taking off looking to be top gun again cove. it also put breaks on the release of top gun, maverick, which will finally have it's international launch. one isn't it's one of life's mysteries or more than 35 years after the 1986 original tom cruz's resurrection of the famous fighter
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pilot is symbolic of the festivals own resurgence. 48 or wanted to confirm another eagerly await. at new film is from called canadian filmmaker david cronum, but after an achia high actors, the master of 40 horror dusted off a 20 year old script for his new film crimes of the future. ah, mike was avenue in the body. particular. what's happening was my body vigo mortensen lead to star studded cast as a performance artist, showcasing the metamorphosis of his own organs. the foreseen a little can razzmatazz is provided by elvis o.
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bears lumens by a pig starring austin butler as the king of rock and roll. and tom hanks. as his manager, colonel tom parker is a romp through the good, the bad and the ugly of american culture. with elvis betrayed in the direct his own words as the original superhero. ah, in another like watching movies all day, you can help it or at least watching the trailers. and is this going to be an exciting or, or an awkward con, considering that everyone's taking their masks off. i think it's going to be exciting. i think the energy is back from what i heard from scott. we said we spoke earlier this morning. it is, it's, you know, it's back to normal and everybody's just having
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a huge size of relief. and i think for the industry it's, it's, you know, netflix isn't there quite amazingly, they've had a bit of a dipped in recent times. and i think they're really just hoping, hoping that they can bring the focus back on to traditional cinema that it's back. let's say well one thing that hasn't changed is tom cruz's face. a kid, it's unbelievable. yeah. you look younger than we do, but are we going to say a top top gun or is it just about done wrong? i think it's, i think it's really just more of same. it's what tom does best. he's up there in the skies and those are of course, the big stars right. that have come in droves and that's another reason that the excitement is, is high. i mean tom hanks, tom tom cruise, we got morton and kristen stuart. those are big name. yeah. yeah. what about is russian film in the competition considering the political situation right now? so there is one russian film there, and you might remember can said very early on that it wouldn't invite an official
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russian delegation, but it, it shied away from doing a blanket ban on russian films, which i think is correct because, i mean, you know, obviously there are a number of dissident voices that, that can be heard, so high profile director, curial, etc. but any cough quite a mouthful. his new film is called tchaikovsky, his wife. he's not there himself. it's in competition. he's not that they're him, as far as i know, but south, that's the only russian film in the program this year. and the festival itself, the festival fil market, will be holding a ukraine day in support of the ukrainian, a very battered industry that exist there. now, so i think how they're inviting filmmakers and film professionals to, to view projects in the works and hoping to support the industry and the ukranian people that way. fantastic. good to hear. can house that from alco to desk. thank you very much. pleasure. and that's it. for me, up next doc film takes a hard look at the dark side of berlin's wo, famous night life. you can get more on our website. of course,
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you took all my benefits all and thanks for watching. i'll see you again very soon . you on d. w. of interest, the global economy, our portfolio d w. business beyond. here's a closer look at the project. our mission. to analyze the fight for market dominance. get us to the head with d w. business beyond.


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