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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 18, 2022 4:00pm-4:30pm CEST

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[000:00:00;00] with this is d, w. news live from berlin, a start warning from the united nations over climate change. key indicators of global warming hate new records, and scientists say time is running out. moscow says nearly 1000 ukrainian fighters have now surrendered to russian forces in matter. you pull. what happens to the next to is not clear and football fans gear up for europe's final
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kind of down. tens of thousands of glasgow renders. and i'm talking to frankfort. supporters are getting the party started in seville. ah, i'm pablo foliage. welcome to the program. the united nations has launched a 5 point plan aimed at averting a global climate catastrophe. the un secretary general, antonio tallish is warning that time is running out as temperatures rise. he wants countries to agree on a far reaching program to jumpstart renewable energy. scientists are also sounding the alarm for key climate indicators, hit new records last year. they include greenhouse gas concentrations and rising sea levels. much of the world is already feeling the effects
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it's a heat wave, but one in 6 people on earth are currently struggling. 3rd, blistering heat have scorched india and pakistan for weeks on the weekend temperatures hit a record high of 49 degrees celsius in the indian capital daily. where i'm 74 years old. i've never seen new delhi go through this much heat ever in my life. we used to hear about the heat and not just on that. we used to think of it as an unfortunate event when rochester used to go through 48 degrees celsius. this year, all the records have been broken recorded the climate change though. ready made extremes like this hotter and more likely the heat has killed crops and hurt harvest. the farmers themselves can't catch a break either that we may think it makes us there. steer where else are exposed to more heat, to have to work with cloth wrapped over a head. and if we don't look at a headache, we cannot afford to stop working gum,
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but they're like what i can heat makes people less productive, but staying outside for too long as many workers and even children are forced to do, can cause fatal damage to organs, temperatures, will keep rising as long as people continue to burn fossil fuel in a bid to keep whether extremes like this from wrecking communities, world leaders in 2015 promised to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees celsius the century. the average increased might not sound like a lot, but the effect it has on extreme is a matter of life and death. professor petrie, tell us is the secretary general of the world meteorological organization which released that report and he joins me now from a geneva. welcome to d w. now there's a 5050 chance the global temperatures could reach the 1.5 degree threshold within
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the next 5 years. has the paras agreement, which was designed to prevent exactly based failed or just simply not been enough. so we have seen progress. we also saw progress at glasgow or climate conference last november at the g 7 countries, $32.00 countries in europe and union. they've been making places to keep us on this 1.5 degrees track. but the rest of the 20 countries, like china, india, russia, bradley, or south africa, they were not ready to make sub split seas. and that's why we are not the heading towards $1.00 degrees. the other heading towards $2.00 at 3 degrees warming. well, what else can be done then? so we're, so we have to convert though in the system said to be dependent on, on renewable energy,
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nuclear energy and also find energy saving. means we have to convert our transport system to be more based on electric vehicle, public transportation, and perhaps either gender in the future. and these are done so stop deforestation, especially in tropical rain forests and, and also favour more italian diet. because the serene forests are very much got to peter capital and produce books, ample. so it be so and, and this overall consumption is of course an issue and especially the buy goods that produced by using a coal fired. and it see that that's also one of the, one of the challenges and opportunities to become more climate friendly. but what can, how can countries be convinced to significantly of their carbon reduction commitments?
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it has been demonstrated clearly that also from economic perspective, it's going to be much cheaper to mitigate the climate sense than to live with the consequences of climate science. it's even up to 20 times more expensive. if you let the glam it seems to happen and we're not able to mitigate it. so it's also financially viable to go to pay attention to climate mitigation and, and start using these climate friendly needs to ship a produce and etc in transport sector and also other sectors that we are dealing with. lately we've seen this extreme heat in india and pakistan, but we've also seen other extreme weather events. what other effects can we expect within the next 5 to 10 years? so these negative trend in climate will continue for the coming to gauge anyhow. and we have already lost these lazy or melting and sea level rise game that will
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continue for the coming century is because already i can trace of carbon dioxide. and that means that we have to be also that attention to a very powerful way to add up to climate change is to invest in early warning services. and even in countries like germany, there seems to be an opportunity to improve those folks. i'm describing events that took place last summer could have been a much better and we could have with us because we have is, would have function in a better mentor professor for terry tyler, secretary general of the world meteorology go organization. thank you for joining us on d. w. thank you. russia says nearly 1000 ukrainian fighters have now surrendered at the as of how steel worked in manual. ukrainian authorities are hoping they can be traded for russian prisoners of war. but some lawmakers in
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moscow are calling for them to be put on trial and even executed. ukraine says talks are under way to evacuate fighters still in the plant. there are fears the ukrainian fighters who defended the as of style plant in marty. you, paul, could face rough justice from moscow. russian tv show defeated troops being led away from the sprawling steel plant. russia says there'll be treated according to international norms, but there have been calls to designate the feared as of regiment, a terrorist organization, or a russian lawmaker taking part in peace talks with keith said, russia should consider the death penalty for the as of regiment. in the st. louis, missouri, its porcelain, they do not deserve to live after the monstrous crimes against humanity that they have committed and that are committed continuously against our prisoners. oh, both of us are bloom. ukraine officials remain hopeful, their soldiers can be exchanged for russian prisoners of war as national were coming from our side. we can say that the negotiation process is ongoing and that
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the rescue operation itself is also ongoing. one cor, let us try. there is also been some unprecedented criticism of the war from unexpected quarters. sam aguilar and a nationalist that the main problem with our military and political position is that we are in full geopolitical isolation. and that however much we hate to admit that virtually the entire world is against us. let me see. and that's the situation we need to get out of thoughts in loud that we got them. are you paul victory? marx, a rare wind for rushes military in its 3 month invasion of ukraine, but it could be short lived. finland and sweden have made a joint application to join nato, a further set back to moscow's ambitions to contain the expansion of the block. when i speak now to dw cars on the funny fisher who's in keith. hi, fanny, good to see you. now moscow claims that nearly 1000 fighters have surrendered from the as of style still works. keith is hoping for an immediate prisoner swap for
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what's the most likely scenario. but for now, the most likely scenario is that everything stays as it is in terms that those who have surrendered already are inside a prison in the don bus region, at least this is what russia claims to be the case for now. and nobody in rush actually at this point, talks about a prisoner swap that this is part of the agreement. something that you crane claims is actually something that they should work for, at least for those who are in a really dire condition. the ones those about 50, so just way not a hospital but also in the dumbass region. so this is all russia controlled or russia back separatist control territories. and for now at least it really doesn't look like there's going to be a prisoner swap. also, we do not know just how many soldiers are still hold up. they are in that as of still still planned as of saw steel plant. apparently the commanders are still inside. are they going to surrender? and if they do what is going to be their fate. so no information whatsoever from ukrainian sources with regard to that. but of course,
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people here on the ground are hoping that the or those who have surrendered are going to return to ukraine safe and sound. because after all, this is what the kremlin claims putin has guaranteed. but obviously we're talking here about the aggress. are we talking about russia that attacked ukraine or more than a more than 3 months ago? so people are quite skeptical that the prisoner swap is going to take place. funny, russia says it has now taken full control of money upon that has been a symbol of ukrainian resistance. how much of a blow is this to ukraine's war effort? and of course, the ukranian people. well obviously mary polly self has a very symbolic value to people here because 8 years ago are soldiers also the i as of regimen fighters, have managed to recapture my report while it looked like it's going to fall on their separatist. russia back separate is control. that was 8 years ago. so this
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time again, they were the ones we are trying to offend off that aggression, but so far, if the entire mission concludes, as failed and, and everyone surrenders, then this means to ukraine. this is victoria more of the russian parts. however, if you talk to ordinary citizens, they will tell you, wait a moment. those ukrainian soldiers to way hold out there for more than 80 days, and in fact, more are still inside. so these people are heroes because while they are inside the other star steel plant, ukrainian forces could actually advance on various parts if you cray, namely actually here in the northern parts, right? i'm right now in the queue region and the chinese region in the hockey region neighboring as well. so it's a mixed feeling that ukrainian people have over this while, of course, the message in russia is quite clear. they're celebrating this in russia as a clear victory, a very momentum, as it seems, that actually this entire war is derailing and is not working according to the playbook that russia had in mind when the thought started in key f of february 24th
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funny. stay with us there will come back to you in a few moments. a russian soldier has admitted he killed a civilian in northeastern ukraine, just stays in 2 rushes, invasion for 21 year old soldier has pleaded guilty to charges, including premeditated murder and committing a war crime during a trial in the ukrainian capital. keith, it's the 1st war crime trial held and is likely to be one of many. the young sergeant admitted he shot at a 62 year old civilian on a bicycle in the eastern sumi region on february 28th. ukraine's prosecutor general says it is investigating nearly 11000 potential war crimes. so we'll go back to you funny there and keith, as we've just heard. so a russian soldier has pleaded guilty in keith to charges of war crimes. what more can you tell us? it's very important to people here in ukraine after all, what was on earth, a butcher, for example, nearby olsen,
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it being hundreds of people atrocities, dead bodies that they're really executed. and so people see this 1st a trial that just began the preliminary hearing was already by the way, last week as something very important, hoping that it's not just the dead bodies that the on earth. but the truth is going to be on earth to what really happened here. however, as this is, this hearing has started and this charge is being brought against just one to one year old young man who allegedly shot and killed that civilian apparently in a move, a trying to avoid that. this ukranian civilian i can talk about the russia presence in sumi region where this alleged attack has happened while this is being in this hearing has begun there so many more cases. in fact, ukraine says that they have identified more than 10000 cases. so just think about how many people and how much money is going to be needed, as well as time to really make sure that everyone is being brought to trial,
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that allegedly as taking part in the atrocities and has committed a will crime. so this is a very important beginning and keith, but so much more needs to happen. and in fact, the i, c. c deployed a huge team as well to ukraine, trying to help with this investigation efforts. did of you correspondence, funny for shar, reporting from keith? thank you. well for more on the russian perspectives on the war in ukraine on joined by amity sherwin who was one of our moscow don't use moscow correspondence in at the dw bureau before was shut down by russian authorities. welcome and good to see you. now the evacuation of as of style plant m, ukrainian forces has been covered broadly on russian estate, television. what's the symbolic significance of the surrender of the as of style soldiers or from the russian perspective? this has a huge symbolic significance, of course, for the course of the war itself. because these people who are hold up and not steal planned, where essentially the last defenders of mar you, paul,
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which is strategically important port city that's it is now essentially under russian control. and that means that russia now a controls the whole of the as of c m. and also that creates a land bridge from russian controlled territory down to crimea, which russia annex from ukraine, back in 2014. so that was seen as an important strategic goal in the war. and there also has been this real glee, i think when it comes to the capture of the soldiers themselves, we've seen that from key state tv figure as prominent ones like the head of r t. the russian stayed t v station, the editor in chief rather. and pro click prevalent blogger is about the, as of italian being captured, they're considered a right wing group in russia. and in fact, their origins are right wing, even though the group itself now denies that political affiliation. there said, surrender in a sense, confirms this russian narrative that we've heard from the beginning about an
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d not suffocation of ukraine. russia has been claiming that they're trying to get rid of nazis, which they say are controlling even the government. it's health in ukraine. and the as of italian and way, stand for that propaganda narrative. right? no. a former senior russian colonel offered some rare public criticism of russia's military operation in ukraine on russian state television. is there any, if russia can get out of this situation of a geopolitical isolation 1st? so i would just say that that was very rare to hear someone who's really part of the establishment, especially the military establishment really speak out, criticize this war. it does seem unlikely that russia is going to be able to get out of that geo, political isolation. you know, it's facing unprecedented sanctions. it's being kicked out of international conferences, organizations with kicked out of the council of europe in march. and it seems that russia itself is almost leaning into that. yesterday the foreign ministry and russia suggested that they may consider leaving the world trade organization and the world health organization. so there's this kind of narrative within russia that
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rushes the country under siege, surrounded by enemies. and it almost seems that russia's now sort of preempting further isolation by taking control of the narrative itself. right now you mentioned earlier, russia is essentially control who controls matter. you pull and the as of c coast, what's their next step? who is the, the short answer is we don't know. ah, peace talks of now stalled between ukraine in russia with both sides essentially blaming each other. for blocking the talks, the ukrainian defense ministry has come out of the minister. other has come out yesterday and said that russia is preparing it seems for a long military operation. which seems kind of surprising because of course, it's an expensive military operation. a lot of experts said that the russian president expected it to be a short and victorious war, as it were strategically speaking. you know, it, russia has reached this important goal of getting mar, you pull, getting the whole coast as i was saying. so now we don't know because essentially the goal has kept shifting. and initially there was this vague aim of denazi's occasion and demilitarization,
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which essentially can mean whatever you want it to mean. and i think it comes down to put in at this point. he can spin whatever he wants as a victory within russian state tv. and it sort of depends what he wants and, and how far he's willing to go in ukraine. dude, overdues. an issue. thanks for your analysis. north korea is struggling with an outbreak of cove at 19. authorities have registered more than 1700000 cases. they're describing the illness as fever related, but there are not enough tests and pyongyang appears not to have vaccinated. it citizens a warlike approach to an invisible enemy. north korea is putting on a shore friend who young footage from state media shows thousands of army medics have been mobilized on the one. begin family as always is front and center. if you didn't handle that for you, ma'am young, but pediatric displays may not be enough to combat. be
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a patent wave of coven 19 and global fios of a public health crisis remain high. the democratic people's republic of korea, dpr k has announced. so they're to stay to media, their 1st outbreak of hobby 19, definitely joys, deeply concerned at the re sco further spread of course. 19 in the country, particularly because the population is unvaccinated. not korea has one of the woods was healthcare systems. it's hospitals are believed to be poorly equipped with few intensive gay units. and it's one of the only do un member states that has not rolled out much vaccination against gov at 19. but an uncontrolled outbreak could have consequences beyond not korea global. i think to we chose as has repeatedly said that where you have unchecked transmission, there's always a higher risk
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o for new variance emerging. and part of that strategy suppressing infection of activity is yes to save lives in terms of reducing hospitalization. and that's but also to keep pressure on the virus. so we don't see the same race of evolution of the virus around the world. all young has not responded to offers of international aid and assistance. t outside observers believe that not korea's al rick is almost certainly greater than what it is, reporting and doing nothing in response could have far reaching consequences. tr lankin 's are facing the most difficult months of their lives. that's the warning from the new prime minister dealing with the worst economic crisis in 7 decades run. neil wick remains sing, says fuel supplies are running dry shipments promised by india have yet to arrive. for lanka also needs foreign currency to pay for essential medicines. the economic crisis has sparked widespread anti government protests. dw minute cherry is interlink as largest city colombo,
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and she summed up how difficult the situation is right now. for the average sri lankan. well, bad is not even the word they're using like the word they're using is dire situation, is that bad right now? there is few or short is that it's food short is that it's being wanted be, but it was the people who are, even in the city of palo, who had their dog on wooden stores on would be think anybody would which is very harmful for their heads. as well, there are 6 to 8 our loan follow, but we're all the pantry and the 5 minutes that said that be followed by would actually go on for the not the day in the coming the week and the prime minister in it. but then right adjusted me, she also said that the by the your month will be the top it but the light dw correspondent, money rich. hi to rivera reporting from shrank as big as city colombo. well, let's take a look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world. around $100.00 firefighters have contained a suspicious place close to the griffith observatory. in los angeles authority,
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say a suspected arsonist has been detained, but not arrested. the area was evacuated, but no injuries have been reported. you as president joe biden has condemned white supremacy as a poison on a visit to new york state. 10 people were killed when a gunman opened fire last week in an area with a large black population. the suspect has been identified as a white nationalist. the buffalo in south korea, people are flocking to a new tourist attraction. the blue house, the presidential pos in sol. the residence is open to the public for the 1st time. the new president has moved into offices in the defense ministry sports. now germany's frankfort and scotland glasgow rangers are getting ready for the football europa league final. it's a career defining moment for the players. and i welcome opportunity for supporters of 2 clubs that have been starved of european glory in the spanish city of seville . it's
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a tale of 2 fan cultures coming together. you don't have to look hard for glasgow ranges, fans having the best of times. you have to listen this is what it sounds like when your team white several decades to make a european final. in the hours before kick off, the glass regions were beating the hate with lots of singing. minimal clothing and aggressive hydration. your city isn't what a full oh, it was very easy when only one with the range of little yeah. had to bother me. meg, i few would doubt that klein but european competition does allow for contrasting preparations to be examined. ranges, fans and frank offense awoke
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a meal, a quiet drink speaking to a marathon rather than a sprint. meanwhile, back in the branches pub before the game and before the result puts a damper on things. but once it football lovers, seville is fan, paradise. oh, let me give you food in spain. it's the tale of 2 cities and 2 fan cultures that have converged on one for decades, flying saucers have been the source of conspiracy theories. but some us lawmakers now want you f o's, unidentified flying objects to be treated as a threat to national security. defense officials have released videos of unknown aircraft. experts say they performed maneuvers impossible for man made planes. the
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pentagon has not confirmed extra terrestrial visitors and is encouraging pilots to report sightings. the truth is out there somewhere. and here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you. the united nations has issued a stark warning that time is running. i to act on climate change and secretary general antonio good tallish, says humanity, risks, incinerating. it's only home. russia says nearly 1000 ukrainian fighters have surrendered in the steel works. my info. keith is hoping they can be exchanged for russian prisoners of war. while you're watching detail the news coming up next and dw news asia, the political crisis behind shoreline because economic one kind of new prime minister fix it that and more coming up next in detail can use asia with parish boundary on public lillius. thanks for watching. and don't forget, you can stay up to date on all the latest news on our website, dw,
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dot com. or you can of course, follow up on our social media cats for me and the team here in berlin. take care saved top of an experiment
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with ah, with caught red handed, massive ships, dumb, poisonous waste water into the world ocean accused. and n g o is investigating 1500 cases in you waters alone. but were there consequences, deceitful cover of tactics, ensure huge profits for those responsible made in germany
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in 60 minutes, dw, are you ready to get a little more extreme? these places in europe are smashing all the records, stepped into a bold adventure. just don't lose your grip. it's the treasure map for modern globetrotters. discover some of europe's wykard breaking sites on youtube and know also in book form people and trucks injured when trying to flee the city center. more and more refugees are being turned away at the border. families playing phone tag with people lean extreme around around getting 200 people
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around the world. more than 300000000 people are seeking refuge. yes. why? because no one should have to flee. make up your own mind. d. w. made for mines. ah, this is did have good news. aisha coming up today for lumpkins are running out of petrol and their patients demand for political change continue even as the new prime minister warns of was times to come. but can his leadership don't things around for the i didn't nation where in colombo for on says


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