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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 19, 2022 10:00am-10:31am CEST

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[000:00:00;00] ah ah ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin, a plea from the united nations to moscow. antonio terrace tells russia to allow the safe and secure exports of grain from ukraine to stave off global food insecurity.
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and starvation. also coming up, germany's chance left, it says he will not accept a piece dictated by vladimir putin in a speech to parliament. he also promises to help cut europe free from its energy reliance on russia. and turkey keeps up, it's resistance to finland and sweden joining nato. president ad one says it's to do with kurdish militants, that is, i'm cra trying to leverage a deal plus a d. w exclusive investigation poses. the question is europe helping modernize china's army. we join a team of investigative journalists who uncovered legs between european i couldn't academia and chinese university. is that a fostering fusion between the military and civil society? ah,
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and i'm on chips mckennan, thanks so much for joining us. the united nations says the war in ukraine could worse than a global food crisis, leading to mass hunger and famine lasting for years. speaking at a major un summit and new york secretary general antonio terrace, said rushes invasion of ukraine was the latest fax driving global food insecurity. on top of the pandemic and global warming. terror said he was in intense contact with russia and other countries to address the situation. there is no effective solution to the full crisis without reintegrating ukraine's work with auction, as well as the food and fertilizer products produced by russia and bellows in the world markets. despite the war. russia must permit the safe and secure exports. great install the new canadian ports. alternative transportation routes can be explored, even if we know that by itself,
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they will not be enough to solve the problem. and the russian foot and fertilizers must have and receive excess to wear markets without the indirect impediments. all right, let's bring in mac xanda who is in a cave max, give us a sense of how important ukraine is in the global food supply chain. it is of shoes import the semi. let me tell you that ukraine has been dubbed the breadbasket of europe. so it's one of the largest producers and exports exporters of agricultural exports such as weeks for sunflower, oil and corn. in 2020 alona, ukraine was the 5th largest exporter of, of wheat in the entire world. so this has significance consequences for the global food supply chains, and also a lot of humanitarian aid on to some of the poorest countries in africa and in the middle east that comes from,
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from ukraine. so also huge implications here. so what effect has the war had on fake production and exports? right, so some of the farmers were conscripted into military service, sums up some of the forms can operate due to fighting. the russians have actually, are still are at targeting agricultural production such as silos and soldiers. with that being said, ukraine produces much more agriculture products and then it can consume domestically. and a lot of this stuff is actually stuck in the country right now. cannot be exported, usually a lot of it would leave by c r, but the, the russians control the sea of fossil for the east. and the point of address on the west is, is being blocked at the moment. there are roughly 90000000 tons of agriculture exports waiting to leave the country. and ukraine is losing roughly $170000000.00 a day. clearly a massive impact on what's being done to address a haze. right,
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so the un is negotiating with russia and other key players such as turkey, but there's very little information coming out of these talks at the moment. the you is trying to help trying to pitch in trying to find alternative routes at the moment. so one option could be the smaller river ports, the new britain port, for example, close to odessa, but that is nowhere near the capacity of the c ports. so the most likely option or the option that's being used at the it is as exporting by train. so a loading on, on, on trains cargo trains and sending the weights and other exports across the borders into poland and to silva, its romania into the respective ports there. but there also some obstacles there in the way because the train, the system is not compatible between ukraine and some of these european quarter. so there are, this also creates some hold of so it's, it's a lot less than actually could be exported through the points. all right, next sunday, reporting from keith. thanks so much. as we've been hearing,
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the war has drastically hampered exports via the black sea and is exacerbating the global, sued security crisis. so now the romanian port of constantia has become a vital hub for grain shipments. he w jack, parrot reports now on the challenges that it's facing. this ukrainian cone would never have been here at the port of con stanza, before russia's invasion. it would have been shipped out of the now closed port of odessa, 250 kilometers up the black sea coast. it's good for business for the operators here, but there are concerns about capacity. i see with me problem one, the one where you got it and on the get many over the me and one in the and green one go green in many, many school with you. but of course, you're not moving a harvard region. what was this vessel leaves?
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port 210000 tons of ukrainian corn will be shipped out since the start of april. but that's just one percent of the 20000000 tons of grain that needs to be shifted in the next 3 months. before these ukranian fields are harvested to avoid major bottlenecks, which could cause it to rocked. pretty much all of the corners coming in to the porter consanzo is from ukraine at the moment. this vote is headed from here though, to rotterdam. but many of the vessels go to north africa and the middle east, and they're a real phase of an increase in food shortages and famine. if supply bottlenecks arise, the port authority says it's doing everything it can. we don't have other choice. what are if i i screaming and the here hedrick where? it's very easy to scream, i don't, i cannot do nothing. i cannot, this is showcase is hard time. everybody. this is a special sir situation and everybody must accommodate this situation. french solution, konstanz a port has another problem. no. 700 of these wagons,
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lay rusting on the ports under used train lines held in judicial limbo, following legal battles between state and private entities. the countries transport minister says a new 40000000 euro project will renovate 95 romanian train lines before the end of the year. partly to make switching wheels to accommodate trains arriving from the east, which use wider trucks or 30 or 40 yes is, is 2 tracks war. and so now we must to ingle arts in order to, to modernize this line, the soviet type of lives and to come directly in the hell harbor. this really is a graveyard of these old cargo carriages right now. we're few 100 meters away from the ports of can stanza, and the plan is that this won't only support with the ukrainian shipments that are coming in,
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but also that it will help rejuvenate this area for the future. but in the short term, europe's approaching summer will only me more grains coming in and with no end to the war in sight pressure on the infrastructure. hearing some of the, the only thing i along the german chancellor will have shot it says ukraine. the allies will not accept piece dictated by russian president vladimir pollution. he was speaking to parliament ahead of an extraordinary european council meeting in brussels at the end of the month, which will be focused on the war in ukraine. and charlotte also pledged to supply arms to ukraine and to work quickly towards european energy independence from russia. but he said that would be no short cuts for ukrainian e u membership saying it could take many years or 3 months after the russian invasion trellis has been heavily criticized for not doing enough to help you train . he has yet to visit the country. unlike several of germany's allies, let's take
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a quick listen to some of shots as speech to the german parliament today. no emerg globbed quoting hooton's, still believes that he can bomb his way into dictating the piece. what is wrong? luviere is that he was wrong in judging the unity of the ukrainians. or, you know, under the termination of our alliances, johnson good. russia will not dictate a pizza because the ukrainians won't accept it. and we won't accept in the accepted audio. johnny, me now from the german parliament is d w as chief political editor, mikaela. christina, i mckayla. what were the key takeaways for you from shelters speech today? well certainly was that a firm line that he's taking a towards naming really what is going on there were a country that was attacked aggressively, is defending itself. and what was also also interesting is that he said that russia must not win. and that ukraine must withstand now his own foreign minister from the
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green party already says that ukraine must win. that is something we have not heard from what i've solved. and i get a suspicion that he might be thinking that he might have to sit down across the table without him put in to find exactly that piece. once there is a realization on the russian side and that in russia will not be able to dictate the terms of this, a europe, germany being adamant that nothing will be done over the heads of ukrainians. but more nuts, bolts are. he also spoke of that solidarity fund without going into details exactly how it will be financed or whether new debt will be needed. and he got quite a bit of fire on that from the opposition. the devilish mats from the conservative city you party here in direct response. and he left open and whether he would be in favor of what it might my call the french president, a propos, which was a different speed road to e. u. membership for
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e crane. but also potentially for other countries who are not family on track for that you membership at the near future. that's right. now he made a point, didn't he? of warning against any hopes of a quick you membership a process for ukraine, didn't he? yes, he said that iran on michael was right, that it would kit take a years. he didn't say decades, but not something that the monocle had to put on the table. and he also signaled that he was willing to revisit the whole issue of an opening. you treaties a very contentious issue, but that it was most important that the you demonstrates unity, and particularly as it is under attack, anything that divides that you would only play into russian hands. he didn't say it in as many words. and but he also said that there were no exceptions would be made and he's saying and rule of law issues. and these are things that take many years of reform for members to join the you and that the west balkans must be
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able to really have a real perspective for you. membership that they can't be left behind. and that's also why you know, that he would travel to that region. the western balkans were, were european leaders. now fear that russia will also try and exert more influence . i often do enough with his speech to silence the criticism over his perceived weak response to the you the warn ukraine. well the short answer is no and, and he didn't get criticism for not taking a stand because he did that 3 days later and announced that site and vendor and the new era which also included him pledging a 100000000000 and extra defense funds. but he needs the opposition for that. he needs angler michaels because of the cd. you party led by football mats and they say they will not simply agree to that. they want him to spell out what the plan is for that,
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and is also still the standing criticism that germany was too late to send heavy weapons and is still dragging his heels. it's heels and that simply won't go away. that fast will have to leave it that he w as chief political editor, mikayla with no thank you. at the war and ukraine has highlighted the world's reliance not only on food from one region, but also energy. so now the european commission has launched a 300000000000 year plan to end europe's dependence on russian fossil fuels. the main focus is on renewable energy, germany, belgium, the netherlands, and then mark have all pledge to produce more wind power in the north sea. this is among the ways europe plans to create more home grown energy through enormous offshore wind projects in the north sea. in denmark, representatives met from the european commission and the north sea countries to discuss forging a new path forward. the big vision is that we have to expend the offshore wind
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industry all over the north sea that we have to connect each other that we can make a common business out of it. and we understand that this snarled time for industrialization. the declaration of intent will soon be followed by concrete projects. concern for the environment is one incentive, but europe also wants to rid itself of dependence on russian oil and gas as quickly as possible. the european commissioners explained how it will work. the re power e u plans are a mix of ideas and concrete regulatory proposals. one of the most important points, speeding up the approval process. vanetta re doke about topic deployment. a few of us that he's an elephant in that room, getting a permit might take as long as 9 years for wind, and up to 4 years for a solar projects. so this is time that we do not have in the future. the approval
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of such projects should be possible within a year. alongside wind power, solar energy will also be prioritized. we're proposing a solar rooftop obligation for commercial and public buildings as of 2025. and for new residential buildings as of 2029. i know this is ambitious, but it is realistic. we can do it. to finance this, the e will have to spend a lot of money. more than 300000000000 euros have already been allocated to the plan. us president joe biden will host the leaders of sweden and finland as the 2 nordic nations push ahead. with that base to join nato and you members need unanimous agreement from all 30 current members. turkey's opposition threatened to derail the process. president rach uptime at one, hasn't he is finland and sweden of harboring members of the kurdish suppressed p pate p t k k. it's designated by anchor and the west of the terrorist group that analysts say,
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edwin is using the situation to extract other confessions to for turkey. the issue could actually be about us fighter jets. turkey was dropped from the f 35 advanced fighter jet development program in 2019 this was part of a us sanctions packet imposed on the country after it bought a russian air defense system. many believe anchor is now hoping to pressure the us into selling it new f. 16 fighter jets instead. an extremely controversial topic and washington, another issue in 2019 sweden halted weapons deliveries to turkey. after it attacked kurdish people's defense units in northern syria and launched and offensive there anamosa, turkish president, red chip type odor one could considered this grounds enough to block the start of nato. accession talked for sweden and finland,
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possibly destabilizing the alliance. and the process. would it would play into president putin's hands? it would send a signal that there is no unity within nato. the wrong signal at precisely the wrong moment signifies insipid. in new york, u. s. secretary of state antony blinkin and his turkish counterpart may have looked shop of shallow met in an attempt to find the compromise. there shall be shallow made turkey's position clear to clear as being supporting the open door policy of nato, even before this war. but with regard to this possible or can't, these already candidate countries, you know, we have also legitimate security concerns that they have been supporting a terrorist organizations and they're also an expert restrictions on earth defense products. every concession turkey winds from the situation will likely isolated further in nato circles,
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but will wind president owe to one political points at harm? something he will welcome as turkey heads towards presidential elections next year . now and he w investigative team has been working with the china science investigation. that's the european general estate research project, which is led by the dutch platform, follow the money and the german non profit new newsroom corrective for several months. 11 investigative desks and 7 countries have been probing the nature of collaborations between chinese and european scientists. and the team reveals that a lot of the joint research has direct links to the chinese military. they come here who you were to about the tools. this is a promotional video for one of china's top universities. to me is my who sure enter the journey of strengthening the military and blow the trumpet of building a world class,
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omni the videos for the national university of defense technology will n u d t. a place it's deeply integrated with the chinese military. it's all part of what's called military civil fusion. as practice by china's ruling communist party, military civil fusion or m c. f is enormously important because it essentially inserts the military into all aspects of the economy and vice versa. ok, so why are we talking about this? will the new d, t and other chinese universities like it have been getting help in their mission? from right here in europe, d. w in its partners in china's hines investigation, have been investigating links between these institutions and european universities . and we've discovered a huge array of connections including almost $3000.00 scientific publications,
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co authored by both sides. someone highly sensitive subject. german researches have worked on more than 230 papers with the n u d t. so this is a big trove of papers. we looked at a lot of them and a lot of them seem quite a lot. yes. but we also find some papers that might have a dual use applications. so that means they could be useful civilian, but also for military purposes. one quite interesting example is a study that looks at how you contract groups of people. and china, of course, is the surveillance state that might have an interest in tracking. for example, a certain ethnic group like the weekends, so you can see this is an interesting example that could have civilian but also more nefarious military application research on dual use technologies is meant to be carefully regulated. so we talked to the head of one major funding body to alicia was that was and the must emphasize that the german research foundation
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doesn't fund any research with military relevance. that is excluded from funding for the home. and yet, as our investigation shows questionable, research projects have been happening. yeah, no problem. so he asked the junior minister, responsible, why the government isn't preventing that. he pointed to germany's constitution. well, it's a thought in dolton, germany. we guarantee academic freedoms or research buddies and scientists. decide for themselves, we can't do that centrally from belinda and we don't want to in mom. now there's no evidence at this point that laws have been broken. both the european union and germany have declared china to be a systemic rival. and authoritarian state there's pushing for a very different kind of world. china expert devi kirsten tac low says doing the kind of sensitive scientific research with china that we've uncovered is deeply complacent. there's a saying don't bite the hand that feeds you and i would actually turn it around and
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say, don't feed the hand, the bytes you the national university of defense technology is clear what it's trying to achieve. after we move on to dedicate our lives to the modernization of the national defense. so the question is, do your opinion universities really want to help and i'm joined now by sandra peterson, who's head of the w investigative team. sondra. welcome. and if i can start by picking up on the last line of the report that we just heard, do european universities really want to help? where you see anya, it's not like european scholars are actively collaborating with their chinese colleagues to help china build the world's most modern army. i would say it's rather a mixture of complacency in the abt, perhaps at times even ignorance. and as one security source here in germany has told us, you know,
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scientists are living in their very own bubble. they think about advancing research and science, and that's where it stops and, and especially if you look at basic research, i mean that's conducted without maybe at the beginning a clear aim in mind. it's like blue sky research. and of course, that could perhaps turn later into a military. you was, let's take a researcher who is logging into algorithms to coordinate objects. that at some point of course, could also be used to coordinate lethal drone swamps. and that is the grey zone. we have been addressing with a china science investigation. fascinating. so yeah, let's talk about the china science investigation. it's a research project of 30 journalists and 7 countries. how did it work? lots and lots and lots of cups of coffee and hours of digging and reading and writing and receiving encrypted messages and many virtual meetings via secure lines, obviously. and because we were 30 and 7 countries. so there's always
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a risk that something spills. and now a little bit about the methodology and we had an original data set of roughly $3350000.00 to his specific papers of at least one chinese scientist. and one european scientist. of course, that's massive. so we needed to narrow that down, which we did. so we looked at only those chinese scientists being affiliate to twist and defense universities or institutes affiliated to the people's liberation army. still too much, nearly 3000 so that we narrowed further down to those papers where we could find a clear line to the national university of defense technology. that's the prime academy of the people's liberation army. and i'm afraid to say here in germany alone, we found more than $230.00, which we looked into. is that right now? you also looked at individual scientists from china, didn't you? can you, can you tell us a little bit about your finding the
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a we have been searching the net massively or so extensively in china and to we were looking for chinese scientists from strategically important areas like artificial intelligence, physics chemistry, quantum science, who had spent at east 3 years in germany and the past decade and to were then brought back to china by the so called 1000 talent program. that is the best known government grant program in china. and we found a t and analyst 26 of these 80 in particular and quite tracking you. we found 12 of those heck received a fellowship by germany's home board foundation, which is government funded after all. and, and why we were conducting the research 2 of them, obviously noticing something changed their cds that we could see online and taking off all military references. and i find that quite telling fascinating stuff, sandra peters,
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men had of the w investigative team. thanks so much. you now, a quick reminder of the top story that we're following for you today. kevin johnson, that will upshaw, it says, ukraine's allies will not accept apiece dictated by russian president vladimir putin, the keynote address to parliament. it's also pledged to work quickly towards european energy independence from russia. you're watching the w news coming up next. vladimir putin shut down free media as he launched his rule. tim sebastian asked the head of the last independent tv station that helped the russian president . it's back via some conflicts and after the break, my minute. mckinnon. thanks so much with
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with you. into the conflict zone with sebastian as the kremlin began its war against you, crated force, the closure of rushes,
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lufkin defended media outlets to secure abs. so let the public narrative about the invasion. but did it work my guess this week? is your catherine culture causes news, editorial presenter and one of the last channels to be shut down. conflict zone. next on dw with it started out with addiction and transformed into an orgy of hate and violence. the history of the ku klux klan, the oldest terrorist organization in the united states, its members white for a racist state by white supremacy founded over 150 years ago. it's repeatedly died out but always been resurrected. in 45 minutes on d, w. o,
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a in many countries, education is still a privilege. tardy is one of the main causes some young children work in mind. jobs instead of going to class and we can attend classes only after they finish working with millions of children all over the world. can't go to school with we ask why? because education makes the world more just a make up your own mind. d. w. made for minds as the kremlin began its war against ukraine. it forced the closure of russia. laugh independent media outlets. the aim, of course, to secure absolute control of the public narrative about the invasion and the cost


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