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ah ah ah, this is deed of you news live from berlin, more ukrainian fighters, lead b as all stall steel plan and mario paul under russian guard. moscow says more than 1700 soldiers have surrendered, but there's been no independent confirmation of where they've been taken. keith has yet to comment on how many fighters may still be there. also coming up, german chancellor, olaf short says he will not accept a piece dictated by vladimir putin in a speech to parliament. he also bows to help cut europe's dependents on russian
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energy. plus a d w exclusive investigation poses this question is europe helping modernize china's army we joined a team of investigative journalists who uncovered links between european academia and chinese universities that are fostering a fusion between the military and civil society. ah, i'm mixed by sir. welcome to the program. russia says a total of $1700.00 ukrainian fighters have now surrendered at the us off stall steel plant and mario paul. if confirmed that would be $700.00 more since wednesday . boscoe says most have been taken to a prison colony in russian controlled territory. while the injured are in hospital, these images come from russia's defense ministry,
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the international red cross as it has registered hundreds of prisoners of war from this deal. plants including wounded fighters, keep hopes to get the soldiers back in a prisoner's swap while moscow has threatened to put some on trial for war crimes. are corresponded, mathias building or is in car keith? i mean, what more can you tell us about the hundreds of ukrainian soldiers at the south stall steelworks, who we here are surrendering today? no, we've heard that the red cross has registered them as prisoners of war. so there is a record on who has, who is now in the hands of the russians, but of course it is not clear or what is going to happen. then we understand that the has been an agreement between ukraine and russia on are these on an exchange, or all of these fighters from the steel steel works for, for russian prisoners of war here in ukraine. but i'm, it's very unclear whether this is going to happen. you've just mentioned the news there. many people in russia inside the rationale elite or inside the russian
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government, demanding that they will be somehow punished that there will be declared terrorists and so on. so russia has now something in their hands with that they can negotiate a very, a very heavy, a negotiating power. and because ukraine has said that they want to see them back alive. the zelinski has said he, once he, he's trying to save every life of a ukrainian soldier that he can save. and that's an important thing because this is one of the things that are the narratives of the ukrainians in this war, that they don't treat their soldiers as cruelly as the russians. it's something they have been telling the people, if he's showing the people how cruel russians are treating their own soldiers. so it's an important, it's important for ukraine to get them back. and that gives russia a lot of leverage of course of urine cocaine. now just to shifted to you, look how, what's the situation on the ground there?
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hawkins is still being sold, but it's now being shared like other cities with rockets, et cetera. the artillery is mostly out of range from the city. so this constant bombardment of several, some parts of the city we've been to one 3rd part to day, the northern at the very, very edge of the city where fighting was very close. and there is virtually, it's, it's, it's a, it's a high rise. it's a, it's a settlement with a lot of high rise buildings, and virtually none of them is undamaged. many of them are burnt out. it's hundreds of thousands of, of apartments destroyed here in the city. it's a bit calmer. life is slowly returning, but really slowly. we've also been in the shelter today. we've asked people in, in, in the metro station and they have said they are still afraid to god. and they actually want to stay in the metro station. although the city wants to get the metro running again to get back to a bit,
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a more normal functioning of the city so that they say no, they don't, they don't want to get are they're afraid of, of going back outside there that many of the houses have been destroyed, so it's very, it's so many people are still, but psychologically suffering from the past. they are still wary about what's the situation is now as we can imagine, of course, mathias billing a reporting for us from a car keys. the united nation says the war and ukraine could make a global food crisis, much worse, leading to hunger and famine that could last year's speaking in a major un summit in new york secretary general antonio gutierrez said, rushes invasion of ukraine was the latest factor driving global food insecurity on top of the pandemic and global warming. gutierrez said he was in intense contacts with russia and other countries to address the situation. that is no effective solution to the food crazes. without reading the grade,
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think you cranes woods with auction, as well as the food and fertilizer products produced by russian bellows into world markets. despite the war. russia must but meet the safe and secure exports of grains stored in ukraine ports. alternative transportation routes can be explored, even if we know that by itself, they will not be enough to solve the problem. and russian food and fertilizers must have unrestricted accessed to world markets without in direct impediments. quoterush also expressed hope of reaching a deal with moscow to allow millions of tons of grain to leave ukrainian ports. ukraine is one of the world leading producers of grain, but russia has it blockaded exports via the black sea, fueling a global food security crisis. now the romanian port of costanza has become a vital hub for grain shipments. dw jack parrot reports on the challenge. challenges that it is facing. this ukrainian cone would never have been here at the
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port of con stanza, before russia's invasion. it would have been shipped out of the now closed port of odessa, 250 kilometers up the black sea coast. it's good for business for the operators here, but there are concerns about capacity. i see we do me wrong 11. well then that we can manage over the weekend, one in the, in green one, no green in many schools. but we're not moving a harvard partner in what was this vessel leaves? port 210000 tons of ukrainian corn will be shipped out since the start of april. but that's just one percent of the 20000000 tons of grain that needs to be shifted in the next 3 months. before these ukranian fields are harvested to avoid major bottlenecks, which could cause it to rocked. pretty much all of the corn that coming in to the
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puerto consanzo is from ukraine at the moment. this vote is headed from here though, to rotterdam. but many of the vessels go to north africa and the middle east, and there are real fears of an increase in fish shortages and famine. if supply bottlenecks arise, the port authority says it's doing everything it can. we don't have a lot of choice. what are, if i, i screaming and the here, everywhere. it's very easy to scream, i don't, i cannot do nothing. i cannot, this is showcase is her time. everybody. this is a special her situation and everybody must accommodate this situation. french solution concerns a port has another problem though. 700 of these wagons lay rusting on the ports under used train lines held in judicial limbo following legal battles between state and private entities. the countries transport minister says a new 40000000 euro project will renovate 95 romanian train lines before the end of
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the year. partly to make switching wheels to accommodate trains arriving from the east, which use wider tracks for 30 or 40 years. this 2 tracks wore a ban. so now we invest 2 ingle arts in order to, to modernize this line, the soviet type of 4 lines and to come directly in the hell harbor. this really is a graveyard of these old cargo carriages right now. were few 100 meters away from the ports of can stanza, and the plan is that this won't only support with the ukrainian shipments that are coming in, but also that it will help rejuvenate this area for the future. but in the short term, europe's approaching summer will only me more grains coming in and with no end to the war in sight pressure on the infrastructure hearing concerned the the only thing i along sweden's prime minister and magdalena anderson and finland's
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president saline sto are meeting president joe biden in washington to discuss their application to join nato. the to nordic countries this week applied to join the defense alliance in response to russia's invasion of ukraine. the turkey has blocked the start of accession talks in the nato council saying the 2 countries that support kurdish militia groups that it views as terrorist organizations. and i'm joined now by d. w, as in paul in washington, and in as the u. s. is confident the issues with turkey can be resolved, but what can biden often offer the turkish leader, rush of type air to one in irvine administration knows how important a good business relations are for turkey. with nader member countries add on add on president out on the turkish president who is facing an election next summer, basically kind of ford, any economical backlash as his country is already as struggling. so many experts
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here in the u. s. believe that out on doesn't really want to prove prevents sweden and finland from joining nato that had he just wants to use the moment to raise his case. and how can the american president help sweden and finland here? well, so the plan today is to reassure that both countries have the full support of the u . s. and the rest of the nato alliance. and it's also nick, important to keep in mind that earlier this month, a washington signal that they are willing to approve the sale of a fighter jets to turkey. that was previously blocked by congress. but as the turks support ukrainians in the war against russia are actually fighting the invasion of russia into ukraine, i should say at that has made congress and the white house more comfortable ending
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this embargo. so this is a major policy shift and could help facilitate an end to 2 turkeys of jackson's to sweden and finland joining nato. so we have to listen very carefully later or during the best country press conference. if biden will give any hint about this specific deal. ok, now let's assume that those turkish objections are overcome somehow at some point in time. and that the 2 nordic nations are allowed internet or what impact will they're joining the security eyes actually have on the war in ukraine or well, it is anal approve how unified nato is in its fight against the russian invasion into ukraine. and i think it's a clear signal to both to russia and also to the ukrainian fighters. and nick, we also have in have to be very aware is the steel can not be reached. it would
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make a significant, sad bank a would be a significant said bank for biden, who has a touted, made a unity in the face of russian, a rush, us invasion as a major achievement of himself. and i mean, it would also leave the nordic countries, much more willing or able to aggression from russia. so this deal is really important for both, for these 2 countries, but also for president biden himself. all right. did abuse in his poll reporting force from washington. thanks for that. we have some other developments now in the war and ukraine for you. the 1st russian soldier on trial for war crimes and ukraine has asked for forgiveness in a keith court. he was addressing the widow, a 62 year old civilian whom he admitted killing in the 1st days of the invasion. it's the 1st such case since the war began 3 months ago. germany has stripped former chancellor gerhard schroeder, of some of his official privileges due to his business and political ties to russia
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. it follows a call by the european parliament to sanction him showed or left office in 2005, and has worked for russian state energy companies ever since. german chancellor, olaf schultz has pledged to supply more weapons to ukraine and to work quickly to make europe independent a russian energy. he was addressing german lawmakers ahead of an extraordinary european council meeting. later this month to discuss the war and ukraine. short said, russian president vladimir putin was mistaken in thinking peace could be imposed on ukraine by force. not emerg locked, quoting hooton's still believes that he can bomb his way into dictation the peace. but he's wrong. with that he was wrong in judging the unity of the ukrainians. under the determination of our alliances, for russia will not dictate a peace because the ukrainians won't accept us. we won't accept, accept,
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or offer an earlier d. w cheap political utter mikella goof nor outlined the key takeaways from german chancellor speech key take away was that he simply ones here to stand united enter stand up to flooding the putin. there was an interesting nuance in his language though he said that that's rotten must not win. and that ukraine must withstand, he didn't say that ukraine must win. so my interpretation that would be that he is quite clear about the fact that he might have to sit down at the negotiating table was letting me approve it hopefully in the near or rather than the further future. and i'm calling on european unity that he spelled out a bit what homework that you still has to do, and that is the joint fund that wants to set up for the reconstruction of ukraine. and on that key question of whether that can be a fast track. it was e u membership. he clearly said no, but without really endorsing or rejecting. what the french president of minor
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mccall had suggested when he was talking about a community of political community of values that could exist on the road to membership, creating something like a fast track that so. so a lot to talk about when those he does actually sit down. that was deed abuse, chief political editor, nicola kitchener speaking a dw investigation has revealed how collaboration between scientists in europe and china might be having some unintended consequences. together with partners from 6 other countries, d. w has been working on the china science investigation. for months, the team has been probing how european researchers have cooperated with china's national university of defense technology. now they've revealed some startling findings. they come to hulu to through about the tools. this is a promotional video for one of china's top universities. to me is my, who should enter the journey of strengthening the military and below that some pets
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of building a wild class. landing the videos for the national university of defense technology will n u d t. a place that's deeply integrated with the chinese military. it's all part of what's called military civil fusion, as practiced by china's ruling communist party, military civil fusion or m c. f is enormously important because it essentially inserts the military into all aspects of the economy and vice versa. ok, so why we talking about this while the n u d t and other chinese universities like it have been getting help in their mission. from right here and your d. w in its partners in the china science investigation, have been investigating links between these institutions and european universities . and we've discovered a huge array of connections. including almost 3000 scientific
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publications, co authored by both sides, some on highly sensitive subject. german researches have worked on more than 230 papers with the n u d t. so this is a big trove of papers. we looked at a lot of them and a lot of them seem quite a lot kids, but we also find some papers that might have a dual use applications. so that means they could be useful civilian, but also for military purposes. one quite interesting example is a study that looks at how you contract groups of people. and china, of course, is the surveillance state that might have an interest in tracking. for example, a certain ethnic group like the week is. so you can see this is an interesting example that could have civilian but also more nefarious military application research and dual use technologies is meant to be carefully regulated. so we talk to the head of one major funding body not to listen to that,
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and it must emphasize that the german research foundation doesn't fund any research with military relevance that is excluded from funding for the home. and yet, as our investigation shows questionable, research projects have been happening. yes, no. so he asked the junior minister, responsible why the government isn't preventing this. he pointed to germany's constitution, when is a sort of in dalton, germany, we guarantee academic freedom. so research buddies and scientists decide for themselves, we can't do that centrally from belinda and we don't want to be mom. now there's no evidence at this point that laws have been broken. but both the european union and germany have declared china to be a systemic rival. and all sorry, tarion state, there's pushing for a very different kind of world. china extra dd kirsten tattler says doing the kind of sensitive scientific research with china. the we've uncovered is deeply
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complacent. there is a fang, don't bite the hand that feeds you and i would actually turn it around and say, don't feed the hand, the bytes you shoot. you. the national university of defense technology is clear what it's trying to achieve with the devotee the lives to the modernization of the national defense army. do question is do year a p and universities really want to help adam jonah by somebody who saw in that report. now, me conrad from the w investigative team that we just help me understand what's actually wrong with these collaborations between the chinese military institute and european universities. so just to be clear on the legal rights of, you know, not alleging that anyone's broken in. but what we are saying is that in these fields, these old knology, we just set to change the really communicate lines crucially. and the way we all
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that maybe kind of a collaboration with like china, a very different political i do, i have to go to become the power in the coming decades. so raising the question whether maybe regulations should be different. but yes, to be very clear. for many going to view nothing go and why do european researchers actually want to work with the chinese national university of defense technology in the 1st place was, was there for them all this talk, you know, that he has a lot of funding. so do research together with obviously very attractive. a lot of these
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research is when they come to germany actually come with a chinese government. i mean with that. and then there's a reason to kind of really attractive to european me, which is that times have access to data data because of a u. s. so this is data around, say personal health, a basically monitors and got a lot of data citizens and is better than data. you have all these together maybe kind of be attractive to cooperate with research. and so i was talking to institute and know me just briefly from a return to the chinese side of the equation. what's the chinese military want from
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this collaboration? and are they actually getting it was how to say what exactly they're getting from it and why they want contact. they want research, a lot of research is conducted to know everything that research is. find out. is it any more? why is that correct? and that was the w's conrad reporting for us. she's part of our investigative team, looking at the links between the chinese institute and european universities, is a quick net hook. now rather as some of the other news, more shanghai residents have been allowed to shop for groceries for the 1st time. in nearly 2 months, people were given passes, permitting them to leave their homes for 40 minutes. it's part of the authorities plans to gradually exit the harsh covert 19 lockdown. campaigning is underway in
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thailand's capital bank. hawk ahead of sunday's local election is the 1st time in 9 years that residence will get to choose their governor. polls suggest candidates opposed to military rule or in the lead. the contest is being watched as a bellwether ahead of general elections expected. next year. the word, world meteorological organization says the last 7 years worthy, hottest on record, the you and whether agency says impacts of extreme weather have led to deaths and disease migration, and massive economic losses. the u. n. is urging broader use of renewable energy as a reaction and we turn to sports football news now and wednesday, wednesday night rather saw a thrilling conclusion to the rope, a league with an touch frankfurt winning in a penalty shoot out the bonus league aside, fought off scotlands rangers in
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a tough final ins, deville. it's frank for it's 1st continental trophy in 42 years. the funds from glasgow and frankfurt drank in the beer, and the euro police atmosphere before the game. amid a searing heat wave in seville, perhaps they would have paced themselves a little more if they'd known hotly in store in the final. as to retents 1st half a slit from 2 to allow ju, i reboot, to give ranges to lead on 57 minutes. but raphael bery latched on to a great cross from phillip, hostage to equalize and spark bedlam in the frank, 400 seville there was still made thereafter, and so the game went to penalties. and frankfort keeper, kevin trump, safe from out in ramsey, brought to glasgow from event to summit, much fanfare in january to give the germans the advantage. and columbia's borreo made his 2nd big contribution of the night, keeping his kill him in the heat to give frankfort just their 2nd european trophy
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and their 1st since the u. f. a cup in 1980. no surprise. it went down pretty well back home in germany. can we have next in dfw news, asia questions over a plane crash in china that killed all 132 passengers on board. last march. did someone in the cockpit intentionally fly the boeing 737 into amount and 3 months after the philippines covey lockdown ended. why are so many schools that are still close? don't forget, you can always get d w. news on the go. just download our app from google play or from the app store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world, as well as push notifications for any breaking news. and should you happen to be part of a news story? you can also use the very same b w app to send us photos and videos of what is happening in your apartment.
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i'm excited for me, the entire news team here in berlin. thanks for watching with with
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ah, with g escaped, but then she went back again and take me. hi, lucretia has been rescuing women and children from embattled to marian and is risky. how a ukrainian entrepreneur became a huge focus on europe in
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. what people have to say matters to us. ah, that's why we listened to their stories. sh reporter. every weekend on d w. ah, this is the dead veneers, aisha coming up to date a deliberate crash thought a tragic accident. questions are raised over china's deadliest air disaster in decades. a media to fort claims, the march crash of this china eastern plain might have been deliberate. it's based on assessments of u. s. officials attached to the investigation. could these claims be true? and 3 months off of the philippines result one from a long cobra lockdown.


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