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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  May 18, 2022 7:02am-7:31am CEST

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russia says it has accepted the surrender of more than 260 ukrainian soldiers who had been hold up in the as of stalls still plugged in many helpful have taken them to territory, which rush controls as negotiations about their fate. continue. you crime says the soldier heroes, but many of them are members of the as of battalion, which has long had to deal with questions about its links. with far right ideology . i am fill, go in berlin, and this is the day. ah will, if you live rushes armed forces continue, the special military operation in ukraine. the surrender of fighters from the as of nationalist unit of the us all plant began yesterday with my mom and you show that we hoped to save the lives of our boys. i'm expressing huge gratitude for that for standing for us,
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for our ukraine courses for 265 minutes have laid down arms and surrendered, including $51.00 seriously wounded up against the board. i want to underline ukraine needs is you currently here is alive. this is our principal, and every, as of soldier is a ukrainian for those in need of medical assistance were sent for treatment to a hospital and the internet's the people's republic. if we don't know how they will be treated, actually we do know what we have already seen in boucher a pin and in other towns or the work continues to bring out boys home. also coming up u. s. president joe biden's in buffalo, new york, where a gunman shot and killed 10 people in a grocery store in a predominantly african american neighbourhood. 11 of the 13 people hate were black . in america, evil will not win. i promise, hey,
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will not prevail? white supremacy will not have the last word. what happened here is simple, straightforward terrorism, terrorism, domestic terrorist welcome to the day we begin in ukraine in mario paul, which now appears to be wholly in russian hands following weeks of resistance. the fall of the southern port city ends the most devastating the siege of russia's war in ukraine on your post capture. and i was present, proved into claim a rare victory. even though these troops now rule the city that's mostly in ruins. it's a major blow for keith described, president of lot of means and then skis, attempts to put a positive spin on events. i saying that ukraine needs ukrainian heroes to be alive . you can't says russia. bombardments has killed more than 20000 civilians in the city. wasn't 260 of the ukrainian soldiers who had been defending murray opposed
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other style still, plant were taken away in buses. russia says they've been taken to a nearby city where they'll be treated for their injuries. and then the russian defense ministry says, these picked you show me, are you both fighters undergoing inspection before being evacuated? dozens of wounded troops have been taken from are you pull to hospital in the russian controlled town of noble as offs in the far east. some 200 others were transferred north to all the neetha. in rushing back to supper, his territory several 100 ukrainian soldiers could still be inside the eyes of style steel plant. keith, it's as it wants to get them out alive. what am i am on that you shall? does we hope to save the lives of our boys? and among them a heavily wounded by a being treated the way i want to on the line ukraine needs its ukranian here is alive. this is our principal just allows me shoot over a note to hopes of the work continues to bring our boys home and it requires
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delicacy and time just in case many ukrainians are skeptical about russia's pledge to treat ukrainian soldiers in line with international norms during her nothing good will come of it. we don't know how they will be treated. actually we do know what we have already seen in boucher, a pin on the other towns. in surest restore. remember, it probably isn't very good if it, but if there's no way the way the soldiers can be saved later, russian backed separatist have released this video, which they say shows them patrolling. the as of style still works on tuesday. it like the rest of mario paul, is largely in ruins. the cities loss is a major symbolic blow for ukraine. and one that came at a heavy price for both sides will ukraine's military command. as hale the defenders
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of the besieged, as auster as a star plant in mario paul, as heroes of our time. some of those fighters belong to the as of regiment which began as a radical volunteer militia. after russia back separatist sees parts of a dumbass region in 2014, some expert savior unit has shaken off its far right ideology. moscow says it is still a haven for ultra nationalist and nazi neo nazi views. t w's funny for shaw has been speaking with the sister of one of the fighters still thought to retract there . and she asked about those russian accusations for natalia. the war in ukraine has been a time of intense worry and reflection. yes. she's thinking a lot about her younger brother these days at the more, but this is my brother artem at school when he was 8 or 9 o'clock or some day. natalia recalls a very normal charge with growing up the michel live in southern ukraine. i. i
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always considered art him to be a creative person and that he would go down a more creative path. i never thought he'd become a soldier. but one, the war in dom bus began in 2014. natalia says, are tom changed venus now shore on a ship? he knew that sooner or later the aggressor will bring war to our country. and he knew that he needed to prepare lasha greenly e rosters. now said that i bought the, what the say are to him was 26, joined the arms of fragment. a few years ago, it was formed as a volunteer militia group. and later became part of the national guard, put in, accuses the units of b, not cease. he's justified his invasion by claiming that ukraine needs, in his words, the nazi fi inc, which has drawn a backlash globally here and key. the unit is seen as heroes. billboards have sprung up, supporting the soldiers. yes, this is i am expressing huge gratitude for them for standing,
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for us and for our ukraine natural. then johan was looking for peer 10 as for every russian ever ukrainian is radical. but we only went to live on our own and we strive to speak our own language. and every as of soldier is a ukrainian wasn't as o d o green. because left liquor chair 3 switches, right? when groups he says it's correct that the founder, suppose op harbored neo nazi views. but in this, that's changed now for all those guys who were interested in politics more than in the military action. they gone from there, but ali on and threads them. and after a 1st several months of it's existing in 2014, natalia doesn't want to get into ourselves controversial past. she's more worried for her brother artem norwood so on his so here he was texting me that he's alive. yes, and that's it. he writes very short messages, unfortunately, there's room holding on to signs of life and hoping her brother will return
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a life more on events. in mario paul van river hurried the del coo, who's policy director of the rasmussen global and previously worked with the nature policy planning unit. he joins us from brussels. welcome to the w. m. now with this surrender, we should be clear this. so we some ukrainian soldiers who've been taken out of the stable plan and they're not free. yes, that is right. so essentially the grahams that are been taken out on our pianos saw have been taken to hospitals. others helped him taken to areas working through my forces and spending, hopefully when you, when you were trying to get a business. i'm what do we know about negotiations between the 2 sides? well, we know they've been going on for some time and have been trying to find
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a way to use the soldiers as a not alive. but we do have to now expect that on one hand rush i will try to showcase a victory. whereas the crane will try to force him to roll it up for almost 3 months. you talk about capturing a pyrrhic victory that, that the city is in ruins. so it is that it, what it is, is it a symbol or is there still some strategic advantage to controlling it? well certainly there are 3 sort of advantages for my son in the price range of the most important are see a for steel and for grain to it finishes the language that has been trying to create a and the rest of the mainland.
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and 3rd it's, it's symbolic, it's the largest city so far, the, now it's, it's pretty much completely destroyed that the russians have been able to today for you. let's, let's look at this control. this is wrong with af battalion that these fighters have been hailed this ukrainian heroes will hear from you creating a presidential advisor, mckayla put dahlia, and then we'll come back to a choice. there was a $36.00 brigade of the marine, the 12th brigade of the national guard, or guard territorial defense forces of mario post on the us regimen. all these guys basically change the course of the war i gave you creating the possibility to prove on the part a feel the way that we have a strong army looks up with. so i read that elko that this as a regiment has gained almost mythical status in this standoff. but let's address
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that alleged links to neo nazi ideology, which some experts say is behind them. what do you say? well, they are and they do have controversial routes. some other members are, so just right now i understand there's also a lot but of course in we'll try to use this as a way to showcase population that some of the nasa for been planning to do at the start of this work or even on and you will use most likely are right so, so to do it or not, because according to human rights watch, they have been credible allegations of torture and other what they call agree just abuse is by the as offs. i think there
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is a long history of me and you will not get a yes or no answer. there are different people there for different reasons, but it is true that there are so the clear nationalist within me would take a quick word about nitrous life is potential and enlargement of finland and sweden . the saying that they'll make that formal approaches on wednesday, despite turkish objections. do we presume that anchor is ruffled? feathers will be smooth when they get some sort of deal. i think we can, if we look closely at what anchor is saying, it's not saying that it will block these 2 countries from joining but rather has stated, you have some concerns. you want to sort them out. but the indications are that at the end of the day, it will be a very similar process for him. ok,
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thank you for that good. talking to having a delco from the alliance. if democracy foundation in brussels. thank you. the britain has announced plans to unilaterally rewrite part of the treaty 8 side as part of its breakfast. divorce dale with the european union. the northern ireland protocol deals with the provinces. unique role is the only part of the u. k. with a direct you border with the republic a violent the protocol keeps northern ireland in the a single market by festivity. placing a customs border in the irish sea between northern ireland and mainland britain, northern islands, pro british democratic union, his party says the protocol undermines the provinces status within the u. k. i, british foreign minister this trust today told parliament she'll bring forward legislation to change some of the protocols provisions. i'm announcing our intention to introduce legislation in the coming weeks to make changes in the
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particle. all reference remains the negotiated solution with the you an empower, allow the legislation being introduced. we remain open to further talk if we can achieve the same outcome through negotiated settlement. i've invited vice president eskoville to a meeting of the withdrawal agreement joint committee in london to discuss this as soon as possible. of course e a u has warn london against unilateral action on the blocks negotiator matter, steph coverage. a said brussels would respond with all measures at its disposal. now this raises the spectre of an all out to trade war between the u. k. and the e. u. a prospect that has been dismissed by the british prime minister barak johnson. i don't think that is likely, but what we have to fix is the, the problems with the northern argument political situation where you can't get the executive up and running right now in the past we've done all sorts of things to,
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to fix that. we need to address the problems with, with the protocol. what actually evolves is getting rid of some relatively minor barriers to trade. and i think very good common sensical, pragmatic solutions. we do work with our e friends to achieve. so maybe this is all shouting and the deal will be done in the end. let's talk to anton speed jack, who's a senior fellow, they tony blair institute where he specializes in u k. u relations. he joins us from london. welcome to d. w. explain to was why it would matter if the u. k. a chose to walk away from this deal unilaterally. thanks for having me. i think it's really important to take a step back here and go back to the autumn of 2019. when we were in agreement between the u. k and the after a long period of the nation, you will remember that
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a very purchased process. and you can the manage to find a deal which included so called northern ireland protocol which avoided any kind of food or checks between the republic of ireland and northern ireland. but instead created some restrictions in terms of the movement of goods between great britain and within ireland. now this still was really important because as we know, the history of northern ireland is one of, of why ones. and it is really essential to preserve the good friday agreement and the protocol does, does exactly that. but if it, if it impinges on people's everyday lives in britain chooses to walk away from it. what changes who gets damaged? i mean, i think there is some evidence, i think it is right to say that, you know, the protocol created some challenges for the people and businesses that are ones in great britain as well. so you know, they're having some practical challenges, bad businesses, but not able to have not been able to extend,
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gets freely from great britain, smoother airlines. they're facing customs paper can use restrictions. but we also have to realize that you know, that there is an acute hold dimension to this problem. and that is that 11 pulled community in northern ireland. that is, the unionists are refusing to agree for the protocol as an idea for them. it really takes move away from, from the united kingdom and it raises a question about the status of the union as a whole. so there are those 2 dimensions. there is the practical by mission and the political dimensions which have been at the curb. the dispute, i would just add to that by saying that, you know, all these problems when noon at the time when the protocol was signed. so none of this is very nice for some of us who are involved in that negotiation. it was very clear from the beginning that this deal would have some enormous consequences,
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not only for the crate, but also for those pro questions around 4 in northern ireland. right. so do you see this escalation, and do you see this actually a going to the level of a trade disputes are trade war between the u. k and the u. i probably have very unsatisfactory answering that it's just, we don't know. yes, but we'll find out, i think very soon and, and we just read the notes from today from list trust. who's the you case for in secretary saying that they're planning to introduce legislation before the summer recess. because we will see that if they do this or if they're just trying to use this thread of legislation as, as the sheet and tactic to get you to offer some concessions to the u. k. and to, you know, to open up this discussion about the protocol can be really go. sheets are not a reputation of leaving things till the very, very last moment. and then even beyond that. and so that the thinking is that,
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well, if you choose is to call the you case bluff, then a can afford to do that because it's so much bigger. but we're in the situation that this is likely to have a significant impact on the island. a you member, which presumably will not be content to just sit back and say how this plays out. i think that's all right. and we have to look at the big picture here. you know what, what the u. k is asking to do in this legislation. still haven't seen, but you know, the idea is that they would override bits of that international treaty in domestic law. now if the, if you are the you and you're sitting brussels or any other european capitals, and you have the think the threat of russia and no just for sure, but also other countries in the international community, which i really don't really believe in the rules based international system, then the last thing you want is to set a precedent. that's another country club. you just those that is what we could
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think of measure it. so i think it is extremely unlikely that you will offer any concessions to the u. k. in response to this, if any think i think the position will be more entrenched. and i think this has been a big miscalculation by the government. we'll see how it plays out. thank you for sharing your insights with us on time speech act. senior fellow, tony black institute in london and joe biden's in buffalo, new york state when a gunman shot at 10 people that just days ago, police are investigating the attack as a racist hate crime. you lead government is an 18 year old to show support for white supremacist ideology. you talk to grocery store in a predominately african american neighborhood. 11 of the 13 people hit by gunfire. black, president and 1st lady also that family members of those killed. this was community leaders. in an emotional speech,
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the president described white supremacy favorite says poison, and asked americans to speak out against such ideas. what happened here? the simple, straightforward terrorism, terrorism, domestic terrorism, violence infliction, in the service of hate. the vicious thirst for power that defines one group of people being inherently inferior to in any other group. hey, that through the media and politics, the internet has radicalized angry aly lost an isolated individuals in the force. they believe that they will be replaced. that's the word replaced by the other by people who don't look like them. let's go through this with a w, washington bureau chief in his poll, who's in a buffalo welcome in his let's talk about this notion of replacing that. the
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president mentioned that he was talking about a conspiracy theory that appears to have motivated the shooter and seems to be gaining traction in the us. that's right, phil, you know it's really got bigger here in 2017. when white supremacists and neo nazis marched into charlotteville in virginia, shouting, we will replace you. and they got the, the support from then president, a donald trump, who is really one of those people, are those mines behind this conspiracy theory which made it more and which made it really bigger here in the united states. i think it's hard to say before he did so it was rather something only like really extreme right. bring people would have supported but with donald trump's support, it became kind of a mines mainstream idea. ideology also within the republican party. ok, so that's a so called replacement theory. tell us what we know then about the suspect in this
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weekend shooting. he's 18 years old and these drove about 200 miles to come to this specific area of buffalo, which is dominated by african americans. he came here because he wanted to kill black people, therefore he picked the supermarket right behind me because he could be pretty sure that he would be able to kill many african americans. we also know that he got his 1st gun with the 16 years. we know that when he was just about to graduate, that you talk to by that he's really planning a mass shooting. he got some help from psychologist, but then kind of fell off the radar after he graduated. so he has been, or there has been some knowledge around to that. something is wrong with him, but nobody really followed up an intriguing that, but many media outlets s i d,
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w included a choosing not to name him. why is that? well, you know, phil has many others as well and he wants to become a hero in his circle. he live streamed, or when he came here, when he parked here in his armor in his gear. so that's always the tricky thing for journalists. how much attention do you give these individuals? do you show their pictures? or do you show the pictures they have been posting on social media? do you kind of call their name? so it's a tricky line. i think it's our duty to report on what is going on, but i think it's also necessary to be very careful with how big of a black form we give those people. thank you for that. in a poll in buffalo, new york. oh,
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for terminus. interior ministry has right a rainbow flag to mock international day against a homophobia chance phobia. and by phobia they aims to raise awareness of world wide l. g. b, t of rights violations in april of a government authorized raising the flag at federal government to buildings. to mob cried marchers with global algebra. 2 events, interior minister, the phases said they wanted, they wanted to show solidarity the people affected by discrimination and exclusion . b, r i. the day's almost done. the conversation, however, continues on the line. you can find this on twitter, either at dw news, we can follow me at have a good day with
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caught red handed, massive ships, dumb, poisonous waste water into the world ocean accused. and n g o is investigating 1500 cases in b, u waters alone. but were there consequences, deceitful cover up tactics ensure a huge province for those responsible made in germany.
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next, dw, do you must roam, shall is time to beat under the skin. how sensitive an old and to real mom you come least facts and oh, looters, tips to twin work wonders those who want to be beautiful. watch in good shape. in 60 minutes on d w. ah. please listen carefully. don't know how with today go. ah,
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