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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 18, 2022 5:00am-5:16am CEST

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ah, ah ah, business w. news alive from berlin. the as of style siege ends with the surrender of hundreds of ukrainian soldiers after weeks trapped in the massive steel mill then, now captives of the russian military, with their immediate fate enclave. also in the program. the u. s president pays his respect to the victims of a racist mass shooting. he will not prevail. white supremacy will not have the last word. joe biden is in buffalo,
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new york to meet the families of the 10 people shot dead by a white supremacist on saturday. and the return to the red copper on the french riviera. the can film festival is back without restrictions. we'll take a look at this year's cinematic highlights. ah, i'm all on psycho welcome to the program. more than 260 of the ukrainian soldiers hold up for weeks inside the massive steel works at murray. you both have surrendered this and that was the longest siege and puts russia in full control of this key city. russia has already taken hundreds of ukrainian fighters, including severely wounded soldiers to territory held by its forces. the kremlin says there will be treated in accordance with international agreements. millennials
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will look little on the russian defense ministry says these pictures show mario poll fighter. as undergoing inspection before being evacuated, a large convoy of surrendered ukrainian soldiers was escorted from the as off still works by pro russian armed forces. dozens of troops are wounded and have been taken to a hospital in the russian controlled town of nova, his office in the far east some 200 other as were transferred north to all any fca in russian backed separatist territory. several 100 ukrainian soldiers could still be inside the as of steel plant keeps as it wants to get them to live, but that negotiations remain delicate. many ukrainians are skeptical about russia's pledge to treat ukrainian soldiers in line with international norms. during who nothing good will come of it. we don't know how they will be treated. actually we do know what we've already seen in boucher,
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a pin on the other towns. issues. though most of mario paul now lies in ruins. the ukranian soldiers defending the city managed to fight against russian forces for much longer than expected what's used to court suits for. so just all these guys basically changed the course of the war and gave ukraine the possibility to prove on the battlefield, that we have a strong army. masula. ukraine says that their mission at the mario post deal plant is complete, and that it's defender as philly accomplished. what they set out to do. nevertheless, the cities loss and evacuation of its people is a major symbolic blow free crane. one that came at a heavy price for both sides. d. w as much as bellinger is in your crane. second, bigger city, hard keep close to ukraine's border with russia. he told us more about the soldiers
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taken out of the as of style still works. we know that they have you brought to these places that we've just made mention of was off a we do actually not know how they are treated. we have heard that they are you question whatever that means. and of course, the question, know what's going to happen? there is, supposedly there should be a prisoner's, what they would be exchanged for russian prisoners of war. but listening to what we hear from moscow without demanding that penalty for them. the court of justice. debating whether to call this off to tell you a terror terrorist group. we cannot be sure that this is going to happen. but yes, building out reporting has a quick look now at some other ukraine related headlines. sweden's foreign minister on linda has signed her countries,
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official nato application at the foreign ministry in stockholm, sweden and finland want to join the alliance following russia. invasion of ukraine . finland's parliament approved its application on tuesday by an overwhelming majority. germany says it's working on safe, securing safe routes to move agricultural goods out of ukraine. european commission released a plan last week to help you, craig move, it's critical grain supplies to parts of the world. suffering hunger and malnutrition plan will use various routes to maneuver around russia, blockades of black sea. yes, president joe biden has spoken out against what he called the poison of white supremacy in the united states. he was speaking in the city of buffalo, new york state with 10 black people were shot dead on saturday and were police are treating as a racial hate crime? the teenage suspect is believed to have been a follower of racist ideology. a make shift memorial.
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a focal point for grief and remembrance near the place where the shootings happened . a grocery store in a mostly african american neighbourhood. the area closed off later for the president. and 1st ladies, 1st stop to lay flowers of their own and connect with community leaders. here when i come to stand with you, the president and his wife had travel to buffalo to offer support. but also to put a label on what police say is the driving force hall behind the massacre by a young white man targeting black people, terrace, domestic terrorism, violence infliction in the service of hate and vicious thirst for power. that defines one group of people being inherently inferior to any other group
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outside at the victim as memorial. a mostly appreciative community. i'm glad he came. does he see the suffering here? this person shot headed people, of course. yeah. and this is very important. you know, we, we need as much support as well as the community, as well as from our white house. and back inside by didn't had to pause. we counting one victim story, went to by his 3 year old son, a birthday cake. the son showing a birthday asking where his daddy fightin remain focused on his visit, telling his audience to fight domestic terrorism and american evil will not. when i promise, hey, will not prevail in white supremacy will not have the last word appointed message meant to go beyond the perpetrators of racist violence to the
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voices urging them on. now heroism, other stories, making headlines around the world. this reflects, the british government says it wants to scrap parts of the northern ireland bricks . it protocol, the trade deal agreed with the european union as britain left, the block, british for minister less trust said the plan let it legislation should provide northern ireland with access to the same benefits as the people have written by data sharing arrangements. violence broke out in libby as capital tripoli after the countries parliament appointed prime minister, tried to enter the city. fatty bashar gar later withdrew, citing the concerns of safe for safety of civilians to rival administrations are buying for power. following the end of the civil war 2 years ago, the results from lebanon's parliamentary election show the has the law group and its allies have lost their majority in parliament. several opposition candidates
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have made games. results show a polarized parliament, mainly divided between pro and anti has belie lawmakers. women in spain, suffering from painful periods might soon be entitled to a paid time off. spain's cabinet has approved the draft bill allowing workers to claim medical leave during ministration. if they have approval from a dr. spain will be the 1st european country to offer this right in spain, periods becoming less taboo and may be less painful for women in the workforce. the government has proposed a new law allowing workers to take as many days as needed to recover from severe menstrual pain every month. sac, i will eat no more. going to work in pain, but no, we're taking pills before arriving. and having to hide the fact that we're in pain
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and can't function of us. all of those women who need it will be able to use paid leave to deal with periods that caused us disabling pe unless i must roughness it. on the reticent cathy done this under the draft law, the state would pay for the recovery time, not employers, and not workers who sometimes use up holiday allowances or take unpaid leave to cope. a spanish doctors association estimates that extreme period pain affects around a 3rd of women campaigns. hope this bill will be the 1st step for workers suffering from under research conditions like endometriosis not get em us and gay. we don't want this to just be 2 or 3 or 5 days a home yet, and then you go back to work as if nothing ever happened. what we're asking for is for this to be a 1st step towards investigate research and finding a cure it. so that period pain really stops being such a problem for many women. when i get the element in the road that will lead the
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hillis in berlin over. i'm ok if spain passes the baylor would join a handful of mostly asian countries that already offer a menstrual leave law. and it would be a european 1st. but the draft floor is controversial. not all trade unions support it, and some believe it won't help women in the workplace. i mean it, but as it was, this is seriously damaging for women when you considered the opportunities they could have helped us before that. but i think some people will take naturally without being in terrible pain. so this law will really need to be better policed or la tampa. so the navy federal for the loss control spanish lawmakers still have to vote on the bill. and it's not clear whether the governing coalition will get enough support to pass it the 75th can film festival has opened on the french riviera after cancelled 2020 editions and
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a scale back event last year. staff a back in can the cast and crew of the zombie movie. final carts were the 1st to take to the red carpet. and ukrainian president followed the mere cilenzo. he also address the audience calling on filmmaker's not to stay silent over the war and ukraine. ah, team of film critics has taken a look at some of the premieres some of the films premiering at can. ah, the cannes film festival returns to relative normality after 2 years of covey to pandemic disruption. and can, is taking off looking to be top gun again cove. it also put breaks on the release of top gun, maverick, which will finally have its international launch wednesday
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one of life's mysteries or more than 35 years after the 1986 original tom cruz's resurrection of the famous fight. a pilot is symbolic of the festivals own resurgence already, ada. this all comes at a very pivotal time for the movie industry. after 2 years of pandemic locked downs, theaters world wide are struggling, and can, is counting on its unique combination of reg, carpet, glamour and international art house allure to act as a global billboard. drawing film fans around the world, back into theaters and wanted to confirm another eagerly await new film is from coach canadian phil may, could david cronum, but after an achia heights us the master of 40 hora, dusted off a 20 year old script for his new film. crimes of the future
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ah, like was avenue in the body. particularly what's happening with my body. vigo mortensen lead to star studded cast as a performance artist, showcasing the metamorphosis of his own organs were seen a little can. razzmatazz is provided by elvis o. oh, baz lumens. by a pic starring often butler as the king of rock'n'roll and tom hanks. as his manager, colonel tom parker is a romp through the good, the bad and the ugly of american culture with elvis betrayed in the direct his own words as the original super hero. ah,
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that's it for me, rob watts has dw business in just a moment. of course you can get news around the clock on our website, w dot com time allows like up. thanks for watching. nico is in germany to learn german. hello, benita. why not learn with him online, on your mobile and free c w e learning course eco's vague ah .


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